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3.9 out of 5 stars251
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 15 July 2014
A supernatural novel where in a Guardian Angel falls for his human who is the daughter of a notorious business man. This is a forbidden attraction and a risk to Nina the girl who the bad guys are after!! The first half of the book was great. The romance was set up nicely and the main story arc staged well. The characters introduced had interest and the story seemed to have a lot of life in it. About a third of the way in however the book lost momentum. It concentrated too heavily on romantic angst and immature devices to protract the romance and I did lose a little interest in Nina. There were story threads left unexplored and the supernatural elements could have been given more explanation. The book is redeemed by the end which at least it does have! No cliffhangers, always a positive to me! I will check out the reviews on the following books but at the moment I am happy to leave it here.
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on 7 February 2012
To say this appears to have been Jamie Mcguire's first book, I think it was very good. Having read "Beautiful Disaster" I had high hopes for this book and also very interested to see how this story would go being supernatural/paranormal (whatever) as opposed to the normal/everyday world of beautiful disaster. I was not disappointed!!

As a "twilight" fan, I'm not surprised of comparisons however I think it should be remembered that the Twilight Saga was not the first "supernatural/paranormal love story" ever written, nor does it contain the first love triangle ever written so really these comparisons I feel are unfair.

Back to the point, the story quickly had me immersed, Nina does start out pretty vulnerable and it does seem a little strange how quickly she finds herself almost obsessed with Jared but that said, the book starts with the death of her father and how her world has come crashing down given how much she adored him so as a reader, I can understand why her emotions are odd and make little sense at the beginning of their interaction!!

The characters were all convincing, with Claire (Jared's sister) being a highlight.

I especially enjoyed the injections of humour throughout this book to lighten the mood and add to the story. Like Beautiful Disaster, I couldn't put this story down and really enjoyed every part of it, immediately moving onto sequel "Requiem" when I finished the last page. I highly recommend!!
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on 3 September 2014
I never like rubbishing any author as I can't claim to have written any books let alone sell some but come on..... I've yet to experience a more cringeworthy description of two people ( well, one and a half actually) getting it together.

This shouldn't be under whatever section I found it in it should be amongst the dross my other half drags on holiday with her and hence, something I usually avoid like an STD. I groaned out loud, just like our heroine, but for entirely different reasons. If you saw two people carrying on like this pair in public you'd throw more than a bucket of cold water at them. It spoilt what was an interesting, if slightly corny, idea but hey, the author has written a trilogy so this clearly has a market. I've seen Twilight mentioned in other reviews, thanks for the warning, I'll be steering clear of that an' all.

And as a parting shot, if our heroine got a decent haircut she'd save herself countless hours 'flicking her bangs from her eyes'. Just a suggestion :)
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on 18 July 2014
I am three quarters of the way through this book and I don't know why. It is utter rubbish. And NOW if find it's a trilogy. The end, going to erase it.
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on 23 July 2014
So many things irritated me about this book and I failed to become engrossed in it at any stage, although I did only manage a quarter of it. Unfortunately after this the writing became too much for me to deal with. Specific things that I did not like were; 1) the development of relationships was too fast and unrealistic (also boring), 2) the references to Oklahoma - there is a part in the book where a girl is protesting the importance of Oklahoma in which the author has entered into a search engine 'inventions from Oklahoma' and listed them off in a horribly unrealistic way of talking, 3) really why read this when on the kindle store you can read classics like Dickens and Dostoyevsky for free too? I'm sorry I wasted my time in this garbage and encourage you not to do the same.
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Oh PROVIDENCE...where to begin?
I truly think when it comes to Jamie McGuire, the less romance the better when it concerns me. I adore her more plot driven books like RED HILL but the very sniff of romance and I come over all queasy and this was no exception.

My two main issues with this book were the instalove *everybody shudders* and the face that it really felt like a Twilight rehashing. I loved Twilight but there only needs to be one of them.

When we meet Nina, her father has just died. After his funeral she meets mysterious stranger Jared and somehow through her grief manages to begin obsessing about him and takes a taxi home with him. Which is a good move because he seems to be obsessed abut her and shows up everywhere she goes and seems to stare directly into her soul and just...knows her.

When it turns out that he's some kind of mystical creature, I can't remember the name and is sworn to protect her because of some ancient line she descends from (I could be making this up and it wouldn’t matter), we of course have ourselves a little star-crossed lovers action. There's a lot of "We can't be together...I can't stay away from you though...stay away from me...but I can't...Why are you so tempting...don't leave me!!" conversations going on and apparently there's some chemistry, we're told there’s chemistry but I didn't find any evidence of it.

Some other stuff happens and there's another annoying dude who apparently she has chemistry with (so we're told) and hello, there's a love triangle set up for book two. I'm sure other stuff happens in book two but I'll never find out because driving a nail into my skull sounds like a much better option.

So to sum up, there's a girl and a guy who might not actually be a guy, they can’t be together but damn it they will be because who the heck cares Fate! The book isn't called Providence or anything...oh wait! There’s annoying friends and other annoying love interest who doesn't have a name (he does but I can't remem...Ryan!) and things come to try and kill them and maybe they do and maybe they don't... whaaaat like I'd spoil it ;)

The End!

What was I talking about again?
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on 20 January 2015
I spontaneously bought this as I had ran out books and decided to try something different, whilst it is a good book it is not to my taste, the description influenced me to anticipate that the book would be mysterious / dark / unique.

My honest truth is that I forgot that 'Jamie' was a common girls name and expected this to be a darker novel, I realized the book was purely directed at teenage girls who favor Twilight etc. when I noticed that all the male characters all had the generic boy band names i.e. 'Ryan', 'Jared', 'Chad', and the list goes on, I was expecting 'Blake', 'Brent', 'Cody' and 'Tucker' to show up within the first 100 pages.

The book is essentially a rip-off from Twilight but replacing Angels with Vampires, it consists of an unrealistic love plot where an *SPOILERS* angel called Jared protects Nina from bad guys whilst simultaneously being dreamy, has a six-pack and tends to her every desire and that's about it. Their chemistry is pretty much never explained, she simply loves him because he comforted her at the bus stop one time.

The character development sucks, Ryan (the boy who is interested in dating Nina whilst she is interested in dating Jared) acts like a hormonal teenage girl after having her phone taken away and becomes a very dislikable character purely becomes he spends 90% of the book humping Nina's leg. The other characters, nobody cares, they go to pubs and do teenager things, bottom line: I think I'd rather read Tracy Beaker (and I'm a 23 year old male).

The plot is forgettable and there is justifiably no depth to the atmosphere, it gets so dumb I'm pretty sure one of the last sentences in the book is "Claire left the room holding the rifle over her shoulder".

Basically, it's not a bad book if you're female between the ages of 13-18 who loves Twilight and other love stories with no existing chemistry between the protagonists, but I only read this because I'd already bought it and had nothing else to read, I won't be reading anymore anytime in this lifetime.
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on 5 April 2015
Absolute bilge.
The first part is a nicely observed reflection of a group of students having fun, and the rest just a meandering load of codswallop.
The plot seems to be peripheral, and is ludicrous given a moments attention. The love story is so drawn out that it becomes tiresome well before the utterly weird holiday which seems to have been thrown in for the sake of more gush and piffle.
The back story makes no sense and the characters appear almost incestual in their simpering hogwash. It's creeepy, at times, for all the wrong reasons.
Pointless waste of my time, and I only kept reading as I was so far in it seemed pointless not to see if it could pull a rabbit out of the hat and win me back.
Good for insomnia.
Just to add I got this free on kindle and had no idea of the plot before I started. I thought it was a decent thriller for some reason. It's a vomit fest of twaddle and claptrap. Good job I was on holiday or it would have been a waste of a day.
Pants is too kind a word for it. Half the book could be cut and even then it would still be a gushing load of rubbish. I can only see this appealing to hormonal young women and even then I would suspect they would lose interest after fifteen minutes.
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on 1 October 2014
This has to be one of the worst books I've ever read and I have read many. The storyline is weak and repetitive, if I had to read about nina pushing her "bangs" out of her eyes one more time I might have screamed. Nina is one of the least likeable and most irritating main characters I have ever come across and I had little sympathy for her throughout the story. Needless to say I won't be reading the follow up books!!
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on 2 November 2014
For some unknown reason I thought Providence was about zombies, but I clearly got the wrong book, because it really isn't. The lack of zombies aside, Providence is an interesting read, but not necessarily one of my fav's. I think this is because I didn't really find myself engaging with the characters. But I did like Providence, I just didn't love it.

Jamie McGuire writes great male leads. Alpha's are SO her thing, but I didn't really like Jared all that much. He took his stalker tendencies too far for me and I couldn't get past some of his mistruths or lies. It's not all bad thought because I did like how supportive he was of Nina and their romance was kinda sweet (when I got past the Bella and Edward-like parts).

I wasn't always sure of Nina, but once the plot began to develop I found myself warming towards her. I felt her annoyance at all the lies almost everybody seemed to tell her.

Even though I wasn't the biggest fan of the first section of the book, I am intrigued by what happens next and I do like Jamie McGuire's writing style. It sort of pains me that I didn't love this one.
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