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4.0 out of 5 stars131
4.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: A Realm Reborn|Change
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VINE VOICEon 2 March 2014
Years and years ago I played FFXI, but I only played it for three-months... I had trouble getting time to play it while juggling work and a long commute; I never felt like I made any progress and I wasn't there from the beginning.

When FF:XIV came out, it got such a lashing from the gaming community that I wasn't even going to look at it. (It was also only PC at the time in the UK.) However, SquareEnix actually listened and totally revamped this, giving out loads of Beta testing passes in Spring 2013. It was announced that the "Realm Reborn" would be out on both PC and PS3, so I applied for a beta code.... I got one for my PS3, and I didn't play anything else for a whole month. (And I mean every evening and most weekends).

The Beta phase passed - issues/bugs were fixed, but the core simplicity of the game was intact. (I can't compare it to the original version at all.) After it's official release in Summer 2013, there were login issues as the demand for the game had been monstrous. I got annoyed that i couldn't login having spent so much time playing through the Beta stages. But these issues were overcome in a couple of weeks - new server and bandwidth were introduced - and since then it's been fine. It's now March 2014, and honestly since those Beta stages, I have not played anything else. All I need to do now is buy a PS4 and upgrade in April.

As far as the actual game goes, it's a relatively simple process. You choose a world (a server!) to play on, and proceed to create your character. Choices include race, sex, DOB, class, and the physical appearance and voice – you can spend fricking ages doing this.
Once that's all done, you start the games story. (In my case, I started in the town of Gridania, so I got that intro. If you're from one of the other two towns/cities, you'll get a different start).

After your initial welcome into the game, you get to progress the class you chose (Conjurer in my case) which also progressing with the story. However, you don't have to continually stick with the storyline - you can opt to do 'levequests' (which are side missions) and simply go out grinding, all in the name of levelling your character.
After reaching level 15, you get to start dabbling in even more things. You can start trying other classes (Thaumaturge, Pugilist, Warrior, among others) if you so wish.
When you take any class to level 30, you then get to progress a "job" type. In my case, at level 30 my Conjurer becomes a White Mage, but you have to develop another specific class to level 15 in order to progress. (This might sound limiting but it's really not!)
Every class develops into a "job" at level 30. (Another example: Pugilist becomes Monk).
As you progress through the story you unlock certain dungeons and bosses (called Primals) which you can then grind later if you like. So, for example, Satasha is a low level dungeon. but you can replay it endlessly.

When I played, I focussed mainly on my Conjurer White Mage, reaching the maximum level of 50. I did this while completing the main storyline. Once the storyline finishes, you kinda think there's nothing more to do (you just saved the world, y'know). You could continue levelling up other classes, until the reach their peak. This can be classes of war or magic, or maybe you'll start doing craft jobs (like Leather Worker). However that may get a little boring if you've not actual greater task to achieve – this is where the patches/updates come into play.

After completing the game, the "Relic Reborn" story comes into play, which basically allows you to attempt to fight against certain bosses on a harder strategy/fight. But you'll need better weapons and gear to be able to defeat them.
For example, although you're level 50, your equipment needs to be stronger - so you can tackle the Crystal Tower dungeon to gain new, stronger gear, as well as obtains Tomes to buy some gear, too.
Aside from this, other mini-stories appear (one about King Mog for example) and new dungeons become available (Pharos Sirius).

The social side of the game is a nice benefit to playing something that's got me so hooked. During your time, obviously 99% of the other characters are real people, of which you team up. When you first start doing dungeons, like Satasha, you will probably do it with some random players, and if you "Fate grind" in parties, you'll soon make friends (Keep them listed on your Friend List).
You can also join a Free Company, which is essentially a clan of people - in my case online friends - of which you can have banter with and help each other with quests and boss fights. I cannot tell you how happy i am I got to join a Free Company... when it comes to doing the challenging post-storyline stuff, you need people you can rely on. Even if you don't bet that badass boss, at least you learnt from it for the next attempt, and you get to work at it together. This brings me to the negative side: the whinging, miserable and rude players. Some people are impatient, immature and selfish – Ignore these people. If you focus your time on them, you'll undermine your enjoyment.

I've realised that this review isn't exactly well-structured, but there's quite a lot to do in one game. I understand that this can be daunting if you're new to an online game that's been running nearly year. Seriously, don't stress it. The actual storyline goes at the pace you want, there's no rush to do everything (although if you find it as addictive as me you'll want to!) and there's no pressure for you to do everything. There's always something to do, weather that be grinding a class/job, challenging a boss, doing a dungeon, crafting/making, or doing a special event quest. It's up to you in what you do.

For anyone that's not played this, I recommend you do. The initial cost is now less than a tenner on PS3. That give you a months free access to your server. If you're like me, you won't leave it alone. If you decide to keep playing, it's about £8 per month, but a little less if you pay for 3 or 6 months upfront. If it's £8 a month, and you play like i do, it's peanuts. (That maybe easy for me to say, given that I'm employed, but it's not expensive. A new game release is still £35). Try this out, you will probably like it.
Also, if you buy it on PS3 pronto, you'll get a free upgrade to the PS4 version (if you buy a PS4 obviously).

Hopefully i didn't bore with this review - it's a good game, I'd whole-heartedly recommend it.
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on 29 August 2013
Finally a great MMO on Console. Game is beautiful, the music is beautiful, the leveling and combat system although not revolutionary (sort of like WOW) is fun and engaging. Being able to swap classes with one character is a good feature to the game. Story line is solid. I'm not one for PCs or gaming computers so to have this on console is a real bonus. The configuration through the ps3 dual shock is so easy to learn (less than an hour). Setting up subscription is easy (after free 30 days included) If you love MMOs give this a go and if you're a fan of FF then definitely give it a go. I've been playing now for 10-15 hours and I haven't even scratched the surface. If you're looking for a magical game to lose yourself in this is one for you.
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on 28 August 2013
Ok so as of Tuesday 27th August this game is now officially live. it has had issues in early acess but that doesnt affect the now paying public. It has also since undergone a huge maintenance downtime which has now resolved also server full and connection issues.

in short this game is purely amazing. from the mess it was in version 1.0 this game has truly been reborn.

For anybody new to the MMO/RPG genre this game has a bit of a steep learning curve, i do play games like this ranging from WoW, Lord of the Rings and Guild wars.The controls and interface can be very overwhelming but stick with it, just follow the quest lines and you will soon be absorbed. the graphics and art work are beautiful for this kind of game, it also takes heavy influences from every final fantasy game that has come before it. It also implements active/dynamic events inspired by Guild Wars 2 dynamic events called FATES (full active time event) these are random group events that let you slay monsters/bosses for high xp as a group

Im over 20 hours into this game now and while it isn't ground breaking or revolutionary, BUT it does have that spark that makes you want to keep playing and never turn it off. The quests are so perfectly focused that they effectively make you experience near enough EVERYTHING that is possible to do in an mmorpg without you feeling lost or confused. your story will make you travel to every major city, it will take you to the dungeons where you squad up for raids/instances, it will let you join a grand company and buy a chocobo. ive played many games where ive been like woah how do i do join a dungeon or where do i fight this boss etc, the game takes away the element of feeling helpless and you waiting for hours for a good Samaritan to have the time and patience to show you the ropes, and that for me is going to be the sticking point of the longevity for this game......everyone albeit in different classes are on a level playing field until at least level 50,where by then everyone knows what they are doing, you wont have characters missing out on making materia, you wont miss out on obtaining chocobos, you wont miss out on fighting bad asses like ifrit because the game guides you through everything you could ever want to do without forcing you to do anything. and just know that whether you are a veteran or a newbie, your journey through eorzia is one will will love and never want to leave. for £21 and £7.60 a month this game for me is a definitive PS3/PS4 game and it also goes to show that consoles are ready for this kind of game....if your on the fence id say take a chance, even if you dont end up liking it £22 is nothing, and this game will last for years with all the support it will get, good mmorpgs dont go away, world of warcraft has proven that, this game is truly a realm reborn to be played.

ALSO all buyers of the PS3 version can now upgrade to the PS4 version for FREE and the PS4 BETA begins feb 22nd 2014
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on 27 December 2014
A really great game in the MMORPG genre. I wouldn't say I am the msst experienced MMO player in the world, but I havw played my fair share of them and this would have to be my favourite one at the time of writing this.
I bought the PS3 version at release as I've always been a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series. I have also played the PC and PS4 versions of this game however.
Final Fantasy 14 has many great features. As is to be expected with a Final Fantasy game, you really get immersed in the rich world and story with fantastic lore and interesting characters. The user interface can be modified to suit your play style, which is a must for MMOs. One of the great things Square Enix have done with this game is the controls for the console versions. It may take some getting used to, as it is quite novel, but once you've had some practice with it you will realise how intuitive and well designed it is.
As I said, I played it on a few different platforms, the PS3 version is wlll worth it if you're considering it over the PC version and prefer console gaming. The only drawbacks to the PS3 version is that the graphics are inferior compared to the potential on the PC and that you may not have a keyboard on the PS3 for chatting (highly recommend it).
The PS4 version however has significantly better graphical performance comared to the PS3 version, and also has the addition of the touchpad on the new dualshock controller.
Overall it is a great game if you're a fan of either MMOs, RPGs or the Final Fantasy series!
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on 27 March 2014
After playing on the PS4 beta and enjoying it a lot i decided to get this for my PS3 to upgrade in April. Even on the PS3 the graphics are beautiful. All 3 starting cities are well designed and look stunning.

The main story is interesting and makes you feel a part of the world. Even the side quests make you feel involved and not like they are just tacked on as filler. The dialogue is well written and is funny in parts although i would draw your attention to the fact it has a 16 certificate. There is quite a bit of swearing in it at times but nothing that most kids wont have heard anyway. Just be aware its not for younger children.

I havent played all the classes yet but the ones i have feel unique and not like in other games where they feel too similar. Crafting is also more involved than your regular "collect materials and press button" way of doing it.

The dungeons i have been in were fun and actually require tactics to do the harder stuff.

There seem to be regular updates that add a lot. Today patch 2.2 was released with an immense amount of content, almost enough to be an expansion for other games.

If like me you have been playing MMOs for a long time, back as far as Ultima and Everquest, and you are bored of the same old stuff then Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn is worth a look at.

Playing on a controller felt weird at first but now i actually prefer it to keyboard and mouse. It is still playable using those on a PS3 though and i would still suggest having a keyboard for chatting as using the controller to talk to people is near impossible.
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on 29 November 2013
I have been looking forward to this game for ages! At first the servers were overflowing with players meaning a lot got left out on their 30 days free subscription. I was one of those people. I was denied access for at least 10 days and was left very mad, complaining to Square Enix and throwing a tantrum on forums.

However once Square got their act together and fixed the server problem I saw why they were overflowing: because it is a good game. They were completely caught off guard with regards to players especially in Japan. But once I got into the game, made some friends and joined a guild things were turning out to be quite good! That was until I had to move house and lost internet access on my PS3. Point is if you have a good internet connection - use it! This game is enjoyable!

Sure it's also got the average MMORPG baddies but who is going to put them in their place? YOU are! With free patches on the way for extra content you will not be disappointed. This game is enjoyable for both beginners and veterans.
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on 12 February 2014
I've ordered this version as the PS4 version is priced at £50. From what I understand you'll be able to upgrade the PS3 version to the PS4 version for the grand sum of zilch. I guess the PS4 version will be digital and need the game in the drive to validate it but for 8 quid that's fine with me.
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on 28 August 2013
Whilst I can't profess to being any great expert on MMORPG's, I picked this gem up after being charmed by the rest of the 'Final Fantasy' series, and I can sincerely say I was not disappointed. From the go, the game feels solid - giving you beautifully crafted character creation options and then slowly bringing you into the online world with a collection of shorter, introductory quests. The initial cutscenes felt slightly static, me being used to the elaborate ones of FFXIII, however you soon get used to the more retro styled speech output of the NPC's and it actually helps the game to flow faster, still retaining FFXIII styled cutscenes for the more significant quests/storyline flashpoints. Whilst I can say that at times, being an MMORPG novice, I've been left confused - I have found help for these problems either online or in the FFXIV community. The game certainly try's its best to ease you into a daunting world and presents a much needed linearity in the earlier levels, a linearity which soon dissolves. Going on to pick your guild feels exciting and plants the seeds for your role in quests and dungeons later on in the game. At times, you may feel slightly restrained by the earlier levels, now bored with collecting fish and planting daisy's. However, I assure you the excitement picks up very quickly - you'll soon be discussing with your party tactics on the best way to take down a 40 ft flan. Again, the earlier levelling process does feel quite linear (you'll see most people at level 10 running around in these ludicrous briefs, at that point the best legwear you have [thanks square enix]) but the game soon widens out, allowing you to craft yourself as an individual in this massive world.
Whilst I will admit that the 'early access' for this game was a bit of a nightmare (I would say it was unplayable for about 30% of the time it was supposedly 'online'), Square Enix seems to have solved the majority of these glaring issues and the game has certainly become far more consistent. Whilst the first day I was getting stuck on black screens, the past few have been flowing seamlessly and given me so much more than I expected from this game. I occasionally have problems with 'this world being currently full', with little or no more information on if waiting is the best thing or if this is a problem on their end. From my experience, this usually rectifies itself after 15 minutes or so. Granted, getting into the actual world can be a bit of a marathon sometimes, but once you're in, it's glorious.
You get a free 30-day subscription with this game, which allows you to give it a go, 30 days really allowing you to get your teeth into the more substantial substance found in the later levels. There's not much more I can say - you really should try this out. I can't say for certain that there's nothing else on the market like this, but this is definitely a new experience for me and feels fresh, fast and boasts top quality mechanics. This game feels endless and, at Level 20, I for one am looking forward to exploring the rest of Eorzea and taking down whatever comes my way.
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on 22 June 2016
Final Fantasy XIV carries on the MMORPG baton from it's older brother, Final Fantasy XI (which is still operational).

The game had a rough start - the original version was critically panned by many players for it's lack of features and it's slow and uninspired gameplay. Before long the game was pulled offline by developers Square Enix in view of developing a new and improved Final Fantasy XIV that would listen to the concerns of players - titled 'A Realm Reborn'. With a new Director at the helm, the game transformed itself and pulled off an amazing comeback for an MMORPG presumed dead in the water.

Running on a new engine and bristling with new and improved content, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn won many original players over and scored highly in reviews. Graphics were streamlined to improve performance on many computers (and allow the PS3 to recieve the game, something the original version would have crippled with it's 1.2 zillion pixel plantpots) while still remaining one of the prettiest online games on the market today. A beautiful soundtrack and voice acting were instated, and the game's pace sped up expotentionally.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has a large community of players spread over servers in Europe, USA and Japan. There are instanced four and eight player dungeons and trials, raids designed for 24 players, numerous PVP arenas and more social activities like player housing, weddings, free companies and linkshells (both of which allow chat between large groups of people anywhere in the server). Also included is the Gold Saucer, a rebirth of the Final Fantasy VII minigame hub with numerous activities from simple games based on real life arcade favourites, lotteries, group events and Triple Triad, a card game revived from Final Fantasy IX that you can play with other players and NPC's.

While I find the game itself enjoyable, I find the Playstation 3 version less so. The game is capped at 30fps and 720p resolution, something which is expected for a console of this age. The game suffers in crowded areas, has painful loading times and will crawl in larger FATE battles (public events that anyone in the area can partake in). The PS3 version is an acceptable version of the game especially for the few pounds you can buy it for, but if you can get the PC or PS4 version I strongly recommend you plump for them as even my low-mid range laptop murders the PS3 edition quite handily and the PS4 version is capped at 60fps and 1080p.

In short.. an excellent MMORPG, but a poorly performing version of it - but what can you expect from a console released in 2006 trying to cope with thousands of other players?
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on 18 January 2014
I pre ordered this game and was extremely excited for the release, Square Enix treated customers who had pre ordered with early access to the game. Unfortunately, early access was blighted with server problems, bad lag and restricted character creation on certain worlds. Just to provide a little background to the game, FFXIV a realm reborn is actually a revamp of the previous MMORPG. Critics slated this game for being unintuitive and just plain awful. In light of the decision to re-release this game, the last thing SE would want are problems before launch. Square Enix generously extended early access by a week If I remember correctly to compensate for the server problems.

Now onto the game! I absolutely love the Final Fantasy series and a realm reborn did not disappoint. An MMORPG on the PS3 is either going to be a hit or miss, a novelty in the console world. The traditional hot bar which is commonly found on PC MMO's is instead controlled by the enabling the left and right triggers to active the actions and moves on the game. It's quick, and very effective in combat, albeit it may take a little time to get used to for some users. Combat is simplistic but not reduced to button bashing, different classes have unique moves and roles when fighting. I won't go into detail but classes are categorised broadly as DPS (Damage per second), Tanks, Healers. When creating your character there are various races to select from.

Levelling system is quite traditional, fight monsters, gain experience points, level up , gain new moves. The character you create on the game can change into different roles by switching your weapon. For example, equipping a staff would change your role into a thaumaturge, Bow - archer. Non combat roles involve cooking, fishing, botany, alchemist, weaver. These can be routes to making money, armour, food etc.

There is no voice communication in game, which I believe would have been a great addition to the game if it were to be enabled in a party. PS3 users should use a keyboard to communicate with other users on the game, as mentioned previously, this is an online multiplayer game. It is essential to be able to chat with players on your party in dungeons and other instances. Also important to note that it's very difficult to solo this game, so if you don't like playing with other players you should probably avoid this game. The FFXIV community overall is friendly and helpful with any newcomers.

The story is well structured as in the majority of the Final Fantasy games. Graphics are beautiful even on the PS3, there are problems with NPC's, Enemies loading at times but that's expected. If you purchase the PS3 version you will be able to upgrade to the PS4 version for free in April. I'm not at the end game and don't plan to get there quickly, I want to take my time through this great game and enjoy all that is Eorza.
A personal plea, do not listen to the users who have rated this game 1 star. The majority of the reviews are half hearted attempts to taint the game, some users are stating problems logging in (PRE LAUNCH) , criticising the subscription model and FF franchise which is an absurd reason to rate 1 stars. If you love the Final Fantasy franchise I would highly recommend the game, nothing better than exploring the world on a Chocobo ! Purchase of the game comes up 30 days free membership, give it a try, if you don't enjoy it then no harm done.
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