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4.5 out of 5 stars40
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 8 May 2011
Wow! When I started Moon Spell I knew within a couple of pages that I was going to love this book. In that short time I already adored the main character and the writing and plot just totally grabbed my attention. The main character, Caia, starts off as a pretty quiet girl who keeps herself to herself. She knows the basics of her heritage, but not much more. As her situation changes, so does her need to know more about herself and her family, and I was right there with her. I really needed to know too! I watched as Caia grew to understand herself, her heritage, her friends and her enemies and wow, did she turn into one helluva cool kick-ass heroine!

Moon Spell is packed with all the paranormal creatures we love - witches, faeries, daemons (well, maybe we don't love them so much) and mostly, *swoon*, Lykans. I kinda have a thing for werewolves - not the grossly deformed kind from horror films, but the ones we have grown to know and love recently in YA books - the ones that actually look like huge wolfy mutts.

Samantha gave the chapters little titles too and I thought that was really fun. I do love it when authors just add these little extra touches. The only thing I didn't like much about this book was the cover. It's pretty plain and unassuming and I don't think it would have grabbed my attention much if I'd just been flittering around Amazon looking for something to read. I just think with a story like this there is so much more that could've been done with that cover.

Moon Spell had me laughing, crying and holding my breath for so long it hurt! It was most definitely a page turner for me. An exciting and enjoyable read and I would highly recommend this to fans of Young Adult paranormal and shape-shifter novels. I have already downloaded the other two books in the series!
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on 3 March 2011
I first bought the orignal paperback of this story and throughly enjoyed it. I then bought this revised version in kindle, wanting to make sure of any new plot directions.
Tired of reading the same repetition with vampire and werewolve novels i found this refreshing, the way in which Young has combined the greek mythology with that of the supernatural world is brilliant! I can't emphasis how much i loved this story and its characters its a definite read and leaves you craving the next installment. I read it within a day! A new twist on a popular subject and it works perfectly :)
If only the second part was out today! I'd eat it up right now!

BUY! :)
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on 26 June 2011
I didn't read any of the reviews on this book, I bought it as something different to read and I was ever so pleased I did! I was gripped from the very beginning and found it difficult to put it down (much to my husbands disgust!). As soon as I finished this, I bought the other two books of this trilogy immediately. Well worth the read, do not pass this trilogy up it would be a crying shame to miss these epic books!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 September 2010
Disturbingly delicious, Sam Young shines in her debut novel.

In LUNARMORTE, the first of a trilogy, we follow Caia, the newest member of a Lycan wolf pack, as she struggles to fit into a family she has never known. Adding to the list of her troubles is the pack leader, Lucien, who has the hots for her.

But when a friend goes missing, will she have the courage to do what's right and save her, or will she be too late?

Ms. Young is the latest author to jump on the werewolf craze, which she does with effortless style. She individualizes her tale with mythological roots and a fantastical world full of magic and endless possibilities. Young's characters take on a life of their own to the point where you can't help but believe they're real.

A fair warning, this intoxicating romance will leave you hungry for more!

Reviewed by: Monica Sheffo
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on 11 July 2011
wow, thats what I said as I put down this book after a night of none stop reading, this book was like nothing like I had read before. From the very first page, the book just draws you in. The characters are well thought out and each have their own agenda.
The book is about a 17 year old girl who finds out that after many years away from her family she can return, however her family is a pack of lykans (people who can turn into wolves in seconds) she soon becomes part of the family and makes friends. the book has many twists and turns that are sometimes not expected but I will not tell you more, you should read it for yourself.
The tension between the two main characters can become too much at times though, however the story is still strong and it doesn't ruin the story.
This book finally has a headstrong female character, Caia, who will not be put down and will do what she wants. I loved this book because it wasn't about another girl who has her battles fought for her while she cries in a corner, Caia is fully involved and and shapes the story.
A fantastic read when you have nothing to do for a few days because you will not be able to put it down.
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on 25 February 2012
Caia has spent her life isolated from the other wolves in her pack, with no friends or family except Irini. When she returns to the pack, it is a to mixed welcome - not everyone is glad to see her back. She knows little of pack life and even less about her own family history, and no-one wants to tell her what secrets they are keeping. When her own powers threaten their safety, something must be done, and pack leader Lucien must decide how to protect Caia and his pack.

Moon Spell is the first in a series about the war between good and evil paranormals. Caia, a 17 year old girl that is part of a werewolf pack, is stuck in the middle of the war although she has no idea why. Caia is a very likeable protagonist because she's got that kind of balance I love between being humble and being caring and also being able to stand up for herself. Mostly this is with Lucien, pack leader and alpha male, which leads to some tense but physically charged encounters between them. The suspense of when they might actually get together was superb and one of my favourite parts of the book!

The story was written from the dual perspective of both Caia and pack leader Lucien. I have to admit I love reading about the guy's perspective and in this case it really helped me understand the feelings, emotions and dilemmas behind Lucien's reactions. Although Caia can pick up other people's emotions and we can get a little insight into other characters during her narrative, there was the benefit of hearing his internal struggle between wanting to protect and be with Caia whilst needing to maintain status as aplha. Without this Lucien may have come across as a chauvinistic arse, but in reality he makes a great male lead, being strong, protective, physically domineering and yet vulnerable.

My one niggle were the few occasions when the flashbacks felt a little like information dumps, to catch us up on the pack history, world building and Caia's past. Although the information was really needed to help understand the context to how the pack lives and why certain prejudices exist, it still felt a little dry and awkward.

For what I understand is a self-published book, Samantha Young has done a great job. The writing and elaborate world building are fab, feeling fresh and exciting despite being about werewolves and witches, and the plot leaves so many questions and possibilities.

Ideal for fans of werewolf and paranormal romances, Moon Spell is fast paced and action packed with strong characters and a fiery romance.
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I am fascinated by the way this book bridges the classic and the contemporary in such a flawless way. The coming together of Greek mythology, of shapeshifters, vampires and even fairies holds this book together - with a sprinkle of romance, mystery and action, Lunarmorte is a fabulous start to a promising new trilogy!

Fresh and original, the book first introduces the reader into the background of the plot through its prologue. It's darn good introduction to the intricate plot, where interwoven with the classic Greek gods and goddesses are the supernatural creatures we love most: vampyres, lykans and fairies. I am amazed at how the author connects all these and still emerge with a clear, concise and detailed plot. I was completely captured, and that was just the prologue!

The characters, particularly Caia and Lucien, are a joy to read and watch grow together. Their attraction is evident and boy does it sizzle! There are twists in the romance which I never guessed coming, and to top it off, a third party whom I seriously adore. Great recipe for a romantic read and one which a romance lover like me cannot resist! Just a quick note though - the book gets a little descriptive at some point, so the book may not be suitable for younger teens. It is not too graphic, but it is still for much older audience. On a side note, I'm sure readers will enjoy Lucien. Brooding, mysterious and possessive, he's one hot catch. He definitely has my vote for Caia!

The pack as a whole are a colourful bunch - the characters both primary and secondary are fully developed and their personalities are well defined. Within the group, there are those whom I had grown to love and hate, annoy and pity. The connection and the bond of the pack to each other is well established and admirable - Caia's adjustment into the lykan community is shown step by step and her integration into it is well played. I loved reading about the practices and tradition of the pack - definitely thumbs up!

Mysteries abound in Lunarmorte. My theories were obviously far from the twists and ultimate truth, but it was hugely enjoyable to guess and search for clues. There is humour present, and best of all, action and tension is also prominent towards the end of the book.

Having said that, Lunarmorte is indeed a well written novel. However, there are a few inconsistencies in the flow of the writing - sometimes certain phrases and words which appear to be a misfit in the general flow of the narrative. This does not occur frequently though, so it may only be an editing overlook. Speaking of which, there seem to be a lot of that happening, because punctuations and typos are everywhere. I am one of those who are very sensitive about it so it did irritate me. This may be a reflection on the editing - so I think if this is corrected, the book would feel more polished. There is also a little drag that occurs in the middle of the book - although Lunarmorte did made up for it in the end.

Yup, you'd want to pick Lunarmorte one up and read it - I myself am already looking forward to the next book!
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on 20 November 2011
If you're looking for a happy ending, look elsewhere. This a Young Adult fantasy romance that leaves you feeling somewhat cheated.

It's also full of glaring errors in puctuation, grammar and spelling, and the age gap between the two main characters made me feel uncomfortable whenever I was reminded of it. The heroine was 17 when she had her first sexual experience with a man ten years older, and that just made the hero feel too much like a paedophile to me for me to really get on board with it.

The character development is a bit hit and miss, but you really do feel Caia's sense of betrayal and how that could take her from being a quiet wallflower to a little miss. The relationship development is intense, and I can understand why she couldn't get past Lucien's lies, too. It felt a bit rushed in places while slow in others, but my biggest complaint is that when I pick up what I think is a romance book, I want that happy ending.

I couldn't put it down because I wanted to know how things would work out, but it's not something I'd want to read again.
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on 28 November 2011
The past six months I have read a LOT of young adult fantasy, whether it was about vampires, werewolves, fairies etc. and to be honest I was becoming bored and tried to find something new.

However after reading several reviews to this book I was steered right back and you know what? I am happy I purchased this book. It has a different uptake on werewolves and I really liked the characters. You get a real feel to the background about the different creatures in the book, which helps make this book complete.

Also, just when you think you know where the plot was going, you soon find you were mistaken and you love it all the more!

Cannot wait to buy the other books! I definitely a recommended book for any fantasy enthusiasts.
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on 16 October 2013
Now I actually liked the beginning and plot of this book. I saw all the good reviews of this book. So I initially read the sample and really liked it, I decided that I would buy this book and was at the edge of my seat ... until I got to around 40-50%. But honestly I really think that the people who gave this book five stars were reading something completely different.
The problem I had with this book was that it was such a let down from around the middle. There was hardly any character development. Now from the beginning I like Caia, the main character, but as the story went on she really started to get...annoying.
She went from being quite and independent to power hungry. She had a crush on the alpha (who I might add is 27, and Caia I only 17) then decides that she doesn't really love him, then had intercourse with him (when this book is supposedly a 'YA')
Then she kept going on about how many times she was lied to... I mean, I understand that she was lied to about serious stuff, but come on , everyone had already explained to her that it was only for her safety-then she did say she forgave them. Then randomly around the end , she brought it up again, then started with the stupid accusations.
Not only that, but her best friend I kidnapped and all she seems to do is turn everything into about herself...
If not for the character being so annoying, I would have liked this book...
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