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on 15 March 2012
Aesthetics- looks sharp! When I saw the IMP1000 for the first time I thought "wow this is nice! I can't believe I didn't pay more! Love the gloss black with blue accents. It just screams quality/expensive (but it doesn't cost all that much). Fortunately when I pick it up, it feels like a quality product too. Based on looks alone I am satisfied and have a very positive impression of the company. If all I had to go on was pictures of this product and the competitors I would easily pick the IMP1000 (have you seen the Duracell charger? Gross). The only thing that would make it look better would be to swap out the blue band around the middle for a brushed aluminum one.

Function - not much to report here. Didn't take too long to fully charge the IMP1000 or my devices with it. Everything I tried, iPad 2s, iPhones, flip, HTCs, charged right up. I will be spending 18 hrs on airplanes and in airports this weekend flying from London to Kansas City so we'll see how it does. The high charging capacity is going to be wonderful and will be put to the test.

Ease of use - plug it in to charge. Simple. Plug in a device and press power. Simple. The only complaint I had at first was the fact that you have to hold down the power button for a couple seconds to turn it on or off but I have come to appreciate that... For now.

Accessories - the bag is a nice touch, but I never use those things. I just end up tossing the product into my bag and go. The charging cables are nice too and unexpected. The extra adapters are nice.

Overall - a nice looking product that does what it is supposed to. I am glad didn't end up with a good looking piece of junk in fancy packaging. Better value for the money than any other mobile charger I found on Amazon. I highly recommend this product and may end up buying a couple as gifts.

I used it to keep my iPad 2 and iPhone fully charged during 22 hours of traveling with no problems. I watched 3 movies, played tons of games, did a few productive things and never had to worry about running out of battery power. It was great!
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on 14 June 2011
Just got back from the Isle of man TT 2011. I was camping for 9 days, with 8 other people. I wanted to use my Samsung Galaxy S to update a mini blog whilst I was there. Mainly to show all the partners at home that we were all still alive! Its easy to blog using the Galaxy S, but the battery level is not great when taking photos and using the internet. So I looked for something that I could charge it from the campsite, and whilst we were out watching the racing. The iCruiser IMP1000 immediately stood out.

It had probably the biggest capacity in one of these portable external batteries. I had it within a few days and was impressed with the quality, this being my first New Trent product. It came with about a 75% charge, so I used that to charge my phone a few times and my ipod until it was flat. Gave it a full recharge and it was off to the island we went.

It lasted me the full week, only running out on the ferry home. It performed faultlessly all week, turning off when the phone fully charged. Really impressed! Probably got about 5 full charges of the phone. It never got hot whilst in use, which some of these can do.

The only thing I would like to see is a better charge indicator. Also, it only came with 2 connectors, a mini usb and ideally, a Samsung Galaxy S (mini usb variant?) connector. Would have liked to have seen some more connectors.

Overall, its a brilliant bit of kit.
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on 1 June 2011
After checking all the positive comments about this product I decided to order a unit for myself.

The shipping was very fast especially for a UK to EU delivery.

When I unboxed the unit from the package I was quite surprized by the 288g weigth but after using it for a wile I must admit that this should not be considered as a con. You should just be aware that the weight is a bit more than 2 smartphones.

First I used it to recharge my Android tablet. This took a few hours but the tablet which uses a 4000mAh battery got fully charged. Afterwards I was still able to fully charge my Android phone (1200mAh) as well as my Philips MP3 player and I still had some capacity on the battery pack.

Conclusion: This is a great product and well worth the price.
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on 9 June 2012
I have a number of the smaller IMP50D versions and they work really well and charge an iPhone fully up from 0% to 100% around 3 times. I needed something that had more power, so decided to go for the IMP1000 version with the whopping 11,000mAh vs the older 5,000mAh battery.

If anyone is wondering about buying this model and wondering how many charges you can get out the battery, here goes...
- 7.68x iPhone 4S'
- 1.58x iPad 2's
- 0.95x iPad 3's

So for iPad 3 you can almost get a full charge, obviously the iPad 3 takes a long time to charge even via a mains cable, so bear that in mind.

The battery charger works really well, I have not had a single problem so far with charging iOS devices and various Android devices I have tried. It also has an auto shutoff if you unplug the cable so it doesn't try to drain the battery. You have to hold in the power button for several seconds to power on and power off, so it's not possible to power it on by accident like the smaller IMP50D models that just needed a single press of the power button.

I'd highly recommend this for anyone wanting to charge mobile devices be it phones or tablets.

If you want something that is the size of the iPhone or Android phone and you can place in a shirt pocket along with the device, then I would recommend the IMP50D as it's possible to do it with that model. This model is about 3/4 length of an iPhone 4S and square, and just over two times thicker, and heavy enough that you wouldn't want to put it in a shirt or trouser pocket (if you could get it to fit). It would fit okay inside most coat pockets and not be too weighty to carry around.
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on 20 May 2011
I have had this now nearly a week and think its great, I have and ipad 2 and blackberry bold, and bluetooth headset and use iCruiser to charge all of them. I take it on the go with me all the time and its light and easier to use and plug in

Use with ipad 2: it charges from empty to in about 2hours and i can get about 1.5 charges out of it, Note that it doesn't come with an apple connector head you have to use your own.

Use with BB: Charges quick and I can get multiple charges from it, I wish the icrusier had a few ports to charge ipad and blackberry at once.

The device its self is small and fits comfortably in one hand. its black shine does attract finger marks but looks good. it comes with a thin case which will need replacing pretty quickly, although the icrusier is quite robust and doesn't seem like it can't take a bit of a bashing.

The retractable usb cable is ok not great and fiddly, i prefer just using my normal usb cable.

The battery meter seems accurate and is useful

On the whole I like this product and the price inst bad either for the size and amps you get, I'd recommend
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on 18 June 2012
I ordered this for travel purposes. I work internationally and smartphones just dont have the battery life to last, if you use them to their capabilities. What's the point in having a phone/mini computer if all you need is a £20 Nokia which will last all week on one charge.

Anyway, I digress - ordered this and it arrived promptly like all my Amazon purchases. Comes with some charge already in it so charged it up fully - this takes some time as it's an 11000mAh battery. To put that into perspective, it's about 8 times the size of the iphone 4s battery. Took the icruiser on my next trip away to work. As per usual the iphone battery was getting depleted after a few hours of searching for 3G signal and internet use. Plugged in the iphone to this and left it for an hour or 2 to charge on the flight. The phone was completely charged upon arrival at next destination so I was back up and running for comms.

For the next 4 weeks, I was able to charge the phone from my wall charger so never had to use this battery pack. However upon my returning journey home, the phone was dying again. Stuck it on to charge via this item again and within 90 mins it was back at full charge. Then one of my companions asked if he could charge his mobile from this. No problem, his also charged within an hour - he had a bit more battery left in his mobile than I did. Then I gave it to another guy for the same reason. Same result. So to recap, this charged 4 iphones from 1 initial charge and had sat idle for a month without really losing any of it's own charging ability. It really is a fantastic bit of kit.

It's not particularly big and fits in my rucksack pocket no problem. It comes in a nice little velvety type bag with it's own micro USB lead. Please note there is no standard Apple lead with the item, so you have to use your own which should not cause you any problems - you should have your lead from whatever i-product you already own. It has one USB connection built into the device (a second one would have been nice, but it's no big deal) so you can charge whatever device you want from this little beauty. The 3 LED lights advise on the power available through this device - High, Med or Low. I have never managed to drain this completely - maybe I should to avoid 'memory effect'.

I never go anywhere without it now when travelling. I still take a mains charger but this is a brilliant back up tool, and it means I can charge whatever I want, wherever I want. Indispensible.
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on 15 October 2011
With ever increasing number of gadgets and PEDs that I have accumulated over the years, on the go/mobile charging solution has become a necessity and another gadget addition in itself. In the past, I have tried small (less than 1000mah) size mobile chargers with mixed success. While those small units provided, immediate/emergency type of charging solution, they never were a valid replacement for a plug in charger. That's when I found a line of mobile charging solution by New Trent.

My decision came down to two units; IMP99D and IMP1000. While the 99D model offered convenience of dual charging port, I opted for IMP1000 for its larger 1100mah charging capacity. From everyday experience, I already knew that I wasn't going to get the full advertised 1100mah, rather, I was hoping to get 70 to 80% of the rated capacity. With Ipad2, Galaxy Tab 10.1, iPod Touch and two smart phones and one push to talk phone and flying 4 to 6 times a month, I have no problem testing out the capacity limit of this unit. For the first run, I ran down a few of my devices and put IMP1000 to some hardcore testing. From a full charge, IMP1000 was able to charge Epic touch 4g (1800mah) from empty to full two times and Galaxy tab 10.1 (7000mah) from 50% to full once and Evo 4g (1600mah) from empty to full once before the low power LED started to flash. That would mean 1800+1800+3500+1600=8600mah. Now the battery inside IMP1000 has not been fully conditioned yet, considering that, I am pretty impressed by the initial performance of the unit.

Those with Galaxy tab 10.1 might want to note that IMP1000 will NOT charge normal Galaxy tab 10.1. I have run a USB charging hack after rooting and installing custom kernel which lets the tab be charged from any USB power source. If you are not willing to root your galaxy tab, you may want to consider IMP99D model which comes with special charging adapter for Galaxy tab.

Another aspect of large capacity mobile chargers is the safety. There are units out there that would overheat during use and even have bulging batteries inside!!! I am happy to report that this New Trent unit stayed cool during charging and discharging cycles.

The ergonomics of the unit is excellent. It has glossy plastic casing that is square overall with rounded edges. New Trent was considerate enough to including mini and micro usb adapters and a very high quality carrying case which is handy for someone who travels a lot like myself.

So far the performance and ergonomics of IMP1000 has been very satisfying. Only feature I would have liked to see is the ability to charge the unit itself from another USB power source such as laptops.

I will update this review later to give you updates on the battery performance after it has gone through more charging/discharging cycles.

Update: After about 10 cycles of charging/dis-charging, I am happy to report that the unit has not lost its charge capacity. It is now a fixed item on my back pack and travels everywhere I go. I am currently using this to charge Galaxy S 2, Blackberry Curve, iPad 2, and Galaxy Tab 10.1. Also, the unit has never over heated which is important for safety since I leave the unit inside my bag while charging my PEDs.
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on 23 July 2011
What can I say well this is just an amazing piece of kit i have an ipad 2 and an iphone 4 and use them a lot and this device charges them up whilst your still using them (obviously faster charge if you don;t use your equipment) I travel a lot and thie little gadget helps me out so much. I could hug the seller for putting this external battery pack / charger up on amazon. I advise everyone to buy one some people have mentioned it takes a long time to charge the battery but look at the hours of usage you get out of it no other product can compete as far as I know. I hope they make another giving us more hours of usage of our devices and that they try to keep the battery pack the same size as it fits in to the pocket of any bag with no trouble. You'd be crazy not to get this little beauty it's very impressive.
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on 18 June 2012
I bought this battery to charge my iphone and ipad 3 while traveling. I have used it on 3 trips so far when I landed both iphone and Ipad where at 100%.

- The overall design is a nice color and very well built.
- Includes adapters for most common mini usb phone and a retractable usb extension cable. Comes with a nice little carrying back to everything together.
- It has 3 lights on top of the power button that let you know how much power you have left.
- I have tested it fully charged with a fully drained ipad 3. It took the battery up to 75% this is very good that will get you about 8 with the internal battery watching movies (this is how I use mine) and 6.5 with the New Trent. So all in all 14.5 hours that is very good for most long flights. I also use my ipad for work too I need it charged when I land. So I can watch a movie while New Trent charges my iPad then the battery on the ipad never goes down and I arive with a 100% charge and ready to go!

I priced other batteries and read allot of reviews before buying this battery. All I can say is you will not be let down with this purchase. I recommend any one that needs to have their phone, ipad or whatever charged and ready to go this is the produce for you!
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on 5 September 2012
Great external battery - would recommend it for iPhone users (camping etc) I even used it on my overnight stay at hospital!

The battery lasted all week using it everyday. (See video for details)

It knows when your device is fully charged and switches itself off - clever! That way it doesn't run itself down when you're charging something overnight.
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