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2.9 out of 5 stars97
2.9 out of 5 stars
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on 21 February 2012
When Rage first came out most of the anger it evoked was for the graphical bugs that plagued the PC version (my own included).

I am pleased to say subsequent patches seem to have sorted that and you should get a bug free experience if you play it now.

The game itself is simple and fun. It is a very good shooter from the makers of Doom.

It may look like Fallout 3 in style, but it is closer to it's 'Doom' roots. Missions are all pretty much 'go there and kill everything you meet' affairs, through a series of corridors and rooms.

It lost 1 star from me for it's very abrupt ending that leaves the plot just hanging in the air. I'm guessing that they are planning a Rage 2.

If so I will happily consider picking it up
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on 18 March 2012
id Software were once the kings of the first person shooter. They created the prototype grandaddy of the genre in Wolfenstein 3D, before refining it to perfection with the seminal Doom.

The Quake franchise followed soon after, and the remake of Doom, Doom 3, became their most recent work in 2004. So when Rage was announced, it was greeted with a great deal of excitement.

While I have to admit the game mechanics were enjoyable, aka the actual movement and shooting, and the graphics were quite good in places, the game seemed beset by more glitches and problems than it boasted good points.

First off it had no ending. The final level was utterly dull, and the game just stopped. No end boss, nothing.

Secondly the Tech5 engine had a lot technical problems, from blue and black streaks in the textures, to flickering, to texture pop in, to blurring. It really needs a bit of work on it.

Thirdly, it really wasn't visually much better than Doom 3 - still using the id hallmark of grey and brownstone and dusty atmosphere. It's starting to look slightly dated now.

Next; why was there a jump button? I know that's a strange question to ask, but to my recollection you only actually need to jump on one occasion throughout the whole game for progress. And that's on the final level. It's an otherwise completely redundant function.

The 'option' to accept or decline missions was the stupidest thing ever - unless it was a peripheral side quest, you HAD TO ACCEPT. Otherwise the game didn't progress.

Plus, why did they include that irritating screen shake when shot response which started in Doom 3? The entire game shakes madly when you get hit and you can't see a thing - this isn't a good thing. A small movement like in MW3 is fine, but this response was just irritating.

Also, what was the point in the driving side of the game? You drove from one town to the next bit, blew up some bandits, and that was it. The racing was totally tacked on and entirely unnecessary.

Following on from that, it pretended to be a sort of open ended non-linear game, when it was anything of the sort. You did things in a specific order and went in a straight line. Being blocked off by invisible walls and 'rubble' is really not very convincing any more.

I mean I know I sound like I hated the game, I actually didn't. The first time you see the Kraken in the Dead City was awesome, even if the fight with him was easy. And some of the visuals in places were really very good.

But then I recall the FPS equivalent of racing a course in reverse in driving games back in the day of Ridge Racer, and pretending that's a new course; exact same here. You have to do the Dead City twice, the second time in reverse. Bit of a cheap way to create a mission quite honestly.

This was a rough game, with a hint of quality about it.

But it does seem that the former pioneers of the first person shooter, id, have been overtaken now and their technology seems dated.

And coming from someone who rates Doom as the best game of all time, it's not like I'm biased against them.

And yet I rate it 4 out of 5 because for sheer fun, it's still a good game. Just, not quite at the level of quality id used to be known for.
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on 26 September 2012
Initially when i heard about this game i was very curious , im a big fan of the Doom saga and ID's releases in general so i was looking forward to trying this new title.

Gameplaywise its pretty good , you will have access to a variety of weapons such as machine guns, rocket launchers and some more high tech weapons all of which will help you to survive against the many foes which wander about the world of Rage you will also be able to upgrade some of these weapons or even learn how to build tools that will give you access to certain areas or aid you in combat. The storyline (at least in concept) is not bad either and much like other titles made by ID software - in the sence that it can be quite dark and disturbing in places, however unlike titles such as Doom 3 where you are comitted to following a single path , you are permitted to roam just about anywhere you like and there are many side missions that you can take on besides those that contribute to the main story also avalable are vehicles that shorten the trip in this vast world or enter races to earn points and customise your ride, the level of detail is good in some areas but lacking in others.

Dis-advantages - the gameplay albeit "diverse" can be boring and repetitive if your not driving back and forth over and over again then your probrably re-visiting the same place(s) youve just been to. The PC version of the game has some major problems in regards to graphics too, i have experienced laggy gameplay or textures that do not load properly in game despite the fact that my system is more than adequite to run the game at its best, this is reported to be one in a number of ongoing issues with the game that is currently being addressed.

All in all i think this is a good game but like any game there are good poins and bad, personally it didnt blow me away but i would still reccomend this to anyone with an interest in roleplaying or just first person shooters in general however i would strongly suggest buying it on one of the other platforms, at least for the time being until some of the technical issues on the PC version can be fixed.
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on 16 February 2012
Just thought I would add my experience with "RAGE" to all the others.
I bought this game in January 2012 for less than £10 through Amazon. It's had a lot of really negative comments but at this price was worth a chance.
Took 40 mins to instal from the 2 DVD's, which Steam promptly patched. No problems at all. One result of the Steam patches is that you can not access the developers console and hence the cheats.
I am now 10 hrs into the game and with all settings at max and v.sync on, the game is rock steady at 60 fps. Not even a hint of any glitches or stuttering, so I really can't understand all the critical comments !!??
The graphics are not quite up to "CRYSIS" level but are still very detailed and pleasing. Facial expressions and interactions are spot on. Plenty of action with choice on how you attack, the "Wingsticks" are a joy to use.
Part way through the game you are invited to install a download for the "SEWERS" part. This is done from the supplied code number quite free and again speedy and no problem at all. You can save the game anywhere into 15 slots and then overwrite as needed. It is pleasing that when you have an accident on your vehicle you are not sent back to the beginning of a level, you just pick up and carry on.
I say, Well done to id Bethesda and thanks for a great game.
For interest a brief spec of my pc is :
GPU - nVidia geforce 285 OCX (overclocked)
CPU - Intel duo core E8400
Windows XP sp3
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Wargames. Wargames never change.

Welcome to the new post-apocalyptia. Our hero emerges into the world after been cocooned into the underground shelter known as the Vault - no, strike that: the Ark, the Ark! The year is 2029 and, following a near-extinction event (namely, the asteroid Apophis spiraling down Earth's gravity well) humanity has pealed back the last vestiges of our civilized facade. Small surviving communities fight to the death for the small pockets of land, shelter and water. They fight off brutal bandits, persistent mutants and each other.

RAGE is a RolePlaying Shooter (RPS), although it plays much more like an FPS than an RPG. There is no leveling up and you have no real inventory. On the other hand, you get missions (apparently no one strained any creativity muscle to think those up), you keep what you kill, you sell the junk you do not need and upgrade whenever you can. There are schematics (buy them whenever you find them) that allow you to MacGyver gadgets and customized weapons out of found components.
The characters you meet are quirky and interesting whereas your enemies will react to your killing shot (strangely though, not to all the previous ones!).
All in all, the game is fun to play and although its replayability is not that high, it is a game well worth of your attention.

And by "guns" I doubt he meant...WingSticks. These are what you'd get if you were to cross a boomerang with a Ninja-star: they may look good in action but I found them to be far less satisfying than a good shotgun. Do not be disheartened though. Every weapon is extremely beautifully designed and they come with up to four different type of ammo.
In Bioshock one could complete the entire game by first zapping the enemies and then finishing them off with the wrench. In RAGE you can do the same with electric ammo followed by some WingSticks. And, unlike BioShock, ammo is plentiful in RAGE.

I was one of the lucky ones because my gaming PC has a single nVidia video card and I am running in a 32bit WinXP environment. ATI cards, SLi stacks and 64bit systems are out of luck: the developer did not care enough to optimize the game for them! Hence the number of gamers complaining about this.
So, when they work, the graphics are gorgeous. More artistic than realistic and with great light/shadow transitions. Ever since the original Unreal I always notice the skies of a game and RAGE has beautiful cumulus and stratus clouds, through which the Sun scorches the Wastelands.
Crack open a cold bottle of Kola-Kong, sit back and enjoy. (No, you do not need to keep the cap. Do I need to keep reminding you that this is not Fallout 3!).

After so many hours raking Pandora for that perfect Chimera pistol, it was inevitable that once I slipped into yet another sand buggy and start roaming desert vistas I would think of Borderlands. Buggies here are not only a means to travel but they can also be raced around tracks.
They are a good addition, the are fun to handle and they offer a nicely done racing component to a shooter game.

The game comes with surprisingly modest hardware requirements for the eye candy it is. The biggest problem is the HDD space - it will hog ...25GB! For a game that is far from being...100-hours long that is on the excessive side. I had to uninstall no less than 4 games in order to fit this on my primary HDD.
Now, the rig I am running RAGE is a two years old Intel Core i7, with 3GB of RAM, nVidia 480GTX (updated to driver 280.26) on a MSI Eclipse running WinXP (SP3) - and it plays at a decent framerate but not free of frequent rendering and the occasional tearing. And this is where the game looses its first star: it is not finished.
Consoles are sold at cost and the companies make a profit by pricing console games higher. PC games are different. No one...subsidies our PC systems. So, if you are going to ask for [] quid !) for a PC game, it better be PC-optimized and polished to a shine. And when you think you are done, polish it some more.
Otherwise what exactly are you selling, the...promise of someday been able to play the game I pay at such a price?

Yes, RAGE comes with mandatory STEAM tie-in. This means two things. First, for the love of God, if you bought the game retail, activate, then kill the STEAM download, delete the local content that managed to slip through and finally reinstall from your disks. Do you really want to wait for 21.6GB to download?
Secondly, this means the []-quid-game is not yours to keep. You can play with it but you have to leave it in STEAM's playroom when done. You cannot resell it if you so decide and you cannot gift it if you get bored with it. I take a full star off for such DRM schemes; however, if this is not important to you, feel free to adjust my rating accordingly.

Although not that original, RAGE incorporates a number of RPS ideas with gusto and style. Unfortunately, the game has not been polished yet, a number of graphical glitches persist even for nVidia systems. Game publishers should learn the value of respecting both their product and their paying customers.

My advice is to wait until the price matches the product.
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on 27 May 2013
This review is done on behalf of the Ministry of Zombies website.

This is an OK game. There are no major issues with it but equally it adds little to the genre. It is inferior to the Fallout games in virtually every aspect apart from the fact that Rage introduces vehicles. On that subject, there is a good element of racing in this game & so it seems to get caught - is it a racer or a freestyle Fallout type adventure...

On both counts it fails. The racing is average & would never keep hard core racers happy. The game play is slightly below average. You get the impression you can wander the wasteland but in fact, things are quite linear and you don't get the impression of a vast world as per Fallout.

The missions are pretty mundane & you get the feeling that you are on a particular rail which will proceed regardless of your choices.

Overall, as I said at the start, it's not a bad game. The graphics are fine & there are some great ideas & concepts here but I'm afraid this game will live in the shadow of others. If you like racing around then it's worth a look at the racing game which might prove a challenge if you are just using the keyboard. The opening sequence is powerful but I'm afraid things don't live up to it after the this.

Worth a try if you can get it at a reasonable price.
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on 20 October 2011
How disappointing... I was expecting way more from the guys who invented the first person shooter genre. What we have here is what feels like a hollow, shallow and cheaper version of Fallout 3 with some Borderlands thrown in.

Graphically it looks stunning (when you finally get it working smoothly, lots of bugs and compatibility issues) But beyond looking pretty, there isn't much good to say. The characters are all flat, repeat one liners after only a single visit which just kills immersion entirely for me. In the age of the giant RPGs (and giant FPSRPG's) this is simply not good enough. ID have fell so far behind. There is even a cliché plot in here right out of 2006. Absolutely nothing to say about the gameplay other than its a safe, generic 'wasteland / bandit' shooting simulator. The plot which holds it all up is made from stickle brix and blu-tac. Evil corporation is oppressing over a post apocalyptic earth while gangs of outlaw bandits roam the wasteland... sound familiar? Yes, you've played this about 10 times since 2005. With good shooter rpgs like Deus Ex Human Revolution this year and classics like Fallout 3 before it, this game is just poor.

It's almost completely flat and forgettable in every way, and the horrendous bugs and compatibility issues make this release a joke. If you absolutely must play it, I recommend waiting until its £8.99 on amazon, which wont be long.
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on 14 October 2011
First off this game is better then all the 1 star reviews that have been given for it. Yes from a technical standpoint it was a mess on release, but patched and with new drivers these issues were dealt with very prombtly. So now if you buy it so long as you have up to date drivers (good practice on PC with or without Rage) it should be fine.

So the game itself? I think overall it tries to be alot of things and seems to have as a result made some quite serious misses on some of the fundamentals. But before I go into these I want to illustrate where it went right. One place that ID always excel in is graphics and this game is certainly no exception and some of the scenes and backdrops to the game are very elegent and well crafted, populated with a set of genuinely interesting characters (take note makers of the latest Deus Ex!). I found myself genuinely liking some of them Mick the mechanic or hating others the Presenter of Bash TV for instance. This wasn't a 100% success though the resistance characters were hackneyed beyond redemption and the authority, although meant to be a faceless bunch of facists, never really fealt threatening or given any real powerful architype figures who you could really identify with even if it was only to loathe. And to go back to my previous point although as I said the world looked pretty, there wasn't ultimately alot you could do with it. There were only really a few explorable area's and you couldn't really do alot with any of them that felt meaningful. This was the same of the population, you meet a guy do one or two quests for them move on and repeat. Although yes there are more NPC's in the game to interact with it just doesn't really mean that much. So like a really hot but dumb girlfriend/boyfriend its great at first, but pretty soon leaves you with a pretty souless experiance.

So to the driving 'at last' you might say a game which finally offers something a bit Mad Max! Well no you won't find that here is the short answer. The cars are nicely designed and look pretty (a recurring theme here), but again there's not alot of depth to the driving and I can't see it offering much to either people who like racing games or FPS's. I don't think it would have taken much to improve this, perhaps have it so you can look out your window and target bits of an enemy car (tyre, engine, driver etc like GTA's been doing for like 6+ years now) or maybe have the ability to go and scavenge the wrecks of the cars. I'm not saying these would be solutions, just as it stands it doesn't really offer anything interesting or original to the game other then just being a superficial after thought to say 'look a game with cars in it that's also a shooter woohoo'. Half Life 2 had better inplemented driving elements, which ultimately just blended in with it being an FPS. Rage tries and fails to break from being a simple FPS with this, but it's effort just comes across as a bit ham fisted.

The FPS element of the game is obviously alot more polished and as ever ID have produced a solid shooter experiance. The guns and weapons are very well designed and all look slick with a nice reaction from the enemy when they're struck giving just a hint of locational damage. The enemies themselves are all fairly formulaic, bandits/mutants/soldiers and are roughly what you would expect. They move very well, use cover and will lob grenades etc, but nothing more then that. ID have decided not to make ammo an issue and you'll often find yourself swamped with more guns, ammo and other ways to kill then you'll know what to do with. The problem is that FPs element of the game has some nice touches, but overall doesn't offer enough to make it a truly exceptional member of the genre.

So onto the next genre it tries to include, the RPG. This game has an inventory system, stuff can be made, bought/sold. So a bit of RPG there then. You can also interact with characters at specific locales and pick up quests to pop along and do so again although superficial it is none the less another RPG element. There is however no levelling system and given that evolving your character like in Bioshock, Fallout and Deus EX is what makes these games it's a pretty big ommission to make. Ultimately this just leads to it being effectively like the racing, just another bolt on.

In the end I felt with this game that while it was being made the mentality that went into it was 'we've got this shooter that's passable so lets just tack on these bits and bobs to try and make it spectacular.' It could have been an interesting mix of idea's and produced something that was truly a genre busting experiance to be sure. As it stands though I think ID have just created a muddled gaming experiance here, one that will be soon forgotten a few months down the line. They should IMHO stuck to what they're best at producing FPS's, but with the grossly over crowded market for this genre ID can no longer afford to rest on its laurels even if they did more or less invent it.
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on 16 November 2011
When I got this game I thought "wow it's finally here after all these months of having it bigged up"

oh dear.

First the graphics drivers at launch were shockingly bad and had to wait a few days before beta drivers were released to fix texture blurring.

The game it's self is fun, it has good graphics and a solid arsenal of weapons.

However the way the game is portrayed makes you think you have a lot of areas to explore.

***Spoiler Alert****

Well that's not true. The large areas are easily traversed with the vehicle and when mission entail going to the SAME location two or three times you get bored.

The story it's self is real shocker it has so much potential then all of a sudden 10 hours in you find "the resistance" which turns out to be just 5 people and after another 5 hours of mediocre missions where you go to the same dungeons over and over you find yourself in the last level. Although you don't realize it's the last level because the enemies don't even warrant the
mid level weapons and all of a sudden you're on a platform with waves of easy to kill mutants. Then it's over, no last boss, a 20 second final scene that leaves a cliff hanger.

Talk about a rushed ending/ entire game.

This has got to be the single most disappointing game I've ever played. If I could choose a price to pay for this game I'd choose £5.

Complete Rip-off
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on 19 December 2011
This must be one of the most disappointing comebacks I've ever seen.

After a huuuuge mountain of problems with graphics, missing textures etc. We finally got to see Rage and though it is beautiful it doesn't quite have the same impact other ID games had in the past.

In principle, Rage is not a bad game. It is fun and can be captivating, if it wants to. The problem is it want to be one of those open world games - and it fails at that. The world is empty and static. It feels like being an errand boy sent from one paper character to another.

The FPS portion of the game I'd rate good. Weapons are nice, but enemies a bit a bit dumber that it should be. I mean, they use cover, they can try dodge bullets, they can fall back to regroup etc. but can't handle being flanked at all and it they don't tend to engage at range too often.

The biggest problem of the game is the driving bit. It's just boring. Its simplified to the max (so console players should love it) and offers nothing you haven't seen before.
The races are boring, the drives between quest tasks too. You have 2 weapons to choose from and a few upgrades but it's just not enough.
I know Carmack wanted to put emphasis on this bit but it was a mistake - plain and simple.
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