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3.8 out of 5 stars240
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 4 January 2011
Well after investigating into many different NAS devices or solutions, I decided to go for the Dlink, mainly due to price, but also after hearing some good reviews of their previous models.
Firstly, Delivery was fine - I opted for 2 Samsung F3 1TB disk drives along with the Dlink chassis, all of which were well packaged and easily opened.

Opening the boxes I was pleasantly suprised - a nice small unit (not much bigger than the 2 disks side-by-side that looked the part, although it's more "plasticy" than it looks in the pictures.

Simple installation - pop the two drives in through the top of the unit, plug in and power up. Supplied CD detects the device on your network, and walks you through the setup. Only issues I came across were 1) The DynDNS wouldn't detect my account, although it instantly worked after the setup completed, and I can't seem to be able to rename the volume, it defaults to "volume_1". Once all powered up, the device is virtually silent, although after some use the fans become louder, but still nothing other than a small hum, probably amplified as it's sat on a wooden shelf in my front room.

I set it up in RAID 1 for fault tolerance, with 1TB disks I hope 1TB is enough storage for me. That said, this device does support up to 4TB, although I'm not sure if that 4TB in RAID1 or JBOD etc.

The web interface is easy to use, and took me seconds to figure my way around it (I never read manuals) and it's all set up and accessible by FTP and HTTP over the internet using my DynDNS account.

My PS3 instantly found the media server once I enabled it, as did my iTunes install on my laptop, again after enabling the feature.

Speedwise, all seems ok for me as a home user, I've not had it long so time will tell I suppose.
I am disappointed that I cannot set it to auto switch-on at a set time - it's got the auto switch-off feature, but I'd like it accessible from same 4pm-11pm when I'm home from work, and not leave it running all night. Maybe in a later firmware release...?

Dlinks support website doesn't seem to work on IE8 - I registered to check for new firmware, but never managed to login. Not sure on this one yet.

Finally, it comes packaged with TotalRecoveryPro, which allows for automated system backups, or directories etc. Should prove useful to ensure my laptop is backed up regularly. This seems to allow a full backup or incremental too, so not going to hog all of that valuable disk space :)

So overall, I'm pretty happy. At ~£150 for the whole setup, it was cheaper than a mini-server, but better quality than some of the other rubbish I've seen out there. And with the RAID ability, a nice-to-have protection for all those pictures, documents and music files :)

Nice sleek, attractive unit
Easy to set up
Near silent in operation
Good price

No ability to change partition/volume name (default is volume_1)
No auto startup (it does have an auto shutdown though)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 March 2012
I already have several other NAS units which I use with a D-Link Boxee Box D-Link Boxee Box Digital Media Playerand other media players to stream video and audio around the house. In order to increase storage capacity on my system I have to buy new NAS units and still larger drives to install in them. I already have a Linksys NMH305-EU Linksys By Cisco Media Hub Home Entertainment Storage With 500 GB Drive, a Netgear Stora Netgear Stora 2 Bay Home Media Server Network Attached Storage ( No Drives Included ) and two D-Link DNS-313's D-Link DNS-313 Network Storage Enclosure 1-Bay SATA.
Of the various NAS units I have used I would say that despite it's various minor issues the DNS-320 is by far the best.

Firstly, the golden rule with any NAS is to buy the largest capacity drives you can afford - you WILL run out of space one day and the bigger you buy now then the further off that day will be. The reason I have so many NAS units is because I bought too small a Hard Drive capacity previously. I consulted the list of approved hard drives on the D-Link website and bought two of the largest I could afford: Seagate ST2000DL003 Barracuda Green 3.5-inch 2TB SATA 6 Gb/s Drive (64MB Buffer,5900RPM). I don't regret this as the two drives are working well, silently and speedily, and I would recommend them to anyone else with this NAS. This gives me a total of 4TB.

Time to set the unit up and here it was I encountered the first of several problems...
Physically inserting the drives was a doddle, no screws or clips to worry about. Just slot them in place and that the job done. (This could mean however the drives may work loose when the unit is moved around.) The supplied CD software was another matter. The install wizard could not find the DNS-320 on my LAN although my router told me it was indeed on the LAN and had been supplied with an IP address. After a few minutes of struggle I gave up and inputted the LAN IP of the unit into my web browser. The User Interface appeared and I was easily able to configure everything from there with the aid of the User Manual I got from the Dlink website . A minor note of annoyance was that the appearance of the User Interface in the Manual was not the same as it actually looked in the browser. Not a big deal as the content was broadly the same. It took a few minutes to work through the setup going from browser page to page and about 15 minutes or so to format the two installed drives, again done from the UI web setup.

Here another problem arose. Although it claims to be able to do so I was entirely unable to get the unit to backup directly to or from any of my other LAN NAS units. It should be able to backup or restore to another NAS using the built in backup routine in the DNS-320 firmware. It would not recognise the NAS LAN address I keyed in and did not have a facility to let me select it by browsing to it. So I could not perform an unattended full backup and had to use a backup program on a networked PC, this took several days to complete.

Once up and running I have had no issues. Although it is of course mainly due to the choice of drives, I have found it to be fast and nearly silent in operation unlike my DNS-313's which have very noisy and obtrusive fans. The DNS-320 sits quietly in the living room annoying nobody.

A couple of mild irritations. I find the front panel switch to be hard to find in subdued light (piano black on piano black). The unit has to be started up from the off/on switch - I can't start it from a command from my router - this means I can't access it remotely to send or receive files from the internet unless I leave it switched on all the time. These minor issues aside in the several weeks I have owned it I have had n o problems with it.

On balance I am happy with my purchase and would buy another and would recommend it to others.

The Good
Easy browser based software setup
Simple to install and format drives
Attached drives can be configured to a variety of RAID array formats
Gigabit LAN
Multiple built in servers
On board Bittorrent client
Good price
Silent in operation
Can be shutdown and rebooted via the web interface
Fast bootup time

The Bad
Hard to find Power Switch
Supplied CD software failed to work
Latest manual does not reflect the new software User Interface
Could not get firmware User Interface to back up to/from another NAS
No wake on LAN
No scheduled power on
Power Saving feature can kill lengthy unattended tasks
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on 18 February 2011
I've owned this NAS system for just over a week and thought I would share some of my findings on it so far:

Running via a 10/100Mbit router with Seagate 2TB 5900Rpm green drive (also bought from amazon). Firmware updated to 2.00.

Although the D-Link support site doesn't show it, there is an updated firmware - follow their link to their firmware 'archive' and you'll go to the ftp server where you will see a 25Mb update file for v2.00.


Very good price and as always, Amazon delivered quickly.
Looks smart and inconspicuous.
Reasonably intuitive setup and decently featured for a budget drive.
Very easy to configure, albeit basic, RAID.
Decent basic power management for HDDs.
HDD installation is easy.
Almost instant setup.
NAS and HDD combo is very quiet & the NAS fan is efficient at maintaining a low HDD temp.

It is very plasticy and has a cheap fell, and the piano black exterior scratches instantly.
Ropey firmware/software (see below).
UPnp server has issues - when i transferred all my media to the drive, it hung the NAS after a few minutes whilst it tries to automatically rebuild the AV server library - very annoying after several factory resets to find this was the issue. Have removed all music files and use it for video only.
iTunes server has issues - again, got stuck in a continuous loop of library building with a large amount of music files. Have turned it off and will not likely turn it back on.
Like most server file systems, drives need to formatted to EXT3 as they're installed, so don't pre-load the HDD prior to installation.
FTP security is very basic.

As of yet I have not tried the AFP or NFS services so can't comment. Use the UPnp with a games console and stream media to several locations at once with no interruptions. I've managed full 100Mbit transfers to the device and I'm sure a gigabit router would be very useful.

Overall a very good basic NAS setup and am overall happy with it thus far. Dropped a star for the server issues which may be rectified in time.
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VINE VOICEon 23 October 2011
My personal opinion first instead of last .......... This for me represents good value for money and works seamlessly without any tinkering or maintenance needed. It sits in the corner of my desk and is completely unobtrusive but looks good.

Having used an external drive for a short while I decided to do the job properly and buy a dual NAS drive. I have a living room media-centre pc, a net-book and desktop pc, all in different rooms and running Windows 7 wirelessly. I have about 3000 music tracks, 2000 photos plus other stuff and would be really sad to loose them (they are all digital and no hard copies). I needed something which is simple to set-up and use Raid 1, sounds complicated but it just means copying stuff from drive 1 to drive 2 automatically and I don't have to do anything clever. I eventually found the DNS-320 which seemed to fit what I needed because I already had a 1TB SATA drive and the DNS-320 can be purchased without hard drives. The case is shiny piano black, no external knobs or switches and it's about the size of three paperback books and a good quality power supply.

If you read the quick start instructions first, it actually makes sense and you can have it up and running very quickly. Pop the cover off, slide in one of the recommended hard drives, power it up, connect it to the router and just follow the instructions in the guide.

You have to open your browser, enter the NAS drive's address and you come across a set-up wizard which actually works! Follow the instructions and it formats the drive, (takes a while `cos it's a 1TB drive). It logs onto the network and asks what files you would like to have on there, it copies them all in and shares around the network. Brilliant!

Now; it needs a second hard drive to do the job properly (it does work with one) . I think it's best to use the same type/size of hard drive. It's so simple to do, switch off, remove the top, slide the new drive in, put the top back on and switch on. Go into the set-up as explained in the manual and tell it to set-up as a mirror drive and that's it. The unit formats the drive and copies everything. Job done.
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on 14 February 2012
I'm not one for reviewing items on amazon so I'll keep it short.

First of all I have to say that I think that the DNS-320 is brilliant and that I'm even thinking of getting another (my 3rd!!!), though there is one thing that has let it down for me, which I'll get to later.......

As most people who have purchased this item, I am using my DNS-320's on my home (1Gb) network for file storage / media streaming for multiple computers around the house.
I have set them up in RAID 1, which I was a little concerned about as I'd never setup RAID array before. I have to say though that the setup / HD formatting wizard is so easy to follow so there was no need to worry.
Both of my DNS-320's are setup in basic ways, as NAS drives. The DNS-320 do have additional features like itunes server and others but I don't need them so I can't comment on them, however I have heard that the hibernate function can kick in when transferring files which will stop the transfer, so I disabled that!!

Anyway, to my disapointment....
As I said before I am running a 1Gb (Giga bit) network which is very quick!! I have found that I can get transfer speeds from computer to computer of around 55MB (Mega Byte) per sec, which is around 440Mb (Mega bit) per sec. That I am very happy about!
These DNS-320's however are a lot slower. They are advertised as having a 1Gb network port but I have to say that the fastest I have ever transferred a file is only 17MB (Mega Byte) per sec, which is around 135Mb (Mega bit) per sec. This can be very very annoying when transferring large amounts of data, eg. I had to backup a 2TB hard drive the other week and found it took just under 3 DAYS! to transfer the data to one of these DNS-320's, frustrating or what!!!

So I'll sum up by saying that even though the transfer speeds could be a lot faster, the DNS-320 is a very good bit of kit and I would recommend it.
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on 17 December 2010
I looked around for various NAS storage devices, and while some unknown brands seemed ok I have come to learn with experience that when it comes to spending more than £10 on devices you best get a BRAND name product. This is no exception, and proved to be a good choice. The Case is cheap plastic but the thing works well so far.
Also if you're going to rely on this for RAID 1 (mirroring ) no doubt you need it because you want your data duplicated to a second drive and this is what it does in the background invisibly . The quick setup runs like a charm so I am happy with that. I did a test comparing the speed of a 600mb file from an INTERNAL drive to a USB drive and then again from INTERNAL drive to the D-Link NAS and while it was 3 times slower than USB2, that was only because my hub is 100mb so if I get a 1000mb HUB it should be faster or at least the same speed as USB 2 . More than happy at its current speed . I Have watched a HI Def Film (Avatar 4 GIGS ) over the network with no lag or glitches .NOTE ,it took 10 mins to this copy 4 GIG Film to the NAS. Watched it on a Pentium 4 single core Laptop and was as responsive as USB2 when moving the slider , FFWD film etc in Windows media player. NAS box is almost silent . I have not tried out or worked out all the other features yet like FTP or DYDNS. I only want it as a central Hard drive for my home computers.
Was pleased that the wizard when setting up the RAID it clearly shows the drive side LEFT and RIGHT side and shows their respective serial numbers. This is very helpful if one drive fails and you need to be 100% sure you have removed the correct drive. I did a screen capture and printed this out for reference .

Linksys provide a FREE DDYNS service that is available from the setup wizard. Ideal if you want to link the storage to your domain or website and you ISP constantly changes it's IP address each month (MOST none business ISPs)
Al in all a good little unit for central sharing of photos , docs, Films ,applications

Easy to setup
realiable so far
Lots of extra funky feature like Itunes, Boxee FTP etc

Discovered that the power saver feature really needs to be disabled as when you copy files to it for more than 1hr (all my collection of films) it goes into power save mode and thus the windows copy cancels out with only half the job job done.
I find it amazing that DLink did not have some simple firmware monitoring that keeps the NAS Awake when your still usinig it. Maybe there might be a firmware update that might fix this but for now I will just set it to use power all day long.

A site that has done some good graphical thoughput tests here...
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on 10 January 2012
I think I was too fast buying this NAS, I did because mainly two reasons, 1º it's cheap, 2º web interface is pretty nice-looking, I'd said pretty cool. I am used to think that nice interfaces are directly related with the quality of the product, but it is not always the fact.

I've received my package one month ago, the wrapping was perfect (+1 Amazon), the first thing I've tried to do was connect it directly to my PC, in order to use de 1GB port for an initial setup and a big data transfer, unfortunately it didn't work as it needed to be connected to a router in order to get an IP, so I've connected the unit to my router and I've could access to the administration web interface to change to static IP, then I've connected it again to my PC.

Hard drive installation was pretty easy but a format of the entire HDD was needed as the unit uses a format not compatible with FAT or NTFS, after getting the unit ready I've started to transfer a big amount of data, but max throughput was 200Mb/s and this is the max data transfer speed you can get with this device.

So far there are a couple of things I don't like at all:
- Data transfer limited to 200Mb/s
- UPNP file listing is unsorted (crazy when you want to find a file between hundreds)
- HDD Hibernation failed, being needed a factory default reset in order to get it working again
- UPNP has not subtitle support
- UPNP manual refresh is necessary when adding new files to the unit

Now you can imagine this scenario that happened to me:

You copy a bunch of files waiting more than an hour, when ready, you get crazy searching the file you want to visualize because they are unsorted, finally you see a movie and go to bed, early in the morning NAS is pretty loud because fan is at high speed and the unit quite warm as the hibernation feature failed, then you switch it completely off because you have no time to investigate furthermore, in the evening you need a default reset to get this working again fine.

So long
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on 2 December 2011
I have bought DNS-320 few months ago. NAS works fine. Is easy to set up and pretty much does what is said in the description.
I use it from 2 Laptops and one desktop pc via Wifi - transfers from 3-10MB (byte), wired ~20-30Mbytes
I am using it also as a picture backup for my android phones (Sweet home app) - works ok.

- price
- does what it is specified in the description.
- easy to set up.
- ok performance (in my case slower probably due to router)
- supports: DLNA, CIFS, SMB etc,
- nice and clear control panel
- hackable (unlocks linux operating system)
- supports scheduled "switch off" but does not support scheduled "switch on"
- noisy and small fan
- fan control wrong - on "auto" - enables fan very often even when idle.
- plastic case looks cheap.
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on 10 January 2012
I have just bough this inexpensive NAS in order to replace a computer that was completely dedicated for NAS purposes. This computer was not used intensively (sporadic usage, not 24x7). Please note these remarks come after a setup process and partial usage of the device. Some of the features have not been tested.


- Small size, so it's easy to transport
- Easy to set up. No screws needed to remove the lid or to attach the drives
- Friendly GUI, ideal for inexperienced users. Comes with a decent help built-in the GUI
- Boots up fast
- Disk management functions are included, including S.M.A.R.T testing
- Allows standard volumes, JBOD and RAID 0/1 (with autorebuild in 1). Easy disk management
- Allows Web SSL login
- Gigabit Ethernet
- DHCP and fixed IP capable
- Firmware can be easilly upgraded
- Allows log dumping to syslog facilities. Mail and SMS alerts provided
- CIFS, FTP/S, UPnP AV, iTunes AFP and NFS
- Basic power management is possible, including power off scheduling and fan control settings
- Built in account management. User profiling, quotas and permission setting for services
- Local and network backups, with Amazon S3 support
- Built in torrent client and FTP/HTTP downloader


- Refrigeration fan seems to be small and does not look as reliable in the long run (prone to dust accumulation). I would not advise this device for 24x7 operation, non refrigerated or dusty environments. My device is around 50ºC in idle. Drives around 40ºC
- Noisy when fan is in operation (especially in high speed)
- Drives are not fixed with screws. Careful when moving it
- Quality build is acceptable, altought is mostly plastic, so careful when moving it
- Don't expect a lot of flexibility with filesystems. Does EXT3 only
- Disk testing seems to be unstable: it killed my RAID 1 configuration on first run when I cancelled the test. This happened with an old firmware, did not happen after upgrading
- Lacks from SSH capabilities
- CIFS and AFP are enabled by default, and can't be removed

Ideal if you're looking for a basic NAS with basic functionality, easy to set up and spending little money. If you require advanced capabilities, 24x7 operation outside a home environment, you may consider other models and/or manufacturers.
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on 22 May 2012
I have had this little NAS box for a little over a month now, and I have to say it is one of the best value for money gadgets I have ever bought. As usual for Amazon, everything was packaged nice and delivery was quick. I also ordered a 2 TB Segate Barracuda drive for about £76 also from Amazon, so for a little over £130 you can get a 2TB NAS drive with a seccond spare bay either to increase capacity or provide data backup. I upgraded the NAS to the latest D-Link firmware 2.02b01, plugged the drive in and had it up and running in about 15 minutes.

The GUI is functional, clear and pretty zippy. It has quite an array of servers built-in such as uPnP and iTunes for serving media content, which are easy to configure. Also you can have it send logs to a syslog server, send you status emails at regular intervals, test the drives as well, so managing the box is pretty straightforward.

Performance wise it is very adequate. It's not BLAZINGLY fast, but what do you expect for £51? I have a Gigabit LAN, with Cat 6 cabling and streaming music and video is very reliable, with no drops whatsoever. I have it plugged into a little Gigabit switch (also a D-Link) sharing my measly one port GigE interface on my BT Home Hub 3 with another 3 GigE devices, with no problems. One thing I would say is if you need to plug the NAS into a switch, make sure the switch is 'Jumbo Frames' compatible. (i.e. 9000 byte ethernet data payload for better data throughput.)

Also, don't just put any old disk in it. Check the hardware compatibility list on the D-Link website first. It's not the biggest list I've seen in the world, so it MAY be that the box can be a little fussy with what disks it works well with.

I have a generic hardware media player, which is uPnP compatible, but I found that my MP3 albums were all over the place, with no album artwork, tracks out of order, etc. A little research I did found the uPnP server built-in to this box was a bit naff. However, I found a great website, [...], that guides you through getting Twonky Media server on the NAS! This is just about the best media server software out there. And as a by-product of the install process I now have root access via a PUTTY SSH session to the NAS, complete with a Linux shell! I shelled out another £6.50 for a Twonky licence and now I'm very very happy. The NAS gets picked up OK by a PS3 and/or XBOX 360 with no issues.

There are a couple of criticisms I could level at the box.

The finish is a little plasticky and flimsy (but you are not going to play football with it!)
The fan is noisy at full speed. So be careful of positioning.
They really should have the Twonky Media server installed as default. (Like a lot of other NAS's)

But apart from that - it's awesome!
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