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4.6 out of 5 stars443
4.6 out of 5 stars
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This is the second of Diane Chamberlain's books that I've read, and whilst I most certainly enjoyed it, I didn't find it quite as compelling as `The Midwife's Confession.' This is possibly because of the religious overtones in the book (I'm an atheist) which at times I found to be a bit overdone and sometimes a bit preachy. If I'd been aware of the *vast* extent of the religious aspects before starting the novel, I might have opted to read one of her other books prior to this one instead, though undoubtedly I would have got around to this one eventually.

Niggles about religion aside, this was still a good read with a very detailed plot that really held my attention. Even after only reading two of her books, I've realised that Chamberlain has a knack for slowly unravelling the narrative bit by bit and really luring the reader into the heart of the story. Important details are revealed slowly and then little twists are dropped into the tale so that your previous impressions of characters have to be rethought out. I have to say that as a massive Picoult fan, Chamberlain possibly rivals her for character development as well which is no easy feat, so I am glad I have discovered her books!

This book is based around Rachel Huber, who returns to her hometown of Reflection to care for her ailing grandmother. Some twenty years previously a tragedy befell the town that the locals still blame Rachel for, and upon returning to Reflection, Rachel realises that she isn't as welcome as she'd hoped.

This is a story of compassion, guilt and secrets that are held by all of those in a small Pennsylvania town and has a nice romantic thread running through it as well, though this is again marred by the sanctimonious attitudes from Church elders that I found a bit irritating. Nevertheless, I would recommend it for fans of contemporary fiction and Picoult and Shreve fans.
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on 4 March 2011
I was truly captivated by this novel, thank you for making it available on Kindle [it is out of print now]
It held my attention from beginning to end, a real can't-put-down.
Diane Chamberlain is an excellent story teller and it is quite evident that she researches her material thoroughly. It is set against the interesting background of a Pennylvanian town that is populated by Amish and somewhat staunch Protestants. The tale revolves around Rachel's family whose lives have been tragically affected by events in the past.
The twists and turns of the novel will keep you guessing right to the end.
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on 23 June 2012
For fans of Diane Chamberlain, this book is no disappointment. For those who haven'tread Diane Chamberlain, this book is definately worth purchasing to see what all the fuss is about. It's one you won't be able to put it down once you start it.

I love Chamberlain's books for one main reason - I have no idea how her books are going to end.She is not predictable in the slightest and i love how she manages to have many twists and turns in her story that leave you guessing from start to finish.

Reflection tells not one story but two. Two stories from Rachel and Helen. Rachel is Helen's grandaughter and she has to move back to town to, that she left 20 years ago, after her grandmother takes ill and needs live in help.

Rachel is forced to confront the people from her past and the fact she avoided the consequences of her actions as well as Luke's. Luke, her dead husband, was responsible for a major tragedy in the small town but with Rachel fleeing the scene straight after the tragedy took place, it has made her look as if she is responsible too.

Reflection tells the story of Helen and Rachel's similar tragedies in life and how they try to over come the past in very different ways.

One more thing I have to say about this book is that the ending to this book is a shocker.

I highly recommend this book and will be recommending it to all my friends.

BUY!!!! BUY!!!! BUY!!!! BUY!!!!BUY!!!! BUY!!!! BUY!!!! BUY!!!!
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on 6 July 2014
I was sat by a noisy pool, holiday makers having fun with the sun shining whilst reading this book.
I thought I had guessed the story early on, how wrong could I have been ! As I became more and more engrossed in the life of Rachel, the secrets of Helen and the towns people of Reflection, I had to leave the pool, the noise and the sunshine. I went back to my hotel room and sat in quiet isolation, there I literally became one of the townsfolk. I spent the next several hours agonising about what I would do if I was Rachel, what if I had been the parent of one of the children or one of the emotionally and physically wounded child victims ? As a reader I lived and breathed every emotion that the characters portrayed. I have read a lot of Diane Chamberlain, and undoubtedly for me this was one of the best !
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on 6 March 2011
I thought maybe some of Diane Chamberlain's earlier works may be missing some of her magic, but for me this book is probably my favourite. I've read 7 of her books now and I'm starting to worry about what I'll do once I've read them all. fantastic, had me in tears many times.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 13 October 2013
I really enjoyed this story set in the Pennsylvania Dutch town of Reflection. Twenty years ago, a terrible tragedy happened there involving Rachel Huber who left town shortly afterwards. Now she is back to look after her grandmother but not everyone is pleased to see her. Most of the town hold her at least partly responsible for what happened and very few people seem not to bear a grudge against her. One of those people is her childhood close friend Michael, who is now a local Minister but can Michael and her grandmother do anything to turn the tide of opinion in her favour?

It does take a while for the full story of what happened to emerge in the book, as for a long while we are just given hints, and when the reader does find out what happened there is a slight anticlimactic feeling for a while. I, for one, had pretty much put two and two together so had worked out most of what happened, but it still made very tense, dramatic reading nevertheless.

There is a subplot involving the sale of a local tract of land for development, Michael is trying to stop the development and his efforts all really seem in vain, the development which will change everyone's lives seems inevitable in a community that is steeped in the past, with its Amish dwellers amongst them.

The one true constant is Rachel's Grandmother Helen, and as the story unfolds it seems she too has a tale to tell, one that up until now has never been told.

It is a very readable story, gently moving with a lot of twists and turns in the plot which all comes together in a highly satisfying ending.
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on 14 January 2011
A thoroughly enjoyable read. I found this book was a little bit slower getting started than the few other books I've read by Diane Chamberlain but it was still a real page turner.

The secrets of peoples lives and the private guilt that people hold onto is a recurring theme throughout the book. You find yourself unravelling the past of the different characters and I find that so interesting.

There are new facts being revealed about many characters right up until the end and you find yourself feeling differently about some characters once you finish the book than you did upon first impressions. It makes you think about how you judge people quickly sometimes.

This is definately worth a read and I have and would recommend it to friends.
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on 22 October 2014
The first half of this book gets only two stars as it is so slow. I was ready to give up and flick to the end, but I read through the reviews again and was encouraged that it would improve. I was glad I persevered as the story does twist and turn and become a lot more interesting. My issue with Rachel is that she returned to Reflection after twenty years thinking people would have forgotten such a terrible event, that they would have "moved on"! Hello! I couldn't put the book down near the end but I wouldn't really recommend it.
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on 29 September 2011
I read this book in 3 days (and I work!!) - another brilliant book by Diane Chamberlain which runs across generations & a story line which get's you hooked from the beginnng. The author brings the characters to life & in particular the town of Reflection. I want Gram's house! It sounds beautiful & in my mind's eye I could feel the views & hear the music. A good plot with twists you couldn't really predict. Need to download another of her books!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 May 2014
Twenty years ago a terrible tragedy took place at a school in a place called Reflection in Pennsylvania. Rachel Huber who was a young teacher at the time shouldered the blame. Fleeing her home town shortly after, she is now all these years later returning to look after her sick grandmother. Rachel is struggling, so many of the people in Reflection are extremely hostile towards her, although she has a few friends, one being Michael Stoltz, a man that she has known since she was a child and who is now a minister in a local church.
I was totally engrossed in this storyline, great characters, great read.
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