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on 17 July 2011
I was previously using a Flymo with a 30L collection box. When the motor burnt out, I started looking at reviews.

I have never been a keen gardener, and the thought of spending more than £50 on a device to complete a job I have always looked on as a chore seemed a waste of money.

I also have a small garden.

Having read reviews, the entire Bosch Rotak range was obviously brilliant and well liked by users. My In-Laws, who have a large garden and are keen gardeners, recommended the Rotak, suggesting a 32 would be enough for me. However, reading more reviews, the 40 sounded amazing, and the smaller units were perhaps prone to being a little less robust.

The only negative reviews I'd seen about the Rotak 40 was that it was heavy, and the grassbox was complicated to put together. Therefore, I took the plunge. I could have bought it £5 cheaper from another site, but paid more knowing Amazon would be easier to return it to if required.

OK, the 50L grassbox takes a few minutes to line-up the sections correctly, but you only do it once, and it feels strong when assembled.

And I agree, the mower is heavy, but if it wasn't, it wouldn't have done such a great job on my lawns.

I was previously spending 2 hours a fortnight mowing my lawns, cutting edges and sweeping up. This was in part because my Flymo did not successfully collect the cuttings, so I ended up doing each line twice....once to cut, once to vacuum up the cuttings. This mower negates the need for that, and I realised the light-weight nature of my Flymo, and obviously the hover design, caused it to sit 'high', on top of my mossy lawns, trimming very little.

The Rotak 40 is heavy, but this means it gets into my mossy grass brilliantly, and the large motor copes well with 'digging in'. I'm a 35 year old bloke, so the weight is not an issue.

The 'side gather' design, which drags grass in from the edge of the mower, works well when skirting walls, so I use my dreaded strimmer less.

And it collects cuttings perfectly, so no more sweeping. Both lawns are done in half an hour, and I even have stripes!

I cannot recommend this mower enough. The only serious negative I have is that it has turned me into a lawn-bore! Sorry to you all.
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on 4 May 2011
The Bosch Rotak was delivered promptly from the supplier. I bought it as a replacement for my trusty Mountfield Princess which lasted nearly 20 years with trouble free operation! Decided this one looked a bit lighter and I was getting older! Also the reviews on Amazon were very good.

As soon as I put it together the trouble started. First of all I experienced the same problem as other reviewers - the screws would not fit in the rods that connect with the base. I managed to get them to hold, projecting from the rod, and duly mowed my lawn - which I must say was a very good cut. After the mowing the screws had worked loose and this could have been a considerable hazard had the parts separated whilst on the move!

Also the snap clip on one side which held the handlebar onto the metal poles also snapped - well it was only plastic after all so beware and use light pressure only!

I duly phoned the Bosch warrantly line immediately. They collected the mower the very next day, duly repaired the whole thing (the screws now fit!) and returned within a week. In short, excellent Bosch customer service. However the fact that I am the 3rd to mention in these reviews about the screws not fitting is an indictment of Bosch quality control.

And no - unlike the other reviewers I am not prepared to drill holes into a product which is allegedly quality and may invalidate the warranty. That is up to the manufacturer who hopefully will learn from his mistakes.....

So in summary, great mower, great customer service from Bosch but what a shame so many of us seem to have the same problem.. wonder how long it will last.......
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on 8 May 2011
This is a good mower for the price,much better than my motor mower in cutting the grass,
you can adjust it to the length that suits your lawn weather its rough and bumpy or smooth.

The lead could have been a little longer though there is no problem using an extension,
I did find that trying to adjust the height the first time it didn't want to move but if you tilt
it, it will adjust OK after that no problem.

I am 84 with a big expanse of grass but found no problem pushing the mower.
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on 31 March 2011
Quick and simple to assemble and cuts the grass so easily. The grass box is a good size and empties without the usual shaking.
Not cheap but probably a good buy over several years.
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on 19 November 2011
This mower almost qualified for a 5* rating [but not quite]. It would have done so had there been a more elegant engineering solution to the way in which the handles were secured to the deck. Self tapping screws - which were initially difficult to turn before one applied a little brute strength - may be the cheapest way of doing this, but surely a company of the stature of Bosch could have come up with something like a pre-tapped arrangement secured by allen bolts?

That gripe aside, the mower itself is very stylish. It's light, powerful and commendably quiet. The cable guide is a neat little feature and height adjustment of the cut is simplicity itself. The grass box detaches quickly for emptying, too. The stripes left on the lawn are a bonus.

In summary, a very good lawnmower that should have been great. But then the devil is often in the detail!
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on 21 March 2011
I was in need of a new lawn mower and after doing some research the Bosch Rotak range seemed to be the most popular. Glad I listened to others! This Lawnmower was great, easy to put together, although there are not written instructions so some people may find it more difficult just following pictures. The handle bars needed to be screwed into the base which originally were very stiff and didnt screw in fully, so i had to drill the holes to make them slightly larger, after this it was a doddle, everything else just clicked into place.

This mower made short work of my garden which measures 25m long, the push buttons on the handles make the job a breeze, there are number of ways you can hold the mower which make it more comfortable to use. You cannot accidently switch the mower on either as you need to hold the middle button down and then press and hold any of the four other buttons.

The 50L box did its job, no mess with grass cuttings spilling or making a mess on the lawn. Very easy to remove to empty it and it just slots back into place when ready. You can of course use the mower without it too.

The mower has a useful handle on the top so carrying it is easier, although because it is quite large you may need both hands.

Apart from the handle bars i'm not sure what difference this has compared to the older model (Bosch Rotak 40).
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on 13 May 2014
Love to get my hands on the accountant who said with can save a penny by not having comprehensive assembly instructions in all languages. The graphics whilst not appalling can never by themselves do the job of written instructions as well.I thought good marketing was giving people what they wanted/needed ?

I've just spent 40 mins slowly putting this together and being a practical sort I would say it was fiddly but not difficult.

A couple of hints ...Thanks to a previous comment I put the two self tapping screws in first in handle before putting the handle in the slot.As was said before this helps by cutting the self tapped thread....making for ease when each handle is then slotted in ,So put each screw in then remove each the screw before inserting the handle and then puttiing the screws in again. look at the screw head and find a biggish chunky flat blade screwdriver that fits the full width of the slot and screw it all the way does get a bit tight......keep going till it firms up.

That's it easy now assemble the handle looking at the's all easy..........Next tricky thing is the assembly of the grass cuttings box. Take it indoors and do it on the kitchen table.......its hard enough even at a comfortable working height................don't play around with it on the ground. Now make yourself a cup of are nearly there..

The sides go together easily........ the top is more of a challenge.........start with the central back connector and work your way round both sides ....all the time looking inside to see which connectors are have seated.......push gently together any connectors the aren't seating properly...this is also a chance to try out any new swear words to hurl abuse at the designers.
Make sure they are all connected..............that's about it .....hope this helps someone.
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on 5 April 2012
Just to correct other reviewers comments about the screw hole size in the metal tubing. Fit the screws in the tubing "before" fitting the tubing into the plastic frame. The screws are intentionally tight and cut a thread in the metal tube as they are screwed in. Once they are screwed in, you can remove them and then proceed as per the instructions, the screws will then fit easily, as the threads have been "pre-cut".
Hope this helps.
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on 29 May 2014
Purchased this lawnmower less than 2 years ago, at end of Summer. Used it a few times that year, used it for the whole Summer the following year, and after a couple of times this year it finally broke apart.
I had a bad feeling the first time I saw this product out of the box - so much plastic!
The plastic base (Plastic!!) which holds the drive belt and the blade, finally cracked open and the blade and drive belt just fell out of the lawnmower!!! SUCH AN IMPORTANT STRUCTURAL PART JUST MADE OUT OF NON-LASTING PLASTIC !! Disgrace!
The cable has dried up too over the last 1 3/4 year - not as flexible as it was - poor quality flex!
The switch looks like it would be the next thing to go - bit flimsy.
The plastic base got scratched a lot (being made of plastic) and is not smooth anymore, so grass tends to collect there instead of going into the box, which needs cleaning by hand fairly often!
The handles are very flimsy!
OVERALL A VERY POORLY BUILD PRODUCT - not built to last (mine only lasted 1 3/4 year!!)
I had several Bosch products over the years, and it's now official that their quality is not what it used to be - Absolute poor quality built for this lawnmower (and other products too)
Won't buy any Bosch products ever again.
You have been warned!
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on 5 August 2011
We have rather a large sloped lawned area, which my husband has always mowed with a petrol mower. However, due to his ill health I have had to take over this task. Being left-handed I found it very difficult to start and use the petrol mower, I tried using our old electric "flymo", but it was such hard work. So bought this electric Bosch Rotak 40.
It is very easy to use, the handles being wonderful for a left handed user - so many lawn mowers assume we are all right handed and the on/off switch and triggers sited on the right. This means that it really makes a left hander work hard to use their right hand.
This mower is great - can use my left hand in a couple of different positions too!
Well done Bosch for this great design.
Grass looks good when cut too - makes nice stripes!
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