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on 2 July 2012
The Q2 is a cute piece of kit. An easy to set-up app on your PC enables you to select your wifi network and then 4 internet streamed radio stations from anywhere in the world. Program them into the cube and you're ready to go. Then disconnect from your laptop/desktop. To select the station, turn on the Q2 (switch on the back) and place it onto one of its sides to select a radio station from your 4 selections (Each side is marked on top from I to IIII). An LED flashes red while it searches for the network, green once it connects and starts searching, and goes out when you're connected to the selected radio station. Volume is altered by tilting forward to turn it down, face up to turn it up (slightly fiddly to get the right level - this could have been better designed with a small twist knob on the back, but it's an entertaining novelty). Turn it down on its face and it switches off. Sound quality is great - good range and good power. Wifi connectivity has been excellent, but I do have boosters around the house so I have a 5 bar everywhere network. Battery life is good. Several hours of running before you have to put it back on the USB to charge. OK, 4 radio stations may seem a bit limiting, but plugging it back in and changing those stations is so easy that, if your listening habits are very varied and you'd be listening to more than 4 stations (not sure how many people do!?) then the Q2 is still a very useful piece of kit. It seems a bit pricey for what it is when it first emerges from the box, perhaps related to the fact it's very compact and light, but the fact it's so easy to set up, and the fact it does what it says on the box with a high degree of reliability and performance justifies the cost. If you want some portable, flexible radio sounds around your house, especially if you want to keep up with news in the old country over the Internet, the Q2 is just the ticket. Buy with confidence.
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on 14 April 2013
Got this for elderly relative and setting up/trialling it as I type.
No buttons means its impossible for the fumble fingered to mess up the setup. Getting the volume right is an acquired skill but it does not detract from the overall experience. All the regional German info stations seem to be available so top marks for that.

This product currently at £56 delivered by Amazon is a absolute bargain and wonderful gift. Quality design and construction has gone into this. I hope there's no chance of this model being discontinued.

Also it is a very rare thing: A battery powered internet radio that works in practice. I got over 4 hours continuous play before the LED started blinking to warn it needed a recharge. Pure make a rechargeable Internet radio but it costs an arm/leg for the battery pack bringing total price to £130 on their cheapest offering.

Here are the tips:

- Sound quality: Some reviews say it's bass light, others say plenty of bass, why? Easy, if you want some bass, place in an alcove or corner. Mind you, even on table top the sound is musical on music and very clear on speech.

- Connectivity: My model is fine using WPA. I have a WiFi repeater that broadcasts the same SSID on the same channel for the garden. Sometimes the Q2 will disconnect when moving from the house to the garden zones or back. Solved by switching the Q2 off & on again and waiting a bit.

A real weakness in concept is that you need to have a Windows or Mac computer (remember those?) located at home to do the setup. This Q2 could be upgraded in firmware (in theory) so that at least the 4-station preset list could be changed via a Q2 server that you login to. Probably.

Q2 must have some great designers and makers behind the scenes. I hope they come up with a mark II of this, the 1st enhancement being more then 4 station presets and the 2nd being setup/remote control via Android/IOS handsets. But please don't lose the original magic!

How about one channel of the 4 available channels on the Q2 being 'my stream'. This could be set up then switched at will via web browser or smartphone app, to any of the 1000's of stations out there. Complete flexibility then!

[ Update Nov 2014 ]
I had a phase with a Netgear router where the Q2 was forever dropping the connection and failing to reconnect unless powered off and back on. Having replaced the router with an Asus, the connection is again perfect.

On one Windows 7 machine I got a Java error preventing me from launching the Q2 program you need to tune stations.
An update to very latest Java fixed the error but disabled the station search. Looks like I'll have to live with this and find stations by category.

Also I investigated if I could replace the battery like I did with my Tomtom satnav, but the battery is non standard and my research drew a blank.

It's all a bit of a portent that this product is no longer seriously supported.
Yet it is still being marketed.
Well, nothing has changed, this is a classic design that granny or your workshop could still be using in 10 years time.
It's still a premium product IMO.
So why the dropping of active support?
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Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm extremely impressed with this little box, and would recommend it. Setup is very simple using the supplied quick start guide, be sure to read it before attaching the radio to one of your computer' USB ports.
The setup software, which has to be downloaded from the Q2 Radio website, found my Netgear router very quickly and, as soon as I'd provided the password, it connected immediately to the internet. Before downloading the setup software, I downloaded the setup instructions and User Guide, which are simple, but perfectly adequate for the job. It's worth spending a few minutes reading through before starting.
Using the control panel, four programmes or podcasts can be dragged from an extensive list to the "Chosen Stations and Podcasts" panel. The programme location is marked with one, two, three or four lines, which match the lines marked on the top, botom, left and right sides of the radio. Selection of the programme to be played, is a simple matter of placing the radio with the side matching the required programme on the top.
After turning the radio on by using the small switch on the back, it takes about half a minute to establish the Wi-Fi connection and find the selected programme. A red LED flashes during this period, and changes to green when connected. Once playing, the volume can be changed by tipping the radio backwards to increase volume and forwards to lower it.
Charging is done through the supplied multi-national charger, or from a USB connection; an amber LED behind the front panel warns of low nattery.
I've used it all over the house, and right at the end of my garden, without problems and, because of its simplicity, it will be absolutely ideal for use in the garden in the summer.
Since writing this review, I have had many opportunities to use this radio, and it has been in almost constant use in the garden during the recent warm weather. I have to say that I have not changed my view, this is a really useful little box. There is no problem with battery life, and leaving in on charge overnight keeps it ready for use. Having set up the four radio programmes, it is just a matter of turning it onto another side to change the programme, and the mood.
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on 18 May 2012
Great sounding unit , really simple to set up and I love it along with my wife and kids ! just about to buy another one .

Has some fantastic applications , you can simply progrmamme in podcast of nursery stories for the kids to all four sides they can listen at leisure ,o
Programme in your favourite radio stations from holiday and play back home ,

Programme in Radio from all over the world, the same one your friend is lsitening to in Australia and listen in comfort of your own home.

Other great thing I have found is listening in the garden , bathroom , kitchen the whole family just takes it with them .

If you get one you will love it!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 27 January 2012
After previously giving this a 4 star review I am updating after 2 months use. This radio is unreliable, subject to regular and frequent stoppages due to an inability to hold onto a WiFi network.

I contacted the manufacturer after first having problems when I first bought it. They told me it wasn't the radio but my WiFi. I was using a BT Home Hub 2 and successfully streaming content to my Android phone (8 Tracks, iPlayer), Android Pad, XBox (Lovefilm, iplayer, 4OD etc) and my laptop. They streamed content, including HD content without any kind of an issue. I used WiFi analyser to establish the signal strength was OK, the channel was strong and there was no interference on the channel from nearby routers.

I eventually went to BT and said I thought there could be any issue with my router so last week they sent me out a new Home Hub 3 with the improved WiFi and smart channel. I have tried it on auto and every single manual channel and still the Q2 drops the signal at every opportunity. My other devices are working perfectly yet the manufacturer cannot seem to accept that if I can stream a High Definition video in real time without any breaks then I should be able to stream a radio program that probably uses 100th of the bandwidth.

I have asked for a replacement from the manufacturer, so far no response to my request.
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on 10 November 2011
This is a brilliant invention. Looks fabulous and it's so easy to use. If you want up-to-date technology made simple then this radio is for you. Also sounds extremely good, which is quite important for a radio! The only reason I have given it 4 stars rather than 5 is that I had a few teething problems setting it up (although everything is kept as straightforward as possible); eventually I discovered that I had to restart my PC with the Q2 attached (by the USB cord provided) and then run it attached to the mains until it was fully charged up. But don't let any of that stuff put you off buying it, it's a great innovative product. Some reviewers have said it is too expensive and should cost no more than 30 or 40 pounds. Well, I think you don't get clever technology like this for peanuts.
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Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )

A small cube with no knobs. (well there's a little on/off knob at the back)
Not too big at 10 centimetres and it looks rather smart. No Touchscreens, buttons or displays.


Once charged it says it'll last for about 8 hours. Out of the box it was easy to set up. Downloaded the software and it was set up in about 5-10 mins. Quite intuitive and very very simple instructions.

Internet radio has thousands of stations. DAB is good but is rather limited with no international stations.

I adore internet radio and currently use a speaker dock, with an app on my phone. This has it's limitations such as when I want to use my phone.

So I was excited to receive the Q2 Internet radio and couldn't wait to choose my four stations to place on the radio.
That was the difficult part.
On my tunein app on my phone I have about 20 stations that I've set up as favourites.
So I chose Radio 1, LBC, NRJ French and RTL. The software to choose the stations is alright. Not awful. Just ok.

After a short while I did want to change the channels. This was simply a case of placing the usb back with the radio and PC. Seconds later- voila! Four new channels.


Tip forward and back and the motion sensor will change the volume. Each roll of the cube brings a different station. Four sides equals four stations.
It's both easy and the Radio's unique selling point.


Well. No.
It's portable but not as portable as a DAB radio. No taking this to the park, beach or on holiday unless you have access to a wifi network and your laptop to set it up.

Four channels kind of reminds me of old TV when I was a child. Four channels is not enough but it's easy enough to pick and change your favourites.

It's small, pleasant to listen to and easy to set up.

Overall an adorable, little, simple, internet radio.
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on 11 July 2014
People complaing that the radio drops signal, it is your router!!! Modern modems have 2 bandwidths 2.4/5.0 ghz. Especially bt routers they constantly switch between the 2 to get the best signal , your device cannot so it drops the connection. This also happened with my older iPads etc. you need to access your router settings and disable the 5ghz and use only 2.4ghz, fixed!
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on 29 April 2014
This is a little gem! Easy to set up, great value and fulfills the essentials of internet radio useage.

The firmware updates on connection to the computer (having downloaded the software first, as directed of course!). The software is easy to navigate with easy WIFI setup and allocation of the four stations. One caveat on the WIFI set up is that you only know that the WIFI password entered is correct if the radio connects when you enter it. There is no warning if the password is incorrect. Puzzled me for a while!!

Once set up the Q2 iworks perfectly throughout the house and even, to my surprise, in my workshop down the garden. The sound is rich and of good quality The built in rechargable battery is very convenient, making the unit portable to other locations temporarily without dragging the power supply along. The black one I got for myself was so good I had to buy this one for my wife to get it back from her!!
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on 14 March 2014
At last I dont have to listen to the tripe on RTE, when i visit my Mother. It sometimes cuts out but so what it is 95% reliable and the cut out may be due to our own wi-fi or stations themselves. BBC radio 4 rarely cuts out in contrast with classic fm. Overall this is a delightful product and is testament to British Engineering (I am Irish by the way).
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