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on 28 April 2011
Say hello again to everyone's favourite Death Metal band: Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Toki Wartooth, William Murderface, Pickles the Drummer, and Nathan Explosion. Yes, Dethklok is back for another season of hard-rocking hilarious mayhem! After the attack on their home, Mordhaus, at the end of Season 2, they realise that they'll have to make do without their Manager / Lawyer / CFO, who was declared dead after the attack. Now the five most successful musicians in the history of the world, five multi-billionaire dunces, have to cope on their own. (Okay, they've got a vast army of loyal multi-skilled minions at their beck and call, but Dethklok are still the ones doing the thinking, which is hard for them.)

They have to become their own management and run their own finances. After some social gaffes lead to image problems for the arrogant quintet, they try to reconnect with their roots as "regular jag-offs" and form a grass-roots tribute band . . . to themselves. Health problems and concerns for their own mortality start to creep up on them. They have to prepare for a really messed-up TV Christmas Special featuring their producer, their mothers, Murderface's grandma, and . . . Doctor Rockso?!! They experience faltering relationships with women (except for Skwisgaar). Murderface and Toki try to muscle in on Dethklok's residuals, get kicked out of the band, and start their own label. Skwisgaar searches for his long-lost father and other daddy issues arise. Pickles goes through rehab. Dr. Rockso stages a comeback with his former band, Zazz Blammymatazz. And find out how double-booking a concert in the Middle East could lead to World War III, world peace, and/or world-wide disasters! All the while, in the shadows, The Tribunal is watching, waiting, and plotting. What is the Falconback Project, and where will this season's cliff-hanger ending lead?

What's special about this season? (Apart from the usual genius-level blend of comedy, brutality, head-banging music, glorious artwork, and intrigue that we can expect from "Metalocalypse," that is.) Ten FULL-LENGTH and completely uncensored episodes spread over two discs deliver all the gloomy, harsh, and gorgeously rich cartoon satire we've come to know and love from the last two seasons. Copious extras, both easily available and hidden (more on those in a bit), give fun additional insights into the world of Dethklok. And what's more, Season 3 has gone rock-operatic, with more soul-searching, introspective songs from the members of the band than in both previous seasons combined!

Bonus features? You're drowning in them! Nathan Explosion reads "Othello" . . . sort of! Several painfully cool music videos! Extended and additional scenes! Facebones gives a run-down of all the places and locations we've been to and gets abusive (again)! See Klokateer recruitment in action! What's more, when you're on the Main Menu, press "up" on your remote from the Special Features option at least four times to gain access to the Hidden Extras; there are two on Disc 1, three on Disc 2. All are weird, protracted and pointless. But fun.

If you liked the first two seasons of this show, I'm confident you'll feel the same way about this season, as well. And if you haven't let Dethklok into your life yet, I feel it safe to say that fans of any type of Heavy Metal and/or adult cartoons such as "Family Guy" or "Robot Chicken" should also get a good kick out of this show. I have only one negative thing to say about "Metalocalypse Season Three: The Dead Man," which is that the subtitles for Dethklok's songs all pretty much read "[Indistinct]." Having said that, BY ALL THAT IS DARK AND BRUTAL, BRING FORTH SEASON FOUR!!!
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on 9 September 2011
if you are new to metalocalypse i would reccomend starting with series 1 but its basis is brilliant
its about the biggest entertainment force on the planet
their the 12 biggest global economy at the start of series 1 and their popularity continues to grow throughout the series
its cool, funny, a little dark in places and a must for any metal fan as it shows global dominance of metal which unfortunatley is very unlikley in reality as theres too many people that complain about the cool things in life
south park being a prime example
okay so lets talk about the fact i only gave it four stars
i love metalocalypse
its cool it has funny bits and it unlocks the rockstar dreams of my teenage life
but i only gave it four stars because the episodes are 20 instead of 10 although having said that i didnt like the fact series 1 was only 10 minutes until it grew on me
but in this series the 20 minute episodes give it the oppurtunity to have more in depth story lines, i am watching my way through metalocalypse for the 4th time in 6 months again and i can honestly say the change of structure ... caught me off gaurd but i am getting used to it and the storylines in series 3 are very good and have got me waiting for series 4!!!
so what i will say is be aware of the change but you never know you might grow to like it i certainly have :-)
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on 30 May 2012
If you're in a metal band you'll laugh yourself silly. Or any band for that matter, just watch it :)
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on 4 October 2013
if you liked the original series then you'll love this, for me this series seems to get better with age.
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on 8 March 2015
I know most people who are fans of the show feel this about season 1, but for me season 3 is where the writers hit their stride and the music is the best and most brutal (although not the funniest.) for some reason it seems to be ruthlessly expensive for a new copy wherever you look on t'internet but i would recommend wholeheartedly if you can pick it up for under £20
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on 1 March 2016
Very brutal and metal! I own every season including the movie!
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on 31 March 2011
I have only just ordered this, but I don't even need to watch it first to know that its AWESOME AS HELL!
I didn't even expect this to be released in the UK for like another 5 years or something...

Obviously, if you are a rabid Dethklok fan, click the purchase button without hesitation!
If you have never watched Metalocalypse, BUY THEM ALL RIGHT NOW!

Can't wait...

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