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4.3 out of 5 stars605
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 20 January 2011
This cordless vacuum really works and is a pleasure to use. If you've ever used another upright cordless, you'll know what I mean. (If you've never used a cordless vacuum, imagine the difference between a mains-tethered motormower and petrol-powered version.)

Here's how the DC35 stands out:

* Power. While less powerful than a mains-powered vacuum, it's surprisingly good for a cordless and only occasionally annoys you by failing to pick something up. (Others are so weak you end up wishing you lugged out the mains-powered vacuum). Dyson say the power doesn't drop as the dust container fills, and this seems to be true from using it. Looking at how it's constructed, you can see why this is so - other manufacturers, take note!)
* Ease of emptying. For obvious reasons, portables have a small capacity and need frequent emptying. This model is (possibly?) unique in that you just press a button and the waste flicks cleanly out the bottom without an airborne dust explosion.
* Build and design quality. It's clear that the manufacturers have avoided cutting corners (and the price reflects it).

It doesn't entirely replace a mains-powered vacuum (or a hired cleaner), but I find this cordless does 95% of what's important. Battery life is only 13 minutes but life is too short to spend longer than that vacuuming. Once you get skilled at using it, 13 minutes of run-time is enough to do the main area of a medium-sized house plus half of the remaining rooms (which you alternate each time you vacuum). Perfect.

The motorized head is effective on both hard surfaces and carpets. It also comes with crevice/brush tools for getting into corners or cleaning the car. (Again, 13 minutes is a sensible time limit for vacuuming a car!) Unlike the Electrolux Boss I had before, the filter in the DC35 is not made of fragile paper that you have to periodically replace. It's solid and washable.

I should also say this has a great 'feel' and is as fun as vacuuming gets. This is the vacuum for people who have things to do in life besides cleaning.
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on 28 March 2011
I purchased this (not on Amazon as I found it cheaper elsewhere) after seeing a friend's. I wouldn't have paid the scary price if I hadn't seen it in action. I bought it because I am sick of seeing cat hair swirling underneath my sofa and dining table even when I sweep every day. Also, the baby makes crumbs around her highchair, and sweeping between chairs and table legs is a chore I could do without. This vacuum will revolutionise my cleaning. That sounds overly dramatic, but it's true. The clumsy broom and brush and dustpan will be banished to the shed, replaced by this neat little vacuum on its tidy docking station. I didn't expect it to perform as well as a regular vacuum because of the battery life, but this wasn't a problem. I've done the whole of my ground floor, the stairs and de-cobwebbed in less than 4 minutes. Even though I swept this morning, I have had to empty the drum twice - I just can't believe how much dirt it found. That is the scary but strangely pleasing thing about Dysons though.

If you have laminate or similar floors, are tight for space, have a bad back etc this is the vacuum for you. It is amazing! I'm not sure how it would cope cleaning carpets on a regular basis, but it coped well with the muddy back door mat, even before I'd worked out where the maximum power button was. It is smaller than it looks in the pictures and light enough that you don't feel any strain, even when doing the ceilings.

The only possible thing that could have made it better would be if the docking station actually charged it too. Instead you have to manually insert the charging cable, then hang it on the docking station.

This vacuum is worth every penny. Just shop around as it is available cheaper with web offers etc.

Since writing this review, I have had a couple of problems with the Dyson. The battery died inexplicably and the trigger stopped working. To be fair, Dyson did replace the parts by first class post. The trigger problem was due to the filter not touching a sensor when the trigger was pulled. But I am downgrading my rating to 3 starts because I do not expect these 'teething problems' from such an expensive vacuum. I have also found that it gets clogged up easily when the battery is reaching the end of its charge as there isn't enough power to suck dirt though. I can only hope that they will offer a voluntary extended warranty if it continues to go wrong. My love affair with this machine has ended

After several requests for a further update, I can confirm that I have had no more serious issues with this Dyson (as of Jan 2013). It is still in daily use. It is beginning to show signs of this frequent use, with a cracked drum which I have fixed with tape to maintain suction. While I would probably buy another, I would buy an extended warranty for it.
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on 12 July 2012
This is an excellent product, but consider a few facts before buying;
In my opinion this item SHOULD NOT be bought to replace a mains Dyson Cleaner. Rather this product is an excellent addition.

For those of us who have dificulty in carrying a more traditional Dyson up flights of stairs to clean bedrooms etc, then this is for you.

Hard floor cleaning is very easy. The short battery life between charges does not limit its use. Three bedrooms including under the beds, landing and large loft conversion plus stairs are easily cleaned on one charge.

Rug cleaning: I'm not convinced that this product cleans as thoroughly as the mains Dyson. However rugs can be taken down to ground level and 'Dysoned' in the traditional manner.

Thought must be given to the storeage location:
1. It must be near a power point for charging.
2. Ideally it should be located where it is to be used.

The dust collector is small. Usually one floor cleaning exercise of the above mentioned areas can fill the unit. With planning there is no need to take the cleaner down to the bin. Use a small plastic bag into which to put the debris and chuck that away!

In summary:
Excellent product as a cleaning addition, especially hard floors.
Rug cleaning OK ish.
Consider location.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 17 November 2011
I was in need of a new handheld vacuum cleaner as my old Gtech sweeper was about to die. After having a handheld sweeper I was never going back to normal hoover, as it's simply impractical in a big house on 2 floors.
This Dyson ticks all the boxes for me- it's light, powerful and easy to empty. It doubles up as a duster and car hoover. I can't think of a function it's not capable of, bar carpet steam cleaning. I love the precision of cleaning I'm getting with it. I am able to clean the carpet edges where the carpet goes under the skirting boards, use the smaller attachment for dusting and hoover my curved staircase. The battery life is not amazing but I wouldn't expect it from such a powerful cleaner. It is certainly enough for a thorough clean of 3 large rooms.
The only reason I've deducted a star is because there is no lock on the power button, which would have made cleaning even easier. Top marks for quality and functionality.
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on 23 December 2013
I originally thought that although expensive this was a great little vacuum for picking up around the dining room and kitchen.
Within the first year the machine started cutting out, as it was within the guarantee period Dyson replaced it.
When the vacuum was nine months out of the guarantee period it stopped working, I phoned the Dyson help, and was informed that I would need to buy a whole new main body, costing just under £70.
The vacuum was not used everyday, and only for small areas, as I used the main corded vacuum for regular cleaning .
Dyson would not make any exceptions, and it was up to me to buy the new part, or have a machine that was expensive and useless.
I think that the two year guarantee exists because the machine is not fit for use.
If in less than three years it needs two parts replacing, and the main body is very expensive at £70.
Having read other reviews, I think that there are recurring faults with this model, and it not value for money.
Had I known that I would be expected to replace two parts in less than three years I would not have purchased this machine .
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on 9 March 2011
If you thought the original Dyson was a revolution then this is just as bigger step.
You can't compare this to other cordless vac's it is head and shoulders above them all. Gail my other half is disabled and has a job to get about so house work is my department, but I am constant been told "missed a bit" "Do under the table". The Dyson DC35 has given back Gail the ability to DO IT PROPERLY.
Admit it is never going to completely replace the upright Dyson (may be in a small flat), but it is there for daily jobs and the 6 mins. on high power is about all Gail can manage anyway.
It also comes in to its own with the car, when I wouldn't bother to get extension leads ect. to vac the car this little beauty is perfect.
After all is said and done this is an example of You get what You pay for, We tried most of the other cordless stick vacs and were a little reluctant to try this, but I am so glad we did. I can not stress how highly we rate this
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on 6 March 2011
I bought this little marvel yesterday and I've run out of things to hoover. My house has never been so clean - not sure if this is a good thing or if I've turned into a "Stepford Wife" It is undoubtably quick and easy to use and is also quite efficient. I can imagine getting that feared phone call from a relative saying they are in the neighbourhood and will pop in for a coffee in half an hour. Well you could have the whole house including furniture (and the dog) vacuumed well before they arrive, so I think this will prove to be a worthy investment.

It's not perfect however. It could not pick up a large piece of cat litter that had escaped from the tray, nor a half piece of cooked chestnut residing in a dark corner of the kitchen, even on full power. The handle is not that comfortable and rubs against your thumb, (both hubby and I found this out independently and my hands are much smaller than his) You have to keep the power button depressed all the time you are using the machine, which I suppose is a good idea to conserve battery, but is tedious in use. It has an easy empty button which worked quite well, but animal hair seemed to be superglued to the side and had to be removed by hand. It was also very expensive to buy and although it's a novel and lightweight way to keep the house clean, I am undecided as to whether it was worth the cost. Like everything else, there is good and bad, and if you are wanting a lightweight easy to pull out and use cleaner, go for it.
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on 10 February 2013
I thought Dyson was supposed to have wonderfully designed products. This was my first Dyson vacuum, and the company's reputation convinced me to shell out over £200 for it. What a mistake. As far as performance goes, I often have to run the vacuum over bits of fluff and dust on my carpet several times before it picks them up. After every use, the brush in the head is wound and clogged with hair, rendering it completely ineffective. So the performance is disappointing. And then there is the design of the vacuum, which I find very annoying. Disassembling and reassembling the different parts (which is required for emptying the vacuum and charging it) is fiddly and awkward -- it often takes me several tries to disengage and then replace the main handle to the dust collector (and I'm 29, so it's not for lack of coordination or strength). You'd think the parts would come apart smoothly, but instead it's an annoying, awkward process. Also, you have to pull a button the whole time you're using it, which just seems stupid to me -- why not put a lock on it? (Design fail, Dyson.) Your finger gets tired, and to make matters worse, you have to push the button extra hard, or else the brush in the end stops rotating I've noticed.

Yeah, the thing is light and slender, but it doesn't work well and is a pain in the ass to operate. After this experience I would be very reluctant to buy a Dyson again.
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on 4 April 2011
Dyson DC35 seems quite expensive for what it is when you compare it to the B&D Dustbuster which I was thinking of getting but the version I was looking for always seemed to be out of stock. However, I have no regrets paying more for this due to the advantage of long handle which makes it very practical for things like stair cleaning or just vacuuming your front room.

It's very powerful for what it is but I wouldn't say it has the same amount of power as a regular corded dyson. But due to its practicality and portability it gets used much more then my regular vacuum cleaner, so on that basis I would recommend it. I have only had this cleaner for a month and it seems well built but only time will tell how reliable it really is.

I knocked a star off this review for one reason and that is because if you want the hose attachment to give it greater versatility then you have to buy a seperate part which I think really should have been included especially for this price it is.
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on 4 August 2011
I am overall happy with the performance, weight, manoueverability of the machine but I was rather shocked that on my second time of using I leant it against a wall in the kitchen and it fell over and cracked the dirt cylinder.

I really felt that given Dysons design credentials that it would have been more stable in this position so beware!

You do also need to empty the cylinder alot because of its small capacity or perhaps I just have a particularly dirty house!
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