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on 5 April 2011
From what i have experienced i must say this Headphone is by far the best item i have bought online lately. Delivery was bang on time... Packaging was excellent and the item inside it was in top notch condition (And Exactly as shown online)....
Now for rating I have only rated this 4 out of 5, only just because of some minor drawbacks (not much to worry about)....
Rating's Out Of 10:-

Sound Quality
= 8 [Good All Round Sound Quality With Enough Bass And Volume]

Build Quality
= 7 [Looks Flimsy Might Not Last Ages But Should Last Enough Though If Handled With Care]

Battery Life
= 9 [Good Full Charge Lasts Enough]

= 9 [Easy Connection To Almost Every Blue-tooth Device, Works With Iphone]

= 10 [About 10meters, What Can You Except From A Blue-tooth Connection Device]

= 7 [ Barely Fits If Worn On Top Of A Cap But Other Than That Quite Comfortable]

= 8 [Media Keys Very Handy]

Value For Money
= 10 [As I Said Earlier, Worth Every Penny]

That's 8.5 Rating Out Of 10.... Almost Hope You Find This Helpful...
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on 6 June 2011
I was considering buying a more expensive Bluetooth headset but for the price I gave the 7dayshop headset a go. I was surprised at how well it works. Synced with my iPhone for both music and calls. The controls worked with both iPod and Spotify apps. The battery life is fantastic, I only need to charge it only once or twice a week - much better than expected.

The headset is comfortable enough to wear all day and doesn't fall off easily when running. It's not sweat proof like the jaybird but it is reasonably resistant to water as I've used it in the rain and the shower without any adverse affects

Now the downside.
Instead of using a standard USB cable to charge it uses a proprietary/obscure cable so when I lost it after the first day charging became a problem (which is how I discovered how long the battery lasts). I found the cable eventually so now I am just more careful

The syncing with iPhone was seamless but with my Mac Book Pro it sees it as a Nokia phone but I got around it using the set up Bluetooth device wizard but sometimes (it prevents skype from working). I believe these to be Apple OSX issues more than the device though.

The microphone works fine in quite conditions but background noise does become a problem if trying to use in less than ideal conditions, wind makes it completely unusable.

In the winter the headset is great for keeping ears warm but makes it difficult to wear a hat over or under. In the summer it can be uncomfortably warm to wear.

Although it functions well it does look and feel a bit cheap when compared to Seinhiesser or Jaybird equivalents.

Range is a little less than typical for Bluetooth. Generally you would expect 10meters in clear conditions but in some cases the distance from my trouser pocket to my head was too great and I got stuttering - other times I can be in the next room 5-6 meters away and it is fine. Most of the time I use it within 2meters and it is fine.

Great value for money - if you don't have the money to splash out on a more expensive brand.

Sound quality (music): 8
Sound quality (calls): 9
Microphone quality: 6
Range: 4
Comfort: 8
Build quality: 7
Value: 8
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on 21 May 2014
It charges pretty quick and it last more than a day. Good, but after 2 months the right ear is not working, no sound come through and I didn't use it that much, it was ocassional use only. Sad, but just bought a better one.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 7 March 2013
After my Sony headphones broke down on me, I thought I'd order a pair of wireless headphones after getting sick of a fiddling with a 2m cord and opted for these. I can honestly say that this is one of the best purchases I've made in a long time.
-Very comfortable. The foam on the earpieces on my Sony headphones used to hurt my ears after wearing them for a long time. No such issue with these ones, even after wearing them for around 5 hours non stop.
-It's also not too heavy to cause strain or discomfort on your head and not too light that it feels like you're wearing nothing at all.
-Beautiful sleek design. I have received many complements about how gorgeous these are.
-Simy impeccable battery life: a 3 hour charge can last me around 10-12 hours of non stop listening; very useful for long shifts at work.
-Great range. I'd leave my iPhone 5 in my room and walk around the house whilst still listening to music.
-Theres a microphone so I can respond to calls with this without taking my phone out of my pocket and also use it to talk on my PS3. I wasn't aware of this feature upon purchase and only realise after it had arrived. Very pleasantly surprised.
-There's a skip, previous, volume up, volume down and pause button which work as expected on my iPhone.
-While the sound quality is good, it's not excellent. The bass is almost absent. I don't listen to too much techno/dubstep, so this isn't much of an issue but a bit of bass on my Red Hot Chili Peppers and Oasis collections would have been nice. But at this price, and all the positives I have seen so far, I can't complain.
To conclude, this is an excellent headset at a great price. You will not be disappointed!
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on 29 May 2011
Call me sad, but these have really improved my quality of life. I've looked for *years* for a decent handsfree bluetooth set. I rather baulked at the price when I saw these, but I'm so glad that I bought them. I can now finally potter about in the garden, happily listening to my favourite radio programs via iplayer or podcasts etc. Before I purchased these, it was either use irritating headphones that always fell out as I was digging, or strain to hear the tinny tones of my iphone speaker. They're not just good for gardening, either, obviously but great for doing anything where you'd like to listen to music or audio unencumbered and where a radio/desktop isn't appropriate.

Of course, they are also fantastic for handsfree conversations on the phone. I live a very busy life so it's really useful to be able to chat to friends whilst also getting on with the housework etc. I find that the mic seems to pick up speech very well and there's none of that "underwater effect" that I've experienced with previous handsfree sets. There's also the joy of not having some fiddly little clip on mic that keeps on sliding away from your mouth; these just stay there without thinking about them or constantly having to readjust them.

I didn't buy them for this reason, but I think they look pretty good too - others have actually commented positively on them when I wear them out. I've got a big head and I find them comfortable so would anticipate that they would fit most people. The range isn't, in my experience, fantastic, but they seem ok in the same room and as I use them with my iphone, it's not hard to slip it in my pocket. They go for quite a while on one charge, in my experience. I love them so much that I took to carrying the charging cable around with me and managed to lose it. I was quite distraught at the prospect of not being able to use them and emailed 7 day shop customer services. They don't actually sell separate charging cables, but a couple of days later, one turned up in the post from them, gratis. Now, that's what I call customer service! All the same, I would recommend getting a spare cable from ebay when you purchase these - if you get as attached to them as I have, you may want a spare in case!

In short, if you're looking for great bluetooth headphones/handsfree set that won't slip about irritatingly, from a reliable company with good customer support, you've just found them!
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on 6 February 2011
7dayshop Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones / Headset With Microphone - Retro Headband Style with USB Charger
No wires, no ear buds falling out of the ears and an excellent sound from my ipod touch. The Bluetooth connection is easily made. The only drawback is that it is rather tight on the ears so making it uncomfortable after a while.
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on 14 August 2012
Firstly, it has to be said that these aren't too bad as Headbands go. Perhaps a little uncomfortable after prolonged use (maybe that's just my big head - I don't know).

I actually bought my headband direct from 7DAYSHOP and there was not much instructions included, and I had the most stressful time trying to connect these to my Windows 7 desktop and read literally 100's of blogs and forums to try to decipher it. It is pretty simple once done and thus, this review is simply to outline the procedure to use with Windows 7 appliances - hopefully it will assist someone along the way.

1) ensure the headset is turned off
2) right click the bluetooth icon in the system tray.
3) select "add device".
4) as the computer tries to search for your headband (while off), press and hold the power button longer than usually required to turn it on (until it begins to flash red & blue)
5) your computer should now find your headset, when it appears, double click it (at this point it may give you an error to the effect of unable to pair device, if it does, click try again and it WILL go through)
6) you will be given a list of three options; ask the computer to generate a PIN to connect device, there is no code input on device (even though there isn't, do not select this option), or enter code manually (SELECT THIS OPTION)
7) when prompted enter the code "0000" on your computer
8) your PC will begin to install drivers
9) when completed successfully, right click on the volume/audio control icon in the system tray
10) select "playback devices"
11) click on (to highlight) "Bluetooth Audio Renderer"
12) click on "Set Default" (located at the bottom of the window)

Your headband should now be fully functional as a wireless bluetooth audio output - but don't forget to set the speakers back to default after headband use.

I found this procedure extremely frustrating, yet it is very simple, there is just very little instructions available to help you through it. I found that if the said steps were not followed to the letter, all sorts of failed drivers would be installed etc.

Again, hope this helps.
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on 31 May 2012
Firstly, the information booklet is clear and simple, after charging the headphones for about an hour I was immediately able to connect it to my phone and start listening to music. I tested the mic during a couple of phone calls and there were no problems. Very simple. Another feature was the fact that it can be used in games consoles and I was able to connect it to my PS3. Finally I can also connect it to my Mac and listen to music and easily talk on Skype. The range is great and music does not get distorted. Overall, I bought this product for the sole purpose of listening to music without having to sort out the nuisance that is wires. What I got was exactly this and more. I'm extremely pleased with this product and as of yet I haven't had any problems whatsoever. The only drawback is the fact that after a while, my ears begin to ache but that might just be me. I would highly recommend it to anyone as its price is tremendously low yet the product has great quality.

PS. Yes it fits everyone's heads lol, first I thought that my head size was too big but then I found out that you are able to increase the length and therefore it fit my head perfectly. I WAS JUMPING FOR JOY AFTER THAT! ***Great product***
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on 6 June 2011
For some time I've wanted to say goodbye to wires & purchase a set of Bluetooh headphones but the pricing & variable quality put me off so when I heard about these & read the reviews, I took the plunge & ordered a set.
The sound quality is excellent & the headphones are comfortable but I wouldn't like to wear them (or any other set)for a prolonged length of time. I can leave my Ipod touch in any room & walk around the house without any fade or break down in the sound quality.
These are a doddle to "pair", just follow the instructions & you are ready to go in no time.
Battery life is very inpressive, I've recently fully charged them & went away for a week, leaving the charging cable at home & they lasted although used for 3+ hours a day. Excellent.

If you are a music fan who doesn't enjoy having plastic buds stuck in your ear, these are perfect for you.

Two of my friends have now purchased sets & everybody raves about them. The only negative is some people (pointy heads?) find them uncomfortable to wear after an hour or so but this customer rates them a 5 star purchase.

You cannot go wrong at this price. Check out the competition. These are a bargain.
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on 1 March 2012
These are great set of bluetooth headphones with decent build and sound quality. They paired with my PC, Laptop and Smartphone (Nokia Lumia 800) with no problems and audio playback is great. I mainly use them with my smartphone on journeys to work and am very impressed that they maintain clear audio playback when my phone is my pocket. A great bonus with these headphones is there are audio controls buttons on the right ear side (volume and track skipping), so I can easily skip through tracks and control volume without needing to keep pulling my phone out of my pocket.

Audio quality is decent, plenty of bass and generally OK. They are also pretty comfortable for wearing, though long periods of use will probably start to irritate your ears, they also make your ears quite warm after a while, so in the summer months it might be a bit uncomfortable. Apart from that for the price and very impressive Bluetooth connectivity these are a great pair of headphones.
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