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4.4 out of 5 stars146
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 10 September 2009
The Shield is one of best cop shows of all time and this boxset is quite satisfactory. BUT the feature length season finales of Seasons 5 and 6 have been cut. It shouldn't come as a surprise, the Region 2 individual boxsets were edited in the same way, hence all the irate reviews here on Amazon. The Region 1 boxsets were intact. For all the diehard Shield fans who love watching the show in sequence, watching this one may cause confusion.
Eg in Season 5 not all of Kavanagh's exchange with Corrine is displayed, plus Danny doesn't confront her baby's father. Yet in Season 6 Danny and father's identity is common knowledge. These issues aside, why pay for dvds with edited episodes when they were broadcast in full on TV.
If you want the full package you're better off buy the individual boxsets. For such an eagerly awaited arrival, it is such as a disappointment.
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on 16 October 2011
Bought this boxset in the hopes that it would have the complete unedited episodes... but unfortunately this is just a repackage of the already released Region 2 discs, meaning that the Season 5 finale still has that huge 20 minute chunk taken out of it, which actually leads to some relatively confusing scenes later in Season 6.

Don't get me wrong, this show is awesome... and I can't recommend it enough to anyone who hasn't seen it. but it's a shame that they didn't use this re release as a chance to include the episodes as they originally aired.
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on 8 June 2010
There are certain shows which come along with a regular premise, but make it their own. "The Shield" is one of these shows. You follow the protagonist "Vic Mackey", a police officer heading up a special unit known as the "Strike team". Their way of protecting and maintaining the peace, is to essentially skirt, and occasionally go well over the boundaries of justice. This means planting drugs on people they know are guilty, taking bribes or withholding evidence to be used again later. It is a scary, and yet highly plausible concept, based upon the real life "Rampart" scandal in Los Angeles (where the show is also based).

I won't ruin any of the storylines, but you can imagine where all of this corruption leads the squad of exceptionally memorable characters. I literally cannot think of a single actor in the entire 7 season run who did any less than a stellar job. Every character evolves, and in some cases it is not for the better. I can honestly say there are less than a handful of shows that have ever shocked me, or hit me with something so powerful I've actually had to stop the enjoyment of watching and sit slack jawed for a while. This show is one of that handful. The drama, the power, the story, they are so strong in the entire run that this show is absolutely a must have. Understand, it is not easy watching. There are some of the most uncomfortable scenes ever written, but I'll be damned if they aren't also some of the most powerful.

The box set itself is also fantastic, great design (it is a collection of case files, holding the series discs within) and the discs themselves house a lot of fantastic content. The extras are great, and will give you plenty to watch besides the show itself. I cannot recommend this show highly enough, it will blow you away. Buy it, earlier than now.
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on 17 December 2010
The Shield is a great program, brilliant writing and some shocking twists. This would be a five star product, except this edition has been edited. Having seen the episodes before I was waiting for certain scenes and knew what happened. If you hadn't seen it before some of the scenes get covered in the re-caps at the start of the episodes which you haven't seen. Very irritating.

Over all if you've not seen The Shield, this is a cracking show and I would highly recommened it.
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on 20 July 2015
"The Shield" can be seen as the natural successor to "Hill Street Blues". It is character-driven and it focuses upon a disparate group of police officers in an inner-city precinct. However, it also subverts the genre in many ways.
There was a clear moral and ethical distinction between cops and villains in "Hill Street Blues". In "The Shield", necessity overrides fine moral distinctions. The line between good and bad is frequently blurred. Farmington Police Station is situated symbolically within a crumbling church.
The programme follows the fortunes of the Strike Team, whose twisted and exclusive moral code is constantly tested by self-interest, greed and the survival instinct. Vic Mackey and his team are often depicted as just another street gang, doing what is necessary to protect (and enrich) themselves whilst maintaining a balance between the gangs who just happen to be on the wrong side of the law. They are contrasted with Detectives Wyms and Wagenbach, two honest cops who struggle to stick to rules which are at odds with the environment in which they work.
There is a manic energy behind the production. Scenes are short, the camera is hand-held, dialogue is frequently profane. Everything is relevant to the story. The depiction of sexual violence is often shocking (perhaps gratuitous).
Mackey and his team are often the bad guys. However, they possess an energy, bravery and (at first) a ferocious loyalty to each other which endears them to us, whatever our misgivings about their criminal activities.
Acting is almost uniformly excellent. Michael Chiklis is outstanding as Mackey, short in stature but possessed of extreme aggression. Walton Goggins is equally good as an unstable "redneck" whose propensity for violence is almost equalled by his loyalty to Mackey. Kenny Johnson evokes our sympathy as a decent man who is caught up in the Team's activities as a result of his need to belong. Guest star Glenn Close is excellent as a career officer who tries and fails to tackle Farmington's problems (she delivers a master class in understated acting).
The finale to Season Five contains one of the most harrowing scenes I've ever seen on television.
The focus is very much upon the dark side of human nature. Characters are hamstrung by personal weaknesses - greed, doubts about sexuality, lack of control, ambition, deceit. The writers often echo James Ellroy in their obsession with the darker side of human nature.
This DVD box set is a great investment for anybody who enjoys raw, well-acted drama.
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on 24 May 2014
One of the worst designed DVD packages I've seen, but that wouldn't matter if key moments from the show weren't cut from this. Season 5 has a major plotline that is mentioned throughout, and if you select the final episode of the season you get a still image from said plotline. When I watched it, I was seriously confused to find no resolution, or mention of what happened. I Googled to discover a key moment - which affects the show going forward is cut for some reason. All mentions of the plot have been removed for whatever reason. This is doing the viewing public a disservice. There's probably some cost-saving reason, but it's an absolutely shocking decision, and the kind of thing that puts people off buying box-sets. Having said that, the show is great. I'm just disappointed fans would be treated in such a shoddy way. It's not minor filler that's cut, it's the conclusion to a who-dunnit plotline. Terrible stuff.
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on 11 September 2010
Having bought for me the set of The Shield,can't say anything bad about this top notch cop series,did'nt see it when it aired on t.v. so imagine how disgusted and angry i was when i found out that season 5 and 6 had been heavily cut but shown in its entirety on the tv, so i decided to trade my box set in and puchase this superior u.s. version, which is totally uncut, o.k. its twice the price but this box set is definately worth shelling out the extra money. it arrived in just over a week from the states, this box set exceeded my expextations, its beatifully packaged and far superior to ours, it has a see through slip case and when pulled off reveals a oblong type book, each hard bound page is crammed full of quotes and pictures from each season,the discs themselves are in the top of the pages,although a little awkward to remove, thats the only niggle i have with this set, there's also a letter from Creator Shaun Ryan.Now to the Series itself, The Shield has it all,Police corrupion, gang warfare,kidnapping,murder, you name it The Shield has it, sometimes quite brutal. The acting from its stars especially the lead Michael Chicklis who plays Vic Mackey is outstanding, so to anybody who's got the The Region 2 box set or anybody thinking about buying The Shield then i strongly advise investing in this set, but make sure your player is multi region.
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on 25 February 2013
I really enjoyed The Shield, watched all the episodes almost back to back. But for me, the series started to go downhill a bit from the introduction of Kavanaugh through to the end. I became increasingly frustrated with the plot, and some of the characters didn't appear to react to their situation in a logical and credible way. having said that, it's still a very good purchase and makes for rewarding viewing.
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Vic Mackey runs the Strike team from L.A's Farmington police station. A rapid response task force, they bend rules to achieve goals, often running into trouble with both superiors and local government. It soon becomes obvious that the team are corrupt and willing to go to any lengths to protect themselves. The problem is that they are pretty good at covering their tracks and they also produce results which makes nailing them difficult. As the episodes progress so does the depth of their lawlessness and so they must go to increasingly more complicated lengths to keep themselves one step ahead of the ever growing crowd of those trying to prove their crimes.
The shield rose way above the run of the mill police procedural thanks to razor sharp scripting which managed to make every episode exciting yet believable and producing fully rounded personalities in so many different characters.
The standard of acting was among the most consistantly high of any TV programme.
Michael Chiklis somehow managed to make the truly wicked and ruthless Vic come across as both human and likeable. His leadership is deeply flawed and ultimately self centered to the point of destruction. His strike team partners are equally well drawn characters. Walton Goggins really impresses as Shane Vendrell,the hopeless redneck with a hair trigger temper and very little brain who is willing to follow Vic to hell and back and eventually does. As Lemansky, Kenny Johnson gives a counterpoint to Vic & Shanes' gung-ho attitude with a measured performance of someone in over his head whose doubts grow with each episode. The real stand-out performance must surely be the excellent Benito Martinez as police chief David Aceveda who starts out as a clean as a whistle chief who eventually enters politics and finds his hands getting as dirty as those of his enemy Mackey.
Added to the mix are a police station full of kooks, confused, selfish and downright weird cops whose worlds all collide with the strike team. The strike teams families whose lives are slowly pulled apart by their actions. Not to be ignored also are the guest appearances. Especially Glenn Close who turns up for a season as the new chief who backs Vic and tries to sort out the whole mess and the truly inspired Forrest Whittaker whose performance as an internal investigations officer trailing Vic, unravelling mentally over one and a half series, is a powerhouse performance that shakes up even this already amazing programme.
The whole 7 series' are high octane storylines that simply do not let up. There are no slow 'filler' episodes and each one see's the stakes raised for all involved. This whole programme could have been superb just looking at the interaction between the police characters but when you add the amazing array of cases they investigate and the villains they chase,(Anthony Johnson as the unflappable kingpin Antwon Mitchell is superb), then this really takes off as something quite special.
The action is in the raw and is bloody and violent, as is the language at times, so be warned.
If you have enjoyed the wire then you'll probably love this.
Yet another TV classic has come to an end but what a ride it has been with the boys from the strike team.
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on 25 January 2014
The Shield is a truly superb series. I'm in the middle of season 4, and it just keeps getting better. The characters are awesome, great production, snappy script, superb stunts and wonderful storylines. The first series is a tad slow, but hand on in there. Buy this box set. I Love it.
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