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4.5 out of 5 stars192
4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:£45.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 12 March 2011
Well i'll keep it short but basically this game thus far for me is awesome. Its pretty much sticking to the old formula of 'If its not broken, don't fix it'
and so it's pretty much what you would expect from a Pokémon game.
I'm only about 2 hours in and already i'm having alot of fun with this game. The Pokémon names though are friking awful but with over 500 + Pokémon you can't really blame them lol. A nice addition is everything so far appears to be rendered in 3D even the inside of peoples houses and what not which is great, the battles have stepped up with some very nice animation on the Pokémon themselves but i'm still waiting on a Pokémon Stadium type battle system in full 3D. Overall fun game, seems easier to level Pokémon early on and just having a blast with it atm. I would say go and get it quick.
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on 17 March 2011
Having played all the previous pokemon games from red and blue all the way to heart gold and soul silver you could call me a big fan of the games. When diamond, pearl and platinum were released it felt like Nintendo were starting to run out of ideas. Then with Gold and Silver being remade they had some good ideas but again, nothing but remakes. I can honestly say i think black and white breath new life into the franchise, the changes in the games are fantastic and the 3D like aspect is pretty well done. Anyone that's thinking of giving them a try to re-live some of your more geeky/childish days i doubt you would be dissapointed with these games.
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on 7 March 2011
Months before this game came out me and my brother were looking forward and looking into this game, almost as soon as we knew it was coming he knew he wanted it, so when his birthday came around last month i decided to get it for him.

The look on his face after playing this game was so great, he loves it so much and i would recomend anyone to buy it for either themselves or others, he is thirteen and im sixteen and we both love it and it just go's to show that this game is one in a timeless set of games and has followed traditions and well loved memories.

Definately a recomended game from me
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on 9 March 2011
OMG (oh my god) this game is simply amazing everything about the game feels new even the fact you no longer have to do all these daft things just to get a starter pokemon is cool the graphics look amazing i'm in love with the battle system which does take some getting used to but it's worth it

 Pokémon White Version (Nintendo DS)
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on 2 October 2014
The game is all about reshiram & zekrom, badass pokemon who would grace any gen. Everything else just seems like an afterthought, "design a few legendaries and fill in the gaps around them" kinda thing. I could count on one hand, the pokemon that I "wowed" at.
In battle graphics are awful to be honset and game lacks longevity due to the lack of likeable pokemon.
I played over 200hours on my soul silver before I sold it years ago... I've had White a few days and I'm not in any hurry to pick it up again.
Pokemon games always follow a pattern but when u come across a Patrat, it's not exactly Rattata is it. You get Woobat instead of Zubat. Roggenrola is your Geodude and so on. The whole game had me thinking how good older gens were. And to top it, Nintendo have discontinued the wifi so the global trade station won't work. Can't go wrong at £12 but I'll be buying X or Y very soon, to get over this disappointment.
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on 4 March 2011
Honestly i have been playing pokemon since it's old black and white days and i have seen progress but this is the best yet. Okay i shall admit that the pokemon names are a little bit laughable but hey it's got to appeal to kids as well! so far i am only up to the fifth gym but i am finding that while the story line remains similar to the older versions there are some dramatic changes the wifi world would be great! (only i can't connect my DS to Wifi at the moment) i feel that to play the game at its fullest you need the wifi but its a fresh take on an old game...

10/10 in my book!
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on 4 March 2011
I have played the Pokemon games since the Yellow version came out. I have only played it for a bit so far (first gym badge) and for me this game is very refreshing and feels like the first time I've played a Pokemon game again, with 150 brand new Pokemon and no sight of the old ones until you complete the game its great!

Some ways in which the game starts is different to the previous ones too so it feels new. I got bored playing Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Diamond so I wasn't too excited about this game thinking that the Pokemon games are the same old thing. But Pokemon Black and White is brilliant and I am addicted to playing it like I was with Yellow and Silver!
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on 20 August 2012
I have to say that this is the best game yet. It is a shame that your Pokemon don't follow you around like in Heart Gold/ Soul Silver. But aside from that I give it 5*. I recommend that you play the game strategically or you won't get very far. Learn the weaknesses of each Pokemon and you will become a champion in no time. For beginners, I recommend getting Tepig. Plus Roggenrola and you will speed through this game.
I wont't tell you the plot, that's a spoiler. What I will say is that you can use TM's repeatedly. So get your Roggenrola powered up with Rock Smash and you are on to a winner. As it seems that all Pokemon games favour the Rock Type of Pokemon over all others for getting you further.
N is an interesting character and the plot line is great. I guarantee that this game is money well spent if you like pets and strategy games all rolled into one.
Pokemon is usually underrated in comparison to the famous Zelda and Final Fantasy. But I have found this game very rewarding as it teaches me to see all forms of life as wonderful. I began with a dislike for bats but one called Woobat is now my treasured companion in this game. The game will alter your perspective on life and will challenge you. Are you a quitter? I thought I was until I found Pokemon. Now I call myself a Gamer and Pokemon Raiser. I hope to be a champion and breeder of these unique characters.
I finally recommend giving your strongest character the Amulet Coin so you can get money more easily.
Good luck on your adventures and I hope I was helpful... :)
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on 25 June 2012
I was looking forward to playing this game as I have played all the previous pokemon games before it, and I was hoping it was going to be bigger and better than its predesessors, which it is......kind of.

The main problem I have with all of the pokemon games is their longevity. They really don't take that long to complete, and once you complete the main story part of the game there is very little extra for you to do. I was hoping that Pokemon White would be different but it isn't really. After you complete the main story line there isn't that much to do in the game apart from catch a few extra pokemon and a few more battles (sorry if this spoilt anything) which is ok but I personally would like a bit more to do. Filling up the pokedex is fine but gets pretty boring after a while. I know the capabilities of the DS are rather limited but I just wish GameFreak would make a much bigger version of the pokemon games with hundreds+ hours of gameplay and storylines/quests.

One thing to note is that if you dont have an internet connection to connect your DS console to wi-fi you will be VERY limited in what you can do after the main story part of the game. I know this may seem silly as pretty much everyone has an internet connection these days but I think its worth noting.

Apert from this, it is a good game. The gameplay is still more or less the same than in the previous games with the exception of some improved graphics and it is really addictive (as are the previous games). There are new pokemon which will keep you busy for a while remembering all their names and types etc. with some of the older generation pokemon available later in the game.
If you liked any of the previous pokemon games then I definitely recommend this game, even if it may just leave you wanting more!
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on 16 January 2012
Those who are familiar to the Pokemon franchise will have long awaited Black & White, as it starts a fresh on the game series, this is evident in the way the game was made, for example before beating the elite 4, you can only catch the new Unova Pokemon, removing you from your comfort zone and going for your old favorites. Don't fret however, as the older Pokemon can be caught once the elite 4 are beaten.

Black & White also feature a new graphics engine, using full sprites for the battles and more use of the 3d environments. The game also makes clever use of seasons, and night and day, all of which if followed by your DS's internal clock, the wild Pokemon can change depending on the season or time, and some locations are only available during certain seasons.

As a long running trait, Black & White are focused on wireless technology to get the most out of your game, and like before both games feature some Pokemon exclusive to themselves, meaning players who want to "catch them all" will need to trade with someone who was the other game to you. Also new to these games are edition exclusive areas, white getting white forest, and black getting black city. Both have unique features to them and these features are best explored once you have communicated wirelessly with a friend.

Overall neither game is superior, its a matter of choice and what ever edition you choose you will not be disappointed, you will get hundreds of hours of gameplay out of them, and its made better when played with your friends.

*A fresh start to the franchise means its just like playing blue or red from back in the gameboy era
*Unova Pokemon plus all the older ones brings the total to 649, which gives oodles of hours of gameplay.
*Re-vamped graphics gives black & white the modern look they deserve.

*Wireless focused gameplay means those without internet or a friend without the other game limits the player.
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