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4.0 out of 5 stars29
4.0 out of 5 stars
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Every time a new author lands it's a pretty intense experience, you read the jacket text, you scrutinize the cover and then you prepare for that opening paragraph hoping that it will throw something out that just grabs you and drags you into the world beyond to enchant you for a few hours.

What Nicole does is present a world of supernatural's that not only appeal to the reader but explain how they hide from modern society as well as rule themselves. It's a Private Investagator type novel but one that as the character learns more about her heritage as well as the unseen world beyond that of normal ken draws a rich tapestry over the veil that really will keep you glued to the last page. Jane is pretty intense and a character that will instantly become a friend to many a reader, yep her bums big, she likes food and above all she admits to her failings. She's not a combat nut, she has to persevere as well as survive in an alien world through wits alone along with a love interest.

It's quirky, it's well written and above all each of the characters adds a new layer or texture to the tale demonstrating that its extremely well planned. I'll eagerly await future instalments of this series as well secretly hoping for bigger roles for some of the characters within as each lures you in with an interesting back story that you'll just want to hear more of. Good stuff Nicole.
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on 1 June 2010
Just read this, it was in my big pile of urban fantasy books. Yes its got a big chunk of romance in it but it was still a decent in UF book. I mostly enjoyed it for its humor more than anything else. It was a very quick(5 hours or so) read but I laughed out loud several times so that always gets a good review from me no matter what kind of book it is. Most definately a chick lit book but if you're a guy or a normal UF fan its still a good read thanks to the sharp humor and biting sarcasm of the main character. It also references star trek and does it very well so it got an extra star.

I'm definitely going to read the sequel.
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on 22 January 2010
What a lovely cover! I first thought when I was deciding if I should buy this book. And in this case it was a good idea to judge the book by the cover. Jane True is a halfling, not that she knows this at the beginning, and there is a whole lot of supernaturals around that she never knew about! Her mother was a selkie, but she disappeared when she was only 6, something her father doesn't like to talk about, and Jane had always thought she was different for one, she has to swim in the ocean in storm. Jane is a likable charactor, as is Ryu, her new friend, the gorgeous vampire. The story revolves around a mysterious death in the little town, that Ryu investigates. You get to meet lots of interesting charactors in this book including a gnome, and a demon like dog, who is pretty lovable. I really enjoyed this book, was drawn into the fantasy, and cannot wait to read the second book in the series.
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on 31 July 2011
Sex, sex, sex, libido, sex. Somewhere in there is, I suspect, a good story trying to get out. The characters were not fully rounded, mostly because all they could think about was sex, especially Jane the main character. I'm not going to bother with the next book.
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on 25 May 2011
I liked Tempest Rising. Jane True is a funny, witty character with excellent sci-fi references, like from Star Trek. But she is a bit two-dimensional. She is taking all these amazing preternatural stuff that is happening to her with such ease, it made me wonder if i am extra-sensitive and would react more. Maybe she is just down to earth and not agonising over things she cant change. In a way, she is the complete opposite to Mac from the Karen Moning Fever series, who obsesses every minute about her discoveries (the common thread being that both discover something about their heritage and get launched to a world of preternatural beings).
And as for Ryu, who is sexy and lovely and classy, he left me a bit cold. I like my male protagonists a tad more tortured, sulky and unpredictable. Anyan is far more interesting, in my view, and if i get the next book it will only be to discover if anything romantic happens between him and Jane.
Also, the villain was just not enough villainous. Didn't explain why he thought as he thought, or why he did what he did.
Suspense/plot-wise, it gets a 2. Character-wise and writing/humour/wise a 4, so 3 it is.
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on 10 July 2012
This book was just as cute as its cover and surprisingly creative and plot-rich. It's touted as an alternative to Sookie Stackhouse. Personally I see absolutely no similarities in theme, writing style or plot. In fact about the only similarity I can see is the cartoon-like cover. Which, by the way, once you've read the book all the things on it make a lot more sense. The seal, the coffin etc.. And they even got her 'like Cleopatra's only longer' hair right.

The story is about a twenty-something girl named Jane True who, although lovely, witty, intelligent and beautiful, is the town pariah because of something that happened in her past. Her strange affinity to water and the memories of her mother's naked exploits, only further her status as small town gossip fodder.

This naturally has an effect on her confidence to some extent, but I still thought she was fabulous. After she stumbles across a dead body during one her her bracing early morning swims, she soon realises that there is a reason for her unusual habits. Add in a sexy vampire investigator, a two-foot gnome, a mysterious barghest, and many hours of humorous shenanigans ensue.

"So I did what any brave warrior would do when confronted with an awful task: I squeezed my eyes shut and squealed, "Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ewwwww,"

If I were to compare this to any other series I've read, I would be more inclined to choose something like Molly Harper's Naked Werewolf series. It's that kind of paranormal-lite, funny, sexy (although not gratuitous) and with an engaging plot and nicely rounded secondary characters. It's not a HEA book, there is more to come on that score I think, but for an Urban Fantasy there was quite a fair amount of mattress dancing going on. Which never hurts, does it?

A great start- 4 Stars! ''''
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Jane has always been considered an outsider in her hometown, ostracised because of her mother's behaviour and a tragic incident when she was just a teenager, she has become used to the stares and whispers and tries hard to fit in and not draw attention to herself. She keeps her nightly swims in the icy cold ocean a secret knowing that people wouldn't understand her need to be in the water. When she finds a dead body she is unwittingly drawn into a world of supernatural creatures that she thought only existed in stories but the most shocking discovery is that she is only half human herself. Trying to make sense of a world turned upside down isn't easy - especially when someone is murdering halflings and it looks like you're next on their list. Luckily she has her new boyfriend, vampire Ryu, and her newly discovered supernatural friends to support her but can they find the killer before it is too late?

I'll happily admit that it was the cover that drew me to Tempest Rising and made me want to read it but I'm pleased to say that it is the writing and the characters that will make me continue with the series. I love urban fantasy stories and have read a lot of them over the years but Tempest Rising stands out for it's range of unusual supernatural creatures - I'm not going to tell you which ones so you'll have to read it for yourself to find out - some that I've heard of and others that I've never come across in UF before. Nicole Peeler has created a world that I want to spend more time in with characters that I'm looking forward to getting to know better.

Jane is a unique heroine with a likable voice and a sense of humor that had me laughing out loud. She is completely out of her depth in the supernatural world that she is just starting to discover and I liked the fact that she had a vulnerable side to her and isn't just your standard kick ass heroine. That isn't to say that she is a weak character, she is actually a lot stronger than she thinks she is and I'm looking forward to seeing her blossom even more as she comes to terms with what she is and learns about her abilities. Love interest Ryu is a sexy but mysterious character and although I liked him and Jane together I do feel like I need to get to know him better. I'm sure he has some secrets and can't wait to discover what they are.

There is a whole range of fun (and in some cases completely insane) characters that I'm looking forward to spending more time with. I enjoyed the fact that there are so many unusual supernaturals but that there are also some important human characters who are there for Jane. I wouldn't say the story is particularly fast paced but it was still a quick read with wonderful world building. Although I enjoyed the murder mystery it was the characters and mythology that captivated me and left me wanting more. If you're a fan of urban fantasy and like a humor filled story with strong characters and a little spice I would definitely recommend giving Tempest Rising a try.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 October 2010
Living in the small town of Rockabill, Jane True has never quite fitted in. The mysterious appearance of her mother (buck nekked in a thunderstorm) and her later abandonment of her family is fodder enough for gossip; however Jane was involved in an incident eight years earlier which still ostracises her from the majority of her small community.

Yet there is an explanation for Jane's strangeness; her inability to feel cold and her secret love of swimming naked in the ocean. During a nightly swim Jane discovers a dead body and is quickly informed not only of her own strange heritage (her mother is a shape shifting selkie), but also of the supernatural world which remains hidden from humans.

Soon Jane is hanging out with shape shifters, succubi, gnomes, genies and elemental spirits plus her new boyfriend is a vampire. She's not so much slowly introduced to a new magical world, more clobbered over the head by it when a variety of supernatural beings make an appearance; some of whom are definitely anti-Halflings which is of course what Jane happens to be. Malicious gossip and name calling she can handle; after all Jane was raised in Rockabill, but murder and treachery is a whole new experience in a world where Jane is definitely out of her depth.

Yay to Nicole Peeler; a debuting author who is definitely worth keeping an eye on. "Tempest Rising" is a fantastic, quirky, amusing and highly entertaining fantasy romance with a dark edge. The writing style is engaging, as is leading lady Jane. She has an interesting personal history whilst her developing relationship with vampire Ryu is incredibly passionate in places, yet these scenes never overwhelm the ongoing investigation into the supernatural murders taking place or Jane's wonder and fear as she meets mythical beings. A whole host of characters are introduced, and whilst NP gives them enough spice, sass and humour to add to the plot, she still leaves enough mystery to ensure readers will pick up further books in this series "Tracking The Tempest" and the soon to be published "Tempest's Legacy".
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VINE VOICEon 30 August 2010
This is the first book in a new series.
It features Jane True, an outsider disliked and misunderstood by her community and by herself.
She loves to swim and doesn't know why.....
Her life has had tragedy and loss and she feels confused and unloved, unable to move on from her past.....
Then things begin to change and she realises that she is really is an outsider, as she is an halfling - half human and half supernatural.....She is then led into the dangerous and exciting new world of the supernatural.
I really enjoyed this book, I got it at the library because I liked the cover!!! I'm glad I did.... The writing is good and the story flows well.
You will like Jane, she's cool, wears scruffy converse and is just discovering herself. She is also brave and intelligent.
The book is a detective novel with supernatural elements and it introduces us to the characters well.
I have already begun the second book in the series and was a bit gutted to see that the third one isn't out yet!!!!
I would recommend this to people who like a bit of sci fi or True Blood that sort of thing. However, the series is strong in its own right.....
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on 12 August 2010
I love it when I find a new author, especially one that makes me laugh out loud, entertaining, magical, lovable characters (especially the genie with the pantaloons! ) & just a damn good read.
Jane True loves to swim in her own secret cove it's an escape from the villagers who despise & scorn her after the death of her best friend years before. The story kicks off when she finds a dead body in 'Old Sow' while swimming & using her power manages to get the sea to give up the body, then several things happen at once, she meets Vampire Ryu, a hell hound & several other supernaturals & finds she half Selkie. Halflings like herself are being murdered & shes drawn into this other world where she's left vulnerable, but the character sucks it up with sharp wit & grating sarcasm.

Entertaining read, fantastic cover though I must say the cover will attract the younger reader I must say it IS for adults only.

The next two books in this series are Tracking the Tempest & book 3 Tempest's Legacy Enjoy...
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