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4.0 out of 5 stars38
4.0 out of 5 stars
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*** Warning mild spoilers ***

The title says it all, a creature half shark and half octopus, codename S-11, has been created by scientists to assist the authorities in policing at sea attacking drug traffickers, pirates etc.
A bikini clad swimmer is being chased by a shark when S-11 appears and grabs the shark away from its intended meal with its tentacles and promptly despatches it. However they take the test run a little too far and the control unit is damaged, no longer responding to its creators the creature swims off, heading towards Mexico.
They hire a specialist to hunt it down and he heads off, accompanied by a female scientist, soon shadowed by a pushy female reporter and her sidekick.
The attacks are suitably ridiculous but that fits in nicely with the general tone of the movie as it does not take itself seriously, the shipboard DJ Captain Jack provides most of the light hearted moments with a few jibes at the ridiculous idea of a shark-octopus hybrid. Yet still it chomps its way unhindered through the local populace, swimmers, jet-skiers, yachts, no one is safe and even Producer Roger Corman himself manages a cameo appearance.
The end scene is absolutely mind-boggling as S-11 attacks on land although it is daft in the extreme as it seems to take more bullets than Clint Eastwood's bus in The Gauntlet.
Watch it in the correct frame of mind and it is good fun, it's not a great movie but I'll definitely be watching it again.
For anyone interested in shark-octopus hybrids checked out Lamberto Bava's Devouring Waves (aka Monster Shark ... aka Devilfish) currently only available in second hand shops or in the Mystery Science Theatre collection Mystery Science Theater 3000: Xix [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
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on 21 April 2011
Things start off well, with some great B-movie nonsense and I was really enjoying myself. It has all the usual low budget faults, ranging from continuity, to plot holes, to enormous leaps of faith, but for me that's all part of the charm and fun of watching a low budget flick. Especially when Roger Corman is involved.

The shark/octopus hybrid that is Sharktopus and also known as S11 (I wonder what happened to S1 - S10?)is going through a testing phase when an accident occurs and its electrical impulse generator/behavioural inhibitor is damaged and Sharktopus goes on a rampage.
If only they didn't test their top secret military weapon shark/octopus near a public beach.

There are some fun kills and some fantastically cheesy dialogue ranging from crying "Oh no! Not like this." As you are dragged into the sea by a Sharktopus tentacle to the stating the obvious. "You just unleashed an 8 legged man eating shark on the world."

The problem for me was that despite a good start, the middle of the film started to drag and never seemed to entertain as much as it did at the beginning.
The Sharktopus is kind of a one trick pony and once you've got used to seeing it grab somone with a tentacle and pull them into the sea time after time, it just lost the fun factor.
I think it started to take itself a bit too seriously and you can't do that when your film's called Sharktopus.

Fortunately it picked up at the end and as they started mixing more practical effects (such as prosthetic tentacles) in with the cgi it worked really well. Shame they didn't do that earlier.

I like b-movies and I like Roger Corman's work but this just become too slow and tired in the middle section for my taste, but when it worked it worked well.

Still, 3 stars.
If only for the Roger Corman cameo.
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on 5 June 2011
When reviewing a film like Sharktopus is helps readers to understand one's expectations and tastes - I enjoy exploitation and cheese for what it is - Toxic Avenger, Class of Nukem High etc all rate very highly with me!

From other reviews I had high hopes of a silly, tongue-in-cheek bloody riot.

Unfortunately, like Piranha 3D, the ironic potential of the script was lost on the filmmakers...

Sadly, I felt the acting and direction let down a film that would have been fantastic if more vision had been employed.

The script was genuinely funny at times. Sharktopus pops up and eats people everytime someone denies the possibility of such a creature (a clever, fun device). The choppy narrative just jumps to completely unrelated characters merely to have them gobbled (again this CAN be knowing). The hero wears his shirt open through the whole film (it's rediculous - so why not film if from silly angles, have the actor do his best Bruce Campbell). But no..

There are many more examples of genre silliness that might have been exploited to produce a VERY funny parody of such horror movies. But the actors think they acting in, and the director thinks he is directing... a serious film!

Clearly the whole thing was shot in as few day as possible with no real effort to light the scenes because it's Mexico but for all it's balmy weather it might as well be Scotland or Wales.

At least Eric Roberts got a free lunch out of it or maybe some bad sex...
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on 17 March 2011
I love Sharks.

I love Octopuses.

I love crap B movies

I love this film.
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on 24 March 2011
How good can a bad film be? Well in the case of Roger Cormans SHARKTOPUS,absolutely terrific! Woefull acting,a script so pre-worn it has designer rips in the knees,sinfully bad CGI and a hammy,dialled in performance from a Hollywood star all adds up to B-movie Heaven.The best thing about this(other than the stella performance by the two guys who paint ships the old fashioned way)is that it knows it's bad.It wants to be bad and as such is all the better for it.I've owned it for a week and have watched it 3 times,and three times I've laughed all the way through.
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on 30 March 2011
A film called 'Sharktopus' was always going to be entertaining. This is first rate rubbish and features some of the most hilarious death scenes committed to film. The script is particularly bad. Check out this wonderful line from the hero -

'Excuse me... everyone. There's a killer shark octopus hybrid headed this way. Please leave the marina in a timely fashion.'

Plot holes aplenty. I am wondering why the military could only afford two tranquilizer darts. There is also a marvelous performance by a bearded tramp shouting "No! Not like this!" as he is plucked from the side of a cruise ship by a tentacled shark.

This is before we even mention the CGI awfulness of the monster and endless gratuitous shots of nubile women in bikinis.

Utter rubbish. 4/5.
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on 13 March 2011
Right let's get something cleared up right away, I love cheesy monster movies. I always have and probably always will.

Sharktopus is the latest `big creature' movie from the SyFy stable and B movie making legend Roger Corman. A shady corporation led by Eric Roberts had developed a hybrid of a shark and an octopus, hence the title. Unfortunately it all goes a bit wrong and the creature goes on a rampage in Mexico. Roberts hires an ex-employee Andy Flynn to hunt down said creature and recapture it. Also along for the ride is Flynn's best friend and Roberts' scientist daughter who also helped develop the creature.

The actual creature is actually very cool in design but the CGI effects for the majority of the film is not great. However, as with many of The Asylum's films (who I adore) who cares when you have so much fun seeing bungee jumpers and other holiday makers getting munched on. Corman turns up in a fun cameo as a guy on the beach witnessing a killing and there is a pirate DJ thrown in as well for some comic relief.

It's all rather gormless and stupid but incredibly entertaining if this sort of thing floats your boat. Mind you stay well away if this isn't your cup of tea.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 October 2011
Why is it that a film like "Sharktopus" attracts some of the best, accurate, informative reviews I have read on Amazon. Honestly-the reviews here are really good. Everything I wanted to say as I watched this last night (without alcohol or anything) has been said, only better. Suffice for me to say - the print is excellent. the locations good with lots of big speedboats, loads of very pretty girls in bikinis, very (very) poor acting (real AmDram stuff). A silly script doesn't help, but overall the CGI effects are filmed better than some, except for the shark head. Personally I would have cut the entire Captain Jack scenes even tho he had the prettiest girl in the smallest bikini to help him. It would have made the film 10' shorter and better paced (I think). Eric Roberts? Why? Why?. A lot of people will enjoy this. Some won't - I (mostly) did.
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One night, I was in my room minding my own business when I heard my roommates mocking something they were watching on TV. Turned out they'd found a monster movie on Syfy. I joined them for the end, and it was pretty bad. But it was nothing compared to what came next. Based on the title alone, we had to see what Sharktopus would be like. The best part of the movie is the name. And yet, I'm ashamed to say that when I had to leave, I actually recorded the rest of the movie to finish it the next day. (There, I've confessed. I feel better already.)

The plot? Basically, a super smart scientist (Eric Roberts) has genetically engineered the S-11, a hybrid of a shark and an octopus with tentacles sharp enough to stab and kill a person. It's supposed to be a super weapon for the Navy. But while they are testing it out, a boat propeller slices off the collar that controls it, leaving it free to head south down the beach of Mexico during Spring Break, killing as many hot young bodies as it can find. And if there aren't enough in the water, it will just walk up on the beach to get its next meal. And it's always hungry. Will the scientist's daughter (Sara Malakul Lane) find a way to stop it?

Oh where to begin.

So, isn't the point of a monster feature to scare us somewhat? While we know what is coming, most of the time, we only see the creature jump out of the water and kill someone. There's hardly any build up to the moment. Oh, we know it's coming, but there's no suspense at all. I will admit a few of the moments were fun (and I'm not going to spoil them for you), but most of them were just boring.

Then there's the plot. Predictable doesn't even begin to cover it. Even when the few characters we actually want to die finally bite it, their deaths are over just as quickly as anyone else's. Can't we get some satisfaction here?

Furthermore, the only time the Sharktopus is willing to go after the main characters is for the climax. Until then, for no reason, he kills everyone in his path except them. Um...okay?

Now, I've heard some people say this was a comedy - a spoof of creature films. Maybe if I'd seen more of these films, I'd get it. Instead, I didn't find any jokes. I just found the proceeding a predictable mess.

Characters? Maybe some good characters will save this film. And maybe some good characters would have. There's only one character I actually liked for the entire run of the film. Two others grew on me. The rest? I was rooting for the Sharktopus to get them sooner rather than later. Sadly, most of the victims were only on screen long enough to show off some skin and die.

Since this was made for TV, there was no nudity, just plenty of ladies in skimpy bikinis and men in swim trunks. Yes, there's blood, but nothing like you'd see in the movie theater.

Special effects were pretty bad as well. The creature was obviously CGI, and very rarely did they try that hard to make us forget that.

And the acting? With the exception of Eric Roberts, everyone pretty much hammed it up for the camera. If anyone in the cast can get a job after their performance here, it will be a miracle.

I truly don't know why I was so driven to finish this thing. Maybe I was hoping it would get better. Trust me, it doesn't. Don't waste your time or money on Sharktopus.
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on 10 April 2014
This is meant to be taken tongue in cheek. It succeeds in that. It is a very silly film indeed. If you watch this expecting something like Jaws then you won't get it. But if you are a fan of escapist nonsense or B movies, then its well worth a viewing. The effects aren't too bad, neither is the acting.
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