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2.8 out of 5 stars51
2.8 out of 5 stars
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on 9 August 2015
Anyone remember Mystery Science Theatre 3000? This is exactly the kind of movie they used to watch.

I sat down with my poorly 10 year old son (and science geek) in the hope of cheering him up with this terrible film - and it worked!

Particular favourite moments included:

1. The boy no-one wanted to take to the hospital - 4 times!
2. The nurse who passes the above mentioned boy ON HER WAY TO THE HOSPITAL, and still refuses to give him a lift.
3. The woman who forgot her car had two doors (with mortal consequences!)
4. The guy riding around on his motorbike almost the entire time (we were disappointed he didn't do a Screaming At The Sky speech)
5. The lady scientist who is given 2 minutes to figure out what's going on and then gets it wrong.
6. The fantastic special effects!
7. The journalist crew, particularly the guy who, in his Big Moment no-one checks to make sure he's dead (presumably because if he wasn't someone would have to take him to the hospital and, as established, that's not something they do here)

It's so, so bad. I mean, eye-wateringly terrible. But in that way that some films can be terrible and yet deeply entertaining at the same time. My son and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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on 21 February 2011
This has been playing on Virgin & Sky on Movies 24.. Its an above average "B" movie Directed by 1 of the King's of LOW BUDGET blockbusters Tibor Takacs of "THE GATE" fame,,,, The story = San Francisco is hit with multiple Meteor storms wrecking havoc all over the place, with 1 hell of a ASTEROID on its way.. The special FX are pretty good for a direct to TV,,DVD film,, the highlight is the Goldengate Bridge being bombarded with loads of Meteors and left in ruins...The actors do a good job especially Michael Trucco from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA ! It aint no ARMAGEDDON or even DEEP IMPACT but its still worth a view !
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on 2 October 2015
Bad production and directing, terrible on cue explosions, too much pointless dialogue from unconvincing actors, the lead female's expressions looked as if she had put her pants on the wrong way round. Was like watching early tv episodes. Actually that's a bit overstretched, old Star Trek was better. Camera stayed in place while various actors walked in front to speak as if it was a play. The meteor storm stayed in place not because of the feeble explanations in the movie but because it was low budget and all filmed in the same location. Laughable liaison with the Russians to explode nukes over their country.
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on 2 December 2015
This film is so bad that it is almost funny...........for the first 20 minutes or so. After that I simply had to give up on it as it just seemed to get worse and worse.

The storyline and plot is a joke - a serious enough disaster made comical by total lack of realism and loads of excessively cheesy so-called "special effects". I am actually amazed that this film was made in 2010, as the "special effects" are so poor that you would expect them to be made by school children doing a project or something.........and I would in fact imagine that school children could have done a much better job of it.

The casting is completely off target and I am seriously wondering if the majority of the cast are simply people taken straight off the street. The hero (Michael Trucco) does not do much towards raising the level of acting, riding his motorbike around the meteor struck city, commandeering TV crews, and trying to act the tough guy. The outcome is almost funny, but not for very long, so I am truly baffled that anyone can sit through the entire 1 hour and 26 minutes, and then give this film 5 stars!

I certainly don't mind a well made B film, but this film is way further down the alphabet, and I can genuinely not recommend throwing away 1 hours and 26 minutes of your life watching it.
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on 22 July 2015
Truly awful film. Started to fast forward it just to get to the end quicker. Actors had obviously been to the Action School of Joey from Friends, plot was terrible, all you have is the lead guy running around on his bike saving his kids all the time. I seriously believe I could probably do better special effects with an empty fairy liquid bottle and some double sided sticky tape!
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on 2 July 2011
I enjoyed the film even though its the same old story of disaster. Good acting and not a bad plot and the effects were pretty good too. I think you will like this one.
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on 5 October 2015
The movie as a whole was pretty low budget and the acting was only as poor as the script these guys were given to work with. However, there was a good story line on a shoe string budget.

Meteors blowing holes in San Fransisco, Why? How are we going to stop this?... A typical disaster movie.

The Guys who wrote and produced this did what they could with what they had and all in all they did reasonably well. I can sit here and tell you what happens scene for scene like some other reviews but I would suggest its worth watching if your not fussed about a lack of multi-million dollar, pound whatever special effects and actors.
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on 24 November 2014
Quite a cheesy 'sci-fi' (not really) film. But entertaining nonetheless. Get your popcorn out and just forget that it is a very cliched / formulated disaster movie with a happy ever after. I mean, the earth could not be destroyed, could it?

Acting wise, everyone does their stuff to good effect. No star performances though. CGI was not that brilliant, but perhaps we are spoiled nowadays.

So, yep... just watch it pretending to be innocent and all, for sure you will enjoy.
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on 16 April 2014
I am not really convinced this deserves the 1 star I have given. At first I thought that the acting was a bit corny and rather poor, then it got worse. The plot was SO weak. The acting grew cringe worthy and the special effects had me hiding from embarrassment. I think I actually continued to watch because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Don't get me started on the scene where the "HERO" was riding his bike towards the camera. Enough said, please go ahead and watch yourself, I'd love to be proven wrong.
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on 5 May 2015
Budget Christian Bale and budget Anne Heche save (most of) San Francisco from asteroids using only cliches, CGI and mobile phones.
Luckily for us the Colonel is utterly stupid so everyone else has to recap the plot every 4 to 5 minutes. Don't worrie about pausing to nip out and make that coffee..
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