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4.0 out of 5 stars55
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 5 February 2003
Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman have written another excellent instalment in the Dragonlance Series. Dragons of a Summer Flame deals mainly with the characters Steel Brightblade (son of Sturm and Kitiara) and Palin Majere (son of Caramon and Tika) and their developing friendship, despite their very different alleigances to evil and good respectively, whilst they fight the Chaos War. Some of the original characters make appearances - both Tanis, Caramon and a certain frail twin of the former... Be warned, there is a MAJOR shock in store..., a point at which I had to stop reading and get my head round it; a truly poignant moment in the history of the Dragonlance saga.
I would recommend that you first read 'The Second Generation' before 'Summer Flame' as there are references to tales within that book, but it is by no means essential.
All in all 'Summer Flame' is a thoroughly good read, still not up to the greatness of the Chronicles or Legends (hence 4 Stars), but if you like Dragonlance, you will love this book.
Get it in!
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on 5 May 2003
As has been stated Raistlin shouldnt have been brough back, although unlike some reviewers i quite liked the tragic death of a few of the last main characters. All in all the new characters arent as strong as the original cast as it were :)
One thing i have noticed is that a lot of people reviewing seem to have read the books in the wrong order, or at least missed out an entire trilogy or two. Dragons of Summer Flame should be read after the book War of the Twins, not straight after Dragons of Spring Dawning. I guess the title leads to a little confusion. The order they should be read in are :
Dragonlance Chronicles (Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragons of Winter Night, Dragons of Spring dawning)
Dragonlance Legends (Time of the Twins, Test of the Twins, War of the Twins)
Dragonlance Tales ("The Magic of Krynn", "Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes" , "Love and War") Worth reading as some of the stories pad out events that are touched upon in the previous books, all in all not up to the standard of the others with the exception of the story "the Legacy" which i think is truely touching and a much better finale for Raistlin than Dragons of Summer Flame.
Dragons of Summer Flame
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on 12 February 1999
I just finished reading Dragons of Summer Flame and after hearing some other comments on this book I am a little torn. First off, this book is very hard to review because it contains some great qualities of the Dragonlance series but also can be seen as a very controversial book. I have to admit that the characters of Palin and Steel are very likeable, but the character of Usha is probably the worst female character in the entire book series. She is just totally dull and uninteresting. The action is good but appears rushed at the end. The problem with this book is that it should have been a trilogy. The whole book moves rather smoothly like a regular novel and then wraps itself up at the end. What I mean by this is that in the book the evil god Chaos (what the book should have been about) appears in the beginning and then disappears. The story continues on with the adventures of Palin and Steel and the return of Raistlin. (what of the book's strong points) And then with only a few chapters left, Chaos and his forces attack Krynn. We are then simply told that everyone on Krynn is fighting, but all we read about is the final battle. (Some war, it lasted maybe three chapters) But the final battle is very exciting I have to admit. Anyway, this book did have a good storyline. I won't give away the ending but let me just say that it is depressing, especially to the Dragonlance fan who has been there from the beginning. I know some people may not like this sad turn in the storyline, but it has to be read if you want to continue reading the series in the future. Good book, pick it up, but just remember that there is always the next Dragonlance novel to read. P.S. Check out the Chaos War series, all three are excellent!
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on 24 April 1999
I picked up this book and after about 10 minutes of reading about Usha and the oh so broingly Irda I almost fell asleep. The father of the gods coming back to destroy them and their creation was just lame. Dragons of Summer Flame reeked of outside influence because i have never before seen Weis or Hickman write so horribly. The whole world was ruined so that 5th age (what a dumb name) could come into existance. The world is left with no magic, no gods, and hardly any people. The only thing that could ever redeem my faith in this is if somehow, a new DL book came out that restored a lot of the things that were so unjustly taken away. Until that happens, DragonLance is a dead world in my eyes
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on 6 October 2006
I am still reading this book, and enjoying it, but this is not Weis/Hickman's normal writing style. I can't help but think that they commissioned someone else to write the book and put their names as the authors. The incident with Tanis was as if it was a new character to the book, rather than one of the first people we met in the Chronicles.

If you are expecting the same style as you found in Chronicles, Legends, and even their short novellas in the Tales, you won't find it here, and although the book is an enjoyable read, it is not the best book I have read from the Dragonlance World
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on 12 November 1998
"Dragons of Summer Flame," returns us to the magical land of Krynn where many of us first fell in love with the fantasy genre. Unfortunately that return was an unpleasant and very unispiring reunion. The characters we once loved do absolutely nothing to motivate us, while their offspring never come to life. The convoluted plot seems slowed by the doggmatic adherence to formula. Regardless, it was a book worth reading, yet it doesn't beg one to miss any sleep. Perhaps its just that I've come to expect more from Margaret & Tracy.
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on 31 March 1997
This is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best books in The Dragonlance Saga. From beginning to end it is an enthralling journey and all six times that I have read it I have completed it in one day due to the fact that I cannot put it down. As far as characters go, it contains some of my personal favorites including Raistlin, Caramon, Tasselhoff, as well as some new additions to the ongoing saga. As outstanding as this work is I cannot help but feel disappointed at the end when all that I have come to love about Krynn is suddenly forced out of the picture. I am unsure of the motive for removing all the magic and the brilliant gods that have been introduced up to this point. Could it be that the creators of this fantastic world see no future in the tales of magic and colossal gods? Is it possible that they are becoming tired of their creation and wish to experiment with something new? Or could it be that they are preparing for a new generation of authors and dreamers to take Krynn into The Age of Mortals. I would like to think the later to be the case but quite frankly I cannot be sure. For those of you who have become attached to the world of Krynn and its inhabitants, the end will heartbreaking but it will not be without hope. You will be forced to bid farewell to the characters you have loved and lived with in your minds but I am sure you will come away smiling.
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on 15 April 2010
I bought this book expecting writing and plotlines of a like nature to the first and second dragonlance trilogies: War of the Lance and The Twins respectively
I was, unfortunately, massively dissapointed. The previous books were written well and had characters with depth, personality, limits and a context. The plots were interesting and believeable as far as fantasy tales can be.
The plot of Dragons of Summer Flame was rushed, implausible, and childish in its telling; The writing is of such a low standard that you have to ask whether Weiss and Hickman have written this or just put their name to it. Characters have little to no individuality, and the personalities of existing characters are overwritten in favour of ones that fit the current story.

To see writers of Weiss and Hickman's ability turn out and place their name to a book so far below their standard is very disheartening. Unlike Dragons of Autumn Twilight, that was a book that encouraged me to read fantasy and the following books, Dragons of Summer Flame did teh exact opposite

I can only warn people off the War of Sould trilogy that follows this - it is even worse; to the extent that i couldn't even bring myself to finish it
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on 27 April 1998
I may sound like I'm trying to be a devout fan of the series, but in all truth I have never been more quietly touched by a book since High King(Prydain Chronicles: Lloyd Alexander I implore you to read this series)Is it just me or does it seem that every complaint is that they've destroyed their world? Think for a minute. I've read EVERY dragonlance book and I've done my fair share of classics too. Think for a minute. Every person to read this book was genuinely touched. I closed the cover of this book and stared at my ceiling for an hour. I thought. Mortality for the immortal. The people you never thought would be gone will be some day. Courage really isn't measured in the greatness of your deeds but the touch you have in your heart. If you hated this book, you either didn't get it or you really fealt it. It concludes the series and it leaves you with a brighter gem than "what's next?" it leaves you with a most profound sense of hope.
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on 16 December 1997
It thought that this book lived up to the legacy of the dragon lance chronicals. My favorite character was always Raistlen, and I found that his part in the book very interesting. He lost his magic while saving his brothers son, Palin. IN doing so, he saved the world but lost the only thing that he loved. The whole book was well put together with many themes. Good and evil against the ultimate evil. This is what I found really interesting about the book. The part about the knights of the Dark Queen. They have the honor of the knights of Paladine and the fighting style. Because of the knights honor, they end up fighting with their enemies against a common goal. This was probably my favorite book in this series. If you haven't read it, I recomend that you do. I have every Dragon Lance book out (except the new ones) and it is hard to compare to the other books, but this was one of my favorites. After Legend of Huma. Now that was a great book.
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