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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 8 November 2003
After two long years, Pink has returned with her third album Try This. This Time, Pink is on a more solid ground, while in Misundeztud she tried many styles and geners, in Try This pink has that pop/rock sound only, and she pulles it extremely well!
1. Trouble- is the first single off the album. A very good song in my opinion, though the video is quite stupid really. (: 5/5
2. God Is Aa D.j- is the second single, and yes, it's a good catchy song, but i believe there are better songs on here to release. Basically this song is pretty much a celebration of love, life and music. 4/5
3. The Last To Know- Pink is very angry here and she lets out her fury in this track. It's really good, but i wish she didn't say the line: "you could have called me back, you stupid f**k", i mean, it's quite petty and child-ish. but a good 'scream along song' nevertheless. 3.5/5
4. Tonight's The Night- Is the "Get This Party Started" of the album, but maybe better! it's a very good catchy song, with great melody and funny lyrics like: "i hope i won't end up in jail, but then again i don't really care..." that would make a great 3rd single. 5/5
5. Oh My God- is also single material. Its quite a laid-back rock song with very sexy singing from pink. 5/5
6. Catch Me When I'm Sleeping- I think this is the highlight of this album!!! It's a really good song, i can't put it in words- just hear it for yourself and see! 6/5
7. Waiting for Love- Another great track. In the chorus she screams and shouts, and it makes the song even better. 5/5
8. Save My Life- nothing to say about this really. nice track. 3/5
9. Try Too Hard- A hard rocking song, fun to listen to. 3.5/5
10. Humble Neighberhood- A GREAT song! with great chorus too, and very good lyrcis and melody. really really good! 5/5
11. Unwind- Good Song . Again , not much to say about it. 4/5
12. Walk Away- see number 11. 4/5
13. Love Song- Is a really heart-felt song. It's very beautiful and quite sad with beautiful guitarworks in the background. really good! 5/5
14. Hidden Track- Hooker - Nice Track! Pink Slashes here a hooker, (...) and it's quite funny really. 3.5/5
15. Feel Good Time- This song is also here , THANK GOD! it's a great song, which i'm sure everybody heard, and it's a great treat in the end. Just one listen to it and i'm on my feet, dancing!!!
That's it. The album is really good. Pink sings here very beautifuly, very raunchy at points, and the songs are all very good. I believe this is a keeper, and you should all TRY THIS, today!
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on 26 December 2003
WEll, I have to say this is a thoroughly enjoyable album. I wasn't sure she would be able to make a comeback as successful as the classic 'M!ssundaztood'. This a harder, tougher P!nk, though there are some surprisingly good ballads too, especially 'love song'. The album starts with the catchy 'Trouble' track which is very enjoyable rocky pop. The rest of the album is a blur of harder rock than I've seen from P!nk yet, and lighter, softer tracks. One of the more noticeable tracks is 'Oh My God'- a callaboration with the elusive Peaches. Its a great start-to-the-party song, with some wicked gravelly vocals and sultry tunes.
Lastly, I would like to draw your attention to P!nks ballads which aren't really considered her strong point, but she really delivers them well, and her voice is supurb.
So basically, if you want to have a big pillow fight, or a little cry, some dancy numbers and some smooth sexy songs, 'try this' album, you might be pleasantly delighted.
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on 14 February 2004
If you liked Missundaztood, then you will definatly like this new CD. All the songs on here are great! I personally liked Missundaztood slightly better, but this album IS really good.
My favourite track on here is 'catch me while I'm sleeping', it's got a real feel-good thing about it, but 'feel good time' may start to get on your nerves after a while.
It has a nice mix of poppy and rock tunes. Pink is definatly the best female solo artist in the chart at the moment, so if your sick of Dido and whats-her-name..pop idol, I highly recomend this one.
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on 14 November 2003
Well this album is brilliant, and i love every song and they are all so catchy!!!!
Well when i first listened to this album my first thought was; a lot of swearing in it!! but after listening to it a few times the swearing in the songs brought the character out of the song and added a style to the song and was what she was singing about- the swearing related to her subject, so it made them better!!
track 1- trouble- her 2nd single- exellent, upbeat and catchy and i loved it the first time i heard it on the music channel. 10/10
track 2- god is a dj- her upcoming and 3rd single form the album- its great and gets faster ing the chorus. 10/10

track 3- last to know- its fantastic and i love listening to this track and has a dancy feel to it along with a disco type of song- but it is a wonderful track!!!! 10/10
track 4- tonights the night- this is a slower song compared to the rest but i still love it and found it very catchy. 8/10
track 5- oh my god- very good with a great rythm to it and its catchy again and i find i end up singing along to it every time in listen as its very god. 9/10
track 6- Catch me while i'm sleeping- not true pink stylee song- bit slow and i don't think it suits her very well but still has a part of her in it- the way she is in the other songs. 6/10
track 7- waiting for love- again its a slowish song but it's still catchy and has a nice beat to it- sounds like the vietnam song on her M!issunderstood album but its ok. 6/10
track 8- save my life- its quite upbeat and i like it but it doesnt have hte same rock style to the song but it is upbeat and a good song. 7/10
track 9- try too hard- i absolutely love this song- very upbeat, rocky, loud and its fantastic and i love to liten to his over and over again as i never get bored of it!!! very good song! 10/10
track 10- humble neighbourhood- very upbeat again and is a great song. 10/10
track 11- walk away- good song and quite upbeat and i really like this song. 9/10
track 12- Unwind- has a good beat to it and i like it but not one of my favourite tracks but its still a great track. 9/10
track 13- feel goos time - i loved this song when it came out and was the sound track to charlies angels; full throttle, and its very catchy and good. 9/10
track 14- love song- not the sort of thing pink does so when i heard this i thought it was ok and she sings it fine but then again it doesn suit her very well as its a slow song, but its a nice quiet relaxing song. 5/10
track 15-Hooker- well what can i say???- 1st of all, when i put the cd in my stereo it said 15 tracks but it only had 14 o the back of the case so i was like- 'oh??', 2nd of all when i did listen to it i did not know wot i was called. but now i know thanx to my computer and its technology- well the song- its fantastic and i love it- 1 of the best tracks, but why is it hidden because its a great track it should be there for all to see and know about!!!! it has a lot of swearing in it but that just makes it even better!!!!!!! 11/10
Overall this album is a must have if you like pink. I love it and I'm very pleased i bought it as soon as i could on the monday 10th november when tesco was open!!! and a lot of people were taken pinks album off the shelf- so it was very popular!!!!!
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on 26 October 2014
Quite good only just full star

Trouble 10/10
God is a DJ 8/10
Last to know 6/10
Tonight's the night 10/10
Oh my god 2/10
Catch me while I'm sleeping 9/10
Waiting for love 4/10
Save my life 2/10
Try too hard 7/10
Humble neighbourhoods 10/10
Walk away 3/10
Unwind 1/10
Feel good time 10/10
Love song 9/10
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on 31 May 2007
This is a classic album from P!nk!


1. Trouble 5/5 - A great pop/rock song

2. God is a DJ - 5/5 - Really catchy song!

3. Last to Know - 5/5 - A really good dancy song - couldn't be better!

4. Tonight's the Night - 4/5 A really good song - but gets a bit boring

5. Oh My God - 3/5 - This song is OK, I suppose.

6. Catch Me While I'm Sleeping - 4/5 - A brilliant song - but gets a bit boring!

7. Waiting for Love - 3/5 - This song is good, I suppose.


9.Try Too Hard - 4/5 - A really good song, I never skip this!

10. Humble Neighbourhoods - 5/5 - I really like this song!

11. Walk Away - 5/5 - I LOVE this song

12. Unwind - 3/5 - A bit boring in some parts, otherwise, good.

13. Feel Good Time - 5/5 - I LOVE this song so much!

14. Love Song - 5/5 - A PERFECT ballad, I have never skipped this!

15. Hooker (Hidden track) - 5/5 - My sister has this album, she never listens to Hooker, cause of the language. I always listen to it, happy to sing along and dance. Anyway, really dancy - forget the language!


1. Trouble (Video) - 5/5 - I love this video. P!nk rides on a horse, and causes trouble wherever she goes.

2. Interview - 5/5 - An interview with P!nk - telling us what it was like to make the songs, make the album etc.

3. Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Footage - 3/5 Behind the Scenes with P!nk's video "Trouble" Sometimes gets boring.

4. Photo Gallery - 5/5 - A option to have a quick flick through P!nk's pix. You are able to see the pictures of P!nk during the filming of this album.

5. Lyrics - 5/5 - Have a go at being a superstar like P!nk!

There it is, the classic album.

If you do not own this, you have to buy it!

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on 7 January 2004
I cant believe the number of bad reviews I've read for this album. As a fan of the original R&B Pink I felt a bit disappointed with her last album because I felt that 'Get The Party Started' was released as a method of getting the orignal fans to purchase the album when the rest of it was more pop-rock. I felt the balance between the two different styles was a little uneasy and as a result prefer this album as it seems as though Pink has decided to take one style only and run with it instead of trying to satisfy both crowds and satisfying neither as a result.
Both previous singles are excellent as is the next single 'God is a DJ'. Other excellent tracks are 'Humble Neighbourhood', 'Walk Away' and 'Try Too Hard'
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on 12 January 2004
I've never bought an album by Pink before, so I was quite surprised that this album had some slower tracks. I really loved all the deeper tracks, with more to them, and I wonder why pink doesn't release the slower ones, because the only slow shes released is Family Portrait, but I liked these songs much better. However, its not all slow songs, there's also loads of tracks to get you out of bed in the mornings.
'Try this' really exceeded my (high) expectations, I LOVED it and I don't doubt that it will stay in my CD player for a long while yet!
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on 8 September 2005
I can't emphasise enough how great this album is. With hits like Trouble combined with lesser-known album tracks like Walk Away which could easily have been hit singles, this album is packed with gems from start to finish. It doesn't tail off towards the end - in fact it probably improves. Feel Good Time, Walk Away, Unwind, Trouble and Try Too Hard are probably the stand-outs of the album for me. Even though it's a bit old now, the songs never become boring and never seem out of date.
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on 4 November 2003
This albumn is the very long awiated follow up albumn to pinks previous number one albumns now that it is avaliable to buy i have bought it and i must say it is simply the best work of pinks ever. She has really outdone herslef this time when she made this albumn. It is her best work ever. The Bonus DVD is brilliant and i suggest you buy this CD alone for the DVD as it is fantastic.
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