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4.7 out of 5 stars64
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 28 March 2013
When I first started the book, I found it heavy and couldnt face the content! But, when I encountered the experience of the Big C & looking after some one special who died from it, not only did it appear as if the book had been written for ME but I lived the content also!

This I believed helped me to start healing & acquire PEACE FROM BROKEN PIECES!

I also encountered being in the valley, one day my soul just opened up & losing my house!

God is good!
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on 8 January 2013
One person left a poor review stating that she babbled on. That person may have been a little impatient and should have persevered with the book and themselves as this book was very insightful. Iyanla was completely open and honest about her experiences, and she certainly had quite an eventful life, which is why I wish to thank her for sharing all what others would attempt to hide away or deny even took place. She is so spot on when she said that our elders don't share the 'shameful' past so this is why history repeats itself. It's deep and personal. At times I felt angry with her, particularly when she repeatedly attempted to make her marriage work with a man who was never right for her. 5 stars deserved as she shared her most intimate experiences to help others. She has helped me!
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on 18 June 2011
Very eye opening, 'never judge a book by its cover' saying is so true. Amazingly written. Thanks for telling your story. 100% recommend this book for anyone who wants to grow and heal.
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on 30 November 2015
I have most of Iyanlas books but I knew when I first heard that she had written this book that I wasn't ready. It came to me at the right time in the right way and didn't disappoint. Written in her endearingly honest thought provoking humorous (at times) deeply emotional and spiritual way, the words written in courage about the death of her daughter and how she navigated the pain of loss in her life will bring comfort to anyone who is experiencing or has experienced great loss in their lives. A breakdown is a breakthrough. Thank you Ms Vanzant.
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on 11 October 2015
I'm a non fiction lover - now this book is a look back on what things transpired in Iyanla's life and what generational behaviours she began to notice kept repeating in her family and how she couldn't always see but when she did she still found herself caught up in the same rat race and deduced that these things contributed to the results of her life's struggles.

She speaks about how those very behaviours effected her children but also shares a great love story about her relationship with her daughter who had a struggle with cancer -

Iyanla has mixed religious spiritual interests and has a blend of Christianity along with being a euroba priestess - now if you happen to be Christian you will certainly need to omit some things and understand what is the practice of your faith and more than certainly If you are a young Christian take time to pray and read your word ahead of this - but it isn't preachy as such, only one part I found to be so, Iyanla tells of what she did according to her faith and belief system - it's a gentle read

All in all a great book that I would recommend not just if you're trying to find answers but to inspire - happy reading
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on 19 February 2012
I listened to the audiobook and was so absorbed that I finished it in two days. Listening to Ms Vanzant talk about her life, is like sitting by a cosy fire, hearing a wise woman impart her wisdom from a life filled with disappointment, abuse and pain, as well as huge success, funny times and enormous downs and tragedy. She threads her story with the hindsight of her current wisdom, showing her mistakes and why she chose certain paths, which may in turn help us examine our own. A very moving and humble account of a life well lived. Peace from broken pieces indeed. Highly recommended.
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on 22 August 2013
I only discovered Iyania on an Oprah show where both ladies were mending fences after an apparent tiff. Anyway I thought I would find out what all the fuss was about (as I think she has a new show now - sadly not shown in the UK as yet) - and am glad I did. The book takes the reader through her life and is a very readable account of how she got through various parts through prayer and meditation. Her best quote for me was ' how do you know when you are healed?' and she answers ' when you no longer feel emotion when you retell the story' - I paraphrase - anyway really really enjoyed it!
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on 6 August 2011
were all human, iyanla......amentor to others, a life saver too many,a teacher,spritual advisor. i saw iyanla in england this were sell out.a few times..and had fallen in love with what a book, the truth, the heartbreak, the joy and her great sense of humour...all in one book....this book makes you look at your own life patterns ,thoughout your family, hoping that it isnt to late to change them, while reading her family paterns of generations of abuse,absent men in their lives an her willingness too please them,her flaws, her healing, her insights...she bears her soul, her heart and tears in this book...we all thought she was thee woman that had it going on so dam famous ..well read this book !!it humble me as i remember her book yesterday i cried...and thought she had stop!! i read this book i thought how much can a women take, but take it she did,and taught it she does , an she still does it fantastic!! abook that will make you weep, for me i choked and cried and try to silenced my self .from the builders that was in my home that day .miss vanzant teaches us that we all make mistakes but can move on, were all here on a journey called life and some times we need help...or need slow down and see whats really important,we all need comfort,to feed our soul our spirit. this book is about alady her relationships with god ,daughter, friends,men and life.....this book is also filled with her pain but also her joy through that pain miss vanzant i love you!!! you always keep it real........xx
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on 13 October 2013
This manuscript is a truth that we are never alone, and one way or another when on our knees, bereft, screaming for an answer to whatever is happening, to whoever is listening, begging for whatever we think we require to make everything right in our quick fix limitations; there is an answer. The truth jumps off the pages, grabs you by the heartstrings and in Divine Time when we are awakened to the simplicity of surrender the most beautiful tapestry is woven through the unconditional love of a soul whose story unravels a life lived by others truths, yet in her humility she knows there's more. Her trials are faced daily on this planet, and her determination to seek is the strength that is shared nakedly within this story. Be prepared to hold your breath; to laugh out loud; to weep and heal, again and again.
It is a book to remember, on so many levels, and is a blessing on those drawn to read and embrace the lessons, healing, and follow the map to their own destination within.
Thank you Iyanla Vanzant for your decisions and committing them to the World.
Thank you
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on 27 December 2012
An inspirational book, can relate.
When i got to page 60 though, i paused, I became very angry at her 3rd husband.
He is the type of man i wouldn't pray of marrying.
He basically lived of Iyanla. This was really sad.
Nobody shld be taken advantage of this way. But the book was bitter sweet.
Iyanla is the epitome of a strong, human being who went through a life of termoil, heartbreaks, bankrupsy, lose of mother and eventually daughter, career and came out on top. Bitter sweet
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