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4.5 out of 5 stars392
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 4 April 2011
I love this film - the story - the actors - the songs - the dances - the costumes - this is definitely going to be one of those films I watch over and over again.
If you don't like musicals then obviously you won't like this but if you like a film with loads of atmosphere then at least go and rent it - I guarantee you will be singing the songs for weeks after.
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on 23 January 2011
I have watched Burlesque at the cinema twice! It's a fun good feel film. Christina has done a good job in her first acting role and Cher is a plasure as always. I loved the songs and the choreography!

I totally recommend this for a night in with friends and drinks!
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Cher is a good singer. But she is also a brilliant actress. And my goodness, so is Christina Aguilera.

This is a typical rags to riches, unlikely-star-makes-it-against-the-odds tale, but it is very well acted and directed, gorgeous to look at, and the music is brilliant. Christina Aguilera steals the picture, both acting and singing. I am a middle-aged cynical typical grumpy old man, and I am not exactly a huge fan of her work, it's not quite my thing, but that moment where, in response to an attempted sabotage of her mimed act (everyone mimes up to this point) she opens her mouth and actually sings for the first time, sends shivers up my spine and makes what little hair I have left stand on end. What a voice.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 23 September 2015
Ali (Christina Aguilera) hasn't been given the chance to sing at the club, even though she obviously can, but suddenly she's sent on to do a solo. A mean girl pulls the power as she's about to lip-synch, someone says to lower the curtain, and she starts, a cappella, to belt; Tess orders the curtain to be stayed. She belts out some more lines of the intro. Silence in the club. This is really something. And then she sings Tough Love, really raunchy, the power miraculously restored, the backing singers in place, although it's not the song she was meant to do ... This is a typical moment from Burlesque, a film that cannot be taken seriously, but is a lot of fun in its ludicrous way. Christina sings a lot, nearly always belting it out, as if imitating Cher. Her hair looks wonderful, falling in tumbling ringlets that vary in tightness from scene to scene - bouncing in the street, tight and glossy for the sexy numbers ... in all seriousness, she does look good. Cher looks like a goddess, also with fantastic hair. She has such charisma, even in such nonsense, or maybe especially in it ... her face is totally fascinating. A scene where she puts on Christina's makeup for her is gorgeous, as Cher's eyes and lips are so spellbinding. She sings two songs in which she shows how belting can become something more. Her repartee with her assistant, played by Stanley Tucci, is very effective - and he enhances the film a lot. As does the lovely Cam Gigandet as the love interest. He has a very funny seduction scene in which he keeps coming through Ali's bedroom in one item of clothing less - very charming - protecting his modesty with just a box of biscuits. The story concerns the Burlesque club which is threatened with closure, even with its new star performer, who has had a difficult life but has discovered self-expression through singing. The direction by Steven Antin, who also wrote the screenplay, is perhaps a bit too frantic, jumping around constantly, but it is not unsuited to the subject-matter - it is a very enjoyable experience and a treat for those who like panda eyes on both sexes ...
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 September 2013
Christina plays a small town girl who leaves town and her Mickey Mouse life and heads to LA during the credits. In LA she is attracted to a 1920's style burlesque club. The small club puts on a large theater type show with costumes and a band. So even with the $20 cover charge, on a great night they wouldn't come close to breaking even, let alone pay the band, which is more like a small orchestra. I'm not sure why they even have a band since most of the girls lip sync. The club has a surreal appearance and the men who work there are dressed as gang characters from "Clockwork Orange" complete with the derby and eye make-up, although they incorrectly make-up both eyes instead of just one.

Christina works as a waitress at the club and desires to be a star on this sinking ship. The star of the show is a problem child who shows up late and has an attitude. It doesn't take any imagination to figure out how this turns out. Christina belts out a few good numbers, but when she is not singing and dancing she really isn't acting. Cher does a fine job of acting and makes the rest of the crew look like a high school drama club.

Cher belts one out too. This movie is set up as a "pass the torch" symbolism. We saw how well that worked with the Madonna/Brittney/Christina kiss-NOT!

The movie is worth 5 stars on the strength of Christina's singing and Cher's acting.
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on 3 August 2011
Singers don't have a great reputation for making the change from song to the big screen. If you think back to Mariah Carey being in her own film, you will remember why. Christina Aguilera seems to be changing that though. Everyone knows that Aguilera has one hell of a voice but this film does nothing but showcase that even more. Songs used are designed to make the most of her powerful range but is also able to show that she can pull of a great slow song as well when needed. Her acting ability is not anywhere near as bad as I was expecting it to be. As a character, Ali is likable but the problem here was that she was extremely underwritten. We only really get to learn a little bit about her at the beginning of the film where she works as a waitress and barely gets paid for it but after that, we barely get anything more. After her move to LA, Ali's character goes downhill and would have been completely terrible had Aguilera saved her with being great at the burlesque scenes.

Cher, another big name, who has previously been in films, does a great job but again, underused. As Tess, the owner of the Burlesque Lounge, Cher brings a subtlety to her character which makes her extremely likable. Although she starts off as quite hard and seeming to be uncaring, it quickly becomes clear that she is a lot more than that. Cher doesn't get much time on screen to use her great singing voice and I was disappointed by this. I wanted to see Cher rocking the stage a big more and to give Aguilera a run for her money but it was not to be. Some other big names grace us with this presence in this film too. Stanley Tucci is fantastic as the gay best friend which is a role he is getting his name for now. He was the one who added the softer and more relatable side to Tess and brought more out of her.

Burlesque has an amazing soundtrack and one that I now own after watching the film. With a great range of songs from The Beautiful People to Bound To You, there is surely at least one song which everyone will like. Not only does this film have some nice, upbeat numbers but there is also one amazing power ballad which Aguilera knocks out of the park. Bound To You is by far my favourite song on the soundtrack and with its beautiful lyrics and with Aguilera's voice behind it, I was instantly in love with it. Aguilera co wrote some of the songs and big time producer Tricky Stewart (who's other works include Single Ladies, Umbrella and Me Against The Music) puts his name behind the majority of the songs and with this combination, it was bound to be a success.

The dancing, the burlesque, was great to watch even if I don't know that much about the style. It was provocative and entertaining without going too far at any point. While the dancers do a fine job, I think that Julianne Hough was seriously underused as Georgia. You may know her from Dancing With The Stars or probably better known as Derek Hough's little sister but either way, she is an amazing dancer but this wasn't really shown. Hough is also playing Ariel in the remake of Footloose next year where I think again, her dancing ability will not be used to its full potential. That being said, I would happily pay to go and see something like this for real, even if they style isn't exactly what burlesque truly is. The dance numbers made the film a whole lot more entertaining and I loved it.

Overall, Burlesque is not a film for everyone. It is a lovely easy watch that will suit girls perfectly if they want a little romance and some great dance/ music numbers. It will also suit guys due to the racy dance numbers which I'm sure they will be able to appreciate. Not an amazing film but entertaining nonetheless.
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on 16 June 2011
I loved this film. Had seen it before and loved it so much decided to buy it as I know I will watch it over and over again as I do with Chicago and Cabaret. Burlesque is very much the same as these two films.
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on 21 September 2012
I bought this as I love a good chick flick, expecially if it has some good music and dancing in it. Given the cast includes Cher and Christina I was pretty optimistic about it.

The story follows small town girl Ali as she moves to LA to try and become a star. After a day of unsuccessful atempts to find a job, she stumbles on Burlesque, owned by Tess (Cher) and sets out to get a spot on the stage. At this point you start to feel like you are watching any number of other similar films (Cayote Ugly, Make it Happen etc)

Don't get me wrong, the dancing and costumes and great, but the songs are only ok with none being particulalry memorable. Ali often comes off as whiney or just completely unrealistic while Tess seems to just yell at people a lot. The bonding moment between Tess and Ali is cringe worthy and doesn't feel real. I did enjoy Kristen Bell as the opposition to Ali, she played the egotistical star well. The 2 male leads are charming and defeintely nice to watch. Cam Gidget provides a surprising amount of comedy to the film.

Overall this film has some good points but if you are looking for a good "small town girl makes it in the big city" I would stick with Cayote Ugly.
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on 23 January 2011
I was so happy to see two of my all time favourite Women starring the same Film... Burlesque!
We all know Christina Aguilera has the greatest voice of all time but she can act too; she is funny and charming in her debut acting role, though of course next time i hope for a much meatier part, im sure she will shine.
Cher was Great as always but sometimes her angry face looks more like she's trying to go to the toilet; that is my only criticism of her.
Burlesque is full of Music, love, Beautiful Women and an almost fully naked Cam Gigandet! It's amazing and im so glad to see it's getting a great reaction from the box office and critics.
Christina Aguilera has never disappointed but is constantly evolving as an artist; she is a Legend in her own right and i can't wait to see what is coming next.
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on 3 June 2016
This film completely passed me by on it's initial release. I hadn't even heard of it until 5 years later when I came across this Blu Ray by accident. Yes---it's premise borrows heavily from Cabaret and Coyote Ugly. And yes the critics are probably right in calling it campy and cliché. But I thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless To add my own cynical two penneth, it does indeed take short cuts in ignoring the harsh reality knock backs of a struggling artist in favour of the more glossy contrived route of making it big, but when it comes to Cher and Christine Aguilar I forgive them. Especially when it comes to Christine Aguilar! Boy -----What a revelation! Just like Cher in her starting out days, Christine Aguilar can also bloody well act! So total kudos to her in me also giving her a belated 5 star Amazon thumbs up. And since I'm a 55 year old Englishman, hopefully that sways some positive opinion across all age groups!
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