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4.7 out of 5 stars214
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 11 January 2011
Dexter Morgan is a police forensics expert, family man, and serial killer. Luckily he confines his murderous instincts to those criminals who have avoided justice, and he avoids capture by rigorously following rules laid down by his adoptive father, a policeman who realised Dexter was "different". The show never flinches away from the ugly truth, that Dexter is a sociopathic murderer who just happens to prey on bad people. He's always one mistake away from being a monster, and he knows it.

It's probably fair to say that season four of Dexter was a triumph, with an excellent plotline and a truly shocking ending. The challenge for season five was how to follow that. The first episode opens minutes after the shocking finale of season four. Dexter had spent much of that season trying to see a way to combine a family life with his murderous impulses, and thought he had managed to deal with the threat of the Trinity killer and find a way forward. However, the last scene of the series destroyed all that, and now he has to try and deal with the consequences.

Some of the smaller problems are that Detective Quinn becomes suspicious of Dexter and hires someone to investigate him, and that Dexter's precarious relationship with his step-children is wrecked. However, the main plot sees Dexter find someone he might be able to share his issues with properly, and is a decent attempt to follow season four without copying it. The new characters, and the murderous plot surrounding them, are good, and the casting is excellent. Nothing meets the heights of the Ice Truck Killer or Trinity, but it's a worthy addition to the show. However, whereas Trinity's psyche was explored fully last season, the new main threat finishes the season without their mindset really being explained.

The use of other characters in Dexter has always been a bit patchy. His sister Debs doesn't really evolve much, and her new relationship in this season doesn't make much sense. The relationship of Batista and La Guerta has much melodrama but very little change, and Masuka is underused.

Ultimately, this series shies away from confronting some big problems. Harrison is shuffled off whenever he's not convenient, Dexter gets remarkably little trouble from the Trinity investigation despite having left a trail that could expose him, and the big question of how Dexter can live like an ordinary person is ignored. The end of the season doesn't quite hit the reset button, but very little is really solved, sorted or changed. Still, it's a good season of Dexter, and Dexter is very good television indeed.
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on 20 September 2011
Not been moved to review before, but all the Dexter series have been excellent (my personal ranking - 5,1,4,3,2). However, whilst i agree that the season started slowly, I thought the final episode one of the finest and most moving pieces of television I have seen in a long time. I thought I was going to be disappointed when I realised Dexter was going to "team up" with someone else - how could that work? Work it did and how? Julia Stiles was brilliant as was Johnny Lee Miller - love the understated menace. Peter Weller was inspired casting...he does grubby like no one else. Niggles..yeah, I have some:
I have to agree with an earlier reviewer - when did Quinn get a part time job as a male model?
Would have been good to understand what pushed Quinn and Deborah together? ( male model looks I guess)
There's plot holes you could drive a car through, but aren't there always and we love it just the same.
Wish I'd waited for the DVD so I didn't get stuck with those bl**dy adverts for deodorant every 12mins watching on FX
I'm not getting enough sleep as I invariably have to watch the Sky+ recording at about 6am on Saturday or Sunday morning!

Brilliant acting, bloody, tense, great characters and, to top it all, my first grandson is due in November...and what are his non-Dexter watching parents to name him?..........................Harrison! I'm putting a lock on the knife drawer!!
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An excellent season, arguably the best yet - so many of the established cast evolving in sometimes surprising directions. Major tragedy has left Dexter reeling. How to adjust? He realizes only by continuing his quest to remove villains can his life again have meaning - he before long back on his cabin cruiser ("Slice of Life"!), dumping overboard more dismembered victims....

12 50 minute episodes, all superbly crafted and abounding with sly humour, discovery so often seeming inevitable. Outstanding examples? Ep.6 with its black comedy and audacious climax. The final showdown, problems ever mounting - viewers perhaps dreading the season may end as it began - with an appalling loss.

A splendid addition to the fine cast is Lumen, whose tortured past triggers major developments. Dexter's dead dad is still around to advise. Debra, expletives disconcerting, has become protective of her now more vulnerable brother. Dexter's other family relationships come over well - scenes with stepdaughter and stepson occasionally very moving. A particular delight is baby son Harrison, who hopefully has not inherited tendences.

As ever there are the villains, overdue for despatching - it a guilty pleasure to see them at last get their comeuppance.

The bonuses are all interesting (especially how the sounds are added), but the "20 Questions" feature proved fiddly to operate.

On many levels this is a season to applaud, a worthy addition to a remarkable series. Greatest accolade has to be reserved for Michael C. Hall. Really Dexter Morgan should not invite sympathy, he a psychotic killer and all that, but Hall's sensitive portrayal ensures most of us are with him all the way. Great.
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VINE VOICEon 13 January 2014
Possible spoilers

At the end of Season 4 we find that Trendy's parting shot was to kill Dexter's wife, and leave his son in her pool of blood. This act was so very reminiscent of how Dexter was found as child when his Mother was murdered. Once again Dexter attracts the attention of those that will discover his other life as a serial killer of serial killers. As we become `embedded' into this new season. Dexter's step children move in with their grandparent's and he is now living alone with his son. He now begins to track a new predator (s) only to find a tortured and raped hostage who he tries to help - he sees in the captive one Lumen Pierce (played by the very capable actor Julia Stiles) a fellow `Dark Passenger'. While some events seem to stretch the realms of the believable - I have really enjoyed them as each story is `fresh' and entertaining, season 5 has good acting and great storytelling. In my opinion, for what it is worth, if you cannot buy it, at least rent on-line, but definitely give them a try.
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on 27 July 2013
When a TV show is renewed for a new series, it can be difficult to innovate and take the show in a new direction without alienating the fans of the previous series. However there are times when a show takes existing plot points and character relationships from the previous series and captivates the audience. This is the case with the latest series of Dexter.

In the first series we established that Dexter is a serial killer who views himself as a vigilante who is 'taking out the trash' by eliminating the dregs of society. The ramifications of season four will affect Dexter profoundly. He has to decide what to do with his children and how to keep his secret life a secret.

This time the main star of Season Five is the character Lumen Pierce. She was the latest victim of a string of murders involving women placed in formaldehyde barrels and left in a swamp. Dexter helps Lumen get revenge on the group who did this to the women before her.

Detective Quinn develops a relationship with Debra. While this is taking place, he also investigates Dexter using a former detective called Stan Liddy, as he has some doubt over who killed Rita. Returning characters Debra, Angel, La Guerta and Masuka all show character development in their own way. Debra tries to fill the whole Rita left in Dexter's life, but ultimately Dexter is very much alone and in need of support.

There are some fantastic new characters in series five. Jordan Chase plays a major part in the series.

Overall this is a fantastic series full of twists and turns. It constantly surprises, amazes and astounds, in terms of plot and characterisation. Some very nice twists and turns.
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on 21 January 2013
Season five starts off in a sombre manner and slowly develops into one of the most gripping and dangerous stories Dexter has seen so far. This picks up straight after the events of season four and Dexter is facing many dilemma's. Aster blames him for what happens and he struggles to show the emotion everyone expects. He feels angry and guilty but not necessarily grieving.

As he starts to attempt to get his life in order he feels it is time to get back into the business of dishing out his own style of justice. Little does he know his first intended victim will lead to one of the most dangerous situations he has ever faced. It all begins to unravel with the arrival of Lumen, a victim of kidnap and torture. It seems she has had a lucky escape and Dexter decides to help her. Every series brings a new spin on his rules and this is no different. Lumen witnesses Dexter killing a man, but she is an innocent victim. Killing her would contravene the innocent rule, however letting her live breaks his first rule of not getting caught.

Julia Stiles is great in this part and really brings some grounding to proceedings. As the plot unravels and more and more people become involved it starts to become a race between Lumen and Dexter and the police to apprehend the criminals first.

Johnny Lee Miller plays the slimy motivational speaker Jordan Chase. Dexter's first high profile kill. He proves to be a particularly nasty piece of work and pushes both Dexter and the police to their limits. In fact his is one of the most satisfying story arcs of any of the killers throughout Dexter. He has a particular menace about we have not seen before.

This series seem a lot darker than previous ones and also felt more brutal . It has a dark sting in its tale and is not for the faint hearted, but all Dexter fans will be happy. The usual players are present and correct and all seem to have much more a role to play throughout and of course Deb strikes up another new relationship.

Great writing, great pacing, great acting. Great series.
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on 31 May 2012
With certain things in life you just expect quality; M&S food, Sony TVs and `Dexter' the TV show. However, as any person who has opened their lasagne and found an ear, or plugged in their new TV to realise that it came with only one pair of 3D glasses for the family, disappointment will eventually come. Season 5 is a tricky stage in any TV show's life, the characters are established and lots has happened to them, in fact, is there anything new for them to do? With the shocking conclusion of `Season 4', it appears that `Dexter' Season 5 was going to revert back to earlier, family lite episodes, did it do this and did it work?

`Dexter Season 5' is brought to you by the colour: serial killer group, and the letter: victim. Dexter finds himself aiding a young woman called Lumen who escaped the clutches of a gang of serial killers who molest, then kill, their female victims. More so than earlier seasons, year 5 surrounds one large storyline, rather than the killer of the week. This makes for a stronger relationship between Dexter and his colleagues, and Dexter and Lumen. In terms of pure Dexter the series is probably the strongest yet, he is growing into a human being who has learned to love.

It is some of the characters and relationships elsewhere in the show that are really struggling. The majority of Dexter's family are shipped off and hardly seen, the police boss and her new husband have one of the most embarrassingly dysfunctional relationship in TV history, and guest star Peter Weller is criminally underused. With so much focus on Dexter himself, the rest of the cast and the story arc as a whole suffer. As fans we watch the show for the main man, but he needs to be surrounded by interesting people that will test his humanity, this does not happen quite as much in season 5. There is still great acting and good writing on offer; it's just one small step down from previous glorious seasons.

Available on BluRay and DVD, the sun soaked Miami is best seen in HD if you can afford it. In terms of extras, this year is a little light with only a couple of small behind the scenes extras.
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on 26 January 2012
overall i was pleased with season 5 of Dexter, it had an interesting plot and introduced yet more realms to the everyones favorite serial killer. however, it was by no means the strongest season and felt weak and at times dull, especially when compared to season 4. all of the characters were intersting but caring for them enough to make the story work was difficult. definitely a must buy for any Dexter fan but don't expect to be wowed like we were last season.
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on 15 October 2011
Amazing how the writers and Michael C. Hall succeeded in making another great Dexter season. It reveals another aspect of Dexter. The theme of this season is Dexter growing into a person who is capable of love and empathy and willing to stand up for people he cares about. Again, great acting, good writing and an extraordinary story.
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on 7 July 2012
I thought this season was brilliant, It was gripping, very dark in places but always top quality entertainment. I felt this season started off slow with dexter reeling from the shocking cliffhanger from last season, however it soon kicked up a gear with Dexter finding himself in a moral dilemma and a lot of situations that he hasn't experienced before. I felt Johnny Lee Miller portrayed and excellent villain but unfortunately he is introduced too late into the season to flesh out his character more. Julia Stiles is always excellent and there are a few heartfelt scenes between Dexter and Astor. My favourite episode of the season and probably dexter as a whole is ep 9 "Teenage Wasteland" which brings a few storylines together and shows dexter stepping up as a father.
I really enjoyed this season more than some of the others. If you are a Dexter Fan then this is a no brainer BUY IT NOW.
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