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4.3 out of 5 stars63
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 7 October 2009
If, like me, you are scared of the big 'D' in your last year of university then you have to purchase this book. The author clearly states that the book doesnt need to be read cover to cover but used as a reference guide, which I have been doing. The author also explains everything so simply s not to confuse you even more.
If you're confused at what needs to be included in a dissertation proposal, it tells you whats needed plus more handy hints to make sure you get top marks. If you dont undestand research methods, the book goes over many methods and analysis techniques.
I could go on about how good this book is, but really, I recommend it to all who is about to write a dissertation or half way through and hit that brick wall.
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on 6 June 2012
Gotta say I couldn't have done my dissertation without this book! It was brilliant and guides you through each section step by step with checklists so you know you have everything covered. If I hadn't had this book I definitely would have panicked a lot more and not got as good a grade for my dissertation! The only thing I can think of that I needed a bit more guidance on was statistical analysis and qualitative data analysis, but that is because it was specific to my course and dissertation and a general book like this would never be able to cover everything for every dissertation. Still, it was worth every penny and is a fantastic resource to base your dissertation structure on.
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on 4 November 2012
This book is well written and easy to understand. it is a must have item for any student undertaking their final year dissertation. I am a dyslexic student and I have found it easy to understand and read.Writing a Dissertation For Dummies
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on 16 February 2012
I have purchased this textbook as I am in my final year of BA (Hons) Business and Finance, and this book has proved to be invaluable in writing my dissertation.
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on 26 February 2012
One of the problems with writing a book on this subject is that different institutions and, within them, different programmes, each have their own, often slightly different, dissertation requirements. Furthermore, the individualistic nature of each student's dissertation is such that the recipe book approach adopted by this book is of limited value.

Before you buy this book check the contents page and see how this compares with the format and content requirements that apply to your dissertation. Some of the sections e.g. Literature Review - will be the same but look at the detail and you might see significance differences.

You're unlikely to find a single book that has all the answers to your questions - they're all too general. My advice would be to buy/borrow separate books. One on Methodology, another on writing a literature review etc. and, above all, study your programme's handbook.
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on 2 December 2009
This book takes you through the whole process in a clear and direct way with every aspect explained informatively without wasting any valuable time. It will be by my side until the whole process is over!
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on 11 April 2010
I agree with the above to a certain extent - the book is very good for handy hints. However, the grammatical errors that are scattered through the book put me off somewhat, and I found it difficult to trust advice from someone who couldn't thoroughly read through their own work.
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on 7 March 2012
an easy to read book and points you in the direction of where you need to be in the book for further help
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on 31 March 2012
As a teacher of English to speakers of other languages, I am often approached for advice by students who are facing for the first time the task of writing an extended piece of work in a language which is not their first. I'm happy enough dealing with the linguistic side of their difficulties, but I usually find the bigger problem is their unfamiliarity with the whole area of independent research and writing. So I recently downloaded a couple of books on thesis writing to my Kindle, to see if I could find something to recommend to them.

In terms of content, this book would not be at (or near) the top of my list. I found it very uninspiring, and regularly rather superficial and trite. In part, I think this stems from the rather rigid structure shared by all "For Dummies" books. When I needed an introduction to Photoshop, I found many of the non-traditional features of the text were quite user-friendly and generally beneficial. With a topic as subtle as writing a thesis, they felt much more like distracting fripperies. However, I should make it clear that the book did have some useful guidance to offer, and I certainly wouldn't suggest that any of its advice was actually harmful (which I could say about some things I've read on the subject).

Perhaps I would have been happier with the paper version of this book. But the Kindle version has a number of major faults, which combined to make the experience of trying to read the text quite miserable. I'm getting quite used by now to the non-existent copy-editing and proofreading of many "professionally" published books, so it wasn't a surprise to see missing words, added words, words running together with no space, and so on. But the whole text is riddled with breaches of the standard guidelines for Kindle publishing, and it's difficult to decide how far they reflect simple incompetence, and how far contempt for the reader.

Under incompetence, let's list:
Two cover images.
A huge and virtually unusable table of contents, but no link to it in the "Go to..." menu.
A total of seven navigation points accessible via the 5-way controller, namely the introduction and the six "Parts". What, not even one for each chapter?
The ubiquitous graphics used to highlight important or useful material are smudgy and indistinct, to the point of being uncomfortable to look at.

And contempt for the reader:
The entire text, except for second-level(!?) headings, is given a left margin of about 10%.
The entire text is set with ragged right margin.
Paragraphs are not demarcated with either first-line indent or inter-paragraph spacing.
And to cap it all, they actually have the gall to override my chosen text size. This is unforgivable.

The combined effect of all of these factors was to turn what should have been a fairly easy read into a deeply unpleasant experience. In future, I'll think long and hard before risking my money on a "For Dummies" book in Kindle format.
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on 21 September 2013
This book was basically my bible this year! It contains everything you need to know about the dissertation process, and I mean EVERYTHING - the formatting, wordspace, reference/bibliography lists and fantastic advice to develop your critical analysis skills further to get an excellent mark. The writer has a great, non-patronising writing style and explains everything in great detail, even splitting the chapters into non-empirical and empirical dissertations for easy reference. It helped me write a dissertation worth 1st class honours, so I definitely recommend it for any 3rd year student about to start the momentous task of planning, preparing and writing up their dissertation.
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