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3.6 out of 5 stars21
3.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
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on 25 July 2011
In word, that is the description of what this game is. Not much in the way of tactics (Besides what to shoot, when to run for a health pack, when to go and revive your friends and using your characters abilities). Its just wall to wall blasting, all the time! Which is why this game is brillient.
Those who played and enjoyed the last game (EDF 2017) This game is how a sequal should be done- better in every way.
- Better controls (Manual reload button, separate roll button, a sprint button)
- Better graphics if you care for such a thing (now just average instead of just plain bad)
- Better sound (Many enemies can be identified just by the sound they make)
- The vehicles actually work this time (charging through the city in a tank with two friends manning side-mounted turrets is great fun, no helicopters this time though)
-More types of enemies (Ants, spiders, wasps, ticks, praying mantis, boss spiders that shoot ticks, really big robots, REALLY REALLY BIG ROBOTS,UFO's, Dropships, daddy long legs) Some with "Metal" varients that hit harder and are tougher.
- Armor classes: Trooper- standard but can use most weapon types, run faster and revive team mates more quickly. -Battle: slow but tough and can use the largest of weapons. Also has a riot shield to block attacks and an "Area effect blast" which is useful when your surrounded, just watch out for any nearby team mates! Jet: Fragile and weaker weapons but is really fast and can fly. Tactical: Average in weapons and stats but can build turrets to kill enemies. There are several different colours you can colour them with (Preset).
-Online multiplayer: 3 player online on campaign, 6 on survival. "jump in jump out" bots fill in if somebody quits. However there IS a host so if they go, everyone goes. Two player splitscreen.
-Improved AI: Even on normal the enemies do a good job of hunting you down and attacking, maybe not so much on there own, but as a swarm you can quickly be in trouble. On the last game enemies often "forgot" you were there or remained passive until you attacked them.
-Better pacing: In the last game, combat was intense, but once you had killing everything in the area you could be left wandering around for five minutes to get to the next fight. This game has simple objectives which focuses the action. nothing too taxing just "go to this waypoint, defend this area, blow up the anthills, set a bomb etc". A bomb must be set to blow up the anthills this time, leaving you open to attack for about five seconds while setting it. The progress bar zero's if you are hit, so the area must be cleared first!

A few things that may put some off:
- All missions are set in a city, no beaches, grasslands or mountains. I think this is ok because the levels outside of the city bored me in the last one.
- 15 core missions: As opposed to the last games 50, however quite a few of the 50 in the last felt like copy & paste or "filler" levels and only a handful were truly awesome. All 15 in this game are great, would have liked a few more though, maybe 20- 25 levels would have been the sweet spot. It took me around 3-4 hours to beat the game on normal online. The game scales (More players= more enemies) depending on how many players are in the game so it may take significantly less to beat on single player (not recomended, play online or split screen, even with random people, its much better) The bots who fill in on single player do a good job of killing enemies and reviving you. Once this is done there is a "Campaign remix" which changes up the enemies that attack you in the campaign, effectively making another 15 missions. Survival is endless... just keep going until all players are dead, however in this mode everyone is locked to the "Trooper" class and there are only a handlful of weapons to choose from. There is no leveling up in this mode either.
-Enemies disintergrate quickly. I kind of miss the ants piroetting into space when they died, but also don't because the bodies that stayed on the ground stopped you from moving and blocked bullets. At least there is a cool effect now, unlike the disappearing act of the last game. Don't worry the larger enemies still explode most satisfyingly!
-Experience instead of pickups: Points you earn turn into exp that level your armor class up (All four are separate to eachother) which unlock new "tiers" of weapons and abilities (such as flying longer, more health etc) I think this is a good thing, because having to run around for all the weapon/ armor pickups in the last game got slightly annoying for me. There still are random weapon pickups, but they are only dropped by the larger enemies. Also you may not be able to use them because you are not a high enough level. The exp is then turned into "credits" which is used to buy new weapons that are unlocked. This is slightly pointless because they are all cheap to buy and you get a lot of credits while playing.
- A little bit of the humour is gone: One reason why i liked 2017 was the cheesy, offbeat oneliners the EDF troops yelled, all of them randomly put together sometimes creating some hilarious quips such as "The old man is dead! Yaaaaaaay!" There are still many amusing quips, just not as odd as the last game.
-Not QUITE as many enemies attack you at once: But a satisfying amount can still attack you at once, about 30-40 probably. not as high as the last game but to be fair the few times it did throw everything at you the game couldn't handle it and turned into a slideshow. On this game the worst it gets when things really get busy is a weird "slow-mo" effect which is still quite playable.

so to some up:
-Gameplay: Nice and simple to grasp, anyone can play! Just aim and shoot, some larger enemies DO have large red weak spots to aim for, and as said before some objects need to be blown up. But thats about as complex as it gets. There are still hundreds of weapons to unlock, from regular rocket launchers and assault rifles to laser guns and plasma cannons. As well as some stranger weapons (Sub machine gun with homing bullets?) The addition of armor classes is brillient, with each having their own role to play, even the humble trooper, with his fast movement and quick healing of others. The game is set in a city so you can wander around as you please (within reason, if you really wander far away a barrier will stop you).
-Graphics: Not up to par with any of the newer games these days. Slight clipping aplenty but no major gamebreaking glitches as of yet. But the amount of enemies on screen and number of projectiles firing from both sides is staisfying. Buildings can still be destroyed (Petrol stations being quite entertaining.) Explosions look great, sometimes the regular fireball, other times green, blue or purple explosions. The designs of the EDF troops, mechs and enemies also look quite cool. (The robots having more than a passing resemblance to a certain robotic enemy in mass effect).
-Sound: Enemies sound great and have satisfying "Death screams". The voice acting is knowingly cheesy. The weapons vary quite a bit, the machine guns and shotguns sound weak, but the various rocket launchers, lasers and grenades sound quite good.
-Online: The menus are easy to navigate, the matchmaking works very well, only sometimes trying to connect to games that are'nt going anymore or are already full. And public/ private games can be made. can also find "Friends list games" or "xbox live party games". Online, even with six players never lagged once or dropped me out of a game. As stated before it only went into "slow-mo mode" when things got really hectic. There does seem to be a healthy community at the moment, never went for long without other players joining. Everyone seems to be fairly good team players as well (Even if all that amounts to is reviving you when you die).
-Length: Not sure what to say here. It is a very simple game and may lack some depth of other games, seems like the kind of game that you will come back to every now and then or to play with a few friends. Leveling all the classes up and finishing the game on all difficulties will take a while. The game is short, no story to speak off (Besides aliens! kill them!) but is made to be replayed over and over again. Like an arcade game i guess.

Is this game worth £25-£30: No, but 20 or lower, of course!
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on 26 July 2011
This is a spin off of the low budget Earth Defence Force series made by an american devolper instead off the original japanese team(who are working on EDF 4) and as a result this are a bit differant this time around. Dont let that put you off though as the game is still imense fun especially in split screen mode or 3player co-op online. The premise of the the game is simple,giant bugs and robots are attacking the city and its your job to stop them,your never told why they are attcking but thats irrelevent because its not about story here its about action, and this is what the game delivers in spades. Choosing 1 of 4 diffent soldiers(which you can level up to get better amour,weapons ect.)you shoot,derstory,stamp and crush your way through 15 missions of arcade action, taking out giant ants, spiders, 100ft tall robots and half the city to boot(all buildings in this game can be destroyed) its tremndous fun but the game is quite short, around 3-4 hours on fisrt playthrough on normal setting but thats not really an issue as the game has good replay value. Once finished you unlock a remixed campaign mode which is a bit harder than standard campaign. Also availible is survival mode which sees you(or up to 5 other team mates online) stay alive as long as you can racking up big scores agains never ending swarms of bad guys.

The graphics in this game are average at best, being a budget title thats what you would expect but the frame rate stays steady 90% of the time only dropping now and again, its not as bad as the other guy reviewing this game said, trust me. The game does play a bit diiferantly compared to the last game(EDF 2017) which may upset some fans(the levels are longer,the enviroments are less varied and it does get a bit more repetitive) and its a game that your either going to enjoy or not, this wont appeal to everyone but i enjoyed it and im on my third playthrough.
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on 30 December 2011
EDF is back again for some more bug-bashing action. The only thing that the original EDF was missing was on-line play, and this is included in EDF:Insect Armageddon! I honestly can't fault this game. Graphically it is so improved from the 1st EDF it looks more like Crackdown crossed with GoW and add to that the new special armours - it just looks impressive. They've jigged the additional toys so anti-air flak turrets and missile turrets and chaingun turrets and tanks are all available and USEFUL (unlike in EDF...) also MECH suits put in an appearance. The totally destructive environments are back, so you can shoot to your heart's content and destroy....everything!! is there a better game for pure adrenalin all-out bug-shooting action?? i dont think so. Anyone remember the film "Starship Troopers" ?? Well this is the game. You'll be shouting "Bugs...Buuuuugs!!" and spraying thousands of bullets/grenades/rockets in all directions and thoroughly enjoying yourself. This is an easy 9/10 game and if you like simple no-nonsense killing on a massive scale then EDF is for you!! [note: ever heard of WMD's? Check out the Pesticide Weapons (level 8 only)]
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on 31 March 2014
Insect Armageddon is one of those games that can be surprisingly fun in short doses, but after extended play it becomes repetitive and boring. The gunplay is competent and shooting giant spiders into mush is mindlessly enjoyable, but given ten minutes it dawns on you that that's all you'll ever be doing. The game doesn't evolve or complicate in any way at all - apart from introducing bigger enemies and the occasional new weapon. There's never a sense of progression, or any compelling reason that would make you want to play on. Missions simply consist of running and gunning between checkpoints, with breaks here and there to take on a boss or hack into a terminal. I'm not entirely sure if the game is supposed to have a story, but if there was one it never grabbed my attention, and following five hours of bland and unrewarding combat, I was left empty and dissatisfied. In short, Insect Armageddon is a decent shooter wrapped in an experience that doesn't play well.
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on 21 August 2011
As an avid fan of EDF I couldn't wait to jump into this game.

This game is just like Earth Defence 2017 but much better.

I do miss some features for example, seeing enemies dead corpses scattered everywhere. However since sometimes it was a nuisence to get past them & was very physically unrealistic it had to be changed.

I can recommend this to anyone who enjoys Earth Defence Force.

If you're looking for a serious game, this might not be for you, it's just a bit of fun and it's great to see the developer make a game like this & be so proud of it.

There is some DLC for the game on Xbox Live currently available which provides up to 30 new weapons for certain classes for 240msp each.

The class system in the game is great. Rather then collecting weapons scattered around the map you leveled up

I'm not sure what more to say which hasn't already been said in other reviews.

Buy it and enjoy it for the arcade fun reasons.
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on 18 August 2011
As per title. This game is just plain, simple, mindless and fun action.
Tons of fun to be fair.
Lot's of bugs and the possibility to squish them with giant robots and tanks.
The excellent co-op system make the game a great social experience if played with friends. Let's face it, blasting a town with some buddy is always fun.

The budget price make this product an absolute must buy.
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on 20 April 2013
It in good condition and works just fine. This is a fun game especially if you have a few friends to play with. I got this cause i played the old one for the PlayStation 2 and it was great fun. This is also a great game there is a lot of chaos and its great fun to kill a lot of giant bugs. Would recommend this to people who like a lot of action.
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on 20 August 2011
I love the first earth defense force and the second is still good but there is that much happening on some levels that the frame rate SLOWS DOWN!
I had to play the last level again as i though it had not been saved but i found out that THE GAME WAS RUSHED AND AN ENDING WAS NEVER DONE! and it will be realised in map packs what a con.
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on 23 February 2013
I played the game at my friends house so i knew what to expect. But i had great fun playing the game i played it for hours as soon as it arrived which was real early, am lvl 7 with jetpack character cw to lvl up the others. Searched everywhere for this game but couldnt find it untill i went on amazon, thank
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on 6 January 2012
This is an awsome game!! non stop blasts and explosions plus bugs are all you need to keep you entertained for a pretty long time.only downside are the graphics arent the best but all the action makes it worthwhile! i recommend it!!!!
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