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4.3 out of 5 stars32
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 11 February 2011
I've loved the Entourage shows and season 7 is still good, but running out of steam. Vince has an accident and starts to be a bit of a bad boy. Quite a good idea for a plot line as the character (and actor) were always a bit insipid during the earlier series runs. However, I'm not sure it works that well - he just comes across as bratty. Eric is growing up, together, at last, with Sloan (hooray!). The children, Turtle and Drama, are still doing the same old routines, but good fun. New character Scotty brings something to the party and there is the welcome return of Billy too. But really only Ari keeps this show going and I still think there would be mileage in an Ari spin-off.

Some pretty strong sex stuff in this series, including a really cringe-worthy episode of Ari having angry sex, and E and Sloan trying out ...well, you'll see for yourselves. It was embarrassing, or am I just getting old? Earlier series were less explicit, but sexier.

Anyway, I read a film is planned, but, surely, the show has come to the end of the line? It was great fun, though, on the whole - light, but very entertaining and Ari was always pure gold. Cheers, guys! Nice work one and all!
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on 29 June 2012
This was a very very bold move, to take the most fun and entertaining show there was, and substitute the glamour side of the fame by a much darker side. I am sure that they lost a lot of fans with this move, but those who continued watching it are amazed by what they just pulled off.
I want to give this season 6 stars; one for each of this amazing characters that kept Entourages signature humour intact:
-Vince's character finally gets more depth which makes this seasons plot the most interesting.
-E and Turtle show that they are so much more than just Vinces-guys
-Hands down Drama's best season out of the 8!
-There was a comeback I was waiting for: Billy Walsh...and what a comeback it is!
-Ari Gold, since Season 1 he is making the show and this season is no exception....he keeps dropping the best lines in HBO history while gaining an intriguing emotional side.

What a great season!
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Vince in freefall because of drink and drugs. Brother Drama desperate for work. Turtle with problems over a tequila deal. Ari reeling from unwelcome publicity, his marriage under threat. Eric, surprisingly calm in the circumstances, tries to hold everything together.

Season 7 focuses on darker issues - humour less evident, self-indulgences more explicit. Vince was once the key figure, he and his entourage mutually supportive. Now he has become shallow and tiresome, he the least likeable of the four. Turtle, in contrast, increasingly impresses. Kevin Dillon's Drama provides much of the comedy, he amusingly animated. Still stealing the show, Jeremy Piven's Ari tirades continue to turn the air blue. As ever, guest stars abound - most of them more familiar to an American audience.

An uneven series generally needing more drive, but it picks up towards the end.

10 episodes. Disc 1's helpful bonus is perhaps best watched first - a recap of the previous seasons, viewers thus better able to appreciate the significance of certain characters when they reappear, one in particular.

(The boxed set unexpectedly includes a third disc - the pilot of a new series by "Entourage" creators - "How to Make It in America", a lively streetwise team imaginatively striving to increase their income.)
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on 5 April 2012
Season 7 brings some good and some bad. First the good...

Personally I thought that Drama was hilarious in this season. He always had his moments, but here he really shines. I'm not gonna spoiler anything but at some points I just kept laughing really hard. Then there's Ari. Obviously the not so shining lead. He carried Entourage for at least season 4 to 6. Now he falls a little off, not so many moments anymore, but he's still brilliant.
There are also some small returns which I enjoyed but again, not spoiling anything...

Now the not so good - Vince. This guy brings the word annoying and naive to a new level. I mean he always had some weak moments like with Mandy, but the guys were always there to catch him up and get him back into line. Not so here. It's just annoying. Some times you just want to slap this kid in the face to get him back into reality. But then again, that is (probably) the hole point of this character, so job well done (still annoying as hell). Turtle also seems quite naive in the beginning, but he's still a good fella. E is not worth mentioning to be honest.

This season is definitely the weakest of them all. However, I still think it's enjoyable if you're a fan. Blu-Ray quality is good, but DVD would be fine aswell I think.
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on 28 September 2011
The show peaked at season 3 and leveled out in 4,5 & 6 but even in season 6 I laughed out loud.

Why in season 7 they decide to go with a slightly less humourless story line, less scenes with the boys all together, and vince being a different character.

It just hasnt worked for me at all... The only saving grace is Jeremy Piven without him this season would have scored a 2

Fans of the show have to watch this season and season 8 for closure, but the show should have finished at season 6
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on 16 October 2011
I love watching Entourage and it has been a very entertaining series. Season 7 is a bit weaker than the previous offerings but I really don't understand why they had to finish the season with no conclusions and make everyone buy another box set unless its purely to squeeze a little more cash out of it before the end. The episodes are only short so they should have been able to put all eighteen episodes into one season. To me season implies a complete story line. A bit dissapointing.
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on 30 September 2015
I am 100% an Entourage fan, if you are reading a review for Series 7 then you will likely have already watched the first 6 series and so don't need telling that this is yet another fantastical adventure that every grown man wishes they could either be in or even a small part of. Women, cars, parties, films, arguments, daft sometimes barely believable storylines...which could actually be happening!

As good as all the other series, easily.
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on 4 April 2014
It's just a fun and really entertaining series, you've got to see it. The cast is perfect, and Jeremy Piven as the dedicated agent who just has no limits to what he's willing to do for his clients, is the perfect man for this caracter. The other guys is also perfect in their roles, I'm loving each and one of them. Actually, I have nothing negative to say at all. Just see it - all the seasons - you'll love it!
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on 15 September 2011
Having been a big fan of the show I was disappointed with Season 7. Vince wasn't convincing in his new bad boy role; the humour has gone completely out of the show and I had to wait a long time for a laugh out loud moment, which was supplied by Ari as usual. The story lines were thin, as was the budget for this season I expect, as it all looked a bit cheap and cheerful. In one on of the episodes - the last one I think - the writers seemed to have completely lost the plot and just filled it with random quest appearances, which was cringy and just felt like someone name dropping. It was as if the plot was shaped to accommodate the QA's. I can just see it now, Mark Wahlberg phoning round his celeb friends asking them if they wanted to be on the show - for no real reason other then, he could do it. Overall, it felt like a diluted tired version of it self put together by a load mates one evening. Thanks for bringing Ari into our life's and I agree with another poster: JP should be given a spin off.
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on 4 February 2013
Entourage is simply one of the best shows around. The characters are immense & I think most people dream of living the 'A' lister lifestyle. Perfect programme to lie back & forget your worries.
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