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4.1 out of 5 stars81
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 8 July 2008
Preschool teacher Lizzie Brown's life may never be the same when her long lost witch grandmother shows up driving a hot pink Harley and starts casting magic spells from Smucker's jars. Pirate, her Jack Russell terrier, starts talking! Lizzie discovers that she is the exalted Demon Slayer of Dalea and a demon, Xerxes, emerges from her toilet to cause even more havoc! As they head to Memphis to join the grandmother's just as strange coven to learn magic, Dimitri Kallinikos, a shape shifting griffin shows up as her mentor. Teaching her the three rules of demon slaying, he is both protector and teacher. Dimitri, however, needs her to slay a demon of his own and as their feelings for each other grow, Lizzie and Dimtri are forced to make tough choices when family loyalties come into play in a battle begun generations ago.

Told through Lizzie's eyes, THE ACCIDENTAL DEMON SLAYER, follows the heroine on the journey of her maturation and self-discovery in a well-imagined world ever so kooky yet touched by wonderful dash of tenderness. Within 12 hours, Lizzie has lost her home, her job, her clothes, and her friends to follow her grandmother, accused of murder, to be trained in magic and face demons and her destiny as the new family demon slayer. Unaware of the extent of her powers or her family history, Lizzie struggles to make sense of the crazy world her grandmother opens before her. As she comes to face with The Witches of the Red Skull with its cantankerous witch Ant Eater, werewolves, and above all her own magical powers, Lizzie sees the humorous outrageousness of her situation with a unique sense of innocence and irreverent sass. Although her dog Pirate plays the tough guy, the reader sees the tenderness within Lizzie's heart through him. Dimitri, her protector and mentor, awakens the woman in Lizzie with his body and kiss. Dimitri helps Lizzie focus on her powers and concentrating her magic when her magic turns her familiar world topsy-turvy.

Oh my, THE ACCIDENTAL DEMON SLAYER is a fun book! Angie Fox's world and adventures had me laughing as the vivid and hilarious scenarios got funnier and funnier. The grandmother and her group of witches were a total scream. Angie Fox mixes paranormal with a fun, bold smart tone but by the end, I felt myself immersed in Lizzie's whole world and the drama playing out in her family. Angie Fox's humor gives way to a suspenseful adventure that keeps the reader on the edge as Lizzie and Dimitri face the ominous dangers ahead. The final leg of the journey is spectacular ---.not a gradual let-down but an ever increasing delightful unveiling, not just once but in several gradual layers. Intricacies with wonderful twists and revelations of the paranormal world kept me riveted to this book. What an ending! With her debut book, Angie Fox has created a wonderful magical world that will have readers eager to re-enter and anxiously awaiting her next release!
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on 19 October 2008
Angie Fox has created a marvellously funny twist on the urban fantasy genre with this book.

Lizzie's day goes from normal to weird in one hit when a demon materialises in her toilet bowl as she is getting ready to celebrate her 30th birthday. Add to that, a grandmother she didn't know she had appears on the doorstep riding a pink Harley, and her dog starts talking to her.

It's not often a book will make me snigger aloud, but his one did! I really enjoyed it, and I look forward to the next offering from this great new talent. I'm hoping for a series featuring these wonderful characters!
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on 30 September 2013
Biker Grannies, wicked Werewolves, A gorgeous Griffin and damnable Demons... Oh and a very reluctant, newly-ascended demon slayer!
From the very first page I was laughing! This book is well written, humorous, interesting, exciting and just what the reader ordered. I adored Lizzie and her preschool-friendly cuss words. The contrast between Lizzie and her Grandma was flabbergasting - a leather and rhinestone wearing, pink Harley riding rocker biddie - Utterly brilliant! Then there is Pirate ...Lizzie's pet Jack Russell. Upon ascending to her powers Lizzie realises that she can understand her overexcited and protective pooch ...and let me tell you the conversations between them are hilarious.
And all that is in the first chapter!
Reading on we discover a tale of hunter and hunted, a rescue and a chase, a few mysteries are solved and a true love acknowledged. I won't say more because really you should just read it.
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on 24 June 2014
This series must be read in order. This is the first book.

Lizzie is turning the big 3-0. She is trying to get ready for her big birthday party where *gasp* an actual cute guy she actually screwed up the nerve to ask out is waiting for her with all her friends...until the fateful knock on her apartment door. On the other side is a crazy old biker lady purporting to be her actual birth Grandma and saying some crap about her being a demon slayer of all things... just before she locks Lizzie in her own bathroom. Yeah she's always felt out of place and a little bit bored with her adoptive high society family.. But when she wanted to find out about her roots and her birth family this is NOT what she had in mind! But when an actual demon shows up and she accidentally vanquishes it the die is cast and she must run for her life with the very woman she thinks is crazy and impossible. She grabs her dog Pirate and they are off on an adventure she never could have imagined in her darkest nightmares!

Filled with action and adventure this quirky paranormal romance is definitely a one of a kind coming of age story. Between the mysteries and intrigues you never know who to trust or what will happen next! The snarky ancient biker witches with their roadkill magic and their eccentric ways are a great comedic foil for the nonstop thrills and chills of Lizzie's awakening to her higher purpose of becoming THE demon slayer she must become to save herself and the world from Vald the demon who pretty much wants to eat her alive and drain her powers. I really loved this book and can't wait to read the next one The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers, An Urban Fantasy Romance (Biker Witches Mystery 2) just to see what happens!

***This series is suitable for adult readers who enjoy alot of chaos and mayhem in their quirky and humorous action adventure urban paranormal fantasy romances with a clueless and unlikely heroine who rolls with the punches and gets right back up again no matter what the odds :)
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on 26 February 2014
Entertaining if you parked your disbelief at the other end of the room, it was OK as a short one off compared to the other free e-books at the time I downloaded it. Certainly sounds a heck of a lot better than the sequels to the story.
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on 3 December 2013
Okay so you think this is going to be pretty weird and wacky from first glance, and you'd be right. This book is awesomely crazy and wacky.

Lizzie, the MC, is a hilarious character without even trying. Her narrative and dialogue never fail to have me in fits of giggles and she becomes stronger as a person as the novel progresses so if you didn't love her before, you will by the end.

The hot male protagonist, Dimitri is just... yum. And though you may be thinking, oh god not another cliched romance, you'd be wrong there. It is very different and fun. The feelings progress a little quicker than I'd have thought natural but then again, because of everything that goes on, which brings them closer together, it's not really that fast. People get a little sentimental when the possible End Of The World card is about to be played.

The characters are brilliant though out and very original. Ant Eater, Frieda and Grandma are hilarious in their own way. I mean they're geriatric biker witches for goodness sake. Come ON! How cool is that?
Pirate, Lizzie's dog who she begins to hear when her powers are unlocked is the cutest, funniest little thing I've ever read. Angie Fox manages to really get inside the head of a dog and captures what we would imagine a dog to be saying beautifully. You never forget he's a dog which is not easy to do. I've read books with talking animals before but she knocks it out of the park effortlessly.

My main criticism is there is more than enough grammar mistakes to be noticed. In even a well edited novel I would expect at least two or three minor errors. This book had at a guess, about ten, which is nothing really but I did notice it even when I was so happily absorbed in the novel. I get what it is like as an indie author, a lot of us tend to do most of the editing ourselves so I'm also anxious if my novel has the same amount of errors, but like this book was so good that minor detail didn't affect my enjoyment of it, I hope my book will do the same for my readers. She's such a great writer and has a flavour and style that cannot be forged.

I'm so looking forward to reading the next in the series.

So to sum up...


* hilarious one liners
* creative, lovable characters
* well balanced plot line
* originality
* saucy romance
* mythical creatures galore
* great description that's easy to imagine
* did I say hilarious one liners?


* slightly fast-paced romance
* minor grammar errors
* don't have the next books yet! Aghhhh!

I loved it though. I would read it again, just for sh*ts and giggles.
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on 10 July 2013
I really liked this book and will definitely go on to read the others in the series because I found it to be a very funny, enjoyable, creepy, scary and occasionally hot, bit of escapism that was very easy to read.

Some readers have commented on how unreal the whole story is - but hang on a minute - isn't that why a lot of us read fiction? I mean witches, vampires, griffins, werewolves, demons and the like aren't real so why should everything else in a book be real and believable? why shouldn't an author bend or break the norm to send us on a journey of escapism! That's certainly what I like to look for in a book when the mood takes me!

I like Lizzie, she has just the right amount of sass, however she annoys me when she keeps saying she wants to go back to her old life when quite clearly deep down she doesn't but then that kinda part of the story, finding her true self and accepting her destiny.

Pirate the talking Jack Russell is hilarious and is a great addition to the cast.

Dimitri, what can I say about him other than where the hell can I order myself one of him! (Yum)

As for Grandma Gertie and the rest of the Biker Witches, they rock! and they had me laughing out loud on many occasions whilst I read it.

So for great lighthearted easy read that has you laughing your socks off one one page and cowering behind a cushion at the scary/creepy bits on the next page - go on, give this book a go!
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on 1 June 2013
Lizzie's adopted so when her maternal grandmother contacts her, she's excited to meet her ... until she locks her in her bathroom and then a demon attacks (from the toilet?). Turns out she's a demon slayer and her grandmother needs her help - her coven (yup, granny's a witch - a biker witch) needs Lizzie to slay a demon that they've been hiding from for several decades. When she comes into her powers, she also gets a protector - one she has the hots for - who also needs her help but, of course, doesn't just ask for it.

OK, so I wavered in my rating for this one - the beginning had me groaning at how horrid it was. Jars filled with random crap that happen to be spells? Demons coming from the toilet? And an annoying little talking dog? *groan* I had to really think about whether I wanted to keep reading it.

I stuck with it and, thankfully, the fairly interesting story sort of made it readable. Don't get me wrong all those things I listed, still exist and still make it annoying. Granny's biker covenmates are horrible characters, I just didn't like them at all. The dog gets a little less annoying but makes me glad my dog doesn't talk if that's what they're like.

This is not a book for anyone that likes something to sink their teeth into. It's a very light and fluffy read, not to be taken seriously. I've added the 2nd book to my GR TBR list 'cos I really just want to see what happens.
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on 28 October 2014
I wasn't really sure what to expect from this book as it was a freebee, but I have to say it was a really easy read and the characters were likeable (Even Ant Eater) and you just wanted them to win! I love love love pirate the's how I imagine every dog would be with their owners if they could talk. A few giggle worthy parts. I think I may even purchase the next few books once I've got through my list of to read books. Thank you for the book Angie and hope to read more.
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on 4 September 2014
Meh. I've seen it done before and done better. Mechanically the writing was fine, as was the editing but the story itself and the plotting...disastrous. It's a longish book. There should have been ample time to develop characters, a world and relationships However, Ms. Fox appears to have not bothered.

If this book was a cake, the eggs would still be in the shells (maybe even still in the container), the four in its bag, the butter in the dish, the milk in the jug, etc, all tossed in a bowl to sit next to each other. All the ingredients are there (a hunky love interest, an unavoidable destiny, an evil antagonist, a spunky side-kick, etc), but not mixed, measured or cooked.

There is no depth to any of the characters and some, most notably Dimitri, are wildly inconsistent, as is the plot. Time is indeterminate. The whole book takes place in 2 or 3 days (not sure which), but characters talk about things happening days ago that appear to have happened hours earlier, at most. And at one point someone goes on what must have been an extended adventure in the time it takes Dimitri and Lizzie to sit up and say, 'hi.'

A shirt is ripped open a page after it was slowly unbuttoned. Dimitri admits to a lie that couldn't have held water with the rest of the knowledgeable coven. Plus, he talks like he just showed up but is also supposed to have been hanging out with the witches and werewolves for a while. The antagonist, who has been killing and absorbing the power of all the witches in America for a hundred plus years (so, you know strong and skilled), is somehow easily defeated by a slayer with two days of "training." Honestly, how believable is that? I could go on, but you get the point, I imagine.

The book's one real redeeming quality is the humour, but even it's so over the top and ridiculous it can't carry the load. No doubt, this will appeal to some. I'm just not one of those people. Too bad too, I spent forever deciding to read it.

Edit: Why the hell is she holding a sword on the cover? She uses a "switch star" (think Xena's....round thing...with points). Not once does she use a sword. What's more, the ONE TIME anyone does, it's a katana.
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