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4.3 out of 5 stars55
4.3 out of 5 stars
Platform: Nintendo Wii|Change
Price:£39.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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When I was a university student I remember virtual reality Golf parlors to be the latest fad. So, during their lunch hour, executives would swing their irons in front of projection screens in order for them to improve their weekend play. Now, more than a decade later, the same experience can be reproduced in our living room.

The game includes numerous golf courses, including (finally) the... sanctum sanctorum, the Augusta National Golf Club, where The Masters take place.
Appropriately, the career mod has been renamed "The Road to the Masters". You start low, aiming high and by either the hard way (working your way up the Amateur ladder) or the shortcut (duplicating 3 -out of possible 9- of either Tiger Woods's or Jacks Nicklaus' Moments) you can get invited to The Masters.
Once you get there though, will you be good enough to be fitted with the Green Jacket?

A caddie is much more than a golf-club carrier. He or she is actually a teammate and that is why a good caddie will make the difference between winning and losing.
You can option out of the caddie advice on clubs, power and path to follow - but I would not advise it, at least not for beginners.

Now that both the Xbox and the PS3 have their own versions of the Wii remote (whereas, at the same time, enjoy higher resolution graphics), why should one buy this game on the Wii?
Well, for two reasons. First, the Wii version of the game comes with 25 courses (almost twice as many as in the Xbox/PS3 versions) as the Wii, thankfully, is not DLC-friendly. And if that were not important enough, the Wii has a clear edge when it comes to the actual gameplay as well: standing on the Balance Board will check (and correct) your swinging posture!
Keeping your eyes on the (imaginary) ball and then swinging your MotionPlus! remote works like a charm - once you get the hang of the physical movement/on screen mechanics.
Now, you could play the game from your couch (by attaching the nunchuck extension), but I think that misses the whole point of a golf simulator, does it not?

Tired of the pressure of getting invited to the Masters? Not to worry, the game includes a number of fun mini-games, such as Mini Golf, Disc/Frisbee Golf, Practice Facility and Golf Party.

Overall, this is a great Golfing game, a game that fits the Wii capabilities like a glove and one I greatly enjoyed!

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on 27 November 2013
I bought this after using PGA tour 11 for some time and the software is equally clever but just as frustratingly flawed as before.

I don't have my wii connected to the internet so the new feature of trying to connect at start-up means that I have an awful long wait for it to discover that there is no connection each time that it starts or is reset.

In fairness, the picture quality of this version is better than before and the feeling of playing golf is very realistic as usual. But, as in the previous version(s), you are offered such a limited number of clubs - generally, for long holes - two woods and no middle irons - just 2 or 3 wedges. So for medium shots, instead of using a mid iron to lay up as in real golf, you have to under-hit a driver or make do with just 50 yards distance with a wedge - ludicrous. Why they can't offer a full set of clubs is beyond me.

As before, there is no consistency in the distance you can attain from the rough which is really annoying.

As for the new caddie feature to help you make your choice of shot, I thought that this option would offer a greater choice of clubs. But because I have ignored it quite often on long holes and used the driver off the tee, if I click on "caddie" it now offers me only the same club and no options - useless!

So we have this software with Tiger's name attached which clearly, he has never used, otherwise he would be stupid to promote it - no doubt he just banks the money. This could have been a really superb product but the producers can't be bothered to finish it properly. I understand that this is probably, the last time this will be produced and can only hope that another company comes up with a more sensible product that reflects the real game properly. Having said that, there seems to be no other golf product available that offers any competition - shame.
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on 23 May 2013
This game was not what I expected. It is bigger and a lot more complicated than Wii sports golf. Setting it up takes a bit of time. Took ages to work out how to use two controllers. the second controller has to be matched to the Wii itself before it can be used. nothing like the two button presses used in sports resort.

Hitting the ball is about how high the club is raised at the back, How the ball is hit makes a difference too. The range of ways to play is enough to keep anyone busy for a whole year as is the extra games. It did take a few days to work out how to play a game properly. After a few goes we decided that we would go back to sports resort golf. Never again. We are hooked on tigers game even though we are still working out how to use all of the controls. I know that the ball has to go into the hole on the green but putting is really hard without all the helper lines, circles, guide lines etc.

The range of games, helping hands and controls make this a great game for me. but then I am not a real golfer so it all seems real to me.
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on 5 September 2011
When we originally bought our Wii console we bought the 07 Tiger game and found we were spending most nights playing til the early hours. It was very glitchy though :( Decided to try this new improved game as we recently upgraded our remotes to motionplus. What can I say? Love it, love it, love it!!!! Seen some reviews slating the caddy function but I've found it to be a useful way of gaining exta points, as you don't have to actually use the club suggested but still gain bonuses for being on target!! I mostly use a club with longer range than suggested, purely as my drive shots are running at about 85% at the min (just haven't got the power!!!!) which works well for me. Would thoroughly reccommend this game to anyone (and generally do!)to me, its the game the Wii was designed for :)
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on 9 February 2012
Since 'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 8, my husband and I have grown up relaxing most weekend with a virtual half-round of golf using this family. We've mostly bought version 12 to get the latest version and some more courses.

During the weekdays, when I take a break - I work from home, I hone my skills so that I can whop him at the weekends... annoyingly, he still manages to win the occasional match but, he assures me, real golf is often like that!

Although the game's still got the daft way of navigating the menus as 'next', '+', 'A', intermittently, do strange things and it's a nightmare trying to remember how to quit without it, positively, saving all the avatar-editing, that's part of the learning-curve!

The game-play is as before although the graphics are a bit chunkier. This is better as the 'slope' lines were too thin before.

I can recommend this upgrade and I'll add a further review when I've played a few more matches.
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on 4 January 2012
Quite simply Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters is THE best golf game on the market at moment.

The gameplay has improved greatly over previous versions of the game with a structured career mode starting off in amateur competitions working your way up to National and then International tournaments.

The graphic's are crisper with added realism and beautifully rendered courses to compete on. You also have the option of a caddie who helpfully suggest's options open to you during play.

The sports televison style presentation of the game is up to a high standard and adds another aspect of realism.

I can't recommend this game highly enough, if you have any doubt's on how good a golf game can be The Masters will put all those doubt's to rest.
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on 22 June 2012
Well this is magnificent, has to be the closest thing to playing the actual game but in the comfort of your living room, the "Road to the Masters" is fantastic with real course conditions and the adrenalin buzz as you watch your position change on the leaderboard alongside other players and when you finally make it to Augusta National and find your name on the scorecard with Woods, Clarke, Els, etc,this is the icing on the cake Ok it's only computer generated but with the brilliant graphics you feel as if you are really playing the course, congratulations EA sports for allowing us on these hallowed fairways and greens alongside the greatest names in golf. I highly recommend this game and give it the 5* it rightly deserves.
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on 22 April 2011
Being a PS3 owner I plumped for the WII version with some vouchers I'd been given and I think I've made the right choice.
Motion Plus has enabled this series to evolve and give us what I humbly believe to be the greatest video game to date (but it helps I suppose that I love Golf!).
The gameplay is as good as last year with the motion controls fairly accurately replicating your swing.The green contour view from the tee and fairway is a real help and add to the realism and tactical thought behind each shot.I haven't used the caddy as I prefer to make decisions on club and shot type myself. The graphics are no better than last year but there are more courses than the next gen consoles and the gameplay is sufficiently addictive so as not to make this an issue-the graphics are perfectly adequate anyway.
I'm currently ploughing through the career mode which is rewarding without being tedious.
Being able to speed the game up (by pressing A which skips straight to the final ball position after you've hit it) and being able to save during the middle of a round is a great help but having hit my first hole-in-one ever on the WII yesterday it's disappointing not to be able to save your best shots-perhaps this can be added next time?
The game caters for the fun players as well - mini (or crazy) golf is fun and although I haven't tried disc golf I accept that there are many who will find this entertaining.
From my point of view there are a couple of gripes - while the Molinari brothers are rightly included after their recent surge up the World Rankings McIlroy and Donald have been removed and should still have been included.
Disc Golf and Mini Golf could be dispensed with to make the real Golf experience more authentic but I understand that the various modes of golf available may appeal to more than just the serious golfer.
Another great update for this game on the WII- the realism is brilliant and there is a lot to do.
Highly recommended.
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on 24 December 2011
Bought this game about 6 months ago so I decided to give it a fair test before I reviewed it. THE GOOD...You get to play at Augusta for the first time on any game on any console. I read somewhere that the games creators went to Augusta and mapped out the course and all it's undulating contours and apparently the game is very accurate to the real thing. After playing it several times you could appreciate how difficult Augusta really is. The greens are incredibly fast and sometimes the most delicate touch is needed and with the Wii Motion Controller it is very very sensitive. You have to be right! There is so much to do on this game and there is hours of entertainment with plenty of mini games including a half decent crazy golf type game which is quite enjoyable...However..THE BAD..This game is riddled with bugs. I read that the PC version was so flawed people were being offered there money back! and unfortunately the Wii version is no different. The game has frozen on me mid round where I had to switch the Wii off and then reload it losing all my game play. I have hit perfect hole in one's only to be told that the ball has gone out of bounds...WHAT!..sometimes the zoom feature doesn't zoom so you've got no idea where the ball is going even on All Play mode. There is a Tour Players skill level where you get to look down on the ball when you tee off thus making it realistic but to align the club face so it is square to the ball like in real golf it just isn't realistic. It gets you to contort your hands in an unnatural sought of way to get the club face square behind the ball.It just isn't right..I'ved played Golf for about 5 years and I play off 18 so I am probably a bit critical of this game because I suppose I would like to think of this game as a realistic golf simulator but it just isn't. I think the only replacement for real golf is a golf simulator where you swing a real club and hit real balls and because with the Wii version you are swinging a chunky plastic controller which is impossible to grip like a real golf club it just doesn't work for me. The graphics are also a step down from previous Tiger Woods games I would imagine because they have tried to cram so much into this game that somethings have been compromised. In summary I would say that because you can play at Augusta this game is probably worth buying. Treat this game as a bit of fun and not a substitute for real golf because it just isn't.
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on 27 September 2011
A good way to spend a wet Sunday afternoon. It's a challenging game and you become quite competative with it. Having never played golf at all it gives you a taste of what you could do on a proper course??? It's adictive and you just want to get better and actually become TW and win everything along the way.
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