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4.3 out of 5 stars180
4.3 out of 5 stars
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14 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on 7 June 2012
In 1984 at the height of Michael Jackson's post thriller career, his former record label Motown released an album called Farewell My Summer Love which consisted of songs recording in the 70's overdubbed by an 80's sounding band, presumably in an attempt to pass it off as a new Michael Jackson album. The Producers of "Michael" have attempted the same conceit.

Like Farewell My Summer Love, "Michael" is technically a decent album. It seems to cover all the bases and sounds like how you might imagine a Michael Jackson album to sound. Unfortunately, the listener is left with a rather hollow feeling because a vital element is missing - Michael himself. This is not his vision, he did not make any artistic decisions. As fans know, he would agonise over every note of every album. The fact that he did not do that here means that he is simply being used as a product. This is essentially a remix album - someone else's vision.

This may have been a more interesting album if the producers had provided a bonus disc with the raw tracks that they had used so that listeners are able to identify how the album was put together.

It would always be inevitable that Sony would be issuing posthumous material, particularly given the riches that apparently remain in the vaults. However I would have preferred an album of tracks written and produced by Michael alone. After his collaborations with Quincy Jones and then several other producers, this would have been a more fitting final album rather than a gathering of producers guessing what Michael would have done.

It is encouraging that fans have not responded overwhelmingly to this album and is perhaps a lesson to Sony that Michael's fans are not simply going to buy into everything that they slap Michael's name on. Indeed, even compared to other posthumous releases (eg Queen's Made in Heaven or John Lennon's Milk and Honey) this does not seem to have been the success that Sony may have expected.

It is also encouraging that at the time of writing Sony will be releasing a 25th Anniversary edition of Bad featuring raw (not overdubbed) demos. I hope this is an indication of Sony's future policy - any unreleased music should be used to shed light on the music that Michael released rather than be passed off as the album he would have released had he lived.
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on 8 May 2014
I am reviewing this album just to warn potential new listeners who may purchase this album after buying the new michael jackson release xscape. The album Michael isnt a bad listen some songs are quite strong but and I mean a big BUT three songs are definitely not michael they are performed by a guy called jason malachi who was hired by sony in secret to record three songs to pad out this release I can only speculate the reason for this being that they only have a limited number of genuine songs recorded by michael and they want to spread them across as many releases as possible so they thought they would try and pull off this disgraceful con. The songs that are michael are worth having but as many others have said it would have been nice if michaels original demos had also been included on a special edition like the new release xscape which really is all michael. But we all know why the original demos arent here dont we because three of them DONT EXIST! Dont just take my word that breaking news keep your head up and monster are not michael take a listen to jason malachi on you tube you will soon see what I mean.He is a good soundalike to a degree but doesnt have the full voice range of michael and he cant get all gritty like michael did and on that note I should mention through some crafty studio magic some of the ad libs ( thats the higher gritty vocals like singing `yeah' ) are actually michael on `monster' so dont be fooled they were just lifted off another song and engineered into the recording to make it more authentic sounding it really is the lowest of the low for all those money making fat cats involved in this deception. There is one thing you should ask yourself `why is this CD always selling at such a low price brand new' well you know the answer to that really if you think about it. The answer being michaels fans knew they saw through or should I say heard through the deception and warned each other so the album didnt sell nearly as well as it could have. So honesty really is the best policy SONY and it would seem like they have learned their lesson from the evidence that is xscape and one last thing jason malachi is as bad as sony for being in on this deceit and his voice is far more twittery than michaels I was suspicious from the moment I heard the offending tracks.
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on 22 November 2014
Bit disappointing. Not his best songs
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on 24 October 2014
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5 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 15 December 2010
Since Michael Jackson's passing last year, the release of a new album was much anticipated. Sadly, it turned out to be a very big disappointment. Even at the first hearing of the song Breaking News, a very big number of fans had the exact same reaction: they all thought that it is not Michael Jackson singing. A lot of frustration and confusion followed, many people stated this opinion in Michael Jackson's facebook and youtube pages. Unfortunately, MJ's Estate and record company, after evaluating the outcry for a couple of days, decided to go ahead with their original plan to release the album. They issued a statement that they stand by their belief that the songs are sung by Michael himself and they stated that they had employed some experts to verify the vocals. They never named the experts or gave any other information regarding this analysis.

The opinion that Michael is not singing on 3 of the 10 tracks was also expressed by Michael's mother, by his children, some of his brothers and some of his nephews. Also by several of Michael's associates like Rodney Jerkins (producer), Jason Malachi (known MJ vocal impersonator), Cory Rooney (producer) and by a very big number of fans. Finally, the legentary producer of Michael's Triller album, Quincy Jones, said he is not sure that it is Michael singing these songs.

My belief and a lot of other people's belief is that a vocal impersonator has been used, with a lot of Michael's sampled breaths from old recordings in order to fool the world into believing that the singer is indeed Michael Jackson. As a result, i really think this is consumer fraud. For this reason, I have not bought the album and I do not intent to buy it.

Excluding these 3 questionable tracks, the rest of the album is quite good and it does contain some gems. The best song of the album in my opinion is the old Thriller era song "Behind The Mask". Other highlights are the beautiful ballad "Much Too Soon" where one can really hear Michael's soaring vocals and the collaboration with Lenny Kravitz "Another Day".
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5 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 16 December 2010
To say I am bitterly disappointed with this CD, is an understatement.

10 haphazardly thrown together tracks and only 7 of them contain genuine, real Michael Jackson vocals.

Unfortunately, The Estate/Sony are still trying to pass those 3 Cascio tracks (Breaking News, Keep Your Head Up and Monster) off as Michael Jackson songs. It's obvious that they are motivated by money and don't care about Michael's legacy at all.

It's a shame because, there are some beautiful tracks on this album like Hollywood Tonight, Behind The Mask, Best Of Joy or Much Too Soon. They don't get the attention they deserve because of the controversy the fake songs created.

My advice: Don't buy it. Buy the 7 real songs individually, if possible. That's what I'm gonna do.
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2 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 30 December 2010
As a huge MJ fan I was disappointed that the album was released in the first place. I believe as many others that $ony are just cashing in, especially only releasing 10 songs when they own hundreds. Just another opportunity to release more and more in the future. For this reason I don't own the album and probably never will. I believe MJ's legacy is more than good enough without songs that were cut. Having said that, I have heard all the songs on YouTube. Most are ok, not great, I don't like rap and don't think it goes well with MJ's voice. I'm not sure I agree with the three 'fake' songs conspiracy. I don't think $ony would hire an impersonator when they own so much unreleased MJ material. I think that the songs are very digitally manipulated and that MJ probably wasn't at his best because he knew the songs wouldn't make the cut or was under pressure to record more material quickly to release after the this is it shows.

There are much better unreleased songs out there, go to YouTube and search On The Line, Hot Street, Got the Hots, She Got It, Nite Line. to name a few. There is much better material in $ony's possession, I don't understand why they released sub standard tracks that have been messed about with with technology to try and make them worthy of an MJ album. The more I listen to the tracks the more I believe MJ would never have agreed to this album. I personally will be sticking with the previous albums and the Jacksons albums.
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3 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on 20 December 2010
As I played the Michael CD a considerable amount of time, and I got 225 songs on ipod of all Jackson five and Michael's off the Wall, Thriller, Invicible - there was one big element missing in the Michael Album, his passion and emotion - that emoting gift he shows to the whole world and people being hit by his power. Whoever is singing on this Album sounds almost like Michael but cannot come close and is so routine and lack of effort in his voice like other impersonators that imitate and just sing! And that's it. Only for the heck of singing. for example the song called Biggerman when everybody thought it was Michael but the guy had no substance. Michael is miles better like an alchemist that takes his voice from way down deep from his heart and soul and fires at the listener, nobody has this gift in this world but Michael. Even if Michael is not feeling well because I watched his performances in concerts in different times and different countries on DVDs- he still gives it his all including that FIRE and ENERGY he always gives in that unique melliflous voice - from a slow silky song to a fast anthem. Michael and Music are a force to be reckoned with, but it is not happening here. It is Not Michael at all. Even seasoned fans can tell it is not him.
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4 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on 14 December 2010
in short a very substandard 'collection' of tracks. It irritates me that they only put a few on this CD. Obviously its all about money and they want to release a few of these so the fans have to pay more for each one. why not put out a double disc with loads on it? I know a lot of his unreleased stuff. its all out there if you look for it (youtube is a good place to start) and theres much better tracks not on here. This should not be called an album. its an aouttakes compilation, and a stingy one at that!
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1 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 15 January 2011
I have not heard of any of the music played on this album, it takes a bit of getting use to, but if it is his music that he has produced
it will take a lot to get use to it. could have had some of his popular songs to help promote the album instead of an album full of new stuff.

is it Michael jacksons work? why wait until after he died to release it? anyway happy listening
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