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4.6 out of 5 stars68
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 22 August 2002
This is the third and concluding book to the Three Sisters Island trilogy, and is indeed a fitting rounding off of the series. Sam Logan has returned to the Island, and he has much to resolve about his earlier relationship with Mia. For her part, as we've seen in the earlier books, although she doesn't realise it Mia is very alone. She does not want to risk loving again - certainly she does not want to risk loving Sam again. Now it is Mia's turn to face her trial, in order that Three Sisters Island be saved.
I didn't find many surprises here - the threat is by this time well known, and identified to all. However as usual the writing was great, the romance part evenly developed and I identified with Mia's reluctance to turn a simple relationship into something more. I enjoyed revisiting all the characters and getting to know Sam. I don't know that I found his reason for absence convincing - yes for why he left, but not for why he stayed away so long. However, that aside, I enjoyed the way the Three were working together - or, as is pointed out during the course of the book, the Six. Seven, really.
I think that one should read the previous two books for maximum effect, although the previous stories are alluded to here. For me the most enjoyment was meeting the characters again - by this time they are almost like friends.
I also liked that Mia is the strongest witch, including... well, read it for yourself.
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on 29 May 2002
This is the third in the trilogy which began with Dance Upon the Air and Heaven and Earth. It rounds the story off well as we find out what happened between Mia and Sam. Each book can be read on its own. I liked this and Dance Upon the Air best but the character of Ripley in Heaven and Earth is strongest in my mind. Highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 8 July 2010
Face the Fire is the final installment of the Three Sisters Island trilogy, which has followed the lives and fortunes of three magical sisters. This time it is Mia's story, probably the most powerful witch of the three women.

From the first two books we have learned that Mia has lived on Three Sisters island all her life. She fell in love there, built a business there and had her heart crushed when her lover deserted her. But she survived. She put all her energy into her business and honing her magical skills. She is a popular person on the island and she is not short of people who care for her, not least her two 'sisters' - Nell and Ripley.

But Sam Logan, the man who broke her heart, has returned to the island to win her back. But she has hardened her heart against him, and doesn't want to risk it getting broken once more. However, this is Mia's story, and the time has finally come for her to make her choice and face her demons. The future of her life and the very fate of the island depend on her and the choices she will make.

I thoroughly enjoyed this final book in the trilogy. It had the wonderful mix, of romance, magic, tension and great cast of characters.

Highly recommended:)
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on 4 May 2011
In this concluding book to the three sisters trilogy, those who have read the first two will most definitely get the most out of reading this book. And whilst i couldn't wait to get hold of the concluding tale for this series, i felt more and more let down whilst making my way through this book. Roberts has done a spectacular job of building up the three main female characters Nell/ Ripley and Mia, but i could help but think that for all mia's self authority there seemed to be a never ending steam of man handling of her in this final book. For me it seems strange that such a strong, iron willed character, she doesn't quite mind being grabbed and man-handled by 'Sam', as well as agreeing to certain things that such a character with those personally traits wouldn't do in reality. This didn't ring right for me (whilst being very male domineering) i found it clashed with roberts character traits and in the end i simply flicked to the end of the book to read the final chapter, which is a shame.
However roberts still finds time to weave an interesting tale which is an alright, but not great ending to the trilogy. Its also nice to see that earlier characters are still very much a focus, as some authors seem to forget their earlier creations by the end of a series.
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on 10 September 2004
A good book but if you have read the other 2 it becomes quite obvious how the ending pans out, the author's attempt at suspense isn't overly impressive and I knew what was going to happen. Although I don't regret reading this and Heaven and Earth I prefer Dance Upon the Air on its own as a novel. Good if you aren't looking for a challenging book to read.
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on 29 January 2016
I very much enjoy reading Nora Roberts as light relief from heavier books. Her 'magic' series are so entertaining and usually involve a set of witch sisters, dark forces and ancient historical happenings. You also get at least one male witch in her stories and the occasion a vampire, but this particular series Dance Upon the Air, Heaven and Earth and Face the Fire builds on the separate lives of three women related through the blood to one particular place and how all three have to face their fears and overcome their problems. Face the Fire is the last of the series and is about Mia who has the gift of fire and Sam, her original love and who has the gift of water. Together with Air and Earth they set out to defeat an evil force.If you have read the other two, you really need this to complete the story. I recommend all three of the books in the series.
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on 2 November 2014
The final part of a three centuries curse is about to be played. Will Mia lean into the black side of magic allowing Three Sisters Island to crash into the sea? Will she allow Sam, the man she loves but who left her and the island ten years before to help in the climatic conclusion of the story. Can be read as a standalone but is better if you have read the others.
As with all Miss Roberts books a great read, good characters, fantastic settings. Be aware that once you've started reading you keep coming back to her stories.
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on 26 November 2012
I really enjoyed this series of Nora Roberts books. This set is based on three sisters who have magical powers/witches. Each of the three books tells the individual story of each sister and her struggle to cope with the power she has and also face the problems in her life from the past and present day. Although each book focuses on one sister, the other sisters and characters are still an integral part of the story.
As always with Nora Roberts she is a good, easy read.
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on 17 July 2014
Oh, I love this series! Each one in the trilogy was completely absorbing. There were moments when I wished the threat was a bit more dramatic, but that's a small quibble. I feel like I've lived on the island, and know all the characters. Writing this review a few weeks later, I can still picture Mia's house and garden, the small house in the woods that they all lived in at various times. Thoroughly enjoyable, really nicely written, great characters that become like friends.
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on 17 July 2013
... I think there were whole paragraphs missing so the text made no sense in some places, and this goes for all the seven Nora Roberts Kindle books I've recently purchased (the first two from this trilogy and all four of the Chesapeake novels, which were particularly bad). That said, the stories were good, uncomplicated fun with great characters. NR certainly knows how to spin a good tale, and her descriptions of the settings are wonderful.
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