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4.1 out of 5 stars29
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 27 November 2010
Girls Aloud member Nadine has been listed as the bands best vocalist and there is no denying her voice is powerful. Her debut album which she co-wrote most of showcases the music she truly wanted to make. This is all Nadine.

01 Runnin - 10/10. Would make a great single, very catchy and upbeat
02 Put Your Hands Up - 10/10. Another uptempo pop/rock track. Easily be a single with such a killer chorus.
03 Chained - 7/10. Mid-Tempo R&B track with a very catchy chorus. I've been chained, I've been chained, chain by you. Nice!
04 Insatiable 10/10. 1st single Uk #26 and for an Indie Artist that ain't bad. Great Pop/Rock and her voice really raws through.
05 Red Light 10/10. Classic Pop Uptemo song. Chorus justs bursts with a cry of catchy hooks and vocals with the lyrics. Solid!
06 Sexy Love Affair. 9/10. This is very different she sings alot of falsetto and goes into her powerful chest voice too. Great blend, class vocals. Different but great!
07 Lullaby. 7/10. Nice song, catchy and very easy to listen too.
08 You Are The One. 7/10 Another solid pop song but other songs stand out more.
09 Natural 9/10. Nice pop/rock edge mid-tempo song. Gets stuck in your head. Hit play again.
10 Raw 9/10. Very solid tune. Great vocals and lyrics. Easy to play again and again.
11 Rumours 9/10. Seems like a veru fitting song about rumours and fame. You can't help by dig this uptempo song. All about the lyrics.
12 Unbroken 6/10. Probably the weakest song as Nadine sings entirely in falsetto and whilst an amazing talent vocally, it does get a bit much by the end. Okay just not my favourite.
13 I'll Make A Man Out Of You Yet. 10/10. Hands down the most amazing song on the album. This has the makings of one of the great power ballads. The lyrics are moving, the rhythm is pulsing with emotion, the vocals build and build into a powerhouse frenzy which Nadine just tears through in the bridge to bring this home in true pop style. This would be a moment for any X-Factor/Idol performance. Brillant! & written entirely by Nadine.

There is really alot to like here and while it may not jump out with Hit after Hit. By the last song all I wanted to do was listen to it all over again. The magic is the music can be listened to on high rotation and you don't get tired of it. Highlights are the powerhouse I'll Make A Man Out Of You Yet, Runnin, Put Your Hands Up, Sex Love Affair & single Insatiable.

Great voice, Great songs, Class Act.
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on 24 November 2010
Admittedly, I actually bought this album on the back of the Cheryl vs Nadine media 'war' It piqued my curiousity and I was pleasantly surprised.

There are quite a few tracks which stand out for me. Runnin is a song that grips from the start and quickly shifts into an eighties style electro beat that makes you just want to dance and sing along.

Insatiable, when you actually get a chance to listen to it closely, is actually a fantastic song. It may not have been the best idea for a single because much of what makes it fantastic is that underlying beat and complexities that really come out when you're hearing it in a small space or on headphones.

A far better first single would have been Lullabye which is the most relevant compared to what is in the charts. Starting off a a slow ballad, it soon develops into an military style drum beat with an epic string section.

Other stand outs include You Are The One, which has a nice acoustic guitar feel to it and M Sexy Love Affair, which despite some silly lyrics (I suck at math, 4,7,9) is redeemed by a soft beat and Nadine's breathy vocals. I'll Make A Man Out Of You et is where Nadine's vocals really shine and she more than holds her own against a background choir which come in at the end.

The rest, imo, are growers but I can already feel myself warming to them. It's just a shame that Nadine is not going to get the recognition that this album deserves (her name is on all of the song writing credits and more often than not listed first.)

This completely outperforms Cheryl's effort in terms of songwriting and creativity though I don't think Nadine has helped her self with this exclusive (read; limiting) deal with Tesco and her comments about her former bandmates.

However, I advise everyone to give it a chance.
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on 7 November 2013
In 2010 after a lot of waiting Girls Aloud lead singer Nadine Coyle finally released her debut album Insatiable. The album was loved by fans but overlooked and underrated by critics and the charts. Unlike some of her band mates Nadine chose a more organic stripped down route with her album, she also chose to release it herself ( through UK chain store Tesco) on her own label Black Pen Records. Though I admire her for this it ensured she would not have the promotion, budget or support she needed for this album to get the attention it deserved. In any case the goal of this album ( I believe) was to show everyone what Nadine was all about ( to a certain extent she is known to be a private person, and has unfairly received the "she's not relatable enough" tag because of it) and do pop/r&b on her terms, her way. Did it accomplish it's goal? I think so. Let's get into the album:
1.)Runnin: The opening track is one of my favorites, with a simple but nice beat and some little synth in the background Nadine's voice is able to take center stage. The song's lyrics about the protagonist scared and "runnin" away from a relationship but now realizing that was a mistake are great "Lost, I couldn't find my way cause every road I took would always end the same. So I walked alone so carefully too afraid to let my legs pick up the speed. Each time you got closer I pushed you far away, but now we get the chance to start over every single day." I give it 8/10
2.)Put Your Hands Up: This is another one of my favorites, many have said this should have been the first single and I can't really disagree. Nadine's voice is wonderful with the late 80's style party vibe, plenty of synths. The upbeat fun flirty lyrics help as well. "We feel our best and I'm done with stress, put your hands up, put your put your hands up! We're in it for life so I'm saying this twice let's get together. Put your hands up Put your Put your hands up! 10/10
3.) Chained: Another of my favorite tracks with a light but "stomp and crunch" beat and what seems to be some piano or string in the background. Nadine sings with some nice vocal runs in the middle 8, with lyrics about how the protagonist is feeling "chained" by her man's love afraid she'll never be able to get away. "But I know something ain't right, your love has locked me so tight I got this feeling that you ain't gonna stay and I'm never gonna break away. I've been chained by you, you've got the key to me boy yes you do. I always though you were a gentleman but now you've showed me I was too blind to see now I'm wishing for a better man. To find somebody to break these chains that are holding me."8/10
4.)Insatiable: The title track I have always loved but for many was a grower. While I do feel PYHUP should have been the lead single this one if it had been marketed better could have gone farther. Nadine's voice is on point as usual and the beat with horns, and a somewhat throwback style are fun. The problem with this album is it was released at the height of the Euro-Dance Auto-Tune trend and doesn't follow it. All kids wanted was club/trance music with overproduced auto-tuned to death vocals and identical computer beats. Add to that the lack of the support of a major label and Nadine's poor treatment by the press at the time and the album got buried before it could be appreciated for what it was. 9/10
5.)Red Light: I'll admit this one has never been on of my favorites on the album, not because of Nadine, because of the lyrics and the background. Though I love the rock feel and the beat is great but it doesn't quite come together as intended and it could have been tighter and better but it's not bad. 6/10
6.)Sexy Love Affair: This one grew on me because I love Nadine's falsetto and sultry style on it. The lyrics are a bit silly ( "1,2,3 yeah you got me and the rest is history I suck at math but I know..") but they get the point across. Sounding a bit like Mariah Carey or Beyoncé here as she indulges her fantasies with a guy whom she's having said love affair with. In the middle a man's voice trades lines about how the secret couple don't want to do anything without each and can't get enough. The piano backed beat may take a second to get used to but when you do it works with the song. 9/10
7.)Lullaby: This is another of my and many Nadine fan favorites and another one that should have been a single. It starts out slowly and with an almost Enya like tone in the background before some drums come in then a dance like "crunch" beat comes in after. The lyrics about the protagonist missing her former love but knowing and feeling in her heart they will be together again one day are well written( reminiscent of "Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey) and Nadine connects with the song well. ( I have always disagreed with and never understood claims Nadine doesn't connect with subject matter. She shouldn't have to be screaming like this is a live concert for the message to get across. Nadine knows when to hold back a little bit and when to go into melisma, adlibs and all the extra stuff.)"I can't help but stare at your shirt on the chair it's been watching me cry for weeks". "So I just sing a lullaby-bye bye-bye but my heart is saying it's not the end... cause I now I'm gonna see you again." "It's written in the melodies, that we were meant to be. With me is where you belong, and as long you're away babe I'll be waiting here just singing this song." 10/10
8.)You Are The One: This one took a minute to grow on me but it did. Nadine sounds very vulnerable and emotional but still in control. This slowed down soul r&b style ballad about the protagonist finally finding the one after always giving up on relationships. This has some real life shades to it IMO. Some of the songs are here were obviously inspired by Nadine's relationship with longtime on/off love former NFL player Jason Bell. They were engaged at the time this album was being recorded however in the summer of 2011 they called off the engagement, then in August 2013 Nadine surprised everyone and announced not only had she and Jason been back together for some time, she is expecting the couple's first child due in 2014. The lyrics about how she knows he is the one and even if she walks away she will come right back are heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. 10/10
9.)Natural: This is another one of my favorites, everything from the arrangement to the lyrics just work. The piano and soft beat work with Nadine's softer tone on the ballad about feeling natural and good in one's skin. Thanking someone for making her feel brand new and good, helping her overcome her fears and insecurities are so refreshing and warm. 10/10
10.)Raw: This one feels a bit like a combination of Insatiable, Runnin, and Chained but it works. The lyrics and beat about how her man's love has left her raw are sweet and honest. Nadine is known as someone who rarely makes her private thoughts public let alone about her love life. So to hear these honest feelings about how scared she used to be, and how her and Jason's relationship changed her and helped her open up and not be as afraid are endearing. "You were true then I knew I could be embraced, set me free to no longer be rejected" " I can feel this is real nothing has felt better... Felt so much with this love there's no scale to measure" " You fill me up with such a feeling, didn't know I was needing so much more". 9/10
11.)Rumors: This one is not only one of my favorite Nadine Coyle songs but one of my favorites period. The lyrics to this song are perfect for anyone feeling down, who has been talked about, lied about/lied on. Nadine knows better than anyone about all of that. From the press and even Girls Aloud fan starting rumors about her she is letting everyone know she is above it. "Falling so far from the truth, playing catch up with no room for me to breathe... We know better than their lies, they have no room to criticize. Don't wanna walk away cause everything they say is just a drop in the Ocean to me... It's just rumors they've got no worth just words going round don't let them bring us down. They're just rumors I know they hurt I need you to believe in me not those rumors... Believe in half of what you see and nothing that you hear, the whispers. What do you want from us? Get out of my way! Get out of my face! So just keep talking." A great message that needed to be said. 10/10
12.)Unbroken: This one isn't one of my favorites, but I do like it. Nadine returns to the falsetto sound and nails it. The beat has a late 70's early 80's lite fm vibe to it. The lyrics about someone worried about how her lover will treat her and what staying with him will affect her. She wants to be in her words "unbroken", she doesn't want to leave but is afraid to stay,very much a theme on the album. 7/10
13.) I'll Make A Man Out Of You Yet: To close out the album is this somewhat unique perspective styled ballad. The strong piano, late 90's style and strings and power ballad/soul/r&b style blend well. A good message as well, the protagonist tells her new man that he's going to have to cut the macho ladies man crap and earn her love, treat her with respect, give everything he's got ( and give before he gets) and she's going to teach him how. Sultry somewhat sexy vibe but with a strong message and good writing. 10/10
Overall I give this album 4 out 5 stars. Nadine's voice is almost perfect and she co-wrote and produced the album. Some songs could have been a little stronger but I applaud Nadine for giving her all on every song ( yet not over-singing) and not giving into trends, being honest and true to herself in her own way. It's a shame whoever her management team at the time was didn't know what to do with her and the press decided to focus on making up a fake feud between her and Cheryl Cole instead of this wonderful album. I hope as time goes on Insatiable continues to be discovered and appreciated ( Better late than never) by music lovers everywhere. I would recommend to pop/r&b music lovers.
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on 7 March 2014
I bought this CD album because I like Girls Aloud - now I wish I hadn't. The songs are unmemorable, and - to be honest - a little boring. Yes, Nadine had the best voice in Girls Aloud (my dog can sing better than Cheryl Cole), but it would have been interesting to see what she could have done with better material.

There's not one song on this album that sticks in your head - come the next day, you'll have forgotten all about Insatiable ......
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on 23 May 2013
Nadine Coyle's first solo album 'Insatiable' is one of those albums that I believe has been sadly overlooked by the general public. There are probably a few reasons for this, but instead of focusing on those I'll actually review the album itself. The album is quite consistent in it's sound, although there are a few songs that immediatly stood out to me. These were the incredibly catchy lead single 'Insatiable', the heartfelt 'Rumours' and the fun opening song 'Runnin'. As a whole the album works well and doesn't have any major flaws, providing a quite enjoyable listen. If I had to critique something though it would be the subject matter. Nearly all of the songs are about love or heartbreak, but as this is true for 90% of albums it can be quite easily forgiven. It is not an artistic masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but it is not trying to be. What it is trying to be is a good pop album and I think it accomplishes that goal very well. I would definitely recommend this album to anyone thinking of buying a fun pop album.
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on 23 November 2010
Rated 7/10.

Yes, not bad for a debut album from, as I saw it, the lead singer from Girls Aloud. The earlier tracks on the album are similar to Girls Aloud music with the remaining tracks being more ballads. There's a couple of earlier tracks that are toe-tapping and Nadine's voice isn't bad actually. However, the earlier pop tracks are far memorable and the ballads at the end of the album are rather bland on repeat listening, and I don't think there's much that sets her apart from the other solo female artists out there. Nadine does have a good singing voice but her next album needs to have a lot more pop-type tracks in keeping with Girls Aloud, in my opinion, if that Girls Aloud fan base is going to be maintained through either Nadine or Cheryl.

I don't want to get into a Cheryl vs Nadine debate but a lot less advertising seems to have been put into promoting Nadine, who IMO, is the better singer. If you're a Girls Aloud fan then you'll enjoy this album but will leaving with the feeling of something missing that you enjoyed from Girls Aloud's albums.
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on 16 September 2011
One of the best albums on 2010. Definitely worth owning. Love the uptempo tracks but it's the big ballads that are the show stealers
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on 13 March 2011
I bought this because I've always thought Nadine has the strongest voice out of Girls Aloud. I wasn't disappointed, I really enjoyed the majority of tracks on this album and for me, she wins hands down for being the more competent artist. They are both talented within their own rights, however, I do wonder how well Cheryl would have done if she wasn't surrounded by so much hype and of course had the backing of Mr Cowell!!!
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on 13 April 2013
I am extremely impressed with this album! I am an American, & had never heard of Girls Aloud until the news of their breakup was announced. I stumbled onto Nadine's album through YouTube. I must admit that I am in shock that this album never took off. In my opinion, this album is completely underrated! She is so talented! It's really rather a shame that it didn't do well. I was unable to find/ purchase this album anywhere other than Amazon UK. Unavailable on iTunes (US) & Amazon (US).
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on 29 November 2012
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