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4.1 out of 5 stars76
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 17 August 2015
Finally - something that works! I've been looking for a solution to our peacock problem for several months. We had just about become used to a pair from the local farm patrolling our grounds and roosting on our roof but since they produced 5 chicks, now grown into squabbling "teenagers", the situation has become desperate. They leave huge deposits on our garden paths and patios; make a horrendous caterwauling noise from dawn til dusk; regularly crash-land onto our conservatory roof and have come close to causing accidents as they play chicken with passing cars and cause passing horses to rear up, nearly unseating their riders.

I'm an animal lover so causing pain to these beautiful but pesky creatures is not an option. However, five well-aimed squirts from this powerful little gun, aimed to rain down on their heads like a rain storm. disperses all five of them in seconds! They really don't like getting wet. It can even reach across my double garage roof and splash them where they hide beneath the branches of an overhanging tree. After a week of wettings, they now disperse the moment I open the side door and they see the white and orange of the gun.

For prolonged action, the gun can also take a 2 litre water bottle (I use an empty Tesco still water bottle) which screws on in place of the navy cylinder in the photo.
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on 19 November 2011
I bought this water gun to win a battle. Not one with the kids down the road - I'm too old for that sort of fun. It's a battle against the grey squirrels who are invading our garden. It's a battle which I know that I can never win, but I believe that a man should always resist tyranny, even against all the odds. I also know that it's not nice to squirt water at animals (unless they're dolphins), and a part of me feels a bit guilty about this, but I know from all the westerns and war films that I've ever seen that sometimes, just sometimes, you might have to do something a bit bad to protect the things that you love. In this case, the things that I love are the bulbs, plants and bird feeders in our garden. If you've never been a gardener who is terrorised by squirrels - if you've never been in the battle-zone - then you should stop reading this now, because you'll never understand!
At first, I tried non-violent resistance. Waving my arms, jumping up and down and hissing at them. Unfortunately, our squirrels have been hand-fed peanuts by the public in the local park, and they ain't scared of anyone who's just noisily gesticulating!
Then, I tried running at them and shouting. They're used to that because that's what all the small kids in the park do to them. The squirrels just hop nimbly out of the way!
Eventually,in frustration, I found myself throwing things at them. Small sticks, lumps of earth, tiny pebbles etc. The squirrels looked faintly surprised.
One day I found myself hurling half a house brick at one (I missed the squirrel, but smashed a hollyhock)! I realised that I was loosing my sense of proportion. I felt that I (who had once opposed the war in Vietnam) was only a short step away from considering the use of napalm! There had to be a more appropriate solution.
So, that's why, after an interval of about 40 years or so, a man buys himself another water pistol! It's now propped up outside the back door, full of water, ready for action, and I'm quite pleased with it! There's no batteries to worry about, and no trigger either! You just pull the slider back along the barrel to squirt a jet of water about 18 feet. With our semi-tame squirrels you can easily get within range (though this could change once the full horror of what they're up against sinks in!). Pull back again and you get another jet. The water reservoir gives you about 15 shots before you have to reload, so - unless they come at me Zulu style - I've got plenty to see them off with! It's not the most accurate of weapons, but it does the job - I've doused a couple of them already, and they've exited the garden at top speed!
Very satisfying!
However, my wife seems to suspect my motives in buying this "toy", and has been muttering something about "eternally immature men"!
She'd better watch out, next time she's out in the garden............
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on 5 September 2015
I bought this item as stage 5 of operation "Stop those bloody pigeons cooing at 5am"
Stage 1, 2 and 3 of me walking to the door, making noise and actually going out onto my terrace (stage 3 actually worked but I didn't want to do this all the time) were not good enough.
Stage 4 was an owl ornament. Pigeons do not fear owls! I think maybe seagulls do.
Anyway, I shot the blighter first time from the window and it was most satisfying.
The water pistol has good range 4 metres with good power and accuracy.
The birds flew away promptly and continued cooing at a higher vantage point.
Stage 5 is a bb gun but this is slightly inhumane.
The birds continue to land and coo but stage 1 works now as they do not wish to be dowsed with thames water.
You can also fit a 2 litre coke bottle (other beverage bottles available) to increase the shot capacity as you only have 8 or so shots.

I have since moved and have a squirrel problem.
I don't think they fear owls.
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on 14 February 2013
Bought this because next doors cat kept coming in though our cat flap and eating our cats food. After introducing the aforementioned beast to this water pistol - never been a problem since!

Very durable and it has very few moving parts - no trigger which often jams after prolonged use in other models. Good longish range.
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on 6 December 2015
Not displeased, but I found the description misleading, it says;
Just fill the tank, pump and fire
Which lead me to believe that there was a trigger and you had to pressuruse the resovoir, but in fact it fires when you pump, no trigger. This is not a problem in the end, but it wasn't what I was expecting. It is also a little small. Otherwise fine.
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on 23 May 2014
Can't beat this. It's wicked fun! Get one now! Could be more fun with a bigger reservoir but all my children love it!
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on 28 July 2014
This was a gift for my 8-year old nephew, which resulted in a water fight - He loved the Nerf & his Mom said it was a Winner for a Birthday Gift - so as his Great Aunty I was very pleased - makes a change for me as I usually like to give books :)
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on 14 July 2013
I bought 2 of these because I wanted decent water pistols for my sons to use but didn't want anything battery-powered (why oh why should a water-pistol be battery powered?). They arrived in good time and they've got a good range and water pressure, though the water reservoir doesn't hold much which means it runs out quickly given the amount it fires. We managed to find a drink bottle which was compatible with the connector (it took a few goes) which increased the capacity substantially and worked reasonably well, though the bottle collapsed as the water was shot out which looked a little odd. So, not too bad for the money but then.... after only a day's use, one of the guns has completely jammed and is useless. I now have one very unhappy small child whose prized new toy has broken. Not good enough.
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on 4 June 2014
Loved that you can attach any size bottle onto it so my son quickly ditched the 250ml bottle it came with and attached an empty 2lt coke bottle!!!
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on 16 May 2016
I bought one of these for my aunt. She wanted to do something about the jackdaws that denude her bird table before the smaller birds have a chance to eat. I have one for the same purpose. Her last tally: 4 jackdaws, a magpie, a gaggle of starlings and the local cat who left with his dignity in tatters 😂. She loves it. She's only 85... Her next door neighbour wants one, too. I can see it now! Pistols at tea-time!
On a more serious note, this is a very well-built toy and has a good squirting range. Takes a bit of practice to get the accuracy right. One of the really good features is that you can replace the tank with a socking great pop bottle to increase usage between refills and help balance the pistol on your shoulder for greater stability. My only criticism is that its pump-action blasting mechanism makes it difficult to fire out of narrow window openings but that is hardly what it was designed for. And, of course, it's great fun and a lot better than empty kitchen cleaner bottles. Best tenner I've spent in a long time.
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