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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Change
Price:£7.94 - £14.99
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on 28 June 2015
I can see this game is meant to be great, but what I have always thought, and my other half, (who used to play it on the playstation) has recently confirmed, is that it doesn't really work well on the PC. My character is in a permanent crouch position and cannot straighten up no matter what I try. Also my boyfriend says that on the ps3/4(?) when you receive items it tells you what you have received, but on the PC you have no idea if you have just received something. In general it doesn't quite work, which is a shame.
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on 13 November 2011
Skyrim is a fun game, there's lots of well thought out story lines and characters to interact with, however the effort invested in the PC interface is very poor.

Radial menus direct from console are difficult to use on PC, the standard 'quick selection' of skills is present rather than allowing the user to assign commonly used skills to hot keys - the resulting effect is that you play to minimise the list of skills you use in combat because of the annoying interface rather than try and combine skills for maximum immersive effect.

The radial menus regularly come out of alignment with the mouse, meaning you have to click on an entry below or above the one you want to use (for example in a conversation with an NPC) to get the entry you want (or that you click on the wrong one because you don't realise).

You can use an XBox360 controller if you have one, but plugging one in blocks out all keyboard and mouse use, so you can't use the xbox controller for combat and the keyboard/mouse for exploring cities or the world map for example - this is an unnecessary restriction that again points at the poor thought that has been invested in the PC interface design.

Overall while the game is fun, I have little desire to play it due to constantly having to wrestle with the interface
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on 1 April 2013
The game (for PC) requires installation of Steam. The game and graphics are superb, but I was never able to run it for more than about 10 minutes before it crashed to the black screen of death. I am a techie and I tried scores of "fixes", without success. I have a high spec Windows 7 pc, and I even spent £350 on a new graphics card (HD 7950), but it made no difference at all to the crashes. I gave up after a frustrating month of trying to fix it.
If you google "Skyrim PC crash" you will see that thousands of users have experienced the same problem, which seems to be a Skyrim coding problem, and not a Steam problem. Such a shame.
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on 23 January 2012
Back when I first heard about a new TES, I was far more excited than I'd ever been for anything. I watched the trailer over, and over, and over. I read the same articles and previews every day. I went back and played Oblivion, which was my favourite RPG of all time. And, disappointingly, that didn't change with Skyrim.

To start off on a good point - probably the only good point - the graphics. Skyrim does have some pretty nice graphics, and there are some stunning views to be seen. All the animations are great, and I really enjoy playing in 3rd person now. All the items are very detailed, but you can tell that it's a console port with the low res textures. There were a few graphical bugs to start with, but they've mostly been ironed out with recent updates.

It's such a shame that those graphical capabilities were wasted on the dull, bland, colourless environments. The world of Skyrim is nothing like Cyrodill. Open, empty, dull brown plains littered with withered plants and plain rocks. I guess that's because Skyrim is a completely different land and that's how it's meant to look, but it doesn't make up for it.

The world feels lifeless, too. Most of the quests are entirely pointless, generic and random. Typical RPG grindfests that have no effect once they're completed. They feel like a completely waste of time. All of the towns feel pretty lifeless, too. Absolutely nothing to do other than pick up maybe one generic quest. Most of them don't have any traders in either, (other than the innkeeper). They're just there to give the impression that Skyrim is an active place. Not just towns, though; there are mills and farms which offer absolutely NOTHING. Again, they're just there for the sake of it. There is no immersion, you can't really do much in the world.

Then there are the cities. I should first mention that most of the "cities" are small, generic snowy villages with maybe one unique quest each. Whiterun is the first city you'll encounter, and one of the "proper" cities. It actually feels very, very small and lifeless. It doesn't feel like a full-blown city either. There are quite a lot of people, but it doesn't feel like there are - probably because barely any of them you can actually properly interact with. Markarth is a beautiful city, though - fairly big, too. The Dwemer ruins are also a LOT of fun; probably the place I've most enjoyed exploring. Windhelm again feels extremely small and lifeless, with the usual (yes, this is USUAL for the cities in Skyrim) one blacksmith, one general goods trader. No magic/specialized weaponry/armour/book traders. It has one small tavern, too. Finally, Solitude. Supposedly the biggest city, but very unimpressive. Again, just the usual traders, nothing interesting going on.

Moving on, the people. There really isn't much to say other than that they have no depth whatsoever. It's a HUGE step back from the interaction in Oblivion. They say the same damn thing to each other constantly, over and over. When you speak to them, they have hardly any conversation options. The new "speech" system is pathetic, too. Occassionally you'll get the chance to persuade or intimidate as a dialogue. You win or lose based on a random choice (modified by your speech skill). So.. it's boring, pointless, and the outcome is pretty much random. On top of that, you very rarely even get the chance to use those speech options. Other than that, there is no point in interacting. There are also a lot (all guards, and a lot of others) characters that you simply can't interact with.

The voiceovers are hard to comment on. Firstly, just about every damn guard in the game has the same voice. Arnie's voice. The variation in the rest of the voices is nice, though.

The user interface is horrible. I press Tab to open the four-directional button thing, I use the arrow keys to select the Skills tab, and then I navigate through the perks with the WASD keys. Whut? Yeah. The inventory menu is horrible to use, the item names aren't tall enough to click accurately, and the cursor usually gets stuck on one item so you need to fiddle with the arrow keys to get to the item you want.

The new combat and magic systems are great fun to use, but it takes forever to switch weapons/spells.

The torso and leg armours are now combined. I remember one time, I was at a training dummy, and I was gonna practice my hand-to-hand, purely for roleplay purposes. So I took off my chest armour. Closed the inventory. I was naked. I soon remember that it's because the armour pieces are combined. Yes, the new armour looks great, but it removes a lot of customization, and makes it much easier as you only need the one armour piece rather than the two.

Smithing is fun, but it's overpowered.

The game is too easy in general; you make gold so easily, there is absolutely no point in grinding the generic, boring quests, because you already have enough gold for anything you want.

The enchanting and alchemy systems are pretty cool, but the enchanting and alchemy tables are big and ugly, and they're EVERYWHERE. Every inn, every alchemy shop, every castle - there's nothing unique or challenging in finding the equipment anymore.

The music is a big step down from Oblivion. It's more ambient noise than music. The boss-fight music is good, though.

The main story is really interesting, but the game is so boring and full of bugs (I tried to walk somewhere with the two quest companions rather than using fast travel, for roleplaying and immersion. They disappeared and wouldn't come back. Every time.) I just can't finish it.

I honestly wish I could give Skyrim a gleaming 5* review and say that it's the best RPG of all time - a few months ago, that's what I thought I'd be doing. But Skyrim was very, very disappointing.
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on 22 April 2012
The game is great and I enjoyed playing it, but it was totally spoilt for me by having compulsary downloads from Steam. Part of this was because I don't have the fastest internet connection and, with it insisting on loading updates before game-play, it meant I would often have to wait a while before I could play. The other thing that happened (after around 250 hours of play) was that it started craching my video drivers to the extent my PC blue screened if I tried to play it. I guess (but don't know) that this was due to one of the updates. I rebuilt my PC and it was fine, until I reloaded Steam/Skyrim again and then the same happened. I rebuilt again and have not loaded the game and my PC is fine again.
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on 4 April 2013
My lad loves this and that's all well and good. However, if youput this on your PC, you will also have to load "steam"; a link to a cloud memory system that will constantly be updating your PC and god knows what else. Call me paranoid but I just wanted the game, not a link to "the cloud", thank you..... Should've got it for the XBOX instead.
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on 9 July 2012
Nice game, good graphics, reasonable stories and great fight animations but oh my days, way too many underground quests. Honestly its like playing dungeonmaster or something, it is literally one gloomy mine/cavern/sewer/maze/pit.. after another, far too claustrophobic for my liking. Its good but too much time underground has spoilt it for me.
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on 6 December 2011
Personally, I had gotten used to game series almost always improving with each new release; Vice City was strictly better than GTA3, and San Andreas was MILES better than Vice City. Accordingly, Morrowind was an evolutionary step beyond the original Elder Scrolls games, and Oblivion, though easier to complete than Morrowind, had a better setting, a better story, and a much more engaging main quest.

I am sad to say that, having almost completed everything Skyrim has to offer inside of a week, it really disappoints on all fronts. The main quest feels too short and overly simple compared with Oblivion; there are far less interesting quests among the guild quests and side quests.

Focus seems to have been given on improving graphics and changing the interface so it can be sold on the console, which seems like a very calculated sell-out in my opinion. I don't imagine THAT many people will buy Skyrim on the console in the long term, because a) I can't imagine that the controls match well with a joypad, and b) once the main quests are out of the way, is a console player really the kind of person who will enjoy doing things like chopping wood and mining ore? I know there are fishing games on the market, but lumberjacking and mining are not exactly exciting activities to simulate now are they?


1. Creatures - My character is now level 33 and I've encountered perhaps 10 different monster baddies (not counting wolves and rats, which don't count. On a side note, when are Bethesda going to realise that short creatures that jump up at you, and you have to face down to attack, are annoying beyond belief, especially when they can give you diseases?). I've looked, and with the last 3 Elder Scrolls games, the number of different creatures featuring in the games has actually steadily declined. This is unforgivable, really. Especially when you consider than there are almost no new creatures. The Draugr which dominate over half of all dungeons are really just glorified zombies made to look like dead vikings. Which leads me nicely onto...

2. Dungeons/Quests - When I started playing Skyrim and saw that all manner of different icons were appearing on my map (more than three times the number of different icons to Oblivion), I had hope that the dungeon variety and design would have been something Bethesda had worked on. Sadly not. Most dungeons are navigable whilst eating your supper, and SO sparsely populated with creatures that just running through, even at low level, is likely to work. It really shouldn't. Compared with Oblivion and Morrowind there are almost no puzzles. Where they exist they are laughably easy, and there are just far less interesting quests than before. Oblivion had the epic Thieve's Guild quests where you had to break into the Imperial Palace to steal an Elder Scroll, quests where you went inside people's minds, not to mention THREE fantastic official add-ons. Skyrim has nothing like this, and, barring the release of something truly groundbreaking, may prove to be the biggest flop ever for the keen quester.

Where is the stuff worth doing in this game? Do Bethesda know who their key market is? Quests that are based on 'go there, kill that guy, pick up this item, go there, kill this guy' are BORING.

I sincerely hope that Bethesda come up with something inventive next time - either in the way of an elaborate add-on, or for the next game. Skyrim is almost unplayably tedious.

(Just to finish off, and for those of you who are wondering how I can constantly play a game for a week if I consider it a let-down, it's because I was exploring it to see what there was. Since completing Oblivion originally, I have gone back and replayed it countless times because it was an all-round better game. When I put Skyrim down, probably in a couple of days, I really can't see myself picking it up again, at this stage.)
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on 13 May 2013
Although Skyrim is my favourite game and is excellent on the Ps3 and X-box, the PC version is disappointing. Firstly, it takes ages to download and you need steam to play it, if you haven't encountered steam it is a memory eating program that is utterly useless. A main problem is that, after inserting it into my laptop, no other discs can be used through the disc drive.
I mainly got this on PC to try out the cheats, but most of the cheat code that you'll find online have been patched over.

Overall irritating, I would advise against purchasing this game on Pc.
As I have said, however, Skyrim on the other platforms is amazing and, if you have the chance, you should definitely get it.
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on 23 February 2012
Wanted to stretch my graphics and reviews led me to believe this game looks stunning, which it does but I cant get on its hook.

You slowly wander around amongst bots with zero acting ability. I was hacking my way through a couple of bandits in a castle whilst an old woman swept the floor around us saying "Cook and clean that's all I do cook and clean". Very silly.

The quests don't seam to lead any where and if you see a giant or a big mammoth on your way you don't like the look of you just skirt around it.

It may be just me but I cant relate to the world It's people or the quests. Very slow and boring. I bought the whole series for £30 from Steam but wished I had not bothered.

The game runs smoothly by the way with no glitches.

At the same time I bought Fallout New Vegas from the same studio. and was instantly hooked. Although the graphics are not as good the game draws you in to a weird world that I found far easier to relate to and integrate with. It also has humour where as Skyrim has none.

This is the only game which has triggered a "too hot" warning for my crossfire set up though.
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