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on 16 February 2014
I've had this stereo about 18 months now and I just can't stand the faults any longer. If you read the rest of the negative reviews you will note that these faults are not specific to me but seem to be common faults with the product. Beware! The CD player lasted around 3 months before it started skipping. It skips with old CDs and it skips with brand new CDs. As I bought this to play CDs, this was a major low for me. Even if you can cope with the constant skipping (and it's at least once a song), every now again the whole system switches itself off in the middle of a track.

Anyway, I gave up on the CD player a long time ago after I bought an iPod. This was fine until a few days ago when I experienced the exact same problem with the iPod Dock as another reviewer has mentioned. The display screen gives you every confidence that it recognises the device and is playing tracks but no sound comes through the speaker system whatsoever. A very bizarre fault indeed.

This really leaves only the USB, which currently still works.

If you're the kind of person who returns at the first fault then there are still a couple of things that you should be aware of in a working product. As another reviewer mentions, the screen is constructed such that it's only visible in a darkened room from 6 inches away. Also, you will note that in the review it mentions that it comes with FM radio. And indeed it does. I knew it didn't have DAB but given that I bought this in the current millennium, I had rather expected it might come with medium wave capabilities, but it does not! I've always wondered why TV manufacturers bother telling you that you that the TV comes with a remote, but if Philips are making the TV it's probably worth checking for the statement.

Needless to say I am thoroughly disappointed with this product and I can only hope that I'm not too late to prevent others from making the same horrendous mistake that I did.
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on 3 January 2013
We bought this for my son for xmas, after scouring the internet for an ipad dock that would charge, as well as have a cd player for his cd's and was also small enough for his bedside table I came across this Philips that ticked all the boxes and was a really good price. We were a little worried that the sound wouldn't be any good....but how wrong we were to worry the sound quality is amazing and it is a stunning looking system that looks as good with the ipad attached as without.
I would recommend this item without hesitation.
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on 28 June 2012
I bought this product primarily to replace a Cambridge Soundworks system which was slaved from a flat screen TV which as we all know have tinny speakers with no bass. Connected it all up and the sound quality was brilliant with no distortion at max volume with great bass and treble response. I then plugged in my headphones and to my disapointment found the volume very low with no bass response at all. I called Philips and was told this is normal and there was nothing they could do about it! I have a Philips MCI300 in another room connected in the same way to a flat screen TV with normal output from the headphone socket, i.e very loud with booming bass. As I use my headphones late at night so as not to disturb anyone asleep in bed this product was worse than useless to me. Solution... I had to spend another £46 on a FIIO E11 Headphone Amplifier which does exactly what it says on the box, loud and rich sound.. So if you want to use the DCM3020/05 with headphones you may have to budget for a similar add-on.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There are a few niggles with this system but on balance I do like it and think it is a good budget buy. I have never owned a Bose, or similar, and I imagine the sound may be better but at what cost. The sound from this is certainly acceptable.

The unit and speakers are in a high gloss black which blends well (in my case) when placed by the gloss black Sony TV and stand. The speakers themselves are unusual in that each has an extra bass speaker mounted in the side. There are three additional forward facing speakers but the very small tweeter did not seem to do much.

The speakers themselves are just over 12 inches tall so they will easily fit under most TVs on a normal stand and the TV can be connected to the unit so as to play the TV through the speakers. This is by old fashioned phono leads as Phillips has not put a decent connector on the unit; nevertheless the sound is far better through this unit than through most "ordinary TV speakers"

There is a standby mode (clock shows) and an eco standby mode where the clock disappears and a red light is displayed. In the standby mode (clock on) there is a definite hum from the unit (not from the speakers) which I found annoying in a quiet room. However it is very easy to select eco standby and the hum goes.

There is no dedicated treble control which I miss and the bass is controlled by a DBB button that in most circumstances has little or no noticeable effect. Maybe my ears are not as attuned as Philips would like.

Although the unit itself is not very tall and will easily fit under most shelves the "i phone/pod/pad etc" dock is on top of the unit and you may need to pull the unit from any shelving to accommodate the "i thingy".

One last thing I found strange was the lack of displayed information when in CD mode. I am certainly no expert but even my car CD nowadays displays title/artist etc. This just displays track number and time.

There may seem like a lot of negatives in the above and if any of that stuff is really important then maybe this unit is not for you.

However the easy operation, the easy set up, the good style, the value for money, the versatility with mp3/i thingy/ CD/FM/USB and a really good sound make this a worthwhile consideration. Not forgetting that Philips are one of the worlds best and certainly on a par with Sony.

I do like it but for the above reasons just a good 4 star.
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VINE VOICEon 25 September 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My first impressions of the Philips DCM3020/05 Micro system were that it's not actually all that "micro", I was surprised at how big it actually is. I used to have a "mini" system which was actually smaller than this in all dimensions other than height. The main body of the stereo is 23cm wide, 23cm deep, and 14cm high, and the speakers are approx 31cm high, 14cm wide, and 23cm deep. It's quite heavy too, 7kg. Size surprises aside, it is an attractive system, with a glossy black finish and a pretty blue light around the volume control 'knob' (it doesn't actually move).

The primary feature which attracted me to this model was its ability to play mp3 files from a usb flash drive, handy in these days of 'hearing a song on the radio, rushing to the computer to buy the mp3 from Amazon, then realising you don't have any blank CD-Rs....'. The usb socket is located on the top of the unit, to the right hand side. I haven't tested it fully with different specification mp3 files but those I have tested play really well. The navigation is a little clumsy - while the device DOES support id3 tags, the way it displays the information is a little unwieldy - with mp3 files on both usb and CDs you have to press the 'display' button on the remote control multiple times to access the details of what you're playing - from the default 'time elapsed, track number' display, you press once to access the clock, a second time to access the track title, a third to access the album title, then a fourth time to see the artist name. Also the display is a very basic scrolling one, and it takes a long time to read the relevant tag details (it shows nine characters at a time on the screen, and scrolls across one character at a time, pretty slowly) you're not going to want to access a large music collection in this way! Having said that, having any tag support at all is a big improvement on my old stereo and it's much better than nothing.

There are two sockets on the front of the unit (to the bottom left), one for headphones and the other to connect an mp3 player. The relevant lead to connect to mp3 players is supplied. This works very well with my Creative Zen mp3 player, although obviously it is a basic link and does not charge the player battery or allow any control of what is playing via the Philips unit.

The radio, while disappointingly not DAB - although this would have added to the cost, it seems a little shortsighted considering that analogue radio is entering its final days - sounds good and tuned into all the stations without incident.

The ipod/'other i-things' dock is located on the top of the unit and pops up when you press the little switch beside it. I do not have an ipad or iphone with which to test it, but it works nicely with my ipod, and allows full control of the ipod via the remote control so you can change track etc without getting up (always good).

I make no claims to be a great audiophile but the system sounds good to me, and it goes pretty darn loud (watch out, neighbours!). I'm very happy with it and do recommend it.
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on 5 June 2012
Frustration is the name of this product....for only one reason, the CD player.
It is so sensitive that it skips whenever there is a minor digital mark print in the disc.
The other functions are ok and the design is the best.

But for me that have a huge CD collection it is frustrating having a Sound System that does not work as expected.
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on 10 October 2011
This is one amazing iPod dock (it also takes iPads,) 120W of power means that you can play music very loud, good reflex from both the subwoofers and the midrange drivers, even at high volumes, there is no distortion, and fills a nice room cleary, here is my video demonstration: [...]
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on 24 June 2013
Im very into my music and have had some serious good stereos from sony to jvc but this is the best ive had.
Brilliant crystal clear sound even when blasting out the new Beady Eye album and yet it has as much base as you
would get from a stereo with an extra sub woofer.
The design allows you to lie your speakers on their side with the base blowing upwards.
5/5 Excellent
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on 27 September 2012
I'd like to start by saying the unit looks good and when it works it works very well. The sound quality seems excellent to me (but I'm not an audiophile). One criticism I would have is that the display is very dim, even on the brightest setting, and as the front of the unit is shiny and reflective it means with the wrong lighting (sunlight from a window off to the side) you have a very hard time seeing the display. As someone else has mentioned, while the unit is small you need sufficient space above to dock an ipod/pad/etc including space to slide it down onto the connector, so it can limit your placement somewhat - something to bear in mind. Also, the speaker connectors are odd plastic connectors which is a minor pain if you wanted to try different speakers, but otherwise not an issue.

If this was all I had to say, I would have given this product 4 or 5 stars, however the major problem, and the reason for the 2-star review, is that I have had 2 units and sent both back as faulty.

On the first unit the ipod/pad dock was faulty. You could connect a device, but the device would not charge, when the device "played" the EQ could see the sound (bars jumping etc) but nothing would come out of the speakers. This first unit was a present for my wife on her birthday so you can imagine our disappointment. That said, Amazon sent a replacement unit almost as soon as we raised the return request so it would have been with us ASAP had we not just gone on holiday :p

The 2nd (replacement) unit was fine (if you ignore the FM antenna cable which was not fully/correctly assembled) until we tried to play a CD. The CD playback on the replacement was terrible, it would skip even with a new, clean CD. Other slightly older discs, all of which play 100% fine in a (5-10 year old) stereo, would skip even more frequently. The drive also made a weird noise for the first few playbacks. The CD playback on the first unit was much better, which is why we sent the 2nd unit back as faulty (vs it just being a bad CD player).

We have asked for a 3rd (replacement) unit because we're happy with the features of the product .. fingers crossed we've just been unlucky so far.
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VINE VOICEon 20 October 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First off this system looks the part, nice and shiny black with neat speakers and a smallish remote control. The ipod functionality is great, and the 'wheel' on the remote (together with the 'Menu' button) allow you to choose tracks and navigate through the settings and files on your ipod easily (although it is a little hard to see the ipod screen unless you are fairly close to the system, thus negating this functionality somewhat). The cd/mp3 cd player sounds good, allows you to navigate through albums on an mp3 cd easily and produces a decent sound. Radio may be somewhat defunct as it is analogue but it is easy to tune and change radio stations. The usb port works fine, takes a few seconds to scan the usb and then the same navigation can be done as before (albums etc.)
Sound quality is quite good - the bass function is meaty and not overstated enough to produce that irritating hum that you sometimes get and the equaliser is sufficient for it's purpose.
I have owned a fair few Philips sytems (TVs, music systems, even video recorders!) and have always found them to be reliable and simple to operate and this is no exception.
All in all a decent budget system, not too many frills but each function works well and the sound quality is quite pleasing.
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