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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Muppets From Space (not to be confused with the original Muppet Show's Pigs in Space) is one terrific movie. The Muppets redefine themselves on the cutting edge of entertainment, put together a film of nonstop action and hilarity, pull off a rather touching ending, impart an important lesson about life to children as well as adults, and really bring their own special magic to the viewing audience. Feature films permit the Muppet universe to expand in altogether new ways. For one thing, you get to see full-body shots of Muppets doing extraordinary things (rather than having to settle for the old above the waist only shots). More significantly, in relation to this movie, there are some pretty good special effects that really make the Muppet world seem more believable than ever. All of the Muppets look great, and some relatively newer characters are nothing short of hilarious (Pepe the Prawn in particular).
Muppets From Space centers around Gonzo, the little guy with the big nose and no real history. He's tired of being a one-of-a-kind creature and yearns to know where he came from. First things first, though. The film opens with the start of a new day in the Muppet house; everyone gets up out of bed and quickly gets down with their bad selves to the funky music of "Brick House." The Muppets have definitely found the funk, and this makes for a really happening, memorable soundtrack. Just when Gonzo is really down about being alone in the world, he receives a communication from outer space (via his alphabet-shaped breakfast cereal). Soon, he is convinced that he is an alien and, what is more, he claims his alien family is on its way to earth. A certain secret agency picks up signs of the aliens and comes after Gonzo, thinking he can tell them what the aliens want and where they will land. The leader of this secret group, played by Jeffrey Tambor, is a little bit out of his mind, and Gonzo falls right into his pending trap by showing up at the local news studio to announce that the aliens are coming. The other Muppets don't really believe Gonzo's claims, but they are eager to help rescue him when he falls into the evil clutches of the Men in Black. The conclusion of the movie is a real hoot indeed, delivering a close encounter of the truly unique kind.
All of the Muppet characters are great; Kermit and Miss Piggy don't get as much screen time as usual, but that may well be a good thing. Gonzo and his roommate Rizzo the Rat (another fantastic, relatively new character) are more than capable of carrying the movie by themselves - of course, they don't have to do it alone because many of the Muppets play important parts. Pepe the Prawn absolutely steals the show, if you ask me; he may be the funniest Muppet yet created. As usual, a number of famous stars make cameo appearances in the film, including Andie MacDowell, Ray Liotta, F. Murray Abraham, Kathy Griffin, Hollywood Hogan (as his NWO self), and an always annoying David Arquette. Kids as well as adults should love this movie. Older viewers will appreciate some of the subtle nods to popular culture; for example, you will find parallels to big movies such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Star Trek, Men in Black, Independence Day, and The Shawshank Redemption.
This is as funny and enjoyable a Muppet movie as you will find. Don't let the kids get all of the enjoyment out of Muppets From Space, though; there are plenty of things incorporated into the plot and script to make adults smile and laugh, as well.
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on 10 June 2005
This movie makes for a very, very funny time. Start laughing from the very first scene until the very end; whether you are 5, 25 or 55, just let Kermit, Miss Piggy and Gonzo unleash the very child within you.
Unforgettable cameos by the likes of Andie McDowell, Hollywood Hogan and Ray Liotta add humour and wit.
Do check it out!
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on 26 March 2004
Once you've finished getting down to the quality Soundtrack, you are treated to a solid and accessible Muppet movie, with pretty much every character you'd expect, including Pepe the King Prawn - my personal favourite!
Great opening sequence, giving Gonzo a quest to find out who he really is, and the Muppet House "Waking up" to the Commodores is way funky, and funny. Excellent Cameos and set pieces make this a cool film for ages 2 to whatever.
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on 29 April 2014
My son age 6 simply watched it on and on for a month. It was his favorite movie and thank God it changed now because I know it by heart. All in all great film for the little ones and great fun for grown-ups too.
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VINE VOICEon 18 June 2015
Gonzo is distraught; he seems to be one of a kind. Then his breakfast cereal informs him that he is an alien. He is tracked down by government alien hunters and incarcerated.

It is up to the other moppets to rescue Gonzo from being disassembled by having his brains sucked out.

It is like an x-files script. All the standard characters and speeches. Lots of great actor cameos. I cannot get enough of this movie. I even like hearing the one-liners over again. There is lots of great music from the time era of the movie.

Brick House
The Gambler
Get UP Offa That Thing
It's your Thing
Shining Star
Theme from "Star Trek" (T.V. series)

Do not forget to take advantage of all the DVD extras.

I can't wait for my people to find me.
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Muppets from Space is the last Muppet film made before the straight-to-video era, and fortunately doesn't show any of the weakness that those efforts bore.

Gonzo finds out that he's actually an alien, however when a shadowy government agency finds out about this, the rest of the gang must rescue Gonzo from governmental clutches.

Featuring the best new cast members from Muppet Show revival Muppets Tonight (Bobo the bear and Pepe the King Prawn) as well as classic characters like Kermit, Fozzie and Miss Piggy, this is really very funny, and despite not being a musical has a fantastic funk soundtrack!
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on 17 September 2000
An absolutely fantastic new Muppet movie reveals the origins of Gonzo and answers our questions on the existence of life on other planets! There are new characters and there's lots and lots of fun - one for kids of all ages.
When Gonzo's breakfast cereal "speaks" to him the rest of the gang think he's gone seriously mad but it's just the beginning of another madcap Muppet adventure - one all the family will love to watch over and over - an adventure totally out of this world!
The Muppets have translated well to the DVD format and you even get the chance to view some Muppet out-takes. Hopefully more Muppet mayhem will be joining this movie on DVD soon.
Fabulous fun for all. But hey - don't take my word for it - get it and see for yourself!
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on 26 January 2011
The Muppet films you really should see are the Muppets Christmas Carol (one of the best films of any kind ever made in my opinion) and the Muppets Treasure Island which is excellent fun.

This one, Muppets from Space, begins well and has a reasonably good but slightly emotionally cliched ending (will the Great Gonzo having discovered he is not originally of this world choose to stay here with his friends? You can probably guess the answer).

There are also scenes meant to echo scenes from some famous films including Close Encounters of the Third Kind (or was it ET?) and the definitely not child film The Shawshank Redemption. Some people seem to find it clever and funny just to have Muppets act a similar scene to one in a well known film although to me it needs something more than that to be funny.

In between the plot involves human scientists kidnapping Gonzo for research. This part is not bad but not brilliantly original overall, and suffers from the problem with most other Muppet films I have seen that the Muppets work better when they let humans into their world rather than vice versa.

Muppet films and TV shows are lively, have strong characters and are visually interesting, but are less good on plot, except when they are able to use great stories already written by someone else (e.g. Charles Dickens & Robert Louis Stevenson) that can be envigorated by the Muppets; so if you have not already seen any of their films, see The Muppet Christmas Carol [DVD]and Muppet Treasure Island [DVD](or if you have already seen them once, see them again and you will still enjoy them).

Muppets from Space on the other hand has some interest, but is not a 'must see'.
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on 14 March 2005
muppets in space is good but doesnt have the same muppet quality as the earlier films like muppets take manhattan and muppet treasure has some good one liners but the plot isnt up to much.
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on 3 July 2009
The most recent Muppet feature sees Gonzo experiencing an identity crisis, which is exacerbated when he receives mysterious messages from the ether telling him that `he is not alone'. As he embarks on a quest to find the source of the messages and discover his true identity, Gonzo encounters shadowy government agents and is mocked by his friends, until eventually the beaky one has the last laugh.

Featuring all your favourite Muppets from sage Kermit the frog to amorous Miss Piggy, this is the usual fun family romp with a bit of a story tacked on. From Animal's wild behaviour to Statler and Waldorf's acerbic comments, there is something here for all Muppet fans, young and old.
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