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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 19 February 2011
Aside from a few annoying issues, there's plenty to admire about this little radio.

Firstly the excellent sound quality - I was highly impressed with the clarity - perfect for the bathroom/ kitchen/ bedroom, just don't expect to hold any major parties with it.

It's of high build quality, with a slightly rubberised exterior, giving it a durable feel, useful if you intend to carry the radio from room to room. The risk of it slipping from your grasp is minimised due to the grip.

Aesthetically, It's easy on the eye - I was torn for a while between this and the Evoke Flow, but after seeing both in the flesh, I personally much prefer the One Flow for a more minimalistic feel. The volume and select dials produce a satisfying click as you move them. The ariel extends 2 and a half feet, so be aware that you need a decent amount of height clearance in order to fully extend it.

The menus are easy to navigate, with home and back buttons, and connecting to the internet is very straightforward, you only need to do this once and the unit automatically joins your wifi each time you turn it on. The display is great, providing a plethora of information from signal strength, volume level, current mode, station information, current time and remaining battery life (assuming you purchase the rechargeable Pure Chargepak at an additional £30).

Digital and internet radio works extremely well. The clarity is truly excellent. The Lounge website allows you to organise favourites and folders from your computer, but I've found it's easy enough to do this directly on the radio itself. But it's extremely useful when searching out the many thousands of internet stations available.

I also quite like the Pure Sounds. Essentially these are recordings of thunderstorms, birds singing or waves lapping the beach, but also more bizarre things such as an old man snoring, or a pig farm. My cat was most upset when I played some barking dogs.

However, this unit is not without it's faults.
One of the main things that attracted me to this radio, was the ability to listen to Podcasts/ listen again, but sadly, there is vast room for improvement here.
Firstly, forget about pausing and returning later to resume playback. My experience has been that I get around 20 seconds more playback, before the message 'Station not available' is displayed. You then need to go back and restart the podcast from the beginning. This happens even if you pause only a few seconds.

I asked Pure why this was, and they told me that the radio is losing connection and is only playing what's left in the buffer. They did at no point attempt to blame my internet connection, which suggests they are aware this is an issue. They did explain that they are working on an update to ensure you can resume from where you previously were. But for now, the pause function is wholly redundant, Annoying if you're used to listening and returning to podcasts on an iPod.

Secondly, the latest editions of podcasts are not available as quickly as in iTunes. Be prepared to wait a day or so more if you want access on the One Flow.

I like to stream my music library using the Flow server feature. This gives you access to your entire music collection anywhere in your home, but again, this can be a frustrating experience, since the unit loses connection to the server all too often in the same way it does the podcasts. These losses of connection are not related to internet connection, I have an excellent connection which has only dropped out two or three times in the past 18 months.

Overall, this is a great radio, but the streaming capabilities require an update in order for it to become truly great.
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on 12 November 2011
It's just OK. I use it only for internet radio. When it's working, it's fine - good portability with the battery which which seems to last a long time without charging,and sound is acceptable. But it can take a long time to find a connection, even when I place it right by the router. Then it sort of splutters into life. My other Roberts radio finds the connection much more quickly. In addition, it sometimes freezes when first turned on, just showing the Pure one logo. At times I have had to remove the battery to clear it. But once it's on, it usually works fine and as I wanted something to carry round the apartment and couldn't find anything else - I tried two other Pure radios before this and both developed faults - it's OK.
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on 3 November 2012
I've found this radio to have both good and bad points. The size is very compact for an internet radio in comparison to others currently available on the market. FM sound quality is very good although I bought it for the purpose of accessing a wider variety of music stations which are only broadcast on the internet. I generally listen to BBC Radio 2 a lot so therefore I would often listen again to programmes. However I've found that when I'm using the listen again feature on occasions that the radio just cuts off and 'station not available' appears on the display. I then had to listen to the programme from the beginning again as this radio does not give the option of listening to part of a programme. You have to listen from the start to the finish. This is most annoying and time consuming. My 4 year old laptop is much superior for the listen again feature as I can select the part of a programme to which I wish to listen. The software on this radio would need to be updated by the manufacturer to rectify this issue. I quite like 'The Lounge' website which has now been renamed 'Pure Connect'. Also I feel that the radio controls would have been better placed along the top of the radio as opposed to the bottom right.
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on 13 February 2013
This is my fourth Pure digital radio and, on present showing, it will most certainly be my last. The radio itself seems to work fine, as one might expect. The problems start with the network-based additions - which were the reason for paying the price premium and buying it in the first place.

The actual connection to my home WiFi was straightforward enough, even if the printed manual was no help at all in doing it. The problems really started with trying to make that connection do something - using Internet radio, streaming content from the computer, and Pure Music. This appears to be a Spotify-alike; I say 'appears' to be, because I haven't been able to get it to work despite being reasonably tech-savvy. Possibly the most maddening thing of all is the radio programme I located on the Internet when trying to set the service up; it's one I don't want to listen to, but it's survived all attempts to remove it. The damn thing starts playing whenever I select the menu it's in, reminding me of nothing as much as the Glenn Close character ih 'Fatal Attraction'.

It's not helped by the documentation being not only unhelpful, but downright misleading, with the Pure website being just as bad. Pure seems to use different terms interchangably, and alter the way serices are designed and presented, without a word of explanation.

I think I've been fairly generous in giving this extremely frustrating piece of kit two stars; in fact, I'm still considering returning it for a refund. I shall be much more wary now of buying technology products online that I haven't actually checked-out physically.
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on 1 January 2011
as you will see from my reviews I own many Pure products !! we love our Evoke Flow radio and use it a lot , we have a very good wi-fi connection Via Virgin Media and like listening to some fairly obscure programmes , mostly chill type music , especially ijazzglobal/chill lounge :-)

This new radio is easily portable and we use a battery pack with it.

Having used the lounge a lot - its brilliant - set-up was easy and seamless and away we went - we have very good DAB reception so that was fine , the sound is very good from a single speaker but it is obviously not Hi-Fi standard - this is incredibly cheap for the type of product .

I use an iTouch a lot and others use an iPhone4 in the house , I recommend downloading The Lounge App which you can use to add favourite or new stations

I am very pleased with this product

now that my wife is used to using the Flowsongs function we seem to be buying rather a lot of tracks ;-)even if you dont buy the tracks being able to identify tracks is a great bonus

Highly recommended although if you do want your 1st internet/DAB radio get the Evoke Flow - because its BEAUTIFULL and sounds that much better especially with the addition of additional speaker
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on 25 October 2011
My first surprise was on the physical size of this radio. All the photos I had seen made it look relatively thin, but it is a good 3 inches deep - not a big problem, but a surprise.
The 20-30 second delay when switching on seems to be something we have to live with these days with any computer controlled product.
Functionally it does what is claimed for it, and does it quite well. A PC can be used to select Internet favorites in "The Lounge", and these are then available from the radio.
The big disappointment for me is the sound, which is all bass and no treble. It sounds muffled, and with any background noise speech becomes inaudible. I have seen reviews which praise the tone, so whether I have a faulty one, or just a different perception I do not know - I mainly listen to speech. Through the earphone socket it is fine.
Podcasts play correctly, but there is no way to pause or restart in the middle - one of the advantages of a podcast - all you can do is play it continuously from start to finish.
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on 3 October 2011
Pleasing appearance. Easily knocked over due to weight and dimensions, particularly when depressing buttons. Satisfactory on FM and DAB. Audio quality on WiFi satisfactory. Sensitivity unsatisfactory - range from router within the house too limited. External WiFi aerial or socket for optional "booster aerial" would improve reception in "dead spots". Tune-in and retune to different stations slow. Function and station selection and operation unintuitive. Row of buttons below display hard to distinguish - separate buttons preferable. Display timer frustrating with only 7sec option - should offer longer options. TheLounge software underdeveloped. Time-consuming to find and transfer new stations to the receiver. Stations can be hard to locate by genre. Only real advantage is portability. Otherwise a low-end laptop connected to a hifi system is far more user-friendly. PURE and other WiFi radios will need to be far more user-friendly to gain greater acceptance by average users, especially memory range and operation and speed of tuning. All buttons should be along the top, depressed without needing two hands. Contacts on rotating select-and-press control will eventually fail through use. Tone control or equaliser needed. Overall: it works, but operation is not user-friendly.
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on 15 September 2013
I bought the Pure One Flow Portable Streaming System mainly to have access to internet radio around the house.
First thing you will notice is that it is not 'portable' unless you buy the Pure Charge Pak. For a less portable option you may like to use an Ethernet connection. Well yes, you can but only after you've bought the special Pure adapter.
Setting up the system is not difficult especially if you are a mind reader and realise that when you are told to select 'Lounge' in the accompanying instructions you should select 'Pure Connect' - by the way there is no 'Lounge' option.
From then on there are indeed a wealth of stations to choose from but unfortunately although all other devices seem to connect well and continue to function using my router the Pure One Flow nearly always fails to connect even if I have it sitting within a metre of the router.
I have now bought a Roberts which functions beautifully and has a much better tone. The Pure One Flow will end up in the garage tuned to good old FM radio
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on 4 October 2013
I purchased this for use in our house in France - so that we could listen to Radio 4.
After a fiddley set up it worked OK until Pure decided that it needed an update. I pressed the button to allow this and it appeared to update. I then got the welcome message and then a further invitation to update. This happened again and again and again and unless I had unplugged it it would still be doing the same now! I did a reset - no good. I sent a message to Pure Cistomer services - no reply.
Very disappointing as I thought Pure were OK - I am totally disillusioned and am looking for an alternative.
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on 8 August 2013
Like many so Pure radios this is well made , well specified and a clever little product - when it is working. Every Pure radio I have laid my hands on, post the excellent original 1XT DAB, has been plagued by software problems. On this one it frequently freezes up with all the lights on and will not reset without removing the mains power and the infuriatingly fiddly battery connection. This exact problem occurred for years on my Pure Evoke 3 but cleared up after a software update. Reading some of the other reviews, many of the 'listen again' problems are the fault of the BBC servers on overload and nothing to do with Pure. If you listen to podcasts etc. from other radio channels around the World they are generally faultless and the sudden ending of 'listen again' BBC broadcasts also occurs with my Roberts W201.You can test this by downloading Absolute Radio Frank Skinner Saturday Podcast. Never plays up-ever.It's a nice product and I wanted it to be good but I wouldn't buy this for someone who is not technically savvy or it will drive them nuts. In fact it drives me nuts. Read the user reviews Pure and get a grip.
UPDATE: A few months after I wrote this review my Pure One Flow received a software update from Pure and I can report that the software problems have reduced considerably, but not gone completely. It freezes up about once a month, requiring removal of the battery. If you don't have a battery fitted, just switch off at the mains, that will clear it. The Pure music service works well, but the radio is quite clunky for searching for albums. I would buy a Sensia 200D with the touchscreen, but just look at the reviews ! Anyway, add 1 point Pure to this review and thanks for listening.
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