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3.8 out of 5 stars11
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 20 March 2012
Whilst I did finish this, it was a bit of a chore and would find it difficult to recommend this to others.

The main reason I think (for me) is it reads as though written perhaps by a young person or teenager (as others have mentioned) not just because of the grammar and spelling, but for many reasons besides, such as the continual use of over descriptive words or perhaps I should say mis-use and mis-placed use of over descriptive words. There are also nonsensical statement aplenty, with one I remember being "he never once broke eye contact with the two men" he must have done when he looked from the first man to the second man and vice versa and another scene where a zombie is standing on it's feet having a tug o' war with tethers held by multiple captors, but it then states that upon closer inspection its broken femur is sticking out of its thigh.

Another hint at this being a young author was the juvenile way the the characters put themselves into silly and unbelievable situations, mostly in order for the author to kill them off for a shock (which wasn't a shock, because they were unbelievable situation and therefore the deaths became expected).
Difficult to give examples without spoiling it, but in one scenario it states, the group doesn't have a 4x4 (why....?? just steal one parked up or from a dealer) and then can't find any gas/petrol (why.....?? just steal some from stationary cars...... one's a veteran marine or some such for goodness sake) so they pull into a gas/petrol station (why...?? no electric to pump it) and because they are 'exhausted'.... (why...?? they weren't ALL driving)they fail to check for something they have been doing as routine for months, however instead of getting back in their cars they decide to run 20mins to some apartments and instead of trying to find one unlocked, they noisily kick the door to one Ah.... then it all starts to make sense because it's setting the reader up for another clumsy ham fisted 'shock'......meh.

The characters were flat and uninteresting and despite the writers attempts to flesh them out only a couple stood out slightly (Craig and Julia perhaps...??) and because of this it made the jumping around within the different story threads difficult to follow if you didn't read it regularly as I found I had forgotten who, what, where and when and cared even less when they died.

The lack of research was poor (granted it's a zombie story but it involves a real world relative to the reader) and it grated in places because it wouldn't have been difficult to check some of the facts and some parts of the dialogue read so clunky that I started skimming the odd paragraph.

I give it 2 stars as I have read (sorry..... I mean given up on) some truly abysmal zombie/apocalyptic fiction on the Kindle recently (Undead Nation:Outbreak and Zombie Syndrome:A Space Horror spring to mind) and although I skimmed paragraphs here and there I did manage to finish this, albeit reading it in small sections but don't feel the author should be penalised to one star along with the aforementioned.

Hopefully any future work from this author will improve with time (and perhaps an editor....???)

Suggest you try this ONLY if you have already done the better end of the zombie stuff, such as Rise Again or Walking Dead - Rise Of The Governor...etc and ONLY if it's as cheap as chips, but can't claim it to be anything other than mediocre if not just a bit amateur.
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on 1 April 2012
This was a very cheap book at the Kindle store.

I can only describe it as okay.

The story was okay but the editing wasn't great. It was like adjective city. I got fed up of it towards the end, which is a shame because the story wasn't bad. Not the most original zombie book but it wasn't the worst one I've ever read.

I think some points have been well made by other reviewers, but one example that really bugged me was towards the end of the book, at around 91% complete on my Kindle.
In just 2 pages, Obadiah was referred to as "old man" 7 (yes 7!) times. Along with the term "elder man" once.
Obadiah was old, I got that the first time it was mentioned. I didn't need to be told a further 6 times. Most of the characters were frequently referred to as "young, "old", "lovely", etc and it got really annoying.
James was constantly referred to as "the old marine".

I am not an English language nut and I normally overlook stuff like that but it was hard to ignore it throughout the book.

But I paid a tiny sum for it so I guess I can't complain too much.
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on 20 July 2011
Really loved this book, grabs you by the throat ( if you pardon the pun) from page 1 & doesn't let go. There is enough detail to get your teeth into & leaves you gasping for air on a cliffhanger at the end. Hopefully not too long before the next book, can highly recommend to anyone who loves apocalyptic fiction with an unhealthy dose of zombies :-)
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on 29 March 2012
From start to finish I loved this book, i have already read it twice and it wont be the last time! although does make you a little bit concerned about how quickly humanity really would go down hill in this situation! (even more worrying how a lot of this has started happening already! lol)
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on 21 March 2013
I lost track of things in this book not into medical reasoning behind zombie books seemed to be the the biggest part.
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on 2 March 2012
This book is not your normal Zombie book, this book is unlike anything else that I've read. This book tells the story of groups of survivors before, during and after the apocalypse. When I've read other books you don't always know what the back round is and what has happened but this book covered it before you get into the survival part. It tells us about the labs and the people who work in them and how they try to survive not only the zombies but the corrupt bosses of their own company. This book is very detailed and so you feel as if you are there with them trying to cope and thinking what you would do in their position.

This book has almost everything you need,it has strong believable characters, some unexpected twists and also some good page turners.

There were a few down sides to this book, sometimes it dragged on a bit to much and I seemed to loose a bit of interest, there were a few places that could have been cut out and they seemed to be there to fill the pages unnecessarily. The one big thing I was disappointed with was the fact there was no proper ending, I know that can be said for most of these types of books but this one seemed to be coming to an end and then, wham!

Overall I found this book good. It has something a bit different, it felt like it was written as more of a family survival story than a blood and guts shoot them up telling us about every gun made.

This has a awesome price of £0.77 on the kindle and I would have paid the full price to read it.
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on 1 August 2014
A great read with good characters and good situations. Good ending too. Slows a little when covering the production of the vaccine process. Maybe indispersing these chapters with the the zombie chapters would make it flow better. Sometimes it felt like I was reading two books. Otherwise a great read
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on 6 July 2011
I'm a huge zombie fan so yes, this is worth a page turner, but worth a read. I found myself sometimes skipping ahead cos it dragged on a bit for me.
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on 5 January 2013
Easy to read a classic zombie theme. Although the plot is predictable fir the most part it still has a few interesting twists.
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on 24 November 2012
Outstanding book!!! I'm REALLY suprised that Mitchell Cook has only written this one book!!! Follow-up book to follow I hope.
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