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on 13 August 2011
I am an active printer user with about 100 pages printed daily in a small/home office. While I've always used Brother personal printers before, like HL-2140 (I printed a bit less then) and was fairly happy with them I wanted to try a different make as Brothers have their disadvantages (less then perfect image quality over time, a bit noisy, a bit slow etc). I first bought Samsung ML-2525W but it turned out to be a disaster, it cost me more to run a month than a printer itself so I had to let it go.

Having learned the lesson, I searched for a bigger printer which cost more upfront but then toner costs are much lower. Samsung ML-3710ND fitted the bill perfectly. It's not overly expensive, yet toner cost about £120 for 10 000 pages - a bit more than a penny per page. In 2 months I already saved a printer's price compared to 2525W model.

Print quality is absolutely fantastic. Every new toner comes with a drum so it's like brand new printer every time.

Special remarks about extra paper feeder for labels or different formats. For the first time in my life they print straight, with no labels wasted due to being printed at an angle. If you print labels you'll know what I mean. Duplex printing is a nice feature as well, saves tons of paper if you need to print a long document.

Printer is much more silent than Brothers, no rattling or other funny noises.

It's a bit larger than entry-level printers but still uses same printer stand, just a few inches higher. Design is quite fancy with waves all around the printer body.

It is not wireless but I did not need WiFi anyway, if I needed there is a similar WiFi model.

Nice addition is a toner use monitor which shows how many %% left so you can prepare a new toner in advance.

Overall very happy with this printer, I would highly recommend it to any moderate-to-high printer user at home or in a small office.

Added 31/10/11: I am glad I am not alone in praising this printer, as it just received Editor's Choice from Reg Hardware [...]

Overall printer proved to be a great choice, very happy I selected it!
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on 27 June 2013
I bought this unit a month or two ago it installed easily and it prints fine.

Unfortunately it now jams intermittently perhaps on average once every few days. The jam is at the exit from the rear onto the top tray but if not noticed further sheets then back-up and you end up with at least three scrumpled up bits of paper in the machine. It is fairly straight-forward to remove them but a real drag.

It has jammed twice today which has so annoyed I am writing this review to warn all others poor saps who might consider this unit.

It is now too late to send back so I will have to junk the unit and go back to HP who at least know how to make a printer that can handle paper!!

Don't even consider this unit it is a waste of your money.

Update 8 August 2013:

On further investigation there is a black comb-like hinged piece of plastic attached to the rear cover. On removing this the printer does not jam as much. It now jams perhaps only once a month so if you are suffering from paper jams try removing this as I did: it is a kind of work-around that worked for me.

The piece has something to do with double-sided printing as this no longer works. But as this is one of the functions I don't use I can live with it.

I have kept the piece in case it is needed for double-sided in which case I can easily re-install.

Update 12 September 2013:

Well the improvement was short lived and while still better without the black comb bit it still jams regularly and this is not a fit-for-purpose unit. I have just ordered a Kyocera replacement printer an FS-1370DN which I sincerely hope will be fine. Of course this could be just a poor example of an otherwise fine printer and as I say when it doesn't jam it produces good quality output, but my experience has been dire. I certainly will not buy another Samsung printer again.

Anyone want a lightly used printer that jams about twice a week?

Bottom line don't buy this printer; get one that works without these problems.
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on 17 May 2013
I've used Kyocera printers for years and been very pleased with them, but needing a replacement I was seduced by a cashback and 5 year warranty deal being offered by Samsung so bought one of these.

Unfortunately, I've been very disappointed with it, although it's certainly quick - when it works.

The first disaster was when I tried printing page numbers on a stack of copies. It chewed the pages up, creased them, folded over the top corner of the page and generally ruined every copy. Total fail.

I also find it extremely irritating when changing from printing A4 to envelopes. My old Kyocera understood whether it was being offered an A4 sheet or an envelope without being told. But on this stupid device it's impossible just to print a letter then an envelope as it confuses it and I get a message saying the tray's empty when it's clearly not.

I've already got to the stage of physically thumping it out of sheer frustration, so I'm pretty sure it won't survive for anywhere near the 5 year warranty period - perhaps that's why Samsung dish them out so freely, as they know every single one will end up thrown from a high place!

NOT recommended.
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on 30 May 2012
The previous reviews accurately reflect pretty much everything you need to know about this printer. If I had to find a negative point t would be that it can be quite noisy when starting up when you're sat in the same small room, especially if someone else is using it and you weren't expecting it. Other than that, it's behaved flawlessly and just works, very well.
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on 26 February 2013
I bought this printer five months ago, to replace a Kyocera FS-1030D which had served me well for five years but eventually developed an unrepairable fault.

Overall, I am very pleased with the new printer. It is quiet and fairly economical. I mainly print reports and letters with text and the quality of this is good. So far, I have had 5200 pages printed from the starter toner, which is rated for 5000, so this is very encouraging. The duplex allows me to mimimise paper usage. It is fairly fast, but I would say slower in duplex mode than my old Kyocera (which was a similar price). And I would also say it probably makes more clunking noises when operating the duplex. Not unacceptably noisy, but it seems less mechanically smooth than the Kyocera.

One annoyance is that it does seem to jam fairly frequently. Much more often than the Kyocera. Thankfully, it is easy to unjam.

The only other significant annoyance is that Samsung seem to make a lot of effort to try to push you into wasting a lot of toner. A couple of months ago the display started flashing warnings that the cartridge was running low. That's helpful. I appreciate knowing this so I can make sure I have a replacement on hand. After a bit of effort I found in the menus a way to make it stop flashing the red warning light. However, after a while it switched to a new warning message, stating quite categorically that the cartridge is empty and should be changed. They seem to have gone out of their way to give you every impression that this is nonnegotiable. I'll bet 9 out of every 10 users replace the cartridge at this point. However, if you are really determined you can use the display and menu button to override this and continue printing. Annoyingly, the red alert light keeps flashing as a sort of punishment for being frugal.

This situation is incredibly wasteful, because it is not just a question of eking out a few dozen extra sheets. I have not been monitoring exactly how many further pages I have printed, but I'm sure it is more than 1000 and still going strong. Only yesterday, I printed four copies of an 80 page report, so that's 320 pages in just one batch. I fully expected it to run out of toner or at least start getting faint, because the display has been insisting the cartridge is empty for the last few weeks. But it is still printing perfectly, with no discernible faintness. So, when the printer announced that this 5000 page cartridge was empty it was definitely at least 20% full.

Edit Jan 2015: I'm knocking another star off. This has had recurring problems with jamming paper. When I bought it, it came with a 3 yr warranty, so Samsung have fixed it repeatedly. They must have spent more on replacement parts than it originally cost me, but it is a pain to keep having it breakdown and need repairing.
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on 10 February 2013
This is one of my buys of the year! The printer is very, very fast. You click print, you turn around and the paper is out already - I kid you not. The quality is excellent for a B/W and the beauty is it prints both sides (duplex) as well as being a network printer. This has saved me loads of paper so far.

The setup was extremely easy. I connected the printer to my router with an ethernet cable and setup the IP address through the software. I found the printer straight away and print using Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04 (see Ubuntu support page for brilliant printing - DO NOT download linux printer software from Samsung for this printer).

The great bonus being a Samsung printer is that I can print from both my Galaxy SIII smartphone and also my Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet through my wifi as printer is connected directly to my router. I do not need my PC to be on.

Summary: Brilliant printer for the money. I would not hesitate to buy the colour Laser when I get the money to complement this one. A truly quality product. I have only ever bought HP printers before but took a gamble with this one and it paid off big time. My first Laser cost me £500 10 years ago. This is way, way faster and under £200 (cost me only £119 with Samsung £70 cash-back offer - ended 31st Jan 2013 - cheque sent within a week of applying).
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on 20 November 2012
I purchased this Samsung printer and an additional toner / drum to complete a large bit of print work several thousand pages in length. Pages had to be printed both sides and collated and then inserted into specific covers etc. The Samsung ML3710ND is just the kit for such work. Easy to set up and handles paper with no hassle. Great for network usage as it just works reliably. This is our 2nd Samsung laser and we are very impressed with the quality and functionality. Would have bought colour but put off by the cost of cartridges, however the mono laser proved to be perfect for our requirements.
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on 27 August 2012
Very good service from Supplier, Printer is good, solid, reliable and efficiant and seems so far to be trouble free and economical.
Only small complaint that 1st sheet of paper from a print job seems to take a little longer to print than I would have expected but other than that i would recommend.
Updated 13/3/13 very impressive machine, reliable, solid but it is noisy !! However would recommend.
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on 7 November 2014
This is an excellent (although now upated) printer, cheap to run and very reliable....this purchase was a replacement for our's that has lasted three trouble-free years. Nothing fancy, just a good reliable network printer for the smaller office.
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on 26 February 2013
We can't look past Samsung printers. Of the dozens that we have had over the years we have only had a few that haven't lasted, and that might just have been heavy handedness, clearing papers jams, replacing toner etc.
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