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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 6 March 2012
Firstly I want to start by saying that the Vita itself is amazing and has a lot of potential. It is much more capable than my 3DS and already has a decent selection of titles to choose from. However, all that is mirrored in the other reviews so I will review this for its additional feature; The 3G.

I will say this plainly. Do not buy this version. Buy the WiFi version as the 3G is wasted here and I will explain why.

Firstly Vodafone customer support is worse than useless. It took 2 days to get the sim card credited and then another day for the Wipeout code to arrive. It took a total of 3 days to have the 3G working and free game as promised. This was also with phone operators accidentally barring my sim then blaming me for it, an atrocious website that won't allow you to top up or use a voucher, a customer rep who didn't actually know what a Vita was and being repeatedly lied to about the ETA of my game code. The forum mods who sorted my problem were excellent for their part, I should add.

Still not put off? Okay....

Once everything is up and running you can now check friends lists, use social apps and shop on PSN. That is pretty much ALL you can do with 3G on the Vita. Most games require wifi to take part in online gaming, with no other option. You can buy on the PSN store but unless the content is smaller than 20MB in size then you need wifi to download it. That pretty much rules out EVERYTHING but the most useless of DLC, even Minis tend to weigh in at 50MB or more. So unless you are willing to pay 5 pounds a month minimum just to go on Facebook and see what games your friends are playing, I suggest you give this a wide berth.

If you really want 3G then buy yourself a portable MiFi adapter or better yet, just tether the Vita to your phone's 3G connection. You will save a massive headache caused by Vodafone and their merry band of chimps and you will save yourself £50 as well. I should also add that either of those 2 methods will remove the 20MB download restriction and the WiFi online gaming requirement, seeing as your Vita will recognise them both as a WiFi connection. Please do not get caught out by this, I was and after the crap I had to put up with for what turned out to be a pretty useless I wouldn't want to see anyone else lose out. Trust me, just get the WiFi version instead.
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on 22 February 2012
£200 device with games priced at £40 - sounds crazy in today's world where, like it or not, gaming
is moving toward a more casual market. And in this economy too, Sony have taken quite the gamble. I
decided to take the risk with the Playstation Vita (Wi-Fi only model though, what with the economy and
all) and am happy to say i believe i made the right decision. I hope my review can help you make
the right one as well...

I strongly believe the 3G version of the PS Vita is not worth the extra money, apart from signing up and
paying for your 3G access which is not even remotely great in the UK there is also the issue of battery life.
The standard Wi-Fi Vita performs admirably, but there is no doubt in my mind the 3G will severely lower
that time. There are plenty of places in the UK with Wi-Fi access available now, so i would suggest asking
yourself if you really need the 3G access and are willing to pay for it with both your money and at the
expense of the Vita's battery life. I asked myself this too and found the price was just too high.

Firstly the battery life surprised me, consdering the rumors of horrific life, and the doubts i had after
reading the Vita's spec sheet, the battery life is good consdering the amount of pressure the system is
under, especially when gaming. With brightness at 50% and with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, the Vita
lasted for around 4 hours when gaming and messing around with it. A full on gaming marathon of the most
demanding game currently available (Uncharted Golden Abyss) lasted for a respectable 3 hours and 30
minutes - enough to cover most journeys without the need for a recharge. Pumping up the screen brightness,
and disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will no doubt have a big impact on the battery life. Recharging the battery
from 0% to 100% takes 2 hours and 30 minutes, this is mainly to do with the size of the battery itself.

The PS Vita is armed with a quad-core processor and GPU - both of which are needed to drive it's gorgeous
5" Super AMOLED touchscreen which has a resolution of 960 x 544. It's a great display, with accurate color
reproduction, good viewing angles, vibrant colours and deep blacks which sometimes blur the line between
screen and bezel. It's not as sharp as some of the mobile phone displays out there but it has a respectable
220ppi, the iPhone Retina display is 326ppi and the Galaxy Nexus' 316ppi. It's not a big deal however and
cannot take away from how gorgeous the screen looks when playing games, its truly amazing.

Along with the familiar Playstation buttons and analog stick is a newcomer - the second analog stick.
The Vita is the closest thing to a home console like experience while on the move, something which no other
handheld device has accomplished. There are no more genre restrictions, shooters and adventure games will
work just as well on the Vita now that there are two analog sticks available for controlling. Like the
analog sticks the buttons are good quality too and have a nice and responsive clicky feel to them. The
shoulder buttons are smooth and the D-Pad is nice and accurate. Coupled with how comfortable the Vita is
to hold, how solid and high quality it feels due to its weight, playing games on this thing is a treat.

The rear touch pad is new and works well enough, its the same size as the screen and allows for controlling
whilst keeping your main fingers free. The two built in cameras in the front and back are of average
quality, both capturing images at VGA 640x480 resolution as well as recording video. The stereo speakers and
microphone are surprisingly good quality. The Vita also has built in 3 axis gyorscope, accelerometer, electronic
compass, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and maybe even 3G. It's a beast of a machine and although it's gonna be a tight
fit in your jean pocket, it's still a fairly light and portable handheld device. Put simply, the PS Vita gets
it all right on the hardware front packing some impressive tech into a small-ish and affordable device.

The Vita has a touchscreen operating system similar to iOS and Android, the PS3's XMB interface is no more.
The home screen is made up of bubble icons and navigation is fairly simple. The whole OS is designed for
touchscreen use, the physical buttons take a backseat which is fine but you also miss out on things like
skipping through music with the shoulder buttons and scrolling through a website with the analog stick.
The OS has a touchscreen keyboard which is pretty standard, but due to how wide the Vita's screen is you
will need to stretch your fingers a bit to get to the middle letters, it's not ideal for typing super quick.

Like everything nowadays the Vita has apps with more available to download from the PSN Store. The main ones
which come preinstalled are Party, Group Messaging, and Friends. Party gives you cross-game voice and text
chat functionality for the first time on PlayStation Network for up to 8 players. It also links you to their
game. Group Messaging is a 4 person chat app which allows you to send photos. Friends is a simple friends list
for viewing profiles, trophy information and your PSN friends' own friends lists. The Music and Video player
apps are simple but only support basic formats like MP3, MP4 and WAV while the video player only accepts MP4
files. Social apps for things like Facebook, Foursquare, Skype and Twitter will also be available soon if not
already. Finally, the Vita also has a good web browser which looks good on its big screen. It has standard
smartphone features like pinch-to-zoom but is lacking things like Flash and HTML5 for video. It's a decent
browser and almost as snappy as ones found on smartphones. The "Near" feature is a way to find and interact with
other gamers on the go, i haven't used it at all yet because hardly anybody has the PS Vita yet.

The stuff which will make or break this thing are it's games, and i'm glad to say that the launch lineup isn't
bad, and whats scheduled looks even better. There are around 25 games available from launch day and i've found
that my favouites were Gravity Rush, WipEout 2048, Virtua Tennis 4 and of course Uncharted: Golden Abyss. The
Vita won't suffer the same fate as previous PSP's, there is and will be plenty of quality games available for it.

Because there is no built in memory on the Vita you'll need to buy seperate PS Vita Memory Cards which come in
4GB, 8GB and 16GB flavours and are needed for storing saves, updates, patches etc as well as your own media. If
your going to be buying and downloading your Vita games straight from the PSN Store then you'll need the space the
memory cards offer to actually store those games too. But Vita games will also be sold through retail with boxed
copies, these come on the new Vita memory card format and can be also used to save your games onto.

The Vita is also backwards-compatible with most PSP games you purchased from the PSN Store. PSP games are upscaled
to four times their resolution on the Vita's screen but they look OK. Sony is working on some UMD passport program
which will allow you to register your old PSP UMD games and downoad them for the Vita at a reduced price.... hooray.

= CONS =
1) The Vita is tied to one PSN ID, you can't share the Vita or browse other region's PSN stores or manage your other
PSN accounts. Once you sign into your PSN account thats it, to change accounts you'll need to reformat the memory.
So although the Vita is region free, DLC and downloaded games will only work when the account they were purchased
on is active. Because there can only be one active PSN ID at a time, you'll need to reformat your card to switch.

2) Expensive proprietary memory which Sony created (again) just for the Vita. If your going to be downloading all
your games then storage will be an issue, i think Uncharted Golden Abyss uses around 3GB of memory which is huge
consdering the maximum memory card available is only 16GB and its pricey as well. The cards are also tiny, easy to lose
and when you need to switch them out its very fiddly. It's too late to change now but they need to price them better.

3) Media management is poor. You can't just drag and drop files from your PC or PS3 to the PS Vita, you have to use the
content management app which is a chore.

4) One of the Vita's cool features is being able to play PS3 and PSN games remotely, but remote play is not working yet
at all. So right now you cant stream Killzone 3 to your Vita - another problem which should be fixed with a firmware update.

5) Expensive Games. The RRP of the heavy hitters like Uncharted Golden Abyss is £45 - thats more than what PS3 games launch
for. Even the smaller Vita titles are asking around £35. Obviously good retailers like Amazon will sell them for around £40
or £30 but still, for a portable game that is asking too much. Vita titles need to launch for £20-£25 maximum in my opinion.

Most of the cons above can be remedied with firmware updates and price drops which is great. Apart from that the Vita shines bright.
It's easily the best handheld gaming device available today with powerful tech behind it, great controls and a gorgeous touchscreen.
Most importantly it's competitively priced at launch for what it can offer. Sony has gone all out and created a new mobile gaming
platform which it intends to back 100% - you can just tell by looking at the games available now and also scheduled for release.

The PlayStation Vita is the best handheld ever made and offers an experience which the DS, 3DS, iPhone nor iPad can match. Once the
firmware updates start rolling in to iron out the minor things the Vita will keep on improving. Hopefully prices will get better for
the device itself as well as the games and memory so the Vita has a chance at being widely adopted. Great device - well done Sony.

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on 5 June 2012
Before we all get carried away with the new PS Vita, it is worth pointing out that at the moment there is a glaring lack of software support for it. This obviously needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. However, this was the same scenario when the PS3 hit the shelves some years ago, and now, it is the best all-round console on the market. Therefore, I would expect by Christmas that this will be a great product to have in your travel bag.
Let me enlighten you all on the power of this hand-held console. Graphically, it is VERY close to that of the PS3. No exaggeration. Everybody's Golf on the Vita looks every bit as good as it does on its big brother. The colours are extremely vibrant, and the touch screen is as good as anything I've ever used before. The clarity is second to none. The addition of the 2 thumb-sticks is welcomed, showing that Sony have listened to the masses since the demise of the PSP. Speaking of which, this system is a whole generation better than the last. It has the same wow factor that the PS3 had when it first replaced the PS2.
Normally, I would say that this product is woefully overpriced, however, I bought mine for £225 (3G) with FIFA 12 and a 4 MB memory card. An absolute bargain. The delivery was swift too. I am a person who is not a keen flyer, so this is going to be a huge help to me on aircraft. It is a little bit on the large side, but I wouldn't sacrifice size for clarity of this standard for anything.
Overall, a very impressive product that will only continue to get better. For the price I paid for it, it really is a no brainer. Oh, and some of the downloadable games such as Stardust and Pool Kings are really good for just over £6. I have played this more than my PS3 since I've had it. In fact, I have hardly used my PS3 at all. I can quite happily watch the sport on the telly while having a round of digital golf at the same time. Ideal.
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on 25 February 2012
Here's how it is:
Yes, the Vita is expensive, but when you actually take a minute to look at how many features have been packed into this portable you'll understand why. Also, it's not just features; the 3DS has features -- the build quality is very good and if you're concerned with appearance, you definitely won't be disappointed. To add to this, the original price was £279.99 but now it's at £250 (when I wrote this). That's £30 less than it was planned to be pre-release.
I'm reviewing the Wi-Fi + 3G because it's the one I have and I definitely don't regret paying the extra £60 for it. If you're thinking of buying a Vita it's probably because you want the closest thing there is to a portable PS3. If not, then sure, go for the Wi-Fi only version, if you'll only be using the Vita from the comfort of your Wi-Fi-equipped home. But if you think you might be interested in being able game, message your friends, compare trophies, see who's got a Vita nearby, buy games -- basically what you do on your PS3 -- on the move, then the 3G is essential. 9/16 of the home icons are redundant unless you have an internet connection, and with a portable console, surely you're not going to be using at home all the time?

If you want a more in-depth review go to where GAMER DUDE MAN BOB MAN CHAP FELLA GENTLEMAN gives a comprehensive one. I just thought I'd give my view as a pro-3G person.
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on 24 June 2015
Ps vita as a concept is awesome, especially the 3g. In reality, not so much. The hardware itself is flawlessly made but the lack of good games for the hand-held is disappointing. The 3g function is pretty much useless as everywhere has WiFi these days, plus 3g isn't a good signal to play games with.
If I were to buy one again, I'd go for the WiFi only version. It's cheaper and basically the same
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on 24 February 2012
I preordered a Vita 3G/wifi model and it arrived on release day. I've got to be honest I was pretty excited by the prospect this device, and thus far I haven't been disappointed, the screen is bright and vibrant, the new OS easy to navigate (if anything I find it a little disconnected at present but I'm sure Sony will tighten this up) and the selection of launch games offering a varied choice and showcasing the various features of the Vita . All I would say is I bought the 3G model as you get wipeout for free if you top up £5 with Vodafone, and since I was going to buy wipeout anyway it worked out at about £10 pound difference and I thought worth the punt to have the 3G on board, but having said that , if was to choose again I'd probably go for the Wifi model, battery life on my brothers wifi model compared to mine (with 3G switched off) is slightly better, and at present I don't really think there's a need for 3G certainly nothing I couldn't live with out and you can always make a wifi hotspot out of your IOS/ android phone and hook up that way.

So in summary great piece of kit, feels like a device that dies anything and I can see my home console sitting untouched for. Quite sometime it's that emersive, but if your debating Wifi or 3G and money is tight then I'd say go Wifi, yr not really missing much.
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on 25 February 2012
After buying the console on the launch date part of me is thinking 'why have I just spent all this money on a console'. The other part is saying 'it'll have just kept bugging me until I got one, and they are awesome.' Most of the features are pretty much detailed elsewere so, I'm just going to flag up some pluses and minuses. Firstly the screen is much bigger than that on the DS and most portable mp players. This is advantage for those who are looking to watch films on the go. The games also have significantly better graphics, but it doesn't have 3d capability. However 3D probably isn't a good thing since most of the games I've played so far utilse both the touch screens and the six-axis meaning that it is almost impossible to find that all important sweet spot. There are some issues with the touch pad on some games and the camera quality is poor compared to the ds, but these are likely to be software rather than hardware problems so should improve. I do like the button menu since it's customisable but I would recommend moving the buttons when you add a new game.

Since the consoles inital release price is pretty steep and you need a memory card to save, it's probably best to take advantage of bundle packages with the game that you want. The majority of games also have a free trial on the network and can also be bought as downloads, giving you the opportunity to try before you buy.

*STARDUST DELTA - this is probably the best network download only game so make sure you try the demo for this one.
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on 28 February 2015
Great (OLED) screen! and an all-round solid feel to the hardware (sticks, buttons, etc are all up to Sony's usual high standards).

However, I've knocked a star off as the UI is very dated and is totally out of sync with Sony's other PS products. In fact the UI would feel more at home on a Nintendo Wii.

I knocked another star off the score as the memory cards (proprietary Sony cards, of course!) are way too expensive for the Vita and the only alternative to keeping all games on the Vita is to transfer them to a PS3 which is a real pain. I bought a 16gig card for mine but it really needs 64gig (or more) to get the most out of it. Unfortunately this means the Vita gets used/played way less than it would otherwise be played (I've already deleted a number of games that I'd usually dip in and out of due to lack of storage).

The PS4 link's good but the small screen limits its useability (as most PS4 games are designed to be played on a reasonably big screen).
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on 2 July 2013
Due to bordom I purchased this device to see what the hype was about this system and to be honest it is a slick device. It connects well to PC, PS3 and Mac. And it runs like a mini PS3 which is amazing. I definite purchase for a sony fan.
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on 11 December 2012
When I received the console along with my Sony memory card with Little Big Planet and little deviant. I started installing, I was deciding the console was worth the hassle , Im telling you... IT Amazing!!!! The graphics are comparable to the ps3. They made it with very good quality. Now for the apps.... Welcome Park: A start-up feature for the system introducing the features to you for the first time. Good quality (Eg: Sixaxis , Tilt motion Etc), Good feature (Cannot Be Deleted). Party: Same as a party can be. Join up with your friends and decide which game would be good to play. Great additonal feature , Works well , (Cannot Be Deleted) Ps Store: Same as the standard playstation store , includes map packs and social applications. Near: Near is a great addition to see where people are near. Currently around 25 In my area and works very well with the console and can be very awesome. Starts up pretty well and fast. Friends: Allows you to add and remove and block friends. I can not tell you about the other apps. Worth to buy with current games available and works very quick with the 4 core processor . Having owned Nintendo in the past, I personally think this is better then any Nintendo console I played on because the graphics are much better and colour quality is outstanding. You don't get any dullness on the Vita like you do on the Nintendo consoles.


I've been made aware of rumors that the European 3G Vita units will be shipped without a SIM lock. Which means, theoretically, that you could use a SIM from any provider to avail yourself of mobile gaming goodness. Now, whether or not 3G functionality will actually add anything meaningful to the Vita experience is still a matter up for debate but I thought this was something that was worth checking out.

My local game shop just so happened to have a 3G+WiFi Vita demo unit. So I thought I'd see what happened when I chucked my 3 mobile broadband SIM into their Vita.

It worked. It transmitted data. It received data. And Vodafone had nothing to do with it. Brilliant.

I'm not saying that this finding instantly means that the 3G Vita represents value for money when compared to its WiFi-only sibling; quite what the 3G functionality and limitations on said functionality will be are still too much of an unknown. But what I am saying is that you'll definitely be able to find a better deal than those being offered by Vodafone for mobile data.

There's some really good deals to be had on mobile data if you're willing to scour the websites of the various UK mobile operators. My personal choice of provider, based on cost and coverage , would be 3 mobile. They have a number of excellent SIM only pay-as-you-go (PAYG) data-only options available that work out considerably cheaper than Vodafone's contracts or PAYG deals.
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