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4.6 out of 5 stars66
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 27 July 2011
American Dad is still going strong, even at season 6!

Ok, there is the odd episode that isn't quite as good as some of the previous seasons, but all series have that.

Some episodes i really didn't like when I first saw them, but they have grown on me.

The best episodes are (in my opinion):
Shallow Vows - roger 'talks' stan into renewing his vows with francine, but just before the wedding stan reveals he only married francine for her looks. When the wedding day arrives, francine steps out the car looking hideous. The episode is about stan and francine learning more about each other and their relationship, but is really funny.

Rapture's Delight - This seasons christmas episode. When the rapture comes, stan and francine are left behind. Stan tries to get raptured, happy to leave francine behind. She leaves stan for Jesus (who can date this time). But when Francine is kidnapped by the anti-christ, Jesus calls on stan for help.

May the best Stan win - Android stan from the future appears and tells stan he must start training for a future war against the robots. But it quickly becomes apparent that Stan-from-the-future has only come back to steal francine.

those are my 3 favourites from the series, but all of the episodes have their own charm, they are brilliant.

So well worth watching for old fans of the show, and it might even persuade a few people who aren't! a great show all round, and one of my absolute favourites!
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on 7 June 2011
I've watched every episode of this series on the television and it's by far the best American Dad season yet. After a slow start with the early seasons, it has really started to pick up, and in my opinion, it has surpassed family guy. What with the hype surrounding family guy, American Dad doesn't get the praise it deserves, much like Futurama, living in the Simpsons' shadow. As a Brit, I find it much easier to follow than Family guy, there aren't constant references to American celebrities I've never heard of. It's great laughs and a must buy for everyone.
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on 6 May 2013
Okay, so I definitely wouldn't give this season 5 stars. I don't think this is American Dad at it's best really.
The first disc and second have got some awesome and very funny episodes. Some of the episodes, however, are just too random and enforce my opinion that Family Guy is better.

I've said this before, but the reason I like American Dad is that it is less offensive and shocking than Family Guy. American Dad also doesn't simply rely on cutaway gags. And who doesn't love Roger?

The problem with some of the episodes of this season is that the storyline goes way off plot. For some, when I've reached the middle of the episode, I've become so bored and confused I just have to switch it off.
Just watch "Return of the Bling" and you'll see what I mean. It starts off with Stan finding out his hockey hero was Roger in disguise. Okay, sounds funny. Then he finds out Roger was a cheater, takes the medal and goes on some stupid journey to return it to the sports federation, which, by the way, is on top of a snowy mountain!! This could have been funny had they not tossed in the ridiculous Lord of the Rings references.

Now, I like randomness to an extent. I like it when story-lines develop and become something else entirely. But it actually needs to develop. With many of the episodes in this season, a character will just pick up on something out of the blue and it feels like another whole episode already starting. It's almost as if the writers themselves ran out of ideas mid-way through the episode and thought, let's just toss in a bit of Ronald Reagan or Obama, etc, for the hell of it.

This is not a bad season. Some of the episodes are just not well-thought out.
Please just leave the randomness to Family Guy.
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One of the best shows on TV returns for Season 6 in this 18 episode boxed set.

Among the 18 were some of the best episodes this series has produced yet like when Stan gets addicted to crack or Steve pilots a drone bomber over Langley thinking it's a computer game, or when Roger becomes dictator of a small island nation. But of the 18 is probably the best American Dad episode ever, "Rapture's Delight", where the Rapture happens and Stan and Francine get left behind. Stan's selfishness causes Francine to leave him for Jesus and then the episode fast forwards 7 years. I won't give away spoilers but it's an awesome cross between Mad Max and T2's Judgment Day.

And the movie references are in most of the episodes - Lord of the Rings, Sideways, Alien, Police Academy, Rambo, they're all riffed on brilliantly. There's also some pseudo-movies the writers create themselves such as "Mind Quad" where a psychic quadriplegic goes on the run, a new squirrel movie begins (the last being the Gilbert Grape squirrels) and the saga of the jewel encrusted golden turd continues.

Other faves in this series are Stan as a cyborg, Steve going through war trauma after a Vietnam war re-enactment on a golf course, and Reggie the Koala returns. Plus there's a lot of uncensored stuff that you don't notice on TV - there's so much swearing on American Dad, or at least there is in this series, and you get to see Stan's junk too.

The extras on the DVD aren't great - "American Dad Honours Its Four Legged Friends" is basically an advert for the first 5 seasons on DVD while the Rapture's Delight extras are too short being at 5 mins max. The commentaries are funny though.

Overall, I loved it. Hours of entertainment and side jokes that I couldn't even begin to list in this review. The writing on the show is better than that of Family Guy and Cleveland Show put together and the plots seem to hang together better for repeated viewings. If you're a fan of the show and wondering if it's getting better or worse, the show is stronger than ever and this box set is a must buy. Who can wait each week for a single episode? An awesome collection, I used to think Family Guy was better but this season puts American Dad on top.
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on 12 April 2012
A fan of Seth Macfarlane since the beginning, I have thoroughly enjoyed both Family Guy and American Dad. In fact, I am beginning to enjoy American Dad more so than Family Guy. I prefer American Dad because of its plot derived and more witty and political humour in contrast to Family Guy's reliance on cutaway gags, slapstick and shock humour. That is no criticism of Family Guy and is does not mean American Dad is devoid of shock humour and slapstick. However I am glad to say that cutaway gags are very rare in American Dad. I think this is a good thing as sometimes I feel Family Guy is over reliant on cutaway gags and it makes the humour seem forced. The humour in American Dad is topical and related to the plot for the most part, so seems more organic, less forced and a result, more amusing.

As someone who has spent a long time in a "Red State" surrounded by Stan Smiths I can relate to Stan and his family. Whilst I am still a major fan of Family Guy, I feel it is begging to or has reached its peak. However American Dad in contrasts seems to be getting consistently better with each season and I can say with sincerity that this is the best season so far! I think it is a pity that American Dad seems to suffer the same fate as Futurama: a better quality show sadly overshadowed by its older and more successful sibling.
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on 21 November 2014
American Dad Volume 6's DVD is an oddity. Unlike other box sets some of the episodes are the cut broadcast versions, that's either having censored dialogue or imagery (some episodes are uncut or didn't need censoring on televisiosn). What's even odder is that some episodes are censored in some parts (dialogue is bleeped) but feature uncensored imagery (Avery shows Stan his middle-finger). 13 of the 18 episodes have differences.

So Volume 6 is not quite Fully Exposed even if it contains full frontal nudity (we didn't need to see that FOX!).

Apart from that it's business as usual. Lots of deleted scenes and commentaries like previous volume box sets. Volume 6 also contains an aspect ratio shift from 1.33:1 to 1.78:1 from episode 10 onwards, as the show began airing in high-definition at the start of 2010. Both the fullscreen and widescreen episodes look excellent upscaled on a HDTV.
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on 2 March 2013
Despite being in it's 8th year, the creative team behind American Dad show no signs of dropping the ball - this show just keeps getting funnier. It remains relevant as political satire - although the 'joke' in that regard is clearly not pushed as hard as it was in earlier seasons - but as 'formula sit-com' it truly stands out. The jokes come thick and fast and the hit to miss ratio is good, the characters are well drawn (literally and figuratively...) and in Roger they have created one of the all-time great comedy characters. And to top it off, the question about who is the hottest cartoon character has finally been answered; it's Francine Smith without a doubt.
I couldn't recommend this highly enough. Indeed, I would recommend buying every single box set available. It is impossi;e to be disappointed by this brilliant show. May it long continue!
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on 17 November 2011
What can you say about american dad,Its the best cartoon on cable.Its the show family guy could of been,Every episode makes me laugh and ive got all the series box sets.For me season 6 is one of the best and is a must for any fan of cartoon comedy.Family guy has become stale and just not as funny anymore,while american dad just gets better and all the characters add something to the show.

Ive watched american dad from the start and knew it would become a success while all my mates were going on about family guy and for some reason couldnt really get into family like i could with american dad.The first three seasons of family guy were funny and i enjoyed them but as i say it just stopped being funny to the point were you go out purchase it every new season.

so buy american dad season 6 you wont be disappointed.
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on 23 February 2011
this series is by far one of the best. Roger is very very funny and has gone through more disguises than any other season the stories are good then laughs are many and the show is fantastic. A must have for all your comedy needs

enjoy :)
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on 13 December 2011
I've always been an American Dad fan. The story lines are wacky, close to the bone and always make me laugh. Roger is fantastic, as always and if you are a fan of the series then you can't go wrong :)
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