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3.6 out of 5 stars57
3.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Change
Price:£7.82+ Free shipping
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on 13 April 2011
Being a fan of games that usually are considered more realistic (Simbin's games and rFactor mods, for ex), I am having lots of fun with this game. Can't honestly understand the hate towards it and the blatantly unfair user reviews.
It's not only much better than the previous title, it's one of the best racing games to date, not to mention it's bloody fun to play.
Does it lack a "real" championship mode and more in-depth tunning options? Yes it does. Does the AI goes a little beserk on tight tracks (Miami for ex)?. Yep. Are the handling physics a tiny bit "tamed" even on elite mode? That's a yes too.
But none of those "yeses" outweights all the good things in the game, nor are they so present that justify for a negative review, or even the "arcade" tag. I'd call it the best "semi-sim" racing game ever.
I'm using a Logitech Driving Force GT, and had no big issues with the setup.
The FF programming feels great and realistic, so do the car physics in most situations, the graphics are awesome and extremely detailed and the cars sound great (try the Audi R8 for ex).

PS: Oh and...for online playing you should realy hook up with someone you know, or some more "mature" community, because the one on this game sucks...people ramming each other, hacked cars that do a lap in 2 seconds, that sort of stuff.
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on 9 September 2011
I previously loved Shift 1 and played it to death and then when Shift 2 came out, I thought this is great, the same cars, tracks and things that I loved but more of them! Realistic helmet camera and night racing. I had high hopes.

The handling is absolutely terrible. I installed the patch which made it a lot easier to control but still bad in my opinion. I do play with a control pad and people will say I should use a wheel but not everyone has a wheel so this is my review for those who use a pad.

The graphics in this game are the first to make my PC sweat, my PC was uber powerful 2 years ago and nothing has stressed it at all until this game so beware if you have an old pc without a lot of horsepower.

My main gripe is with the AI, at any point in a race if you connect with another car even touching for half a second bumper to bumper, you get thrown to the side in a wild spin, most of the time losing the race. Its argued that this is a racing sim but it just seems so annoying when racing Zonda on a 6 lap race to be flung into barriers because the AI car braked early on the last lap and you tapped it enough to spin you out. I'm a veteran of racing games for 20 years and this game is a let down after I thoroughly enjoyed Shift 1.

So if you are here because you loved Shift 1 to death and think this is the same recipe as before, it's not. But on the plus side, the night mode and shaky turny head cam is sweet.
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on 1 January 2015
I am loving this game. My PC and its mid range graphics card are about 5 yrs old - it is not what many would call a gaming machine but there is no input lag as described by some reviewers. I see no point in me regurgitating much of what is written elsewhere but here are just a few points.

The game starts with a couple of practice laps at the end of which you are given recommended settings and 'assists' for your ability. I found getting around those two laps using only keyboard was not a fun thing. I was correctly assessed as being 'novice' and every possible assist was recommended - all I had to do was steer and accelerate.
Playing with keyboard was obviously going to be impossible so I bought an xbox / PC wired controller. During my entire computing life (from 1984) all steering and any other directional control has been right-handed by keys or mouse and it took my brain about an hour to link my left thumb with steering and from then on everything has been wonderful.
I have driven fast cars and I have driven cars fast. I have raced and I have crashed. Contrary to some reviewers I say the physics and realism of sensation have been effectively presented for a game.
The helmet cam has been heavily criticised by some reviewers but I like it - you get a realistic view and it is pointless complaining about sim realism if you change the view to being on the front of the bonnet or outside and behind the car.
The AI is pretty good and can be aggressive with you getting taken out through no fault of your own but hey - I'm not averse to giving others a little nudge or helping them run out of track. This is like the real world don't expect a vintage car rally.
Sensation via the controller effectively matches the sound and visuals when on grass, gravel or changes in road surface on street circuits.
Scenery is adequate (we're not out there sightseeing), much has been put into the game for those who like to 'fiddle' - changing the appearance of their cars, upgrading, tuning, etc. This isn't something I want at this stage but I tried slight alterations in tyre pressures and the effect is noticeable and realistic.

I find handling much better than I expected from a game and there are some finer points that surprised me, eg. In a straight line at 200+ kph you get two wheels on the grass and you get pulled toward the armco, crashes can be spectacular.
The challenge is to progress through your 'career' but I have been having loads of fun in 'quick races' where you set the number of laps against up to 15 opponents in whatever (similar class or identical) cars.
It is entertaining to replay (and save) your exploits and even here attention to detail can be seen, eg. strobe effect of rotating wheels as though it is actual footage.

My brother also bought this game and it is interesting to note that his install took 30 minutes but mine took 80 minutes.
After 12 hours of play I am nearing my limit of left thumb steering where 1 mm of incorrect movement can put me in the armco so a home-made steering wheel is in design process.

After 'Crysis 2' I said I would never buy another EA game but at the current price of less than £8 this game shouldn't be missed. Buy it and enjoy it for what it is - challenging fun.
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on 30 April 2011
on the first day i bought shift 2 i was disappointed, there was serious lack of control.
But it got patched and i tweaked the steerwheel settings of my G27 and it was fixed!
Now it is an serious good racing game/sim with alot of great cars and real tracks. Its better than shift 1 and on the same level of gran turismo 5. and its the best looking racer on pc by far, the graphics on pc are amazing.
I would say rent it or borrow it and you'll be impressed.
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on 10 May 2011
A must have I'd say. I am not a heavy gamer but I've played a lot whole Colin series, Dirt 2, NFS Hot Pursuit and some older NFS titles (not Shift 1). And I have to admit that this one is a real fun. Very nice gfx, very nice sound, fast loading times, lots of options and customisations. Decent choice of cars. Its possible to play using keyboard or pad but it's hard to control vehicle. I bought Logitech Driving Force GT and after spending couple hours to find the perfect setup playing is a real pleasure. To sum up - really nice and smooth gaming experience, with some nice music, powerful car sounds and beautiful graphics. I play on laptop with i7 1.73 GHz quad core, 16 GB RAM and 3 GB GeForce GT on oboard.
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on 20 July 2012
At first I found Shift 2 absolutely rubbish. Little to no control, just no feel for the cars at all. I never installed a patch and maybe I should but my setup at the moment is fine.
First I changed the steering damper in the config file to off and then downloaded the handling minimod and now it is great. The cars handle much more realistically and now is a really fun game. Miles better than Shift 1.

Graphics amazing.
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on 28 June 2011
A game I hated to start off with and just couldn't enjoy, so much so I nearly sold it.

But after installing the the first patch, tweaking the settings and force feedback for
my Logitech wheel and up scaling the graphics, the game really does come to life and the
cars handle and feel much better. The night races are incredible.

The graphics are fantastic and give a sense of speed like no other.

Shift 2 is more Arcade racer than Simulator and is up there with Dirt 3 in gaming style.
In my opinion more superior and polished than Gran Turismo 5.

Going through the career mode is great and very enjoyable and the faster the car, the track
and level you are the better.

The mod community have built onto this game giving the PC version a new lease of life. With
a second patch soon to be released and two free downloadable contents, the Legends Pack and
Speedhunters Pack, bringing additional cars, tracks and career modes, the game will become
more playable and addictive overtime.

If you have a PC and wheel and like your driving games but want a breather from the more
serious sims, Shift 2, at this price, you can't go wrong.
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on 23 September 2012
Great screen play, graphics and handling played this for a month or so now cant get bored of it and would rate it as much as TOCA Touring cars and is probably more fun, all round superb track reproduction and car details are second to non definitely a must have game for driving fans.
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on 1 August 2012
I have enjoyed shift1 very much , but shift2 is not quite in the same league. A driving game is all about the feel of the game and this does not match the playability feel of the previous game. The patch has been applied and I use a force steering wheel but it is still a little disapointing. The idea behind the game is good and the graphics are excellent , even though I may be a little disappointed I still want to go and see if I can do better and give it another try. So buy if you like these sort of games but not as a prime example of the genre like shift1 or grand prix legends from old.
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on 1 April 2012
I have not suffered from any of the "input lag" issues that others seem to be facing, this could be a result of some form of hardware/software incompatibility in the game, so I would keep this issue in mind... however, if you don't get this problem, the game is actually quite fun to play both with a controller and a steering wheel.

The range of cars, tracks and customisation is good, offering gamers the opportunity to experiment with new cars or new modification and tuning set-ups for their racing car of choice. The graphics on maximum settings are very good, with excellent detail on the cars and tracks. The variety of different racing disciplines is good, as there will be something for everyone, the differing game types also make the game more interesting and less repetitive than some racing games can be.

The game isn't perfect however, as it cannot be played easily with a keyboard due to limited control over the throttle and brake, and the drift game mode is only really possible with a game controller, as a racing wheel makes the drift cars uncontrollable.

With this in mind, I feel that the game deserves some praise for providing a good level of immersion and customisation, with a good range of difficulty levels to suit both beginners and experts, despite compatibility and control issues.
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