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on 4 September 2011
Great product, but BEWARE...

When pairing two adapters, only hold the button down for between 3 and 8 seconds, then let go (I counted to five). The power light on the front will then flash.

Don't do what I did, and hold the button until the lights flashed, then let go. This is too long (about 12 seconds) and the pairing will not work.

Lastly, if you are 'pairing' three (or more) adaptors, make sure they are in very close proximity, just during the pairing process. If you don't get to the third adaptor within a couple of seconds of the first two to pair it, you'll never get all three communicating.
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on 20 July 2011
At the time of writing this is the cheapest Homeplug pair in the market.

Easy to set up and very reliable. The product description states that it can transmit up to a distance of 300 m. I previously could not get wireless broadband coverage into my garden office; this pair of TP Links has done the job perfectly.

Please note that this comes with 2 ethernet cables (1 m length) so no need to buy separate cables ( i did!).
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on 28 April 2012
Update having added another pair to extend the network....

WHEN I got them working, again excellent but to get them working!!!

Covered in other reviews but it appeared I also had different firmware versions so...
Download the latest firmware from the TP-Link website[...] and save them on your computer.
Launch the TP-Link Management utility (Note: the latest version refused to recognise any of my adaptors so I used the older version)

In turn with each one (so I had 4 now).
Plug into power and connect it to the computer running the management utility.
When it is detected, find and load the latest firmware (2 files previously saved onto your computer) - takes a minute or so.
After this RESET the device and accept the warning - takes 10-20 seconds.
When done, unplug that one and do the next until all are done. At least now they are all at the same level of firmware.

Pairing (Not sure if it's the most efficient but worked for me).

Plug the main adaptor into the power and connect it to the router - give it a minute to find the signal.

Now press the pairing button for about 5 seconds (no longer than 8 or you'll reset it!)

Plug 1 of the other 3 in, let it settle for a few seconds and press the paring button on this again for about 5 seconds.
Note you should do the pairing within 2 minutes or it resets so it helps to have them relatively close to each other.

After 30-40 seconds of flashing they pair.

Now plug the next one in - pair again with the main adaptor. Same routine, then the last one.

Once they are paired it seems you can unplug them and swap them around and they will find each other again happily enough. All 3 "slaves" now work fine with video streaming t 3 different connected devices (actually 3 different films from LoveFilm) and all work fine.

Hope this helps.


I tried this as the wireless coverage through the house can be patchy, especially for streaming video and the like where pausing / buffering gets to be a pain.
Looking at various options I decided that technically (once they worked) most people rated these highly.
It's also the 3rd TP-Link product I have purchased and am becoming something of a fan as they offer good value for money although technical backup can a problem if needed.
Anyway, prepared to do all the fixes required to get these going but needn't have bothered.
Plugged both in, connected internet cable to both ends, pressed the pair buttons and 30 seconds later that was it. Performance via a speed test went from around 2 MBps to over 8 MBps - basically from just about (or not) being able to stream video to easily and consistently being able to, exactly what I wanted.
I'll give it a month to see how they perform but intend to get more of these for the internet TV's etc.
For the price, an excellent solution in my case and highly recommended.
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on 19 November 2011
Had this product for just over a month.

Worked great for a few weeks - like most reviews on here, just plug them in, press the sync button for 5 or so seconds on each of the two plugs, and after a short wait, they link up.

Went to use them the other day, and no matter what I tried, they just would not connect to each other. I even tried plugging them in in the same 2-socket power outlet to make certain it wasn't a quirk of my (3 year old house) wiring.

I finally got them to work again, after leaving them unplugged for 24 hours, then overnight, they lost sight of each other again with no intervention from me.

I haven't used anything advanced on these (eg the CD software) so I can't say I've broken anything in their settings - I'm just using the basics. Just used the one and only single button on the darned thing and no amount of turning it on, off, holding it for different lengths of time makes a blind bit of difference.

Requested a return to Amazon - willing to try another pair - but hope the replacements continue to work longer than these first two :( Low rating as I'm not dense when it comes to technology and these things frustrated the hell out of me wasting a couple of hours trying to get them to work.

Must be an unlucky pair of homeplugs!!
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on 17 July 2014
I don't really now what to say about this device other than no single purchase has caused me so much grief and been such a headache to deal with.

I have had intermittent problems with the devices since 2 months after purchase, namely losing connection, which is re-established by unplugging and plugging in one of the devices. This was bearable if annoying. More recently I have had speed drops ranging from 50-95% in both download and upload speeds, which again are resolved in exactly the same way and almost instantaneously. The speed drops can occur as frequently as every 30s and remain until the device is replugged.

I decided to try the utility software after some investigation, which worked fine for 2 resets until now it doesn't recognize either device so that is out of the window. The website for TP-Link is frequently unreachable in at least 1 zone and is hard to navigate outside of direct google searches for pages. The account management system is abysmal, frequently producing endless login loops which are only (sometimes) resolved by clearing your entire set of browsing data and refreshing, which means that accessing tickets is frustrating if not impossible.

Next course of action was of course phoning them directly, which landed me in a Chinese call center, who were to their credit fairly helpful. At this point I have just asked for a refund although I suspect they will be looking to replace first, in which case I will update this review if the replacement is functional.

TL;DR The single worst experience I have had with any purchase, electronic goods or otherwise
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on 15 April 2013
I should say I've been using these for more than a year and mine look different to the ones pictured.

However, these were my first set of home plug adapters and I am pleased with them. No configuration, no fuss, just plug in and go. They come with a good diagnostic tool which scans and reports on all the powerline adapters on your network, regardless of brand. You can see the speeds and line quality and these get anything between 50-120Mb on our wiring. So on paper that looks like they would hardly beat wireless G but in practice they are about 3x quicker than transferring stuff over wireless between the same computers i.e. Home server to kids PC copying large file circa 2-3MB/s shown in Windows 7 dialog, 6-7MB/s with these adapters, even home server to PC directly on 100Mb LAN is only 10MB/s so its pretty respectable.

They are small enough to sit side by side with other plugs and adapters so you don't lose 2 plugs because they overlap or anything. They don't get that hot and up until this year were totally reliable. One of my pair just stopped working without warning or obvious cause. They have a THREE year warranty with TP-Link but being the good shopper I went back directly to my retailer (Amazon). I knew about 60 day returns policy before contacting but thought they might be able to assist and I mentioned my consumer rights in my email...Nah, please enjoy this automated email from India repeating the policy and telling me to go elsewhere...I filled in their call feedback form and complained...nothing.

I contacted TP-Link directly and actually ended up speaking to a nice chap in China who asked if I contacted "my retailer", I told him it was Amazon and I didn't need to say anymore. TP-Link sorted everything out and I had a brand new boxed replacement unit by courier, in 2 days of returning the old one, very professional. They say it's only when things go wrong you find out how good a company really is, so TP-Link pass the test with flying colours...Amazon, not so much this time, but hey, rules are rules.

Despite one defective unit I would definitely buy these again, they are great value and TP-Link's 3 year warranty is good.
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on 24 April 2012
TP-Link TL-PA211KIT 200Mbps Mini Powerline Ethernet Adapter - Twin Pack

I have four of these devices. They were delivered to time and worked first time as specified, hence the rating.
I installed them as replacement for a home wireless network which proved unreliable due to attenuation by walls etc.

I have carried out two simple speed tests by sending a large file (about 5GB) by 'copy and paste' from a Windows 7 desktop to a Windows XP laptop, on two different ring mains, joined at the consumer unit. The TP-Link unit at the Windows 7 computer end is connected via a Cisco SG100D-08 8-Port Gigabit switch.

The results were:
File size 5361925 kB

Via the TP-Link kit over the mains:
Time to transfer: 11m 51s
Transfer speed File size/time: 7.54 MB/s
Network speed displayed by Windows Task Manager: 6.75% of 1Gbps
Ditto in Bytes/sec based on 8 bit Bytes: 8.44 MB/s
Transfer speed displayed in the copy window: about 7.25 MB/s

By direct connection to the Cisco switch:
Time to transfer: 8m 18s
Transfer speed File size/time: 10.77 MB/s
Network speed displayed by Windows Task Manager: 9.85% of 1Gbps
Ditto in Bytes/sec based on 8 bit bytes: 12.31 MB/s
Transfer speed displayed in the copy window: about 10.5 MB/s

The actual file transfer speed via the TP-Link kit was about 70% of that by direct connection.

The transfer as displayed by Windows Task Manager was more or less continuous but with downward spikes of speed, sometimes to zero. I attribute these to the Window operating system 'copy and paste' housekeeping. There were also small discrepancies between displayed Network speed and the actual average file transfer speed, possibly also due to overheads.

The speed displayed by the TL-PA211 Powerline Utility bore no relation to these speeds during this test. The TP-LINK user guide says that it "Shows the current transmission rate of the selected Mini Powerline Adapter". I am not sure what it actually measures but it is certainly not the instantaneous or average speed of current transfers. It stayed at or about 188 Mbps before, during and after transfer.

The "Enter Password" section in the TP-LINK user guide is obscure. It tells you exactly how to change the password which it says is found on each device or packaging but does not tell you why to do it or what happens if you don't. I have found out 'the hard way' that you need to enter them in order to make use of the Privacy configuration facility.

Similarly the in-built protection against eavesdropping is also not explained.
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This set is a simple, secure and elegant solution to a common problem these days. Suffering from a slow and patchy wireless signal on my PS3 which I use for iPlayer and ITV Player etc I invested in a set of these. Ordered Saturday night - delivered Monday morning. Cheers amazon :o)

Set up is breathtakingly simple. Plug either unit into an electrical socket near the router and connect one of the two supplied ethernet cables into a spare port on it (your router will need to be a multi-port device). Do the same with the second unit where it is to be used. Press the button on one for 5 seconds and you then have 2 minutes to do the same on the second. I didn't bother looking for lights to flash on or off - when I checked the internet connection on my PS3 it said the magic word "wired" and I was good to go with a download speed equivalent to that on my PC which is sat next to the router itself upstairs. Job (easily) done.

It's worth noting that it is recommended not to use an extension lead socket as this will reduce the transfer speed but this is only relevant if you are e.g. streaming between NAS and a PC etc. As I'm just using it for the internet connection to my PS3 or possibly my Freesat box then it's not really an issue but I will get the socket doubled up next time my electrician mate comes round to drink my beer ;o)

The plugs themselves are smaller than anticipated and although hardly a design classic they are fairly discreet. With the option of adding a third or fourth even (they are available singly for the equivalent price) I am very pleased with my purchase.
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on 17 January 2012
Following the other good reviews on this product, I decided to bite the bullet and order this one. I was creating a new desk in my bedroom, and needed an ethernet connection for a VOIP telephone as well as a network printer and possibly or my MacBook Pro. I had heard about the possibility of using the power sockets to use the internet and eventually decided to go for it.

For £35 I was very pleased. Excellent packaging, the design of the box was very good - all recyclable. It even comes with 2 ethernet leads as well which is nice.

Setup was so simple - just follow the instructions and you can't go wrong. Our router is downstairs - and as with everything the power comes from a 6 way surge extension lead with many double adapters! I first put the Powerline adapter in a spare socket on the extension lead. Connected it to our BT Home Hub 3, and plugged the second adapter in to the wall socket in the bedroom. Did the 'pairing' sequence, holding the button in for about 5 seconds, and let go, the lights flash and then I did the second one. Within another minute I connected the MacBook and I had internet!

I did a speed test using the Powerline - and it came out about 18mbps - however when using the wireless signal it was 37mbps - so, I removed the first Powerline adapter from the over crowded extension lead, and put it directly in the wall socket and hey presto! My next speed test was up at 37mbps!

So, overall, a great product. Nicely packaged, simple instructions and no compromise on speed if you use direct wall sockets! (It will still work through extension leads - but just gives you a slower speed).

I have got this working alongside a TP Link Switch TP-Link 5-Port 10/100 Unmanaged Mini Desktop Switch (TL-SF1005D) Plastic Case so I can have more than one ethernet device from the one Powerline adapter in the bedroom. Got a great little network going now!

It's amazing how you can just use your mains network for your internet too! Very clever, and very simple to get going. Obviously this is the first day I have used it, so at present, I cannot comment on the durability of the product. However, seeing as though it has a 3 year warranty on the box - I imagine this should last a while! :)
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on 10 October 2011
So I have been living in a caravan in my parents back garden for about 6 months now, and I have been getting seriously ANGRY that I cant play my Ps3 online because the Wireless Signal is being blocked from the house (appart from the weak signal I am currently using from a secluded spot in the corner for my laptop).

I then come across these bad-boys and I wait for them to arrive. Sure enough this Saturday they turn up and I instantly take the two plugs out of their box, plug one into the wall in the house and connect the (SUPPLIED) LAN Cable from the plug to the Router.
Wander out into the back garden and into my Caravan(which is hooked up to the same mains supply as the house) and plug in the seccond (identical) plug and then connect the other (supplied) LAN cable from that plug to my Playstation3.

Turn on my Ps3 and BLAM I am online, no fiddling no Wireless CODES just straight online with no problems no questions and no fiddly bits. Download the updates needed in mere secconds and straight online on Call of Duty Black Ops...with a full connection and ofcourse getting a Team Deathmatch score of 26 kills and 5 deaths after a slow start but baby I still got it.
Now I have FIFA 12 and allsorts of other ONLINE capeable games.

To summarise: This product is fantastic, its worth every penny and it saves you having one big LAN wire hooking all over your house for when you cant quite reach the wireless internet very strongly.
The 2 Wires needed are provided.
And the strength of the connection is 100%
It takes mere secconds to set up and does not require installing software or ANYTHING...there is a small button on each plug and when you plug it in you click that and that is all...job done start using your internet!
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