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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 October 2011
After reading the first few chapters I was so excited to think I had discovered a great new series. There was romance, action and a bit of mystery, perfect.
As the book progressed it became, i'm sorry to say, one of the most exhausting and not in a good way) books I have ever read.
Firstly, almost every single mystery the book had to offer was revealed very early on, nothing was left to the imagination.
Secondly, it was a book of never ending talking. Every single chapter was practically dedicated to a conversation, page after page after page dedicated to one long running chat between characters. They drove to his house, had a conversation, they went to the hospital, had a conversation, they went to her house, yep you guessed it, had a conversation.
Don't get me wrong, dialogue is great but it needs to be broken up with observation, internal commentary from the narrator and emotion. Every discussion between the characters was so monumental and non-stop, it just became tiring, like I was wading through mud, turning the pages. I really feel like the book would have benefited from a slower paced beginning and a drawn out reveal of what was happening to the lead character. What a shame.
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on 26 February 2010
I am a big fan of the shifter series but wasn't sure I wanted to read this book. I am 46 so I am no YA, although I have read many good teenage/YA books I wasn't sure I could face another teenager with all the hassels that go with them after reading Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. I decided not to bother until a 26 year old friend lent it to me and told me to read it. Now I am looking forward to the next in the series. Hush Hush dragged on but My Soul to Take dived straight in and having to put it down to go work was annoying. So YA or not so YA its worth reading. Enjoy.
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on 12 May 2011
I'm no YA, but I do like reading YA fiction. I loved 'Twilight' (made me feel 17 again). I loved 'The Hunger Games' and recently read 'Matched' and enjoyed that too. I also loved the more grown-up True Blood series and all the Kelley Armstrong ones (Bitten and Stolen, etc). All this is to give you context for the fact that I really do quite like this type of fiction - I find it a fun escape from the drudgery of real life.

Unfortunately, I really hated this book. In fact, I don't think I can be bothered to finish it (am about halfway through). The writing is really weak - it needs a good edit. There's loads of repetition and some really jarring descriptions and metaphors which just make you think: 'what??' Seriously. Look out for the words 'churning' and 'swirling'.

The characters are pretty dull. I don't have a sense of who any of them are...and then the main 'premise' behind the whole thing. Dear god, it's weak, weak, weak. And this is from someone who was happy to believe in Edward Cullen - Stephanie Meyer presented me with a world within which he WAS plausible and made sense within the story. There are too many holes in this plot though, and I'm not sure I'm terribly interested in Banshee mythology as there is not very much to it, is there? So far, there's just an awful lot of the protagonist feeling stressed and anxious with sweaty palms and a hammering heart, and hiding in a back ally somewhere while her boyfriend calms her down with his soothing voice.

Anyway, there are a lot of good reviews on here so I just wanted to add in a warning to anyone browsing for a new YA series to try, in case they feel the same as me. My advice is, read a couple of sample pages, if they are available. If you like them and don't mind the writing, you should be OK. If you find it a little annoying, steer clear...
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 January 2016
I desperately wanted to love this series; I'd heard such great things and adored Vincent's previous Shifters series. Sadly, this one wasn't for me.

The concept is strong. Teenage girls are dying suddenly with no apparent cause of death. Kaylee knew though. She knew they would die. Not how, not why, but she felt it all the same. So fiercely that a scream begins to bubble up in her throat every time that mysterious dark shadow surrounds the next victim.

I really enjoyed the initial delivery and was instantly hooked. Although the world building is lacking, the character development is enjoyable and I liked Kaylee and her friends. The relationships were highly predictable, and the insta-love was frustrating, but I actually didn't mind this because the mystery shrouding Kaylee and what could be causing her premonitions was so exciting that I forgot about it.

Sadly, the plot is heavily character driven with pages of dialogue and not a lot of anything else causing the story to progress slowly. Equally, even when some of the mysteries began to unravel, I felt like the details were largely brushed over and the ideas never fully explored. To me, Rachel Vincent really misses a fantastic opportunity by doing this to pull the reader in and make them invested in an exciting new world or ability.

This felt like a disappointing take on what could have been a really engaging new idea. The lack of relevant or engaging explanation felt amateur when Vincent really isn't, perhaps in an effort to be attractive to younger readers, and the slow plot (since everything was revealed very early in the book leaving little room for development) just left it feeling flat and unoriginal; this could have been any number of books of the same genre. Unfortunately, this won't be a series taking pride of place on my shelves. I do highly recommend Vincent's more mature YA series; don't write her off if you didn't enjoy this one.
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on 15 April 2011
I picked up this book expecting it to be another book with the same happy-everyone's in love-ending. But after reading the first chapters i didn't want to put it down. Unlike most YA books this has brought some more original supernatural beings into the plot suchas Reapers and taken it away from the vampires and werewolves, which have become very popular.

The plot is not complicated and Rachel Vincent creates some very unexpected twist which leave you eager to read more. The characters are relateable and very down to earth and they compliment eachothers different personalities well. My favourite character has to be Emma because she is always looking to enjoy life and is sometimes the complete opposite of Kaylee.

When i got this book i read it in a day and enjoyed it so much that as soon as i finished i started reading it al over again. I have given it to many of my friends and they have all seemed to have enjoyed it as much as i have. Without a doubt this is one of my favourite books and i would recommend it to anyone who likes a good mystery.

5 Stars!
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on 19 May 2011
I'd heard a lot about this series over twitter (I follow Rachel Vincent) and I enjoyed reading the shifter series, so I thought I'd give it a go. My first impression was that the UK cover is much nicer than the American cover (even if we did have to wait like an extra 18months to get the book) and that this seemed- as is becoming the case with Rachel Vincent- to be sliiiiightly different from other books in it's genre, but similar enough to still be recognised and enjoyed as such.

I must admit I *was* a bit sceptical of Nash's intentions at first...sure he was going to end up being a bad guy or something similar, and I'm still a bit unsure about how quickly their relationship developed, and how cliche it started off...average American teen lusts after attractive but ultimately unattainable adolescent-oh but wait no, he feels just the same, and more than that he knows you better than you know yourself...and it was a liiiiitle bit like that, but different enough that I forgive it. However it does seem to me as though he likes her more for *what* she is, rather than *who* she is, but I guess it could be argued the two are so closely linked it doesn't really matter....but that's a philosophical debate for another day. It's not as though he likes her cause she's a cheerleader or anything...anyway, back to the book.

Another thing I wasn't sure about was how accepting her best friend was of the whole situation. I thought "surely that's not how a person would react!" but then I like to think if my best friend told me she was a bean sidhe (banshee, that's what Kaylee is, incase you didn't figure that bit out yet) I'd believe her and be totally supportive too, especially if I'd seen her in action like Emma has seen Kaylee.

I did figure out a couple of the minor twists, but sometimes I like to think that authors put kinda obvious minor twists in, so whilst you're busy congratulating yourself on one-upping them, they sneak up behind you and whack you round the head with a HUUUUUGE plot point you might have noticed if you weren't too busy being smug about how clever you are. This happens to me ALL the time, but to be honest, I enjoy it. No point reading a predictable book. Twists are half the fun, and figuring out the minor twists are also fun, its a winwin.

I thought the story itself was great, well paced with a strong plotline and interesting, fully developed characters which is another thing Rachel Vincent is good at. You never get the impression with her that a character is there simply to flesh the story out, or act as a vessel for another character. You can imagine her thinking up intricate back-stories for every person in her stories, and I appreciate that.

I'd give this book 4/5, and I can't wait for the second one to be delivered! Which I'm hoping will be tomorrow. Or technically later today...
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on 27 October 2013
I read this book last year and I know I really liked it so I don't know why at the time I only gave it 3*s.

I was a big fan of the Twilight series and was recommended this book by Goodreads. I thought I would give it a go. After reading My Soul to Lose I quickly started this one. I remember being hooked and needing to read more and more. As I was a bit behind it meant that I could devour the series quite quickly (which I did). Rachel had me completely and utterly at her mercy for the entire of the month. As soon as I finished one I started the next. I just couldn't get enough of this series.

So if you don't know Kaylee is a bean sidhe (pronounced banshee). Except she doesn't know, and she doesn't know how to control her ability. That is until the High School hottie takes an interest in her and seems to know more about it than she did. It was great to watch their relationship develop throughout this book.

Kaylee is a pretty average high school girl. She's not in the popular crowd but she's not in the geeky unpopular crowd she surfs somewhere inbetween. She's a pretty likeable character and you feel pretty sorry for her when she can't control all this screaming.

I love Nash. I always imagine him to look a bit like Nate from Gossip Girl aka Chase Crawford. He plays sports, he's the most popular guy in the school, who wouldn't love him?

Then you throw in his `dead' brother. Except he's still around. How does that work you ask? Well Tod is a reaper, you know a Grim Reaper with the black cloak and the scythe. Well they don't really have black cloaks and scythe's but you get the idea. I can already tell that Tod is going to be trouble.

This was a great read and I as soon as I finished this I started My Soul to Save. A fantastic YA fantasy/paranormal book.
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on 30 December 2014
I've had this on paperback for quite some time, then I got it on Kindle and someone suggested we read this for a buddy read.

It took me a while to get into it. Not sure how I was going to read it as I found the storyline slightly slow in the beginning. It has twists and turns that you never thought of, makes you still wonder if they could of added a bit more to certain characters. I will definitely be carrying on with the series as I have the majority of them on paperback.
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on 31 July 2012
So, I finally finished My Soul to Take after I've had the book for over a year. *cringe* Initially, I started around 12 months ago, but life sidetracked me, along with the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and my flighty mind misbehaved. Anyhoo, thanks to strong encouragement from Lolita of K-Books when I was trying to decide on my next read, I picked it back up again--though I did go all the way back to the beginning.

And I'm glad I did.

No, this doesn't quite have the kick-a$$ persona to it we get from Rachel's adult series'. And no, it didn't have her usual tension until around 85%.

However, there is no denying the author's ability to create extremely cute guys (or hot blokes), and sensual tension, and great relationship dynamics, and intrigue.

Though I will say, I kind of saw a fair bit of it coming. No, I didn't guess for one minute who was behind it all. I'd have a liked a little more depth to that maybe--or even a recap from her dad/uncle of the conversations happening around her when she was unable to hear (being cryptic on purpose for spoiler-free reasons)--but the revelation still left me surprised. I also had my suspicions pretty early on about a certain relationship that later comes to attention--but still, suspecting it to be so didn't really ruin it for me when it turned out to be so; it was more a case of self-smugness for being right.

I think my biggest gripe in here was that there were places where the pacing felt a little off, because there was some inconsistency to that, which meant some scenes seemed to drag on a little bit too long--but that didn't really mar my enjoyment of the read. Rachel has created a unique addition to the paranormal genre, and I absolutely loved how she handled that. Because this author is awesome at world building--seriously awesome. I've yet to read one of her tales where I didn't understand, where I didn't `get it'. Every aspect of Kaylee's gift, I followed with ease; every time she/they were performing, I understood exactly what was happening; and (just like all her other titles) I knew just where these `beings' stood amongst the human world. Rachel Vincent deserves commendation for that.

So, yes, I enjoyed it even though I'd have preferred the pace to be a bit brisker. And yes, I am planning to read on.

Though my Goodreads rating was actually 3.75, I've rounded it up to:
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on 1 July 2014
This book!

Apart from what the synopsis says, I had no idea what this book was about. Therefore I was surprised as to how much I loved it.

It was unlike any other paranormal book I have read - not the typical 'creatures' that are in books at the moment, which I thought was refreshing.

I loved the characters Nash, Kaylee and Tod. I wasn't expecting the revelation at the end as to who Tod really is - I would love to get to know him better and learn more about him.

It was an amazing way to start off the series and I am now excited to read the next book.(
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