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2.8 out of 5 stars8
2.8 out of 5 stars
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on 24 March 2012
Although I already know how laughably bad this film is I still went ahead and bought it anyway just to replace the region 1 version I already own.There are four minutes cut from this release and believe me you can take that as a blessing.Also this release is of far less quality in both print and audio and there are no extras at all on the disc just a scene selection at the menu.
To be honest I was quite surprised just how dire a film this is considering some of the names involved.James Whitmore Jnr started acting due to his father James Whitmore(who is infinitely a better actor).Fortunately for us Jnr gave up acting(phew)to concentrated on his directing career and where in my opinion he found his niche.He continues to direct today and has been at the helm for some of Americas top TV shows like NCIS,24,Bones and CSI.Stephen Cannell is a prolific TV show writer and although Tom Selleck has been in an awful lot of rubbish he does have the ability to turn in the odd decent performance.
The film opens with a history lesson narrated by the most annoying voice I have ever heard submitted to film.The voice over is accompanied by introducing the two main protagonists to the viewer as they go about annoying half of London with their boisterous over the top antics.
The two U.S agents are then given a mission and are parachuted into occupied France to obtain a lethal chemical agent from a secret laboratory hidden within a winery before the Nazi's get their murderous hands on it.Along the way they are aided by a band of stereotypically thieving gypsy's whose interests lay only with themselves.When they reach the winery they find the Nazi's have beaten them to it and are already there so they decide to blow up the winery thus destroying the toxin.
The only decent thing I caught on this film was the novel way the explosives were delivered to their target.The rest is just filled with improbable events,cheesy dialogue and inaccuracies so glaring that it's hard to miss.New York being substituted for a French port with the twin towers clearly visible in the background.Vehicles from the wrong decade,lights ablaze in the middle of a blackout,wearing your West Point ring on a covert mission.I could go on but you get the point.I had more fun spotting the laughable errors than the film itself!
I know it's a made for TV film but come on,it's poorly written,badly acted and filmed with a blurry print where at times their faces were so orange they looked like oompa loompa's.
Unless you are a die hard war film fan,on second thoughts scrub that I mean collector or a Tom Selleck fan I would steer clear of this whole shoddy attempt at entertainment.
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on 9 July 2010
I am a real Tom Selleck fan, I think he is one of the old time greats along with Clint Eastwood and Ed Harris who never seemed to reach the 'A' list heights that many of their contempories reached. This earlier work of Tom Sellecks is one that is watched with a grimmace as the watcher/fan wants to stay loyal to the actor but its hard work along the way. I love a good war movie, especially WW2 but this one, Gypsy Warriors lacks panache, punch, oomph and any other expression you care to think about. Only 'Die Hard' Selleck fans will find anything much at all to enjoy about in this expose.
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I have been a die hard TS Fan since the heady days of Magnum being 'the Watch' of the week, ,when VCR's were just begining to become household items and most films(unless designated'horror) showed no blood as a consequence of gunshot wounds.... Clearly there were a whole range of superb war films produced by 1978 , even along similar themes to this film(Heroes of Telemark, Operation Crossbow, to name but two arround this time,) . Putting this film in that context it would be quite kind to say it is Poor by comparison but that said , lets not forget , it was made for TV, the production values matched most ordinary childrens tv adventure shows. There is nothing accurate about it atall except for Toms moustache but on the other hand it has a fascination rather like the knitwear ads (stills) featuring a very young Roger Moore, note I use the word 'fascination'. For me the entertainment value is high simply because Tom Selleck's charisma still shines through despite the odds being stacked so high against him. That communication with the audience which became such a feature of the later made Magnums does emerge in this' no' budget clichee ridden piece of 'drama'. I love the 'ello, ello'(Uk French resistance comedy, sitcome) aspect of the English spoken with German accents, most hillareously by Tom himself. Suffer from no illusions, 'Where Eagles dare' it isn't, but it held my attention for that Selleck magic consistently all through the 72 minutes . I didn't think the image quality was that bad, certainly ignorable for the entertainment value of the performance by himself. I am one of those fans who find that TS becomes more entertaining with every project he gives himself to, a bit like Sir Michael Caine, I'd enjoy him reading a dictionary !So, taking all that bias into account, if you collect him , then spent a couple of quid and add this to the collection, it is, when all's said and done a piece of very simple 'boys own' adventure yarnage... it isn't 'Plattoon' or' Born on the fourth of july' but it is a very early performance by probably the most underated actor of our time(recomend 'Countdown to D-Day' and 'Quigley Down under' as bench marks for their genre). I enjoyed it, what have you got to loose!
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on 29 November 2012
not a fantastic film, but tom looks wonderful. an easy viewin film . ok story to pass an evenin or afternoon.
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on 25 October 2015
didn't really hold my attention so i'm being middle of the road.
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on 27 July 2014
not bad a bit week
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on 7 November 2014
Not very good.
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on 26 October 2014
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