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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars77
4.6 out of 5 stars

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on 26 September 2006
I could never get my stainless steel oven smear free no matter what I used - until I used these cloths. I was so impressed I went on a cleaning frenzy and polished everything I could get my hands on...for a while until the novelty wore off! Really though,if you've got stainless steel in your kitchen these are the babies to have!

These cloths are also particularly good for washing your car instead of using a sponge. They leave the car so clean I don't need to polish it! They're great for using on those cold mornings too when the inside of your windscreen/mirrors are misted up, one wipe and they're sparkling clear!

I use my e-cloths for everything, laminate flooring, tv's, kitchen, bathroom, car, glass...go on try will not be disappointed! I know these clothes seem expensive to start with but they are worth every single penny and the cheaper copies just don't cut it.

My husband laughs every time I speak oabout these clothes or recommend them to someone else - its clear to see he does none of the cleaning!
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If you haven't tried e-cloths before then this starter pack is a good way to buy a range of them at a reasonable price. We have been using these kind of micro-fibre cloths to clean vehicles for years, and are delighted that they are now available for domestic use too. They come in different weaves and thicknesses for different jobs including kitchens, bathrooms, granite work surfaces, windows and so on. Some types are easier to use than others (the thicker ones can be a bit cumbersome).

The great advantage to e-cloths is that they attract dirt which means you do not need to use any form of detergent, liquid cleaner, Mr Muscle or whatever to get a great result. So you don't have to rinse off lots of suds and can save time and money on expensive cleaners.
Use a damp e-cloth to wipe over any surface and it pulls most of the grime away on one pass - if very dirty then you need to make the cloth more wet, and it's best to use a thicker weave for long-term dirt followed by one of the fine-weave polishing cloths to get the best finish. You can then just rinse out the cloth under the tap and it's ready to use again. When they get very grubby you can machine wash them (don't use fabric softener though, because this interferes with how the cloth works).
It really is worth using different versions of the e-cloth for different tasks -- the polishing and glass cloth doesn't work well on mucky window frames, for example. So although it feels as if you have to buy several similar things, it is worth using the right cloth for its intended purpose.

I have found that although the e-cloths claim not to smear at all, it can take a bit of practice to get a really crisp finish on very shiny surfaces (especially glass or mirrors). Also, although one of the major benefits is that you don't have to use cleaner fluid and so save money, you should also be aware of the hygiene issue: for the kitchen and bathroom it would be advisable to use an antiseptic or anti-bacterial cleaner once in a while. Just rinsing down with warm water will remove visible grime but not bacteria, germs, etc.
That said, e-cloths are a brilliantly helpful addition to the household, and they're wearing very well so far. I expect to only need to replace my three or four cloths once a year - which makes them excellent value, too.

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on 23 May 2006
I resisted over a year of constant raving on Blackford Beauty's part, finally broke down in a moment of retail-therapy madness, and what a difference! Grease, stains, dried-on counter gobbets, everything comes off with water and a (tiny) amount of elbow-grease, no residue, no smearing and no disintegrating sponges. The only thing I've found that they won't do well is bathtub gunge, so my cleaning cupboard now consists of an assortment of e-cloths (mop, four cloths, glass cleaning cloth) and a single spray cleaner. Slightly expensive, yes, but they last for approximately 300 washes (I throw mine in the washing machine weekly at 90 degrees) so I reckon I'll get 5 years out of £30 outlay. Compare that with 5 years of sprays, aerosols, sponges, etc, and it's a bargain. Great gifts for anyone trying to cut down the chemicals in their lives - I've given packs to a pregnant friend and my "gone organic" mother.
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on 13 November 2013
I have been completely converted by these cloths. We have a glossy black laminate work surface which when cleaned with a sponge dries with lots of very annoying water marks but now it always looks streak free thanks to these cloths. They're brilliant for polishing anything to a streak free finish including windows, smoked glass, stainless steel, clear glass and taps. Simply dampen any of the four thicker cloths and clean the surface/window then polish dry with the thin blue cloth. After a while the thin blue cloth will also get damp so it's a good idea to buy a spare as a back up especially for example if you're cleaning all of your windows in one go.

I keep the purple and pink for the kitchen, the blue for the bathroom and the green for windows and general things. They are so much more hygienic particularly in the bathroom as I stick the cloth straight in the washing machine afterwards (don't use fabric softener though) instead of having a hairy sponge hanging around! You aren't supposed to use cleaning fluids with these cloths but I still do every now and again. I have since bought an additional polishing cloth and the car kit.

Since I bought them, I have converted my Mum, Aunt, Grandma, Cousin and two friends!
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on 12 February 2014
These days e-cloths are the thing to buy. However there are cheaper ones on the market which do not do the same job.

This pack is a great buy, a cloth for almost every purpose but be sure to use them for individual jobs and not the same cloth for everything. They are meant to be used with water only and not with cleaning fluids.

Works out much cheaper than buying individual cloths and, if used as they should be and looked after, they will last a long time.
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on 24 April 2013
So far I've been very impressed with the e-cloth products. They are easy and fast to use (important, as cleaning isn't something I particularly enjoy doing) and durable. Unlike other cloths they don't just spread dirt and dust around, so they are great for people with allergies!

I like this pack because it comes with all different colours, making it easy to allocate a particular cloth to the kitchen, bathroom or for specific objects like artwork. I'm not yet convinced that I'll never use detergents again, but definitely not as often...
The polishing cloth is great, it does remove the need to use a window cleaning detergent leaving windows and mirrors smear free!
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on 21 April 2006
I have had these cloths for several months after they were recommended by my sister. I have since encouraged several people to buy them and no one has been disappointed. The general purpose cloths make cleaning greasy surfaces easier than it is with chemicals. My teenage son is forever covering the cooker in bacon fat and these cloths remove it with none of the horrible white emulsion you get with chemicals. They are also good for cleaning the more "dried on" grease that can occur on tiles behind cookers. I use the cloths both in the kitchen and the bathroom. The cloths are cleaned either by boiling them or putting them in the washing machine. I only have two minor negatives: firstly the cloths do discolour with time if used for heavy cleaning (i.e. kitchens) and so are not the most beautiful addition to your house, secondly I foolishly boiled a white general cloth with my blue glass cloth and the blue cloth ran and spoiled the white one.

The glass cloth is my absolute favourite. It makes cleaning glass, mirrors and stainless steel easy. It is very absorbent and so no streaks. I used to hate cleaning glass and mirrors but now it is simple. Honestly! If you only try one cloth , try this one - but I do recommend both. My next plan is to try the mop which my friend loves.
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on 16 October 2014
These e cloths are absolutely fantastic. The secret to them are to use no products at all. Yes just water. The cloth for polishing glass is amazing. If your shower doors are fully of residue or grime (at the bottom of course) clean it first with products with a seperate cloth until all the grime is off and then wash with water, and dry with the e cloth....fantastic
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on 11 January 2016
I bought these on recommendation from a friend, despite my initial scepticism. And I am genuinely impressed. They deliver on the hype. They really, really work - at the point one of the clothes started shifting cold congealed olive oil on a manky old tin, I really began to be impressed - not even heavy duty detergent would have shifted the dirt so easily. I cannot recommend these highly enough, after using them for about two weeks so far.... oh, and I do not actually like cleaning either. Read the instructions carefully for best results... I mentally have dedicated the green kitchen cloth for grease cleaning. I am planning on buying the mop, and possibly even more of the E-cloth range. Did I mention I was impressed? I am impressed. And cheaper than in Waitrose, too.
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on 31 December 2015
we have been a fan of e-cloth after we bought a single e-cloth; initially thought it was a bit expensive when you can get cleaning cloths for a penny but how wrong we were; e-cloth is worth every penny; e-cloths durability outbeats all those cheap/not-so-cheap cleaning cloths; so impressed we went and bought this full starter pack;

The starter pack covers all kinds of cleaning that you can envisage in your house; simply does everything & more: we dont have any more cheap cleaning cloths becoming stiff like a plastic; we go this multi starter kit and we are at peace with cleaning :-)
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