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33 of 35 people found the following review helpful
on 4 July 2012
I am currently on day 19, and nearing the end of taking the spray, and am absoloutely delighted with the results so far:

I am 41, 5ft 5 and weighed 9.12 - which I know is not overweight at all, and would have been fine if not for the emergence of a big, flabby mid-section in the last couple of years, particularly my belly. It was very hard to shift, and I didn't want to do traditional dieting as I didn't want to lose fat from other areas, such as my bust - hence my interest in this diet, claiming to get rid of the "bad" unsightly fat instead.

Well 19 days later, I have lost 14 pounds - and most of it from that horrible belly. Each day, I couldn't believe my eyes as I noticed fat almost (sorry for the cliche) melting away. My face is slimmer and more youthful - the puffy, middle aged look that made my eyes disappear has gone. My collarbones have come back. My arms are slimmer and my bust is the same. I do not want to lose anymore, and am noticing that the weight loss is beginning to slow down and stall - which may have something to do with me reaching my personal "ideal weight?"

Yes it sounds almost too good to be true HOWEVER, this is not for everyone. It needs a lot of careful preparation, and the right equipment - digital scales for weighing your protein raw at each meal, physillium husks, vitamin C, lotions with no oils or fats in them other than mineral oil - you mustn't let your skin come into contact with products containing natural oils - which seems to be in everything. So beauty maintenance is kind of thrown out of the window.

After two or three days, it's quite easy to follow, as I got used to the routine, and I was also happy to see the cost of the sprays etc offset by how much I saved from grocery shopping

Basically you have to do your research before even thinking about beginning. You can read the Dr Simeon's original protocol Pounds and Inches which is free on the net, I found Leslie Kenton's book excellent, and followed hers which closely follows Dr Simeon's but is geared towards today's lifestyle and very informative.

I don't know if I would recommend this diet to anyone who has a demanding job and a long commute. There were days when I was very tired and drained - and I work from home, however I never felt hungry. Having said that, my sister followed the diet at the same time as me, and she experienced very strong cravings and hunger (she lost a total of 18 pounds).

I would definitely recommended to anyone who needs to shift stubborn fat, and is totally sick of it and sick of eating unhealthfully for any length of time and just wants to stop, but you need to follow the protocol to the letter.

Update 1: I have kept the weight off. Since finishing, I have had the odd day or two of eating a whole pizza or big plate of curry, but by and large I have changed the way I eat - I no longer crave sugar and keep processed foods to a minimum, and I only feel like eating when I am genuinely hungry. This programme has helped me change the way I eat and has also changed my life. Thank you Ms Kenton!

Update 2: Three months since the diet ended and my weight for the past two months has stabilised at 8.8 stones - a total weight loss of 18 pounds overall. I am very happy with this, and my husband jokes that I have the body of a 20 year old now (yeah right!) but I'm back to pre-baby weight although somewhat ironically I'd like to weigh a bit more, ideally 8.12 stones, which I am finding difficult without going on a huge junk food binge which I'm not prepared to do. I still eat healthily, but do have days of pasta with creamy sauces, or huge portions of chips, and curries (though I have cut right down on snacks desserts and biscuits, enjoying them once a week or so).

I really do believe that this diet has reset my metabolism - I rarely fluctuate beyond one or two pounds now. Highly recommended if you're prepared to experience the three weeks or so of very strict eating and yes, deprivation for all the wonderful benefits after.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 6 November 2014
This is brilliant. Read the book twice, make use of the resources on Leslie Kenton's website and follow her instructions to the letter.
I lost a considerable amount of weight on this without hunger, cravings or any feeling of deprivation. Cannot normally fast without feeling a bit hard done by to say the least, and this spray really is a game changer.

Most diets are ok to begin with but the novelty soon wears off, along with the good results. This brought lasting results and I returned to it to lose weight about 9 weeks later. Benefits go far beyond the impressive fat & weight loss: much better sleep (although some pretty weird dreams at times), clear and healthy skin, a lasting sense of calm and focus.

Worth a try if you are prepared to really stick to what Kenton sets out in her book. Lots of online resources and some good support groups where you'll enjoy the encouragement, humour and general support.
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17 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on 22 April 2014
The first two times I bought Cura Romana sprays to do the diet, I got them from Helios homeopathic pharmacy as I was put off by a couple of negative reviews here on Amazon about the quality amd taste of the spray. But this time, following a lot more recent postive reviews, I thought I'd give it a try from here and I am not disappointed - in fact I am sure it's the same product. The only disadvantage is that you have to buy two at a time here, whereas if you only need one, Helios will sell you just that, though will charge P&P on top. Note: Leslie Kenton tells you that you need two sprays per go, four times a day, but last time I did Cura Romana I discovered that I got exactly the same effects with just one spray - one pump instead of two I mean - under the tongue, in a clean mouth, and held for a few seconds before swallowing. After all, it's homeopathic, so less is more! As long as you get a good spray and contact under the tongue, one will achieve exactly the same results. I did my second Cura Romana protocol with only one bottle, which saved me £25. You will of course need more if you continue beyond the 3 1/2 weeks. If you are going to do this diet please note that you need to follow the protocol exactly and to the letter. I suspect that the few negative reviews for this product come from people who did not do so - it's easy to overlook something. Buy Leslie's book, follow the rules, it works like a dream. No hunger, rapid and safe weightloss, reshaping of your body and loss of those hard-to-shift wobbly bits. OK it's not well written nor laid out that well but it does contain all the information you need. Also read Dr Simeon's papers (the inventor of Cura Romana) online so that you understand the core principles. The only reason I am doing Cura Romana a third time is that after the second time I was unable to do the consolidation phase properly and after that I got cravings for the wrong things, then kind of gave up over winter, ate everything I shouldn't, and started putting the weight back on again. But I have never regained the weight lost from the first time around, and this time it's dropping again with ease - so far a steady 1lb a day (As a vegetarian and not very overweight in the first place, I never managed that quick a loss before). I expect to be at or close to my target weight after this go.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 14 March 2014
This scientifically based homeopathic remedy is a powerful way to kick start hormone recovery for those whose pancreas/insulin/leptin feedback cycle have got out of synch and they have found all their clothes seem to have shrunk.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 7 May 2015
I only started this on Sunday and today is Thursday and I have lost 6 pounds already. I'm not under any illusion that everything I have lost is fat, but my stomach is flatter, close already feel lighter, so whateva those 6 pounds are, I'm very happy with it gone. I have her book, so that's why I got this spray. Now I know that she says you have to follow her diet strictly, but I haven't. My reasons, well firstly I'm a vegan and secondly I have psoriasis, so I have been doing mono meal days, so for example you eating one fruit all day and as much as you like; now you maybe thinking well, your bound to lose weight eating like that, and your right for some people yeh, but I have eaten like this before and can't seem to shift the weight, so there is definitely something in that spray that is making a difference. Also I seem to have more will power and feel really positive about this. I know it's early days and I will keep you updated with my progress. I have always found it hard to lose weight. I only seem to lose it when I do either water fasting or juice fasting. I eat so healthy lots of raw fruits and veg and my weight just won't budge, so the fact that it is now, well I can only put it down to this spray. I know it's expensive, but hey the amount people spend on other things, to me it's worth it. Good luck.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 2 December 2012
this diet really works you have to follow the protocol but you do easily shed your extra pounds particularly from your stomach area don't think about it just give it a try you will definitely lose pounds.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 11 May 2012
I did the Cura Roman a year ago and lost 5 kilos. I loved the way I was eating and felt invigorated and fantastic! Slowly I have slipped back to eating more carbohydrates but really only because of the cost. I know I could have maintaned my healthy weight if I'd continued the good eating.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 7 February 2014
GREAT GREAT GREAT product. I've already lost 1stone in 2and a half weeks. It's so easy and satisfying. Would highly recommend getting the book too the recipes are really yummy and easy. My fav is the fabulous fish soup and the sorbet. Highly reccomend!!!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 29 November 2012
If you haven't read the book and are researching the Cura Romana diet online, don't! Read the book and try the diet if you need to lose weight - it's given me a chance to actually lose weight in what felt like a very healthy way. I hope many people will be able to benefit from this product being sold on Amazon in the years to come. It gives a ray of hope to everything else that has seemed impossible.
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22 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on 23 March 2012
As a person who has never been a big eater I was baffled by a huge increase in my weight without any change to my normal lifelong diet. I put on four stone (56lbs) in a very short time. I was eventually diagnosed as suffering from hypothyroidism and prescribed Levothyroxine tablets. Despite over a period of time my doctor increasing the dosage I could not lose any of my weight gain. After ten years of trying every sort of dieting without any success I came across the Cura Romana diet via the book purchased on Amazon. I started the programme together with the Cura Romana spray and to my delight and almost disbelief I immediately started losing weight. On the first three weeks of the programme I lost 21lbs and following it up with the consolidation period I lost in total 35lbs and now almost five months later I have not put on any weight. The results I achieved are brilliant and if I could have gave a ten star review I would have done so. Apart from the physical weight loss I now feel so much better psychologically after ten years of despair.
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