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4.2 out of 5 stars29
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 6 December 2011
One can find many headphones in the sub £50 price range, but these really do stand out among the rest. After listening to them for a good few hours, I was incredibly impressed by the clarity and how balanced the sound was. The bass is incredibly well rounded and smooth, and the treble is crystal clear whilst not being sibilant. Although the sound perhaps can't be described as exciting or aggressive (needless to say, bass lovers look elsewhere), if you enjoy listening to soft rock or acoustic, or are just looking for a high quality, well balanced earphone, then these are definitely the ones for you.

They also come with a handy hard case, a shirt clip and 3 sets of silicone tips. One possible negative is the absence of any strain relief where the wire comes out of the earphone but having said that, I've had these for a year now and they're still going strong.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 January 2015
 The M1 are an intermediate earphone in the Brainwavz range coming in between the Delta and Sx range of earphones. Although these are priced lower than any Sx models, they include an excellent package with the earphones accompanied by a rigid carry case, a cable clip, 2 pairs each of small, medium & large silicon tips, 1 pair of bi-flange tips and a pair of Comply foam tips. The only thing missing from the Sx package are a pair of tri-flange tips along with a cable tidy for storing when in the case. It's great to see this kind of package at this price point and I'm surprised Brainwavz offer so much for the money.
The earphones themselves are of the in ear monitor (IEM) variety and designed to be worn with the audio cables over and down the back of the ears instead of hanging straight down. This has the benefit of offering more support to keep the earphones in place as well as cutting down on cable phonics. The housings are fashioned from plastic which is one indication of the lower price point of the Sx range but they still feel solidly built and are smaller than the higher end models. These are connected to your audio source of choice by a round twisted cable which is easy to manage and resists tangles. The connections and strain reliefs are smaller than the higher end models but feel sturdy although they are missing from the connection to each earphone.

As always, I always recommend 'burning in' for a good 10 hours or more by leaving the earphones connected to an audio source with a variety of music. Dynamic drivers such as these typically sound a little different after this process and will give their final sound.
Because these earphones are physically smaller than the Sx series, they can't quite match their smooth strong bass but still offer more in this regard than the Delta earphones which already sounded good. Sonically, just like the price, the M1 fit somewhere in the middle.
They have a tight, well defined bass with highs that are always audible but not as pronounced as the higher end models. The middle of the audio range is well represented and blend in nicely with the rest of the audio range. Depending on the track, vocals can stand out but not as much when accompanied by a busy backing score. The vocals still sound very good on complex tracks, it's more a case of the mix doesn't allow any specific part of the range to take over. For the record, these carry an official frequency range of 20hz - 20khz and a impedance of 32 ohms.
The better the quality of the track, the more smaller details pop out but these earphones are not as revealing as higher end models and 128kb tracks can safely provide an enjoyable listen.
After using the M1s for around a week, I can see them easily being a single pair of do it all earphones for pretty much all types of music. There are better sounding earphones out there but for the most part, these sound very good indeed and you would be paying more money for a better listening experience. I've listened to a variety of different music genres with the M1s and they handled all very well.
These are comfortable to wear and the selection of tips on offer contribute to this as well as help isolate you from outside sounds. Not everything is blocked out but the vast majority is to make listening to quieter passages easy going and these are on a par with anything else I have tested.
I actually prefer to be able to hear louder external noises when wearing earphones for safety reasons so would consider these ideal for normal day to day use.
For the money, you are getting a great earphone with the M1. Brainwavz have put together a great package from the audio and build quality to the supplied case and selection of ear tips. I would love to see a pair of these designed with an in-line remote/microphone for mobile phone use but otherwise have no negatives of note. I consider these very good all round earphones indeed, and yet again confirms Brainwavz as a company capable of producing excellent value for money in the earphone market.
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on 29 November 2013
Before researching in-ear monitors for my brother, I had no idea this brand even existed. According to the reviews the model sounded like a steal for around £25, so we went for it.

I barely got to try them when he bought his pair, but he's been so satisfied over the couple months he's had them that I decided to buy myself a pair, too.

£25 won't buy you a better pair. I've had Sennheisers before and I'm still an avid fan of AKG headphones, but these are in-ears are simply mind blowing. I personally listen to electronic genres, so I can't comment on Rock or pop. Psychill, Ambient, Prog-Psy, Dubstep, electro, hardstyle all sound terrific. I assume non-electronic heavy genres also sound terrific. Everything I tried so far does.

They come in a neat little hard case with so many different types of buds (I counted 15 pairs) that I'm not even sure what half of them are for. Tried three different looking ones, picked the most comfortable and went with it.


Packaging - 5 -- Neatly packed, the little hard case is very handy, I don't like the plastic tray that holds everything inside the cardboard box but this isn't something Brainwavz do and others don't. Easy to open.
Sound - 5 -- If you can pinpoint what's wrong with these speakers, you aren't spending £25 on a pair, you're spending an order of magnitude more.
Value - 5 -- Cheaper than a lunch for one at Jamie's (yes, that one). Can't go wrong.
Shipping - 5 -- Ordered Thursday morning, got them 11am the next morning.

Would recommend to my Mom or buy again.
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on 21 May 2015
When you look at Brainwavz earphones, whether they are the inexpensive Alpha, slightly more expensive ones like the M2, M3 and “flagship” models like the S0, S1 and R3, the words that should come to mind are superb ergonomic and audiophile-friendly earphones. This is especially true for the M1, which boasts a “wide sound stage with accurate reproduction and good detail separation, in order to reproduce your music with clarity and quality.” This is no mere advertising hype posted on the boxes containing new M1 earphones, but instead, well stated assessments about its superb audio qualities. I believe the M1 earphones easily outperform its competitors, offering great sound quality to all but the most discerning audiophiles, at a price that is a steal, in comparison with other, more expensive, earphones from the likes of Bose. Like its mid-range siblings, the M2, M3 and M5, the M1 comes with a complete set of foam and silicone ear tips that are easily changeable for a user’s own comfort, and a compact carrying case that will protect these earphones from external wear and tear. I’ve tested these M1 earphones with a decade-old battered Sony Walkman miniature radio, a Bose CD player and several laptop speakers, and these still provide superb audio quality for any kind of music, whether it’s hearing an Elton John song from his great early 2000’s album “Songs from the West Coast” or a Beethoven symphony recording aired by my local classical music radio station. The M1 also comes with a shirt clip that seems to be a standard accessory for virtually all of Brainwavz’s mid-range earphones. While I remain indebted to Brainwavz for providing a sample for review, it hasn’t biased my review of it, especially when I tend to spend upwards to a week or more testing each and every sample I’ve received from its USA distributor. The Brainwavz M1 offers potential purchasers a well-made, high quality set of earphones that will offer exceptional sound quality whether one chooses to remain sedentary or lead an active lifestyle replete with much running and walking. Don’t be fooled by its relatively inexpensive price; the Brainwavz M1 easily outperforms earphones from other manufacturers that cost twice as much.
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These M1 earphones were sent to me by Brainwavz for review. I have tried quite a few of their earphones now and all of them, including these, sound exceptionally good, and far better than I might expect for the price.

They come with a very nice little carrying case and a good range of silicone tips for a good fit, plus a set of Comply memory-foam tips so you will be able to find the tips which best suit your ears. The build quality is very good; they have a good quality oxygen-free connecting cable, the jack is gold-plated and the strain relief is very solid. This is plainly a well-made product. I find them very comfortable in use and the cable gives almost no friction noise when it rubs against clothing.

The sound is excellent, especially for earphones at this price. They have great clarity of articulation, genuine richness and very good balance. I have a Test Playlist which I use for audio products beginning with 15th Century choral music, ending up with The Rolling Stones, Leonard Cohen and London Grammar and going through most things in between; these perform well throughout, and are excellent in classical music where the sound spectrum seems ideal to me. They also responded very well to a bass boost using a graphic equalizer, so in rock the boosted bass sounded fantastic and the deep bass in London Grammar's Hey Now (which really tests bass response) sounded superb.

These are good quality earphones at a very reasonable price, giving excellent, versatile sound. For twenty-odd quid they are exceptional value; to me they sound like earphones of at least twice the price and I can recommend them warmly.

(If you do need a real kick in the bass - so to speak - without equalization you might prefer Brainwavz M5s Brainwavz M5 In-Ear Noise Isolating Headphones - Black, which I also found excellent.)
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Brainwavz have a great reputation for producing more affordable audiophile quality earphones and these M1's are no exception.

In the box you find -

- The M1's with a 1.3 meter reinforced type coating, silver plated oxygen free copper cable with a standard 3.5mm jack plug which is gold plated. These come already fitted with silicone earbuds

- A very nice quality hard zipper case in which to store your earphones. There are two mesh pockets inside to store all the extra stuff

- Earbuds earbuds earbuds! You get. . .
6 x pairs of Silicone tips in sizes S, M and L
1 set of Bi-Flange buds
1 set of Comply series S earbuds which for me give a great fit and do block out all external sound as practicably possible

- Instructions and 12 month warranty card and a shirt clip!

The M1's have been very well designed in my opinion. I've gone through many a pair of in ear earphones being a cyclist/hiker/climber on and off over the last 30 odd years. They've all bit the dust as they get soaked in sweat that just corrodes them in no time or tangled and twisted until they snap but these look like they're going to last for a long time.

They're made from tough plastic and are well engineered to a lovely finish. The reinforced type cable has really good flexible rubber strain reliefs on it which should extend the life of the earphones for ruffians like me! They took a bit of fiddling with to get the fit just right in trying the different buds out and deciding which to use but I definitely prefer the Comply buds.

In use -

The important bit - how they sound! I do not claim to be an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination but. . .as a poor visioned spectacles wearer my hearing is has become enhanced to bat like like capability and I know a good quality sound when I hear it and these M1's give a very good clarity balanced soundstage. I've listened to quite a few pieces of music through these and one thing has become apparent - Most people I imagine nowadays listen to their music on some digital format (I do) and don't even realise what bit-rate settings they have their music files set to. So if you're listening to big expansive music such as what you'd get from a full orchestra in classical music then these will really highlight any short fall in the quality of the file. So you need to be listening to a quality recording to appreciate these fully as with any decent head/earphones.

We all have our favourite music for testing earphones out which are usually tracks that 'we' know every little nuance of after listening to them 100 times over! In my case I put these earphones through their paces listening to a lot of Queen, Simon and Garfunkel, Rainbow, Deep Purple and Zepplin and the new Dolly Parton album Blue Smoke.

I've also used these via my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2) to listen to the Tune In Radio app and some The Naked Scientists podcasts and audio books which were all superb.These headphones are great for picking out those faint but necessary sound effects in audio books. I listened to 'Bomber' by Les Deighton as performed by Tom Baker, Frank Windsor, Emma Chambers and Samuel West and it sounded amazing!

The sound from these M1's is very well balanced for all music and audio genres (because they're not just for music!) which covers everything from Liverpool's Christ The King Cathedral choir to Slipknot and audio books. You can of course use your equaliser built into your phone or digital source to make these sound how you like. The whole kit is well built and feels robust. Very good quality at an affordable price.

These earphones were kindly sent to me for test and review purposes.

Ps - There are some great 'sound tests' on YouTube that are worth having a listen to through these earphones to show you how good they are!

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The Brainwavz M1 are a sleek IEM (in-ear-monitor) with high quality cabling and come in at under 25 quid.
They are worth 3 times that amount.

The sound that you get from these fabulous earphones is brilliant and rivals many others costing many times more.

Simply put the Brainwavz team are sonic engineers.

Their product is brilliant BUT where the Brainwavz really score is that their design team product really good looking and smart looks to match the heart of the earphones.

The sound is really good.
I always try to road test my earphones with a variety of mediums.
(Yes I do realize the irony of the word Road Test when these are M1s!!

I love rock and Cheap Trick road tested these for me.
Next was Free Tons of Sobs which sounded just like it did over 50 odd years ago when I had hair!

I'm a fan of audio books. So I used David Tennant's reading of How to speak Dragonese.
Tennant's voice was brilliant and the outside sound was really cut out.
How To Train Your Dragon: How To Speak Dragonese
These would be great for the tube or train journeys not riding your bike because all outside noise is eliminated.
(A tip is if you do listen to music on the tube never sit near the doors with them in- lots of people have been injured by thieves yanking them out and making off with them)

So sound wise these are wonderful.

Now to looks.

As always the presentation of Brainwavz is excellent.
I do appreciate this may seem trivial but bear with me.
If you are buying these for a friend or a teenager that you are in luck.
The box and presentation is excellent.
It's black with dark orange- ghastly but teams love this combo.
You will be proud to give such a well presented gift that really does look a lot more expensive that these are (I was provided mine for review).

Out of the box they look great.

BUT the big problem with in ear earphones is the comfort factor.
We all have different ears and the normal one sized fits all doesn't really do what it says.

You are onto a winner here because Brainwavz seem to go that extra mile and include a variety of different earpieces.
In the box you get.
1 pair of Comply foam tips
6 Pairs of ear tips in small medium and large and a pair of
Bi-Flange tips.
So you are sure to fine the best combination for a good comfortable fit.

And that's not all for there is
a 3.5mm adapter gold plated no less so you can really develop a guilt (gilt) complex!
a shirt clip and a really smart, hard carrying case. (so now all you need is a shirt to go with the clip.

The hard carrying case is really neat and of course protects the ear pieces and that 12 year guarantee. Seriously the case always attracts admiring glances whenever I get mine out.

The cable is tangle free is oxygen free ensuring a great connection between your music source and the speakers.

See what I mean about value, care to detail and design?
There is a long 12 month guarantee but these are so well made I would love to get a job at the complaints and returns Brainwavz department simply because I would have loads of time to read books!

All in all a fabulous set of earphones that sound great, look fabulous and fit really well.
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on 11 July 2013
I've decided to buy these after reading several reviews on ([...] I have extensively used them for playing various kinds of music for 4 months now and I'm very satisfied with the quality of sound they produce - clear, with just enough bass and pleasant mids and well-defined soundstage. They fit very well in the ear, produce very little microphonics when worn cable-down and none when worn over the ear. They proved to be quite resistant to cable yanks, pulls and other kinds of torture. In fact, I liked them so much that I ordered a second pair to have as a backup when I (inevitably) tear this one.

So what's to say more? They're a good deal and I recommend them fully.
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on 26 January 2015
Brainwavz M1 Quick Review

Brief: Old but still at the top its field.

Price: US$44.50 or about £29

Specification: Transducers/Drivers: Dynamic, 10.7mm,Rated Impedance: 32ohms Closed Dynamic, Sensitivity: 110dB at 1mW, Frequency range: 20 ~ 20000Hz, Distortion: <= 0.3% @ 94dB, Channel balance: =< 3dB (at 1000Hz), Rated input power: 10mW, Maximum input power: 40mW, Plug: 3.5 mm 45-degree gold plated, Cable length: 1.3 meters Y cord (CU/Ag) PUR, 1 year warranty, Dimensions (Packaging): 160 x 135 x 38mm, Net Weight: 10g, Gross Weight: 132g

Accessories: 1 x Comply foam tips, 3 x Pairs of ear tips (S/M/L), 1 x Shirt clip, 1 x Hard carrying case, 1 x Instruction manual, 1 x Warranty card

Build Quality: Pretty good. Given its been out for ages I’ve not heard of mass deaths so clearly its got some longevity to it. In fairness, I’ve hardly use up my set since I wrote my old review so I may not be the best judge.

Isolation: Fair. It’s a dynamic and so its fine for normal use, out or on a bus but if your regular flyer, not so much. Still easily enough to get you run over if you aren’t looking though.

Comfort/Fit: Excellent. Shove in and that was that, up or down.

Aesthetics: Meh. They aren’t offensive but they aren’t pretty either.

Sound: Excellent. My original review was posted in July 2010. Yes that’s four and a half years ago which is practically forever. At the time they were just US$40 and so they have ever so slightly gone up, you do get a much better bundle today. Sound wise they were pretty much as good as could be had for the money and that hasn’t changed. Sure they are slightly more “neutral” than is common for the price, the bass is pretty tame and the mids too. The treble is rather forthright. However unless you are after heaps of bass there just really isn’t and thing as mature, grown up and clean as the M1. The bass though is outrageously nimble when driven well. Sophie Ellis-Bextors “China Heart” is so rip-roaringly agile and vigorous. Its detail levels are killer and it resolves like a mofo. Its mids are a bit over focused and dry but vastly detailed. The treble is scintillating for the price, it’s quite abundant too so no bad bit rates or it will scratch your ears out. It’s not forgiving.

Its only real flaw of any sort is it needs power to be its best. Out of my weedy Nexus 5 it’s a little reticent and boring. Bass goes a bit punchy and it lacks the greatest depth, same with upper end extension. However feed it well and it’s just wonderfully good sounding. They have stood up to the last 4 and half years incredibly well. Still this is an IEM squarely aimed at Head-Fi, it pushes every audiophile button it can, normal consumers may find it bass lacking and a bit bright but if you want a bit of sonic purity, its truly first rate.

Value: Probably the best audio quality US$45 can buy you today.

Pro’s: Sound quality is wonderful. Neutral sound signature.

Con’s: Bass light for some. Unforgiving treble. Wants power.
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on 30 October 2014
The first thing that you notice about these earphones is how comfortable they are. I am someone that experiences a bit of discomfort when regular earphones are placed in my ears. That feeling goes away as my ears adjust to them as well as the natural deadening of repeated stimulation of an area of skin but it takes some time for that to happen. That is not the case with these earphones; they are a nice and comfortable fit.
The sound quality is excellent, far superior to that of the standard style of earphones that I normally use with my laptop. I put in a Bruce Springsteen album and spent several minutes alternately removing the bud from each ear and listening to the music. While there was some necessary degradation, the sound using only one ear was still very good. When listening to music while working I will sometimes remove the bud from one ear so that I can hear it if there is an audio message or phone call for me. Therefore, sounding good in one ear only is important to me.
The kit comes with twelve spare pads for the earphones that neatly fit into the small case for the earphones, so they will always be available when needed. A case that the cord and earphones easily fit in is part of the package. The case is three-and-a-half inches long, three inches wide and slightly less than two inches thick. It is very solid, providing protection for the buds in case something, such as a textbook, falls on it. The small size and sturdy construction of the case means that it is easy to store in a backpack or a bag and can resist the pressure if it is placed under a pile of heavy textbooks.
This set of earphones is now my preferred set for inclusion in the bag that contains my laptop. This allows me to go to restaurants and coffee shops and work without distraction. Since the rubber of the earphones fits tight in my ears they also drown out background noise.

This item was made available for free for review purposes.
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