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on 11 June 2012
The purchase of this printer was based on a decision to print my own A3 landscape plans created from a CAD package without having to resort to an outside source. This is my first Brother printer so was keen to write a short review.

1. Delivery was quick and faultless. Very impressed with Amazon overall on this aspect.
2. Product was fairly quick and easy to set up (30 minutes) and quite different from the HP process I have been used to. I found the quick setup guide not so good and referred in the end to the main manual, which was nice to see was in paper format.
3. B&W Printing: Despite some of the reviews concerning poor quality print, I was eager to see what the results were like. Some people who have had poor results either have very high standards or a faulty printer as I only had, IMHO, excellent results. Printing black only onto 190GSM coated paper, the first CAD drawing came out clear and crisp with small font (1mm) dimension labels easily discernible, with just a very small amount of bleeding. A lot of printing issues come down to poor quality paper.
4. Colour printing seemed fine, obviously not as good as some of the dedicated photo printers, but acceptable nonetheless.
5. For the price, with the ability to scan, copy and fax in A3 as well, it certainly gives value for money. Saying that, I would not call this a 'budget' printer either. The print quality is above average and hard to fault. However....If you are a photographer wanting high quality A3 prints then you may be expecting too much from this machine.
6. Construction is, hmmm...not as sturdy as I would like but I think they wanted to keep the weight down. Although okay for me as I treat things with respect, it may not be robust enough for heavy office work and indifferent staff. It does take up almost a desk of its own, but I certainly wouldn't get one if I lived in a studio flat.
7. Can't comment on the fax ability as I never use FAX but in the manual it says it can connect to both PBX and VOIP lines.
(Although I couldn't believe that some places still use FAX, a doctor in the NHS told me that FAX has to be used between departments in a hospital she works at as email is not accceptable!!!)
8. Cartridges as always are a rip-off, whatever way you look at it but there are cheap replacement non-branded out there so that can be an option. Although many people have had problems with the aftermarket continuous ink supply systems I think they are brilliant. I have two HP A4 printers running for the last two years on CISS systems and although a little tricky to install I have saved hundreds of £'s. I will update to a CISS system with this printer when the cartridges run out.

I will have to see how I get on with this printer and hope it gives me a few years service. Time will tell...However, for anyone printing 2D drawings from Sketchup, Autocad, Viseo and other design programs, I would highly recommend this printer if you are on a tight budget.
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on 1 January 2012
The Brother MFC-J6510DW is a good printer for everyday printing - it produces very good quality, high-contrast images and text and is fairly quick at doing so. I have some issues with it, however. First, when 'duplex printing' is being used 'borderless printing' is unavailable meaning that if the documents are to be produced at the correct size, each sheet must be turned by hand (or produced in bulk and the whole batch turned). This makes printing large numbers of double-sided documents very fiddly and time consuming. This might be acceptable if you could guarantee that the printer made no mistakes but I have had a lot of frustration caused by regular multi-feeding which has resulted in nearly a whole ream of A3 paper being wasted and almost doubling my production time. Also, when replacing the ink cartridges, in order to make the ink flow at all it seems to require at least 2 successive head-cleanings before print quality is restored.
If you want an A3 printer that can be used for small jobs then this is very good but unfortunately it is not ideal for my purposes (I am currently trying to produce 90 copies of an 18 page piece of music on double-sided A3)
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on 18 December 2013
This has to be the worst printer I've ever had the misfortune of owning. I never really write reviews, but felt that the sheer frustrations and anger this thing has caused me warranted a write up to inform you, the consumer, not to purchase this and perhaps any Brother printer in the near future.

It seems to simply, have a mind of its own. Paper jams. Paper jams and more paper jams. Try different paper types and weights? It jams. Follow the procedure of opening up the printer to check? whirrs and whizzes for what seems like an age, then throws up another jam message. Check, repeat.All this to simply print perhaps one or two pages of paper. What an absolutely pathetic machine.

Ive tried every possible method to prevent this issue but it seems like it simply likes to mock me and my attempts to print by innocuously throwing up the message on the LCD to torment me, its taunting and toying have driven me to the edge up until the point I actually screamed and punched the printer. Yes, you heard it. I punched a printer. I'm not proud of it, in fact I'm the most docile, non violent person you could hope to meet - this simply shows you what an absolute horror this machine is, this bloated, cheap hollow fat plastic box which oozes ink out of every pore ( at a cost of £80 for the brother OEM set) and likes to sit there jibbering and whizzing its time away under my desk before it decides to do anything.

If you tell this machine to print anything, prepare to wait. And wait you will, for quite some time. A simple print of an A4 document of a few sheets should take seconds, my trusty ( a 5 year old canon) A4 desktop printer will print a sublime page within seconds and do what you ask of it. " you want me to print? coming right up! whizzz wurrrr there you go!"

Not the Brother however. Ask it to do the same task, and it looks at you incredulously, seemingly trying to compute why you have had the audacity to have awoken it out of its constant slumber to print anything. and while it makes its mind up to print, it will make a cacophony of noise. For seemingly an eternity. You will end up staring at the LCD screen asking of it "what in the bloody hell are you doing?!" as it whines and whirrs and whizzes for an age. When it does finally decide to print, it'll cough and splutter and then profess it has a paper jam.

This is when the true horror begins. So, you check the paper tray, rear paper section and lift the top unit in order to remove the flagged message on the system. A-ha! you say..whats paper jam? I see nothing inside you, you fat plastic Jabba the Hut! And this happens endlessly. It will also spend an age attempting to communicate with your computer, as if it's having a remote meeting at a UN convention asking for secretary Ban Ki moon personally if its statutory rights as a printer are not being infringed upon, from the simple task it's being asked of.

You will then go through 50 sheets of so called paper jams in order to print one sheet, from which I can conclude are not clearly jammed as they require no effort to remove - simply put, this printer is lazy. The paper is lightly held in its rollers as if it simply gives up attempting to print. Sometimes it plays with you and there is no paper to clear.

It quite simply has the worst paper feed mechanism I've ever experienced. Too much paper in the tray and it throws its hands up saying it wont print - it doesn't like printing you see, you can feed him too much, so you try putting in 10 sheets. Ease him in.Maybe he needs care and attention. But alas, no, it simply likes to toy with you. Its laughing at me, I'm at the end of my sanity and I think I may leave it by the roadside so it can laugh at me no more.

To add insult to injury, in the middle of the night, It likes to wake up and inadvertently whizz whirr and whine for endless minutes doing nothing in particular, simply to taunt my pitiful attempts to print anything. Its possessed by a demon, inflicted up us, the unsuspecting general consumerist public to spread the evil within - driving perfectly law abiding sane users into a fit of printer rage and abuse. Yes..I must admit. I abused this printer. I punched its lights out. And I'm not ashamed to admit, I have no regrets. Avoid.
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on 26 June 2012
I am so far delighted with this printer scanner. I needed an A3 scanner to scan in artwork and this avoids all the hassle of stitching things together from an A4 scanner. The ease of use is great. If using images for websites it's perfect, I'm not sure yet how well the scans will translate into high quality giclee prints. I'll update this later. The scans perhaps slightly exaggerate the blacks, and don't fully pick up all subtle tones in drawings, colours however seem true and with some tweaks the scanner performs pretty well for the price.
The printer compares well to my old photo printer. The detail is excellent, colours are true, and the images are sharp. Making a direct comparison I'd say this printer is better than my old photo printer (canon i550 10 yrs good service). I was concerned looking at the other reviews that it might not be good enough to print out artwork or photographs but I am pleasantly surprised with the results. Ordinary text prints very crisply as well and there is no evidence of bleeding or blurring that some reviews have mentioned. It's prints are sharper than other new printers in the office. I'm only using Brother cartridges, I will avoid compatibles as the colours are not true. So far, although I've already printed out lots of photo images the starter cartridges are still going strong, so ink consumption seems pretty good.
Overall I'm really pleased with this purchase, it makes life easier and gives good results. I hope it continues to be as good as it has started off.
Only down side so far is the paper tray which is pretty flimsy, and perhaps not suitable for use in an office by lots of people, but with careful use will probably survive ok. Easy to set up with a usb connection on a Mac, I haven't tried wireless yet. It can only do one or the other though.
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on 7 November 2011
Excellent A3 Printer! Setting up on a wireless network can take a little time, but instructions are clear to follow.
Very pleased with Scan, Print and build quality of the printer. Operation is very quiet and speedy.
For the price, this printer offers many great features - it would be hard to find a better A3 printer within the same price bracket.
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on 11 May 2012
I bought this solely for the a3 scanner and a3 autofeed scanner and been as most reviewers only talk about the printer, I shall focus on the scanner.

It is superb. You will not find an autofeed a3 scanner alone for cheaper than this scanner/printer.
You have the option to scan direct to a PC, or insert a USB stick or SD memory card . It all works brilliantly. One tip I've found is to use it in conjunction with Adobe Acrobat as the scanner seems to perform better and faster when used through there, and creates a pdf automatically. Very useful for scanning in loads of pages and auto creating pdf's.

Also the photocopying features are great allowing for reducion and enlargement of images. I have not used the printer for high quality images and so will not comment on that, but as a scanner and photocopier it's fantastic.
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on 13 May 2012
When I unboxed the printer, I was a bit concerned by its large size. However, the features quickly won me over. Within 10 minutes, I had already set up the printer on our wireless network and could print from a Mac, a Windows laptop, and a Slate. As I am an animator working on hand-drawn films, I mainly purchased this for its ability to scan large format images from the ADF (automatic document feeder). So far, this has worked very well, even when scanning wirelessly. I can load a stack of drawings in the ADF, kick off the scan, and continue working on other things from another part of the house.

I have been very happy with the print quality, and the ink cartridges seem to last for a decent amount of time. If this is any indication, I will spend far less on ink using this printer than I would have if I had purchased a different model.

I am very concerned about "green living," so another concern of mine was energy consumption. However, I put this on my energy monitor and found that it is remarkably efficient with its power usage. When not printing or scanning, there is very little power use.

All in all, I give this a 5 out of 5. I'm very happy with this printer, and I can't imagine that any other model would have suited my purposes better.
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on 9 April 2011
As I am a designer, i was searching for a bit bigger PSC machine to scan and print my big images thru,, somewhat with A3 size,, This one has no enemy with this price with its wireless function(but i don't use, too complicated for me to set up a wireless conition), and size is not too big, much slimmer than other Brother PSC machine within professional looking modern design..! If you wanna get A3 scanner and A3 printer separately, just u can select this one combined very well. Also Brother ink price is really cheap.. The best printer ever I think..
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I want this printer to be the one. But Brother are making it hard. I was attracted by the A3 Scanning, copying and printing, along with cheaper running costs. My previous, 5 - year old Canon MPC600was still working perfectly, but ink is getting hard to get and is really expensive. So this primer seemed a good bet.

It's not as good as the Canon in print quality, but with high-quality paper still pretty good. The high quality print setting is more detailed than the Canon although the colour are a little poorer. Scanning is OK, not world class, playing with the manual controls gets a much better result that using the automated function. Geometry is good and scanning is fast.

Setting up the printer wirelessly on an Apple network was quick and painless. I can also print from an iPad wirelessly as well, using Brother's printing app.

Copying works fine, although it defaults to A3 too quickly and A4 is quite a few button clicks away.

The archilles heel is paper handling. Only one sheet of paper goes into the manual hopper and trying to print A6 postcards didn't last long - I gave up. This printer suffers from frequent paper jams using A4 paper in the paper tray. It seems to print one page and then jam; however this isn't consistent - another packet of paper will go all the way through without any issues. Obviously there's something it doesn't like. Overall build quality is lightweight.

At the moment I'm willing this printer to work, but having spent most of this afternoon struggling with paper jams I'm beginning to despair.

Update 6/6/2012: The paper jamming (although when you investigate there is no jam) has got worse. I have tried looking at the machine in detail and can find no little bits that might be causing the issue. Personally I can't use something that's this unreliable.

Update 11/6/2012; A second machine shows the same issues, and a google search along with Amazon USA site shows that this is a common problem. I'm going to have to return this printer. The A3 scanning/copying was the killer feature - I guess I'm going to have to wait for version 3 of this machine or some other manufacturer to release one. If the scanner was high quality I might have kept it for that reason. But it's not; at least it's not graphic arts or photo quality. Fiddling with the manual controls helped a lot, but in the end it has to go.
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on 31 March 2013
The frequent and repeated paper jams are the irredeemable flaw in this printer. No matter how carefully and diligently you load the paper and check the printer it jams every few sheets. Several other people have reported this problem, so I'm sure it's not just me.
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