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4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 20 April 2013
Up until now, I use a four bladed cassette razor (the Wilkinson Sword Quattro) and nicked one of my wife's single-blade disposables to get the awkward bits that the bulkier razor head doesn't do as well - the curve between the top lip and the nose, the little angle at the top of the ear where it joins the side of my head etc. I also only shave about twice a week - once for Monday morning and once mid-week - which means that my razor needs to do some fairly heavy duty work on three or four day old stubble. All-in-all I have generally been happy with the results of this strategy - a good clean shave (when I can be bothered) and no razor burn or ingrowing hairs to speak of.

So what about the Gillette Fusion Power? Well, my first reaction was a somewhat Luddite belief that a razor shouldn't need batteries and my second was "so how many MORE blades can they get into a cassette razor?"

Then there are the other "features" - the powered blades "delivers soothing micropulses with comfort so incredible; you'll barely feel the blades" and apparently a "microcomb" that "actually helps guide hair to the blade." So, "together, these technologies combine to create Gillette's most comfortable shave." I'm always wary of copy that promises huge improvements over previous versions (so Gillette's previous versions are now crap, are they?), and uses buzzwords like "technology" (so it MUST be good if it's "technology") and "system" (ditto) and so-on. Grrreat!

The proof of this technologically advanced supertechnopudding is in the eating. Certainly it shaves well... but not noticeably better than my old razor. I can normally get a decent, clean shave from heavy stubble in the time it takes to brew (well, OK, "stew") a pot of tea on a Monday morning, if I don't dawdle. This product doesn't improve that experience by much. I will admit that the presence of a single sixth (yes sixth!) blade on the back of the cassette allows me to do away with Mrs Crookedmouth's pink Ladyshave disposable, but is that really a significant selling point? Not for me.

As for the main selling point, using the razor with the power on doesn't noticably alter the efficiency or success of the process and it's only obvious effect is to make it feel unnervingly like shaving with a dildo. I wouldn't waste the cost of the battery, personally.

The cost of replacing cartridge blades is a bit of a bug-bear too; £11 for a packet of 8 bog-standard WS Quattros is bad enough, but between £17 (for 8 bog-standard Gilette Fusions) and £20 (for 8 Gilette Fusion ProGlide Power cassettes) is awfully steep.*

In the end, this is surely no more than another escalation in the arms race between Wilkinson Sword and Gillette. More blades + more technology + more styling = More aspirationality + more sales. I'm well aware that by using a WS 4 blade I have already bought into that arms race, but I think I'll step out now before someone invents a razor that will Tweet my shaving progress to an eagerly waiting world, make me something that tastes almost, but not entirely unlike tea and benefits from a Genuine People Personality.

Four stars because it IS a good razor, but knock one off because:
- it's no better than any number of cheaper and simpler alternatives,
- it comes with only one razor cassette!

* Prices on Amazon at the time of writing, April 2013.
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I wasn't planning on buying a new Razor as I already have a Gillette Fusion Power one and I only needed some new blades. But Amazon was selling the Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Razor for only £5 (now £12) so I ended up buying it.

If I'm being totally honest I can not see any difference at all between the Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Razor & my Gillette Fusion Power. I'm sure there is differences that will help with marketing etc. But as a normal user of powered Razors they both feel the same to me. Both give a very nice, clean & close shave with no hairs remaining.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 31 December 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having dallied with buying one of these new battery enhanced razors for a short while, I was finally given one as a gift. I was interested to find out whether the "oscillating" facility actually DOES aid shaving or whether it was just a long line in gimmicks.

So, what can I tell you about the new "Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor" erm... it takes a small penlight (AAA) battery which comes with the razor - it fits into a compartment in the handle - which you 'twist' to get access to. When you switch on the power switch, the razor vibrates and the power button illuminates in a rather fetching electric blue colour.

The razor itself is quite stylish looking (in my opinion) in blue, silver and black. It is however quite expensive for a razor - battery powered/enhanced or whatever you want to call it aside.

And how does it shave and feel I hear you ask? It is quite an unusual feeling to have the head (and handle) buzz as it does - sounding like half a dozen bees distractedly buzzing around your stubble - chewing away at the facial hair you no longer want.

The 'new thinner, finer blades' do seem to cut quite close and fine - having five of them appears to catch almost all stubble. I am really not 100% sure that the oscillating of the blades made a huge difference to the closeness or overall completeness of the task though and after a few minutes I grew tired of my hand vibrating and used the razor on manual (!) - the job of which it fulfilled as well as any razors I have used. And it IS a soft shave - the head DOES actually glide over your face.

Because the blades are small and the way in which it is mounted in the head it is slightly more difficult to clean than most - I like to thoroughly clean mine after every use to ensure they are longer lasting - an old tooth brush will do the trick though.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Before I get to the review of the product, I should lay my cards on the table. I have been using a double-edged razor for ten or so years now. I moved to DE shaving because multi-blade systems give me in-growing hair and razor burn. I have never really looked back since switching. I have to shave every day and I have a fast-growing, thick beard, which grows in various different directions. Couple that with sensitive skin, and I think my mug offers up a pretty decent test for any razor.

The Fusion ProGlide's ergonomics are well thought out. Although the razor is very light (I prefer a little heft), it is well balanced in the hand and offers excellent grip. The cartridge is also very well designed, allowing water to rinse stubble out of the blades and allowing them to continue working optimally. The single blade on the rear of the cartridge is a good idea and comes in handy for "precision" trimming around sideburns and any other facial hair you like to sport. However, this single blade is solution to a problem that need not exist... The proliferation of blades on the front of the cartridge seems totally superfluous to me. At the very least, the height of the shaving surface means that not only can you not see precisely where the blade is on your face, but it offers very little "travel" over the moustache area. Seems an obvious and silly oversight to me. So, you shave some of the moustache, and then have to switch to the "precision" trimmer to do the rest.

The styling is not to my taste but then, I do prefer the classic lines of DE razors. The styling reminds me of 1980s Nike Air trainers. Not necessarily in a good way. Comparing this with the Goodfella Open Comb Safety Razor in Chrome razor I use, it lacks elegance. Before I lose you and you criticise me for pointing you towards an expensive razor, I only want to highlight the difference in styling here. There are, of course, after-market products which will allow you to use Gillette cartridges, so if you are sold on the system, you will no doubt be able to get a sturdier, better-looking handle. A better handle will be made from quality materials and last a lifetime - the Gillette razor is not meant to last a lifetime. Gillette are far more concerned with people buying into the cartridges than the handles, though - that's where the real money is.

As for all those blades on the cartridges, I have read why Gillette (and the other brands) believe that multi-blades offer a closer shave. Well, they certainly don't for me. Here's why: multi-blades do indeed pull your whiskers and cut them at a deeper point than a tradition razor. This leads to a far sharper shaved tip to your bristles and as this starts to grow, the beard feels uncomfortable to you and anyone else who rubs up against your face. The initial shave might feel closer, but once the beard starts to grow back, it feels a lot worse. These sharp edges are also what leads to the painful in-growing hairs I have suffered from in the past. In comparison, a traditional, single bladed razor shaves the beard at a right angle, pretty much. This is way more comfortable during and after shaving. While shaving, the single blade feels far smoother; the ProGlide feels like it's pulling and scraping. After less than a week of using the ProGlide, I started to suffer from razor burn - something I haven't had since I switched to DE shaving.

So - how well does it shave? Well... not very. In order to get a decent shave, I found that I had to make multiple passes. I found that I had to shave against the grain. Things I don't have to do with my DE razor. I can't see that is in any way better than DE razors. The ProGlide is a long way from gliding. After using the ProGlide, my beard was very uncomfortable and my face was stinging with razor burn; I got an unsightly rash on my neck and my face felt raw. This is progress?

I have no idea if the vibrating function offers any benefit. I personally couldn't feel any difference between using the razor with the vibration on or off. The vibration might help in shaking stubble off the blades.

I came to this product with an open mind. However, it has not changed my mind about the benefits of a DE razor over the cartridge based systems. And then, we get to the difference in price. A pack of ten high quality DE blades costs between £2-5 depending on brand - and even with my beard, 1 blade lasts a whole week. That's ten weeks' worth of shaving. Compare that with the cost of the Gillette cartridges. The comparison is worse still when you compare it to a "bulk purchase" of two years' worth of blades at £8.50 such as 100 Derby Extra Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor Blades.

Perhaps cartridges may be fine for people with less complicated beards than mine, but I won't be switching to the more modern system. Or perhaps, for the last 30 years, we have managed to convince ourselves that a bad shave is the norm, and been conned into buying all sorts of ointments and treatments to problems that can be avoided altogether by DE shaving. When I see so many positive reviews for this product, I surmise that one, or both of these assumptions is true.

If you are interested in trialling a DE razor, be sure to read up on how to use them. With the right technique, they will serve you very well and maybe even make the shaving routine something you enjoy. Based on this review, I created my first Listmania list for shaving products. You might want to look at that to see the alternatives I would recommend.

I know that DE shaving is a minority market and that the ProGlide will no doubt top the sales... but that doesn't necessarily make it the best razor.

I expect that this review will prove to be unpopular, but I can't recommend a system which is more expensive and poorer performing than the alternatives. FWIW, I'm not a hater or a fanboy, but after 20+ years of shaving experience and plenty of experimentation, I like to think I have a considered opinion. I hope you take this review in the spirit it is intended.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
If you use it regularly, this is an okay electric razor that will give you a relatively close shave (though it works best going against the grain), but if you've got two or three days' growth you're going to have to work at it more than you would on an ordinary electric razor. Unfortunately the design isn't particularly sympathetic to trimming beards or moustaches and the price of replacement cartridges makes this a rather more expensive item in the long run than it first appears (you can easily pay a lot more for the cartridges than the razor itself). Where it does score is in size, making this perhaps more useful as a travel razor when you're travelling very light than as a regular day-to-day one at home.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 14 April 2011
You know when you've made a decent product, when it sells like crazy because it does what people want it to do and at a very high standard while being affordable to most people. Well the biggest problem with this razor is there's too many blades that are never used, the head is very bulky and the battery thing just doesn't make any difference in my opinion.

I bought this as a present for my father, needless to say after the first few shaves he told me he didn't like it and gave it back to me. I used it a few time and agreed with my father that the head was too bulky and had too many blades. Added to that the blades for these things are expensive. So i get back to my first sentence, why change something that was popular?

I have since binned this razor and have since bought myself a Gillette Sensor Excel, which is very slimline and features just two blades and a aloe strip underneath. It cuts closer to the skin and is easier to use around your face, the blades also last longer (added to this the blades for the sensor excel are cheaper)

But as for this razor here is my round up

PROS: initially you do get a close shave, single blade on the reverse of the head is handy for trimming sideburns and under your nose

CONS: Very bulky so it's not that easy to shave under your nose (reason why they put a blade on the reverse), Battery thing seems a waste of time, Blades are ridiculously expensive, blades don't last as long as you think

VERDICT: This is a step back from razors of the past in my opinion, my advise is instead buy Gillette Sensor Excel Razor With 2 Replacement Sensor Excel Cartridges and 1 Replacement Sensor3 Cartridge ....It's far better value and does exactly what you want and because the sensor excel is slimmer you don't need a blade on the back for doing under your nose!
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on 3 April 2014
I have been using Gillette Fusion shaving products for far more years than I care to remember. My previous razor was the Fusion Power and I considered this to be unbeatable. However, having damaged its on/off switch I was sourcing a replacement and in doing so I found I was drawn to the description of the newer version, the Fusion ProGlide Power.

Having purchased one of these, and now been using it for several months, I can fully concur with Gillette's claims regarding the quality of its new blades. They do indeed give me a superbly close shave with no razor-burn to my skin. In fairness, this was also true of its predecessor, the spacing between the blades of the Proglide are such that they do not clog and rinse out effortlessly under running water. A further refinement is its on/off button which is slightly smaller and positioned as such that You do not inadvertently knock it off whilst actually shaving, as was the case for me when using the older style Fusion Power.

Yes, these replacement blades do have an 'eye-watering' price, but you have to take into account the length of time they retain their superior edge. In my case I have what I would describe as an average stubble growth which requires shaving once a day, but using the Fusion ProGlide Power I can easily get between 9 and 12 weeks use out of one blade. Not one pack, just one blade from a pack.

A first-rate purchase that I am extremely pleased with, and sold on Amazon at a saving of a few £s over my local supermarket price for the same product. Well recommended.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Removing this beast from its plastic packaging was nice and easy thanks to a pull tab - other manufacturers please take note. No stabbing or hacking with scissors necessary and I was instantly won over. The shaver itself is very flashy in Inter Milan black/blue and chrome - no doubt aimed at the younger image conscious end of the market. It comes on a rather ostentatious plinth/holder too which lies flat or stands vertically to drain I guess. If like me, you put your razors in a cup in the bathroom, you could maybe give it to your hamster for use as a chaise longue.

Inserting the supplied Duracell battery was nice and easy then pressing the well located power button set it smoothly in motion. Using this shaver with normal shave foam (I prefer this to gels) is an absolute joy. The handle is chunky and ergonomic with rubber grips making it easy to hold. No more than two slow smooth strokes over each area did the necessary, the vibrations creating a relaxing massaging feeling at the same time. The excellent finish would compare favourably to any baby's bottom IMO. The single sideburn trimming blade works very well too.

All in all, this is a top quality and thoroughly effective razor but with the high price of the blades I would expect it to be.

** Two weeks on I'm even more impressed with this razor. It copes with 3 day stubble fantastically and is extremely fast and pleasant to use **

** 5 months on and it's still working on the same battery and I've only used two sets of blades (though I don't shave EVERY day lol). Great stuff **
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on 15 December 2014
I believe this product is much hyped. Used the razor for the first time yesterday and I can see rashes on neck region today. Still wondering what is the purpose of the power it this razor. Moreover, the blades were not sharper compared to Mach 3 blades. My Mach 3 one is much better than this.
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on 23 December 2014
I have always had problems with a wet shaver & cannot stand electric ones.

When I saw the Proglide on special offer with £30 off, incl 12 blades I thought "what the heck" & bought it.

It turned out to be the best purchase I have made for a very long time. It is by far the best and most enjoyable shave I have ever had & the blade really does glide across the contours of my face and removes all the whiskers without effort.

Although I do not shave every day I found that even after a week without shaving the whiskers come off effortlessly and the blade I am using now has lasted me well over a month and still provides a smooth & painless shave.

I would thoroughly recommend this razor to every person who has the laborious task of having to shave.
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