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Customer Reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars73
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 28 March 2011
So far I think the DVD'S are pretty good. I tried the Dance Cardio Workout first and the steps were pretty hard, so I decided to do the Total Cardio Workout which was a lot easier, in terms of the steps and sequences. I think it would be a good idea to start with the Total Cardio workout to help build up to the Dance Cardio. I always do one of the Cardio workouts and then the Mat workout, which is tough but it makes you feel great. I think you need to have quite a large space to be able to do the workouts, so if your thinking of doing them at home, this would be a consideration.
1. Dance Cardio Workout- I think this has around 8 or 9 sequences and they are all broken down by Tracy. It gives you the option to learn the routines with Tracy either facing you or facing away from you. Which I think is brilliant as i find it easier to learn when the instructor faces away from me.
2. Mat Workout- A variation of intense exercises that work the legs, arms and stomach. Intense but makes you feel great.
3. Total Cardio Workout- This DVD has 4 sequences which are all broken down step by step by Tracy and 3 other instructors. This DVD doesn't have the option of the instructor facing the front or back. Everything is done facing you.
All in all I really enjoy all three DVDs and i think they are good value for money.
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on 14 January 2011
Other than the error in the DVD's, Anderson believes that dance cardio is the perfect aerobic workout for creating long, lean muscles and a feminine, toned physique. When dancing you work your muscles from a wide variety of angles as opposed to running or biking, which are repetitive in one direction, which in her opinion can create bulk. This workout is high energy dancing, dare I say high impact aerobics, full of hopping, jumping, high kicks and even the 60s dance step the Pony. The eight combinations that make up the workout are like a jazzy version of petite allegro (the jumping section of a dance class). Even though it is high energy and full of movement, I was able to dance almost full out in my tiny living room. Tracy begins the workout with a brief explanation of her fitness philosophy, and tells you that you should do this workout four to six days a week. Then in a very detailed, but unfortunately music free section, Tracy breaks down the movement of the eight cardio dance combinations. In this 47-minute section, she teaches the combination facing away from you so you watch her back, just like you would in an actual dance class. She also shows you the moves once from the front so you get a feel for the dance. Learning the combinations is a workout unto itself, since you dance and hop around, which is why I was confused to have a five minute warm up follow this section and appear at the beginning of the actual dance workout. You can follow the 45-minute dance workout section with Tracy facing you or facing away from you. I found it much easier to follow her back, since this is how I learned the combinations. The camera work for the workout section is a little busy so if you don't have the movements down, which you won't after just one viewing, you might find yourself bouncing around until you catch up with Tracy. There is no cool down stretching section at the end of the workout, which my legs really needed after dancing for a total of 90 minutes. Since Tracy rarely talks during this section, it felt like I was having a personal dance party in my living room, or in her beautiful dance studio.

This DVD is challenging and my legs are feeling it in a good way today. There is little chance of you getting bored with the DVD since the dance steps are complicated and fun, and I think it would take multiple viewings to really learn them.

For the Cardio workout see
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on 3 February 2011
I really enjoy the mat workout - it's different and easy to do. The cardio dvd's are a bit differcult but first learned it's fun to do. I really like Tracy Anderson way of teaching - no shouting and weird cheering.
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on 25 August 2013
I actually give this product 0 stars out of 5, but you can't do that on Amazon so I've had to give a only got a score of 1 to publish the review! Let me explain...I am a lover of exercise DVDs; I have a lot of Davina's programmes which all come highly recommended, a few of the 10 Minute Solutions, a few Gillian Anderson and Nell McAndrew and a few yoga DVDs - all of which I enjoy, especially Davina's programmes (they are great exercises, Davina is entertaining throughout, and importantly the teachers give you very clear instructions about what you should be doing). I finally gave in a purchased this DVD and was shocked at how bad it was!

The main issue is that she does not talk you through the moves at all, this is a real problem when you are often in positions where it is impossible to see the TV because how on earth do you know what to do next other than turn your neck into such a position to see the TV again, only to realise she left that pose you're in long ago, and is now muttering about something else! The way she teaches the warm up and the routines are just so bad, she might be loved by GP and Madonna but she does not know how to teach a class!

For example, I put on the cardiac dance DVD first - after a very lame warm-up you have a choice of 8 different dance routines. For the warm up, she will be in the middle of a bending down move, and you're following, so you've got your head down and you're not looking at the TV screen, you're thinking you're holding this move to feel the stretch, you turn your head and check the TV and you realise she's standing up stretching her arms over her head!

Throughout, she only ever just mutters the occasional move, so you have to keep your neck cranked to see the TV constantly, it's generally very boring - like trying to prance around the room following your younger sister as she badly shows you a new dance move - and I would not recommend her at all. Also the music is boring, she's not engaging at all I think she bores herself too, and she's clearly got no sense of humour or excitement or encouragement! I gave up and tried the mat work out DVD - also boring, boring, boring and she does not instruct you at all! I am now no longer interested in trying her total cardio DVD, and I don't care if she actually has got some good moves once you take the time to learn them all off by heart - I want a DVD you can put on and have fun to and feel confident in what you are doing, you do NOT get this with this DVD. What a waste of money and time!
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on 15 January 2015
I admit that I did this once after buying it but found the dance moves hard & put it away for a year. Recently I was reminded of it and decided to give it another shot, just to prove I could do it. Tracy doesn't give a lot of instruction which will be fine for those used to exercise, not so good for beginners. BUT stick with it and you will enjoy it immensely, no fake smiles, no banter which becomes annoying on the 4th hearing. Just Tracy and you. she tells it like it is, put in the effort and you will see enormous changes. I love her workouts now. I make sure I fit in a workout at least 5 days a week. I rise early before work. I have lost inches and pounds through a combination of doing this and healthier eating. four stars as it is not the easiest DVD to just pick up and do but fitness is commitment - no getting away from that!
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on 16 April 2014
Have read lots of her workouts in magazines and things but these are silly. Even the warmup has convoluted arm movements and attitude.

Was getting no exercise hopping around like an idiot. Returned to Jillian Michael's shred DVDs. Easy to follow.
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on 23 October 2011
A great selection of DVD's but with no dance experience I found the Dance Cardio workout quite difficult to follow to begin with.
Different from any other workout DVD's I've done before so really enjoying training with them.
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on 28 August 2011
It's a very good workout. In order to have some results you need to do it at least five times a week and also before you start you should be fit already because it is a bit tough for a beginner.
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on 15 November 2015
I'm going to have to invest some time learning the routines for the cardio DVDs before I can feel the benefit of them but I absolutely love the mat workout DVD. The mat workout DVD is hard work but so worth it. I haven't managed to get through the whole routine without stopping yet as there are loads of repetitions that get the muscles burning but I like the challenge!
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on 25 July 2015
I almost binned this because I found Tracy a little bit annoying and I was trying to start by learning all the combinations - very dull and de motivating. Picked it up again and started with the breakdown of the combinations followed be each combination to music. Much better, really works up a sweat after just two combinations. Will definitely be sticking with this.
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