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4.8 out of 5 stars112
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 14 February 2004
A film about racial inequalities in a small town in the USA, Denzel Washington plays the legendary Herman Boone, who brings an american football team of black players and white players together to overcome the feeling of inequality in this small suburban neighbourhood.
What makes it even more amazing, is that this 'story' actually happened; that one man could actually change the views of a whole neighbourhood of people through high school football.
With equality being recognised, one very saddening scene and a great soundtrack, Remember the Titans is the best film i have seen in a long time. And Denzel washington is, again, on form, presenting Herman Boone fantastically. Absolute brilliance.
If you haven't seen this film already, buy it and watch it over and over again until you know the words to every part of the film, it is a great watch with a great message behind it. No matter what colour skin you have, you can still work as a team with someone from a different background. And if it takes more Herman Boone's to make that happen, bring on even more titans. SO " before we reach for hate, always always, Remember the Titans".
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Don't listen to the one doubter, Although D I Redfearn below may know more about what happened in real life than the real coach Boone that helped with the film i doubt it, and bad acting?!?!? in a denzel washington film!?!?!?! i very much doubt it! This is a phenomenal film about a small football town in the US.

The story is a very moving portrayal of the racial problems in America. When two schools are combined to make one mixed race school the white families are in uproar picketing the school gates in protest of black people being allowed to go to school with their children. The school board then contreversially assign a black coach to the football team who insists that the players integrate and come together as a team.

In real life the T C Titans went 13 - 0 for the season, not losing a single game! the whole towns love of football caused them to see the way the players integrated and follow suit.

This film works on many levels, it works as a sports film about american football and on a deeper level it works as a moving drama dealing with the issue of racism. I watched this film because it was about american football, I love this film because it is about so much more!

The acting in the film is good - much as you would expect from an actor of Denzel Washingtons quality. The historical accuracy is ensured by the contributions of the real Herman Boone who is played by Washington in the film. Obviously there is some dramatisation for the film and not evry word scripted is exactly as it was spoken in real life but if it is close enough for those that lived it it is close enough for me!

This film has something for everyone buy it now!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 August 2011
Based on real events in 1971, where T.C. Williams High School, a now hot bed integrated school, becomes a beacon of unification via their mixed race football team.

As is normally the case with films of this ilk, it quickly comes to pass that certain artistic licence has been taken with the truth. In reality the issues of race, integration and the near powder-keg atmosphere portrayed in the picture, were long past their worst in Virginia 1971. However, that should in no way detract from the thematics and truthful aspects of this Disney production. As is told in the film, the Titans did have what became known as the perfect season, whilst the bond formed between the black and white members most definitely existed. All told, the film soars high as an inspirational piece, not only for the mixed race community coming together plot's essential being, but in the crucial tale of one Gerry Bertier.

That this film urged me to seek out the story of Bertier is a testament to the power of film, regardless of any sort of sentimental prodding from the film makers. It's hoped that this film also prompts newcomers to research further the topics within the story.

The cast list is impressive, Denzel Washington and Will Patton find instant chemistry as the head coaches thrust together by outside influences, with both guys beautifully doing credit to the real life friendship that would be born from the situation. Ryan Hurst, Wood Harris, Ethan Suplee, Donald Faison, Kip Pardue, Craig Kirkwood and a pre-fame Ryan Gosling fill out the integrated football team. With two important family roles nicely portrayed by Hayden Panettiere and Nicole Ari Parker. The soundtrack is nicely put together, with the core offering of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell's thumping rendition of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" particularly potent and uplifting.

Though not primarily offering up anything new in the pantheon of race and sport related movies, Remember The Titans does have so much good going for it. It's hard to be picky, even churlish about the little faults (are these actors really the age of high schoolers for example?). So hopefully come the end, after the credits roll, you will be suitably inspired, and perhaps a touch more better off for having spent time with this particular football team. 8.5/10
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VINE VOICEon 20 September 2008
The racial divide is often tackled in strange ways but this movie does it spectacularly that leaves you challenging your own belifs in an effort to understand the hardships of another race.

The movie is heart warming in its entirety, its well directed and the story is coherant and overwhelmingly well written.

The movie itself shows the struggles of a viginian school in the early 70's when the integration of the school system forces a black and white school together. Through football though a change occurs in a few young men that resonates around the school not only bringing about unity within ths school but also within the neighbouring community.

An adaptation of a true story is often over subscribed but this film is amazing and shows the heart ache, the sorrow in as much light as the brotherhood and joy of the town. The cast list is impressive and it works fantastically to depecit the story to the highest degree!
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VINE VOICEon 8 February 2008
This film tells the story of a mixed race American football team from a recently racially desegregated Southern US high school.

The film show cases the awkwardness of the coaching staff, with the successful white coach now finding himself the junior coach to a black team coach with his own conflicting ideas of what makes a team successful. As well as the coaches' friction, there is friction between the team members, who initially polarise on racial lines, and the teams performance duly collapses. However, following a soulful training retreat, the team members begin to befriend each other, the coaches work more closely and the team performance rockets.

The film has some very strong points. The characters all develop at a nice pace, with some genuinely strong performances from the young team members. There is a particularly touching scene where one of the players is paralysed in hospital. The actual sport side is relatively light, and for the British viewer, mercifully few technical American football remarks. The film does have one or two weaknesses, biggest being the at times rather melodramatic stand offs between the coaching staff, as well as the rather crude racist remarks and gestures, some of which even by the standards of the day seem over the top.

All in all the film is very uplifting, and a red blooded sports fan will find it especially enjoyable. Watch out for a young Hayden Panetierre, who was very young when this film was made and who stars as one coaches' daughter. Needless to say she has changed quite a bit since!
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on 23 October 2011
The film ,,Remember The Titans'' directed by Boaz Yakin, written by Gregory Allen Howard and produced by Chad Oman, Jennifer Krug-Wothington, Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Flynn and Mike Stevenson, released in 2001 and is about the very first racial mixed football team in Virginia which went 13:0 for the season in 1971.
It is a sports film which has not got only the sucess of an underdog as subject, no, in particular the film is about racial inequalities and how one man(Hernan Boone) changes the view of a whole town through high school football.
But what makes the film really amazing is that this story actually happened. Also Denzel Washington as Coach Hernan Boone does a great job one more time. Moreover the film music underlines the film especially in dramtic scenes very good.
In my opinion it is an amazing film that everyone has got to see. Firstly I love good sports films and this is a very good one particularly when Coach Boone made his responds I got goosebumps or when the Titans turned a game that was believed to be lost. But it even is so much more than a normal sports film because on the other hand it deals with the issue of racism and how black and white learn to accept and even like each other through high school football, a good example of this is the firendship between the black Julius and the white Gerry. I think that this film is something for everybody, not just for sport film fanatics, so buy it and watch it and then always remember the Titans. :)
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on 14 December 2006
This flik is absolutley brilliant. Based upoon a true story with a breakthrough on reacial issues within US College football. Hire or buy this - You wont be dissapointed.
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on 18 February 2012
This is an excellent family film. Theme of multi-culturalism and racism is superbly explored with American High School football team as a metaphor for society. Although certain liberties have been taken with "the truth", it is a realistic, though simplistic, attempt to share people's experience and show how we need to welcome and embrace change to improve any society. The acting, throughout is excellent,the different characters are very engaging and believable. A great night's viewing! Music - WOW!
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HALL OF FAMEon 18 January 2003
However, if you did let this film get past you, remedy the void by seeing this story. The well known names are very few, almost beginning and ending with Denzel Washington, although Will Patton has become a much more familiar face on screen in the 3 years since this film opened. There is also a tremendous performance by a young girl, Hayden Panettiere who knows as much about coaching and critiquing the team in this film as the two coaches played by Denzel and Will. I do not know of another film I have seen her in, but she is a treat to watch during this tale.
Movies that are based upon, or inspired by true events are somewhat difficult to quantify for you never know how closely the true events are followed. This DVD has lengthy additional documentary features that bring to viewers not only the two coaches that made a seemingly impossible relationship work, but many of the players of the original team as well.
The forced integration of the team and its high school was as ugly as any other imposed changes involving forced integration. In this case not only was a black coach hired, he then replaced a very popular and successful head coach, a job that not even he sought. It is a testimony to both men that you will meet in the film that they stayed, worked together, and produced one of the most successful high school teams in the nation. The accomplishments on field would have made a great story, that it was done amidst such racial strife is amazing.
The cast of little known or unknown actors that were put together to create these teams are an amazing group. Whether they worked so well because of the material they were given, or it was just a pleasant happenstance is unknown, but they do a great job portraying not only the Titans, but their opponents as well.
The film deals with race, and forced integration in all its ugliness and shameful behavior, and were it not for the fact the story is true, and you have a chance to meet the real people that were once the coaches and young men, it would be easy to dismiss this as Hollywood embellishment to varying extremes. But the men, who were the boys that year, will visit with you and you will reminisce with the coaches that guided them as an amazing group of young men.
On a final comment, the soundtrack is phenomenal, that rare instance when you may likely go out and purchase it to place next to the DVD, so when the film is not on, the music will remind you of the great moments in the film.
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on 23 September 2005
Outstanding, Denzel washington plays the character of Coach Boone brilliantly .The power this film gives off is amazing, for some reason, the energy just his you and you feel you have a sense of achivement in your life when you watch this film. Jerry Bruckheimer has produced a fantastic film, as he does with all of his films. In my books, its "The Best Film There Ever Was".
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